Chapter 124: Gravity Crush!

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Tang Mo's fingers fondled the cover of his transparent pocket watch, and he looked complicated, as if he was thinking about something. After a few moments, he sighs softly and puts the watch into his pocket.

The black tower's infinite non-probability pocket watch, just from the name alone, is a very valuable item. Tang Mo has gotten many items since the launch of Earth. There's Granny Wolf's little parasol, Mario's hat, Mosaic's big match. The transparent pocket watch is the only one that bears the name The black tower.

But as powerful as this pocket watch is, it is also as flawed as it is obvious.

This is a pocket watch that actively seeks out probabilities on its own. Infinite non-probability, meaning infinite 'non-probability'. Let's say that the probability of Tang Mo killing Granny Wolf is 1/1421341 and the probability of Granny Wolf eating Tang Mo is 1421340/1421341. By any measure, Tang Mo is dead, and this very close to zero probability means that he will never beat Granny Wolf and will be eaten by her. But if the infinite non-probability pocket table works, it simply removes the probabilities and considers only the event itself.

Tang Mo Is there a probability of killing Granny Wolf?

Yes. Then delete the probability.

Non-probability: there is no probability in this world.

The probability that Tang Mo can kill Granny Wolf is 1/1421341, and this event, acting on an infinite non-probability pocket table, becomes -

Tang Mo can kill Granny Wolf.

There is no probability, only the event itself. This prop is even more counterintuitive than the turkey egg, as it can, in theory, completely change any event in terms of the law of cause and effect. But its drawbacks are just as counterintuitive as its functions.

The pocket watch finds its own probability, and only has a 50% success rate. When Tang Mo uses the pocket watch while fighting Wolf Granny, the probability of him killing her is not necessarily detected by the pocket watch, which means he cannot use it at all. Even if it is detected and Tang Mo is able to use the pocket watch, there is only a 50% chance of a successful trigger.

Infinite non-probability, or perhaps infinite "non-pro" probability.

Tang Mo touched his face. He was fairly fair, and had been called Little Bai-face, but his luck had been pretty bad. He's been banging his head against the wall for five months since he got Mario's hat, and he hasn't gotten a single useful item yet. Tang Mo wonders if he's going to use the infinite non-probability pocket watch, will it backfire and get him killed by it?

Tang Mo decided not to use the odd pocket watch until the last minute, and he will slowly familiarise himself with its use. Perhaps he will find better conditions for using it.

The more unconventional the prop, the greater the restriction, otherwise the game would be unbalanced. The fact that the Infinite Non-Probability Pocket Watch has so many restrictions on its use shows how horrible it is in its own right.

After examining the two rewards he had received, Tang Mo reached out his hand and took the book of powers out of the air. He opened the book to the last page with suspicion, and when he saw the words that appeared on it, Tang Mo's face was strange, his expression complicated, and he could not tell what he felt in his heart.

[Alien Energy: Lover's Eyes]

[Owned by: Li Siqi (stowaway)

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Use this ability on a specific subject to make yourself more handsome/beautiful in the eyes of the other person. The upper limit of beauty value is related to the imagination of the used subject, and is infinitely close to the desired look of the used subject.]

[Grade: Level 2].

[Restriction: Can be used a maximum of three times per day for a maximum of 10 seconds, subject to the user's willpower. The stronger the willpower of the user, the shorter the effect time, with a minimum of 1 second.

[Remark: Wake up, are you seeing anyone?

[Tang Mo version usage note: No additional restrictions. A power so trashy that even I don't bother to give restrictions.]

This is the first ability that Tang Mo has received without additional restrictions.

Tang Mo had already guessed about this ability, but he still did not expect that he had actually obtained it.

The real name of the Black Rabbit in the Truth Clock game is Li Siqi, a stowaway. After Tang Mo wins the Truth Clock game, Li Siqi has a chance to turn the tables on Tang Mo by killing him and becoming the last person standing on the clock. Unfortunately, he is not nearly as strong as Tang Mo and is at best on the level of Fu Wensheng. However, his powers are so strange that Tang Mo almost catches him twice and then he escapes.

Because every time he was about to catch him, Tang Mo saw a face as handsome as it could be.

The face itself is also Li Siqi's face, which resembles him in three points, and the remaining seven points are all plus points. Those seven points add up to a face that would be a superstar in the entertainment industry. Li Siqi is an ordinary-looking young man, not ugly, but definitely not outstanding either. When such a handsome face suddenly appeared in front of him, Tang Mo's heart stopped for a moment, not to mention the fact that it matched his own aesthetics, and he was so stunned that he was escaped by Li Siqi several times.

This ability is a real bit of a shame though. Not the kind of shame that comes from shouting out a transformation spell, but the ability does work surprisingly well in a fight with someone. It's just a bit embarrassing to see ...... each other again later in case you don't manage to kill your enemy.

Tang Mo thought he hadn't been given this power, after all, he hadn't killed Li Siqi with his own hands. But now that he has it, he will use it wisely.

Tuck the alien book back into the air and put the props away again. Tang Mo lies down on the sample bed in the furniture shop and rests with his eyes closed.

Five hours later, the sky is getting lighter. The temperature has long since warmed up and the golden sun shines on the pavement as a black figure quickly emerges from the back door of the home improvement shop. Tang Mo is carrying a bag and moving between the shops with great speed.

Before entering the tower attack game Fu Wenduo gave Tang Mo a map of Beijing and marked the location of his home on the map. Tang Mo took a look at it and took note of it as he ran alertly around the city of Beijing. At dawn, there are also players out looking for food and water. Tang Mo and a middle-aged woman come across each other on the street and both keep a cautious eye on each other.

Tang Mo glanced at the can of beef and mineral water in the woman's hand. He raised an eyebrow, suddenly thinking that he hadn't eaten meat in a long time. Noticing Tang Mo staring at her can, the woman glared at Tang Mo with a fierce glare. Tang Mo gives her a faint glance and turns away.

Beijing has more surviving players than Nanjing, and far more than non-central cities like Handan.

Tang Mo encountered three groups of people along the way, and he kept dodging them because he didn't want to meet local players in a city he didn't know. By the time he found Fu Wenduo's house, it was 2pm. It was a small, heavily guarded, Republican-style building in a quiet setting, with some vegetables growing in the yard. Tang Mo pushes the door in, but there is no sound in the house, as if no one is there.

Tang Mo looked at the markings on the map several more times to make sure he was on the right track. He was about to take out a fire egg and ask for Fu Wenduo's location when a male voice came from behind him, "Been looking for a long time?"

Tang Mo reflexively tenses up and looks behind him warily. When he realises it is Fu Wenduo, he slowly relaxes. He looked down and saw something in Fu Wenduo's hand: "What's this?"

At that moment, Fu Xiaodi also came from afar, carrying a large bag of stuff. Surprised to see Tang Mo, he said, "Brother Tang, you're here?"

Fu Wenduo: "Come inside and talk."

Once inside, Fu Wenduo takes a barbecue out of the storage room. He lit the fire with firewood and Fu Xiaodi untied the plastic bags rather self-consciously, revealing the frozen meat and vegetables inside. Tang Mo watched in amazement as the two brothers moved around, a little bewildered. Fu Wenduo saw him and said, "You go and help Xiaoxing with the ingredients."

Tang Mo nods and joins Fu Wensheng in cutting the meat and vegetables.

...... This picture is also too magical.

Tang Mo never imagined that one day after Earth came online he would actually be able to eat barbecue so leisurely.

"This is frozen meat in the cellar. The temperature in Beijing is low and the frozen meat hasn't gone bad yet. But after this summer, there should be no meat left on earth." Fu Wenduo explains as he grills the meat, "Eat more now, you may never eat meat again."

Fu Wensheng: "Does human flesh count?"

Fu Wenduo glanced coldly at his brother, "Your meat?"

Fu Xiaodi cowered, not daring to speak again.

Tang Mo: "You've grilled meat before?" He was referring to Fu Wenduo's skillful grilling of meat.

Fu Wenduo: "Baked in the army. What is the game of attacking the tower in the three levels of The black tower this time?"

Tang Mo settled down and gave a detailed account of the fires he had seen in the Elven Savannah, the Great Animal Escape, and the Truth Clock game. As a teammate, Tang Mo didn't hide the props he got. Fu Wenduo frowned at the functionality of the infinite non-probability pocket watch and Fu Xiaodi was confused, but he kept his questions to himself. Tang Mo took out the golden candy and Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng took a look at it. They both agreed that they had never seen anything like it and were not sure if there was a The black tower monster that liked to eat it.

The first skewer of beef is grilled and Fu Wenduo hands it directly to Tang Mo. Tang Mo takes the skewer and hands it to Fu Wensheng.

Fu Wenduo raised one eyebrow, Fu Xiaodi swallowed, took the beef and bit into it: "Thank you Brother Tang!"

Tang Mo laughed, "It's thanks to your brother."

Fu Xiaodi: "Thank you, Brother!"

The two laugh away together.

Fu Wenduo saw his brother and Tang Mo smiling and he hooked his lips into an imperceptible smile.

The wood was cut by Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng in the morning. The trees around the Fu family are all 100 years old, so they chopped them without batting an eyelid and had the ingredients ready in a matter of minutes. The wood doesn't burn as hot as the charcoal, so the roast is slower to cook. When the second skewer of beef was finished Fu Wenduo handed it to Tang Mo, who reached out to take it, but then Fu Wenduo suddenly grabbed his hand.

Tang Mo looked up at him in astonishment.

The air seemed to freeze.

A cool breeze blows through the door, rattling the leaves in the courtyard. Fu Wensheng buries his head in his meat and Tang Mo sits on a small wooden stool. Fu Wenduo holds his left hand tightly, and they lock eyes and look at each other in silence. Time seems to pass very slowly, but in fact only two seconds have passed in total.

Fu Wensheng looked up from eating his beef and noticed the bizarre situation of his big brother and Tang Mo. His eyes widened in horror as he looked at the two men's clasped hands, "You guys ......"


Tang Mo quickly pulled the silver pistol out of his pocket and flung it to Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo tacitly took the gun and, without needing to aim, fired it at an old date palm tree outside the courtyard. The bullet boomed, and as the shot rang out, two black shadows flashed from behind the date palm tree. At the same time, at the back of the courtyard, another figure scurried over with a kick to the ground.

Tang Mo's face instantly went cold.

Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng had been here for so long without being noticed. As soon as he arrived, these men appeared. It was obvious that they had followed him. Beijing Only those people knew his coordinates and were able to follow him here without a sound.

Tang Mo turned his head to Fu Wenduo: "Chosen!"

Fu Wenduo also guessed the identity of the visitor and dodged a flying knife sideways.

In the direction the knife had come from, the figure that had come up from the back of the courtyard ran closer and closer, and Tang Mo got a good look at her face. This face would have made millions of fans scream before the Earth came online, but now Yu Zheng's beautiful face was expressionless as she emerged from the darkness, a cold silver light hidden in her hand, heading straight for Tang Mo.

Yu Zheng kicked the barbecue over and hit Fu Wenduo, trying to use it as an opportunity to attack Tang Mo.

Fu Wenduo raises his hand and hits her knife with a shot that deflects her attack. Tang Mo then takes out her parasol and prepares to attack. Fu Wenduo uses his pistol to block Yu Zheng's movement and Tang Mo attacks with her parasol. The two of them have a perfect understanding and within seconds they have locked up Yu Zheng's movements. Just as the tip of the parasol is about to pierce the abdomen of Lian Yu Zheng, the earth suddenly buzzes.

The ground seemed to be muffled, and the dull sound startled Tang Mo. He realised what it might be and turned his head to meet Fu Wenduo's eyes. Tang Mo opened his mouth to utter the four words, and the gravity of terror had arrived as expected.


Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Fu Wensheng ...... Even the practice Yu Zheng was pulled through by this powerful force of gravity and slammed to the ground with great force.

Gravity crush!


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