Chapter 121: The black tower BOSS Tang Mo ~

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Fourteen items are placed quietly in the centre of the truth clock. When one minute is up, Tang Mo names twelve of the items and gives up eliminating two. A blue glow shines over the twelve items, Tang Mo pauses and looks up, his voice calm: "Item 15 and 16, player Tang Mo and player Black Rabbit. The separate truth between these two items is - they are both human players."

On the clock of truth, the blue light flickers sharply and becomes more intense.

The next second, the mechanical beep of the Truth Clock sounded, "Successfully eliminating individual truths between players, no advance frames awarded."

Tang Mo's heart pumped hard, then he breathed a sigh of relief and gave a helpless smile.

The blue wall rises slowly, and the black rabbit at the other end looks pale. He could not hear what Tang Mo had just said to the truth clock, but he knew what Tang Mo had said. The black rabbit's red eyes were fixed on Tang Mo, a look of resentment and jealousy, but also a look of expectation and begging.

Tang Mo swept the black rabbit off his feet, sat down cross-legged and continued to rest.

The hours and minutes continued to travel beneath their feet, Tang Mo nodded noncommittally as he recalled what the black rabbit had just said.

Indeed, as the Black Rabbit said, it is uncertain who will win and who will lose this game.

Tang Mo can win the game in one of three ways: by eliminating all the items, by catching up with the black rabbit, or by the black rabbit's own death in a punishment game. We don't know how the black rabbit will win, but it is certain that it will win if it catches up with Tang Mo, otherwise it would not be screaming to catch him and eat him.

Even though Tang Mo now knows that there is a truth between the Black Rabbit and his two players, as long as Tang Mo does not succeed in eliminating all the items, there is hope for the Black Rabbit. With 2-58 items appearing on the truth clock, and essentially ten or more items appearing each time, it is unlikely that Tang Mo will eliminate them all. So if Tang Mo wins, there is a 90% chance that he will catch up with the Black Rabbit.

Then this game has been completely fair up to this point.

Tang Mo won't be forced to go back two squares each time, they are both on the same starting line. Whoever eliminates more items and advances more squares will win.

"The 0-point player moves back one square and the 6-point player moves forward one square. the 0-point player triggers a level 3 grey fallacy and the 6-point player triggers a level 3 grey fallacy."

The black rabbit's face is white and Tang Mo moves forward one square in a calm manner. At this moment, Tang Mo is on frame 23 and the Black Rabbit is on frame 1, leaving 22 frames between them. Just as they are standing, a violent wind gust comes over their heads. After three minutes of Schrödinger box punishment, both men were panting for breath.

After the break, the black rabbit looked at Tang Mo with a complicated look. Tang Mo thought he was going to say something, but the black rabbit just looked at him and didn't say anything.

The next round soon begins and this time there are sixteen items. Tang Mo advances 2 squares and the Black Rabbit advances 1 square.

Another round of play and twenty-four items appear. Tang Mo advances 4 squares and Black Rabbit advances 2 squares.

Tang Mo was a little surprised by the performance of the Black Rabbit. He had thought that his opponent was not strong enough to play steadily when there were fewer items, and that he would not be able to handle it when there were more items. He didn't expect his opponent to eliminate a lot of items on these occasions, making Tang Mo's chase of the black rabbit even slower.

Tang Mo thought, "Probably a critical situation where human potential is triggered?"

I'm afraid even the Black Rabbit can't answer that question.

The black rabbit now no longer cared for Tang Mo, would not talk to him or pay any attention to him. His eyes are bloodshot as he stares at the truth clock, staring unblinkingly at each new item as it appears, trying to find the individual truth in it. Yet even so, the distance between him and Tang Mo continues to shrink. Without the advantage of "forcing Tang Mo to move back two frames", the black rabbit moves forward less than Tang Mo most of the time.

When the twenty-three rounds are over, there are only six squares left between the two. It is the Black Rabbit in front and Tang Mo behind. Tang Mo needs only 6 frames to completely catch up with the Black Rabbit, who falls into the black hole of truth.

The hope in the black rabbit's eyes had long since dimmed as the distance between them continued to close. He looked down at the ground, wondering what he was thinking. The sound of the truth clock rings out, but the black rabbit is no longer in the mood to listen to it, and he waits quietly for his own fallacious punishment to come.

"......0 points player triggers a Level 3 Grey Fallacy and 6 points player triggers a Level 1 Origin Fallacy."

The black rabbit's head snapped up and he looked at Tang Mo incredulously. Tang Mo also looks at the clock of truth at his feet in disbelief. Schrödinger's box is about to open and the two players have a few seconds to prepare. The black rabbit's mouth grows wide, a mad grin appears on its ugly set face and it shouts like a madman: "Yes! I haven't lost yet, you die, you die in there and I win! I've won!"

As soon as the words were spoken, Schrödinger's box opened with a penalty.

Tang Mo's eyes went black, and when he opened them again, he was back in the Elven Savannah. The cold wind was like a knife, scraping hard against his face, and when he looked up, his face sank. He saw hundreds of black stinkbugs surrounding him on the dark, cold prairie. These huge, disgusting stinkbugs looked at Tang Mo and gave a shrill growl. The next second, they all rushed up.

On the clock of truth, the black rabbit hops around to deal with the sudden fires, while taking time out to look eagerly at Tang Mo's side. From his angle, he saw Tang Mo dodging and jumping over the clock's cage. Tang Mo seems to have met some kind of enemy, and his face is grim as he pulls out the little pink parasol and keeps opening and closing it for defence and attack.

Suddenly, there was a deep bloody gash on Tang Mo's shoulder.

The black rabbit's eyes instantly glowed as it chanted like a demon, "Die, die, die, die ......"

Tang Mo's wounds on his body were increasing and his speed in dodging was getting slower and slower. Hundreds of black insects cornered him and sprayed their venom at him at the same time. Tang Mo couldn't hold back any longer and cursed, "Shit!" He used his parasol to block the venom, but it was so overwhelming that he couldn't stop it all.

The black rabbit saw Tang Mo's body suddenly erode at a rate visible to the naked eye, his muscles turning rotten and revealing white bones. His heart was in his throat as he watched Tang Mo's right hand erode clean, leaving only white bone. Then came the small arm and the shoulder.

Further corrosion continues ...... continues!

"Go to hell!!!"

But just as the invisible venom was about to corrode Tang Mo's chest, it came to a screeching halt.

Tang Mo's whole body fell to the ground and his right shoulder down was a burning pain. He didn't need to look to know that his arm was gone. With his other hand Tang Mo struggled to pull out the earthworm's tear, and he placed the jewel on his white, bony arm. A warm white light slowly lit up and the flesh on his arm gradually recovered.

The black rabbit watched the scene with a dumbfounded expression, his mouth open, unable to speak for a long time.

When Tang Mo had recovered from all the wounds all over his body, the earthworm's tear gradually became stiff. The white stone grew smaller and smaller, eventually becoming only the size of a small thumbnail. After it had shrunk to its smallest shape, it clicked and broke in half, turning into yellow sand and flowing away from Tang Mo's fingers.

Tang Mo rises from the ground, he glances at the desperate looking black rabbit and looks towards the centre of the truth clock.

A minute later, four items appear in the middle of the dial.

This is the twenty-fourth round and this time there will be a high level of truth, but the number of items will only be four.

The black rabbit looked at Tang Mo for a moment, and as if it had suddenly remembered something, it chanted, "At least from now on you will never dare to eliminate an item again, for fear of triggering the first level of the Origin Fallacy, and you will give up eliminating items you are not sure about". The black rabbit kept chanting these words as if this would give him victory, but he did not notice the odd expression on Tang Mo's face when he saw the four items.

The second hand begins to travel and the players prepare to eliminate the items. As the blue wall rises again, the black rabbit waits for the truth clock to announce the number of frames the two have advanced. But this time, something seemed to be different. It waited for ten seconds without waiting for the truth clock to sound.

The black rabbit first looked strangely at the truth clock, then suddenly its eyes widened and it looked up at Tang Mo in horror.

"No, you can't, you can't ......"

A clear child's voice rang out in the black space -

"Ding Dong! Player Tang Mo has completed the main quest 'Mr Rabbit's Truth Clock Game' by eliminating all items."


The black tower beeped and a loud crack sounded from the black rabbit's head. Tang Mo looked across in surprise. There was a sudden crack in the shell of the Russia bunny suit. The crack grew larger and wider, and eventually the hard wooden shell cracked open, exposing the person hiding inside completely.

Tang Mo got a good look at the other side. The man who had been hiding in the body of Russia's nesting doll for hours felt only a buzzing in his brain and a blurring of the world.

His name is Li Siqi.

Six hours ago, while Tang Mo was still racing the fires on the Elven steppes, he rumbled and fell into this pitch black space.

Today is the 25th of March, and with a few days left, all players who have not participated in a tower attack game in three months will be forced to attack the tower. He was a cautious man, and although his powers were very weak and almost chickenshit, he was careful and vigilant enough to survive the launch of Earth without incident. He knew that it would be better to attack the tower himself in advance than to join the global players in a few days, so that the tower attack game might be a little less difficult.

He believes that The black tower has a human face too. At least The black tower likes players attacking it.

An active attack on a tower might be a little different from a passive one. Even if it is only a slight difference, he is not willing to give up the possibility of lowering the difficulty of the game.

So he attacked the tower early and started the tower attack game alone. What he attacked was the ground floor of The black tower.

First there were two odd side quests, and after he completed the second one, he dropped into this black space. Then he heard The black tower repeating over and over -

"Ding Dong! Data error, data error! Copy overlap, copy overlap."

He listens to the words uncomfortably, and The black tower repeats them for ten minutes, when suddenly the sound stops. When it sounded again, The black tower's prompt had changed to: "Correct data, correct data! Player Li Siqi has completed the side quests 'A Delicious Carrot' and 'Breakfast for Mr. Rabbit', successfully opening The black tower level 1 (hard mode), and player Tang Mo has opened The black tower on the third floor (normal mode). After three hours, 'Mr Rabbit's Truth Clock Game' opens. Player Li Siqi triggers low-level player protection and receives the 'Russia Black Bunny Lasso' item and priority in game information. The black tower hides Li Siqi's player status and grants a two-frame fallback bonus."

While he was in a daze and didn't understand anything, he heard these words from The black tower -

"Dingdong! You have three hours to meet Tang Mo, the boss of The black tower level 1 (hard mode)."

"Friendly reminder: Tang Mo was the first Advanced player in the world to clear The black tower level 1 (hard mode), four months ago. Li Siqi has a 1% chance of clearing The black tower level 1 (hard mode). Please work hard on the tower ......"

Li Siqi's hidden body trembles as the black rabbit's body splits into two pieces. He is laughing and crying. Just listening to him from the outside, it is impossible to tell that this player has long since burst into tears.

Tang Mo looked at the frantic player as he lifted his gaze to the top of his opponent's head.


The blue light on the clock of truth grows dimmer and dimmer, and a bouncing footstep comes from the dark depths. Li Siqi cried and laughed, while Tang Mo stood calmly in place. The next moment, a hoarse, hateful voice rang out: "Pass the cheat ...... Be a strong man. Be a strong man! I haven't lost, I haven't lost!!!"


Li Siqi stomped hard and his body rocketed towards Tang Mo.


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