Chapter 123: The black tower's infinite non-probability pocket table ~

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It is dark, and the streets are empty. The evening breeze rustles the leaves and stones as it blows across the road. Tang Mo hides by the window of a home improvement shop down the street. He enters the interior of the shop and, lowering his voice, checks with Fu Wenduo at the other end of the fire and eggs.

The two men quickly exchanged information.

Tang Mo only contacted Fu Wenduo once after he entered the Tower Attack game, and they never spoke again after he joined the Truth Clock game.

"Five days have passed, so that means ...... nine days have passed since the day those four stowaways ambushed us." Tang Mo mentally calculated the date, "The flow of time is really different between the two sides. I've experienced at most one day in the tower attack game. Where are you now?"

"My home, west of the Forbidden City." A low, magnetic male voice emanated from the fire eggs, and in the darkness of the shop, Tang Mo's heart slowly stilled as he listened to it. He heard Fu Wenduo continue, "The situation is safe for now, no Chosen followers near me. There are two official groups of players in the Forbidden City, so be careful when you come over."

Tang Mo nodded, "Okay, I'll be there at dawn."

Since the launch of Earth, most of the official players have also had human blood on their hands. Stowaways are not the only ones who kill for profit. For example, Xing Feng, who killed many players in the Iron Shoemaker game and tried to assassinate Tang Mo again, is an official player. There is no room for complacency when it comes to anyone.

The two of them checked the situation in Beijing over the last few days. It turned out that three days ago, Beijing started a rendezvous at the Temple of Heaven. Fu Wenduo didn't go because Tang Mo was playing Tower Attack, Fu Wensheng was around, and there was no telling when the Chosen would attack.

Fu Wenduo: "A copy of reality has appeared at the northern gate."

Tang Mo was stunned: "In front of the school?"

"Well, it's at the west gate. A new copy of reality just appeared yesterday, and already a dozen players have died in this copy and their bodies have been teleported out and dumped on the side of the road. Coming from your location you might pass by there, be careful not to trigger the reality copy."


Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo speak in the shortest possible phrases to get their point across without wasting time. When they finish exchanging information, Tang Mo looks up at the clock hanging on the wall of the shop and suddenly realises: ...... Ten minutes have passed?

Time seemed to pass a little too quickly. He felt like only three minutes had passed.

It was clear that there wasn't much to say, and I tried to finish as quickly as possible, but the time went by so quickly.

Tang Mo had this strange question on his mind. Before he could figure out what this feeling was, he heard a low voice ring out in the silence of the shop: "Tang Mo."

Tang Mo paused and looked down at the turkey egg in his arms. After a moment, he asked softly in return, "Hmm?"

"This time, the third floor of The black tower, is it dangerous?"

Is it dangerous?

It also seems quite dangerous. Once inside, you'll be faced with Mosaic's grassland fire and hundreds of The black tower monsters running away with it. Without the big earthworms, it's going to be a real pain to deal with those black stinkers. By luck and guesswork, he won the game and extorted an extra bonus from Mr Rabbit.

...... eh? An added bonus?

Tang Mo immediately snapped back, "See you tomorrow, I'll look at the rewards I got."

Fu Wenduo was about to say "What kind of game is it, can you tell me about it?

Tang Mo reacted, "Eh yeah, what were you trying to say?"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Mr. Fu School, who had intended to care for his teammates, sighed softly. In a small, rustic two-storey building, a tall, handsome man stood in the courtyard, looking up at the moon in the sky. He wears a white shirt with the cuffs pulled upwards and holds a white turkey egg in his right hand. Listening to Tang Mo's impatient voice, Fu Wenduo knows that his teammate is too eager to go and see the rewards for passing the tower attack game to talk to him.

Fu Wenduo looks at the sky as behind him, Fu Wensheng, holding a pile of mineral water bottles filled with water, passes behind his elder brother and gives him a quiet look.

A few moments later, Fu Wenduo said with a low smile, "Tang Mo, congratulations, the first in China to clear the third floor of The black tower."

Tang Mo was really not in the mood for Fu Wenduo, and he spoke in an urgent tone, "Well, I'll talk to you tomorrow about my tower attack game. Tell Whisper about it too, so you'll be prepared when you raid the third floor."

With these words, Tang Mo hung up the call. Fu Wenduo looked down at the turkey eggs, shook his head helplessly and turned to walk into the house.

Beijing Xicheng District, a home furnishing shop.

Tang Mo puts the turkey egg back in his pocket and, after checking again that no one is around, he pulls a transparent pocket watch and a golden candy from his other pocket. Tang Mo takes out his torch and examines the two items.

The transparent pocket watch seems to be made of crystal and is very delicate with a clear body. It looks no different from an ordinary pocket watch, with two tiny hour and minute hands set into the dial and a long, thin second hand that clatters along. Tang Mo looks at it carefully for a moment and turns his attention to the golden candy.

The golden candy is even more ordinary. It is a very ordinary candy, with a golden paper that reflects the light from all angles like gold. But Tang Mo weighed it: "It's not gold, it's a bit light. It should be a similar metal."

Tang Mo tried tapping the two props and putting them into the water. After a long toss, the golden candies reacted first.

[Props: a very ordinary golden candy]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Grade: Level 1].

[Function: A candy that has been treasured by Mr. Rabbit for thirty-six years, perhaps anyone who would enjoy eating it? Of course it's more likely to have gone mouldy long ago.]

[Restrictions: None. One candy and you can't kill with it.]

[Remark: Tang Mo thought he had earned it, he never thought that your rabbit father would still be your rabbit father].

Tang Mo: "......"

Tang Mo turned the candy over three times, expressionlessly, trying to find another use for it, but The black tower told him mercilessly that it was just an ordinary candy. Tang Mo pursed his lips and put the candy into his backpack. He would not throw away something that looked useless. In five months, Tang Mo had knocked out a lot of junk with Mario's hat. Unless it's a bowl of water or a broken shoe, Tang Mo keeps everything else, unless it's really useless. He has a pocket in his bag for this 'junk'.

"Maybe it's Queen of Hearts' special fondness for golden sweets?"

Tang Mo mutters something and continues to study the transparent pocket watch.

The transparent pocket watch is clearly more important than the golden candy. While Tang Mo got the gold candy as an extra from Mr. Rabbit, the transparent pocket watch was his reward for passing the level. Tang Mo opened the lid of the pocket watch and tried all sorts of things, but still couldn't find the right way to use it. He was about to burn the watch with fire when his eyes stopped at the three hands on the dial.

The thin second hand needs no attention, it keeps walking clockwise. But the other two hands ......

Tang Mo squinted his eyes and looked at the hour and minute hands.

This pocket watch is very peculiar in that its seconds hand keeps moving, but its minute and hour hands never move. The minute hand is at 47 and the hour hand is to the right of the number "1", about a quarter of a square away from it. Tang Mo looked at it carefully for a while, then suddenly he reached out and wrenched the hour hand to the right. When his hand touched the hour hand, he actually broke it and brought it to the correct position - three-quarters of a square away from the number '1'.

With a click, the hour hand returns and a line of small, light-coloured letters appears on the transparent pocket watch. At the same time, a clear child's voice rings out in Tang Mo's head -

"Ding Dong! Player detected using the 'I love The black tower I want to attack the tower' charm to play a tower attack game, additional bonus. The player is the first player in China to clear all three levels of The black tower (normal mode), with an additional bonus."

"Success inspires infinite non-probability."

"Ding Dong! The game reward 'Mr Rabbit's Probability Pocket Watch' has been changed to 'The black tower's infinite non-probability pocket watch'."

A dazzling golden light flashed on the dial of the transparent pocket watch. Tang Mo closed his eyes and when he looked again, he saw that the dial of the transparent pocket watch was suddenly covered with a golden pattern.

"∞?" After a pause, Tang Mo denied this view, "There is another carry."

A strange symbol is seen in the centre of the transparent dial, pressed under three hands. It was an infinity symbol, with a slash off to the side in the centre of the symbol, as if someone had tried to remove this infinity symbol. As this symbol appears, the small letters on the transparent pocket watch begin to change. Tang Mo looked at these golden characters and his expression gradually became grave.

[Props: The black tower's infinite non-probability pocket watch

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Rare].

[Grade: Level 3].

[Function: The hour and minute hands of this pocket watch will always point in the wrong direction, and the second hand will keep moving. The pocket watch detects all probabilistic events around the player. When the probability of an event occurring is infinitely 0, the player can manually confirm the trigger of the pocket watch to turn on infinite non-probability events. The infinite non-probability is triggered when the hour and minute hands return to the correct position].

[Restriction: Once every ten days, a player may choose to initiate the use of an infinite non-probability pocket watch. The infinite non-probability event triggered by the pocket watch is not fully under the player's control, with a 50% chance that the player will succeed in his or her attempt.]

[Note: Trust The black tower and it will be 10,000 times better than Mr. Bunny's probability pocket watch; if you don't trust The black tower ...... can you still come and bite The black tower? The black tower is a product you can trust.

Tang Mo: "......"

Is it too late to go back to the Elven Savannah and change the truth clock back!!!


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