Chapter 122: "Dingdong! China 1 player Tang Mo has successfully cleared the third level of The black tower!"

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Tang Mo didn't expect his opponent to be able to attack even after he had won the truth clock game. He reacted quickly, pulling out his parasol and deflecting the short, thin man as he scurried towards him. A sharp metallic clang sounded on the Truth Clock, and the invisible cage that had trapped them disappeared. Tang Mo looked up, and the man looked up too.

The two men looked at each other for a moment, and the next moment, they attacked in unison.

This is a young man of short stature, about thirty years old and of average appearance. Perhaps because he was not tall, he was agile, not strong enough, but fast. He looked at Tang Mo with hatred, and every move he made was straight to the point. Tang Mo first kept dodging with his small parasol, and when he found an opportunity, his eyes flashed.

The pink stick-like parasol passed under the man's shoulder like a bolt of lightning. The moment the parasol passed through, Li Siqi looked at Tang Mo in disbelief, not understanding what he was trying to do. In the next moment, however, Tang Mo opened the parasol with a snap, pulling the handle and tugging it in his direction.

Li Siqi was pulled forward by this powerful force and was on the verge of hitting Tang Mo. Tang Mo lifted his foot and kicked him in the chest. Li Siqi's eyes widened in horror and his mouth glowed pink.

The next moment, Tang Mo's kick pauses for a moment and Li Siqi takes the opportunity to escape.

The encounter between the two was actually brief, from the time Li Siqi came forward to the time Tang Mo easily overpowered him, only a minute had passed. Li Siqi's cautious nature was evident at this point, and he was alert enough to run away once he realised that Tang Mo was really far stronger than him and that he could not win by force. Not just run, but run and look for a moment.

On the large truth clock, Tang Mo and this short, thin man begin a chase.

His opponent is weaker overall, but faster. Although Tang Mo is faster than him, it is not easy to catch him. Once he doesn't want to, he comes back and looks for an opportunity, rather like a dog's paw.

And this man's psychic powers ......

The corner of Tang Mo's mouth twitched slightly, he didn't really want the other man's powers.

In any case, the game is over. The clock of truth no longer glows blue, and its body gradually materialises into a large, ordinary clock. Tang Mo stands in the middle of the dial, looking calm. If the short, thin man attacked him, he would strike back.

As time passed, the faint bouncing sound became clearer and clearer. When a tiny white rabbit appears out of the darkness, Li Siqi looks at it and freezes, and Tang Mo seizes the opportunity to flip over a large match and slap it to the ground.

With a loud thud, Li Siqi fell to the ground.

Mr Rabbit had just come up to the sight of Tang Mo beating him up and, being as timid as a rabbit, he yelped in fear. Li Siqi's strength was indeed limited as the huge match head pressed against his back, rendering him immobile. Tang Mo looks up at Mr Rabbit, who cowardly hides behind the Truth Clock, swallows and watches him cautiously.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes and stared cautiously at the real The black tower BOSS, when he heard a crisp cracking sound in his ears, and Tang Mo reacted quickly by dodging to his left to avoid the strange black weapon. Li Siqi's face was full of expression as he saw that his sneak attack had failed again. His face was red with shame at having been caught in a sneak attack, but also with hatred and pain.

Mr Rabbit spotted Li Siqi and said in surprise, "Hey, how come there are two humans on the truth clock."

Tang Mo, keenly aware that something was wrong, said faintly, "Only one person is allowed on the truth clock?"

There can only be one winner on the truth clock, that is the rule of the game given by The black tower, and Tang Mo already knew that. But at the moment he asks Mr Rabbit again as if he knows nothing.

Mr Rabbit nodded: "Of course. Whoever wins is the victor. Who wins?" At the end of the sentence, a blue glow came from Tang Mo's body. Mr. Rabbit said rightly, "Ah, so it's you who won. If you win, he ......" After a pause, he looked down at the short, thin man on the ground and clapped his hands happily, "He's about to enter the black hole of eternal truth!"

In the darkness of space, Mr Rabbit was full of joy and spoke in a relaxed tone. Li Siqi's face changed when he heard this. He screamed "I don't want to go in, I don't want to go into the black hole of truth" and a small black vortex appeared beneath his body. Tang Mo jumped out of the way and stood by, watching as the black vortex grew larger and larger and finally sucked the man in.

The man's body disappears and so does the black hole.

Tang Mo stared in silence at the empty clock of truth. The clock had not changed one iota, as if no player had ever been sucked into the black hole. Tang Mo looked silently for a moment at the spot where the man had disappeared, he looked calm and turned his head to look at the rabbit again.

Mr. Rabbit found himself being watched by Tang Mo and he instantly remembered, "You, you're the bad human who grabbed my tail!"

Tang Mo slowly curls his lips.

Unlike a normal The black tower game, there are usually side quests and main quests. For example, in the Gopher game, Tang Mo catches the golden gopher early on, but he has to wait for Granny Wolf to come home before he can finish his game.

If Granny Wolf is the boss of The black tower in Gopher, then this rabbit is undoubtedly the boss of the Truth Clock game.

Tang Mo's eyes meet those of Mr Rabbit.

The white rabbit in the elaborate dress cocked its head and looked at Tang Mo in confusion. Suddenly, Tang Mo's feet kicked up and he flew towards him.

"Ahhhhhhh help, it's going to be rabbit!!!"

Mr Rabbit scurries away in terror.

Mr Rabbit was faster than Tang Mo, but the black space was limited and the rabbit didn't know how to turn and dodge, so he just kept on running. Tang Mo soon caught him. Tang Mo caught the strange rabbit in both hands and lifted it into the air. The rabbit's long ears wagged in the air as it struggled and cried out in a depressed voice: "Kiri! Let go of me, let go of me. You insidious and cunning human, can't I give you the treasure, I'll give you the treasure!"

Tang Mo's heart gave a beat as he said without changing his face, "What treasures."

Mr Rabbit pulls out a small pocket watch from his pocket. It is a beautiful transparent pocket watch, with three tiny hands sliding gently under the crystal clear case. Mr. Bunny placed the watch in his arms and rubbed it twice before reluctantly handing it over to Tang Mo. Tang Mo was about to reach for it when he tugged it back.

"You ...... you want to trade in the truth clock!"

Tang Mo moved with a start as he calmly said, "The truth clock?"

Mr Rabbit nodded, "Yes, you must trade in the Truth Clock. You won the Truth Clock game and now this clock is yours. Don't you look at my Truth Clock like that, it's my Truth Clock and I'm dedicating it to the Queen of Hearts. Only the Queen of Hearts can use the great Truth Clock in this world, in your human hands it would be a broken clock with no batteries!"

A clear child's voice rang out in Tang Mo's head -

"Ding Dong! Player Tang Mo has successfully completed the main quest 'Mr. Rabbit's Truth Clock Game' and received the reward: the Truth Clock. Friendly reminder: the Truth Clock is not under the player's control and can be exchanged for Mr. Rabbit's Probability Pocket Watch."

Without hesitation, Tang Mo took the pocket watch.

Mr Rabbit was relieved, and before he could even catch his breath, Tang Mo's voice rang in his ears again, "Not enough."

Mr Rabbit: "......?!!!"

The tiny white rabbit stared dumbfounded at the human in front of him, only to see the young man observe the transparent pocket watch and point to the huge clock on the floor. He said indifferently, "This watch is so small and the truth clock is so big, I'm losing money by trading it for the truth clock." After a pause, Tang Mo added, "A blood loss."

Mr Rabbit: "......"

Mr Rabbit is so angry he wants to hammer the dog's head off of this shamelessly greedy human player!

Fortunately, it held back.

Tang Mo is also bargaining with The black tower BOSS for the first time. Mr. Rabbit, who has almost zero force, runs away when he sees Tang Mo, instead of rushing to eat him like the other The black tower monsters.

It always feels wrong not to bully a rabbit that is so easy to bully.

Tang Mo was just saying that he didn't really want to get anything out of Mr Rabbit. Who knew that the rabbit would start to feel his pockets. It felt and felt and pulled out another golden candy. He looked at the candy with resignation and struggled for a while before shoving it into Tang Mo's hand.

"I'll, I'll give you just this! You're not allowed to ask for it again, and I won't give it to you if you ask for it again! You give me back the truth clock, my truth clock!"

Tang Mo hid the shock in his eyes as quickly as he could. He accepted the candy with a blank face, choosing between "one more blackmail and maybe I'll get something out of it" and "The black tower BOSS is The black tower BOSS after all, and it's impossible to back down again and again". Tang Mo chose the latter. Taking the easy way out, he puts the transparent pocket watch and the sweets in his pocket.

The moment Tang Mo put these two items away, the truth clock flashed blue again.

Mr Rabbit exclaimed excitedly, "My truth clock!"

A loud voice rang out in Tang Mo's head -

"Dingdong! China 1 official player Tang Mo has successfully cleared The black tower level 3 (normal mode)."

Meanwhile, across the globe, the crisp, childlike voices of The black tower rang out together -

"Dingdong! Russia 1 official player Andrei - Ivan Petrov has successfully cleared the third floor of The black tower."

"Dingdong! Russia Zone 1 Official Player Andrei ......"

The black tower's voice suddenly stops, and after a second, it continues. It announces three times in total, and players around the world stop what they are doing and look at the nearest The black tower in surprise.

The first player worldwide to clear a new level of The black tower will be notified three times worldwide about The black tower.

China, Shanghai, Atak Organization.

Luo Fengcheng and Chen Shanshan were having a meeting in the office when they heard the sound of The black tower, Jackass scratched his head: "Eh, isn't Fu Wenduo the first person in the world to clear the third floor of The black tower this time? "

Chen Shanshan: "How can it always be him."

Luo Fengcheng picks up a pen and quickly writes a line on the information.

"Andrei - Ivan Petrov ...... He wasn't the first player in Russia to clear the first and first floors of The black tower. But now he is the first to pass the third floor. So ...... "

"Dingdong! China 1 player Tang Mo has successfully cleared The black tower level 3!"

The announcement was made only once, but all the players around the world who were thinking "Who is Andrei" were frozen in their tracks. It took a few seconds for someone to say, "Tang Mo, who is it again? I've never heard these two names before, they're new players!" Some of them walked towards The black tower without saying a word and started their own The black tower three level attack game.

Luo Fengcheng's mouth is still open, having not finished his previous sentence. After hearing the new global broadcast of The black tower, Luo Fengcheng smiles and shakes his head. Although Chen Shanshan is calm on the surface, she can't hide her happiness in her eyes. She is happy for Tang Mo. Jackass was blunt: "Tang Mo? I just cleared the second level of The black tower, and he has cleared the third level of The black tower?


A tall, thin, baby-faced young man is walking down an empty street with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. He seems to be unafraid of being attacked at night and walks along with a big smile on his face. Suddenly he hears the sound of The black tower, and his steps are halted. The smile on his lips grew wider as Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily and pretended to be surprised: " China Zone 1 ...... Ah, isn't that Beijing?"


Xiao Jitong was surprised for a moment to hear Tang Mo's name, then said with a low smile, "It doesn't seem to be a problem."

Beijing, The Chosen Organization.

Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao returned to the organisation's base in the eightieth grade with pale faces after a torturous copy of reality. Before they could even sit down, Qi Heng was saying proudly, "Watch, all he has to do is die in the tower attack game and we can get back what belongs to the boss and you". Just as he finished his sentence, The black tower beeped.

Qi Heng's smile froze on his face, and Li Miaomiao's mouth dropped open.

Practising Yu Zheng listening to Qi Heng's bragging: "......"

Qi Heng: "Shit, why are you hitting me! I didn't mean to do it. Who knew that kid had actually cleared the third floor of The black tower!"

At this very moment, Tang Mo is standing on the Truth Clock, holding Mr Rabbit in his hands. A blinding white light flashed before his eyes and when he opened them again, he was back on Earth. It was late at night and without hesitation Tang Mo scurried into a small house on either side of the road, where he stood by the window, relieved that he had not been spotted.

The internet was all down and he had no idea how much time had passed in reality since he entered the tower attack game.

After some thought, Tang Mo took a calming breath, took the turkey egg out of his pocket and gave it three taps. A low male voice sounded from the other end of the egg and Tang Mo's heart sank. He gave a low "hmm".

"It's me, I'm back."


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