Chapter 115: "Dingdong! Trigger the main quest: Mr. Rabbit's Truth Clock Game."

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The moment he saw the giant Russian nesting doll, Tang Mo tensed his nerves and eyed the other man cautiously.

This is a giant two-metre tall Russian nesting doll with a comical black rabbit painted on a smooth wooden sleeve. The sleeve is white with a black rabbit depicted on it. Its blood-red eyes glow with a sinister, cunning gleam, and it opens its mouth wide, its sharp, triangular shark's teeth catching a glimpse of human flesh and blood.

His tiny red eyes were fixed on Tang Mo, his eyes sliding from his face to his thighs. There was a look of greed and hunger that could not be hidden, and the black rabbit sucked in its saliva, then looked up into Tang Mo's eyes.

"Human eyeballs dipped in sugar, the best ......"

Tang Mo looks at it indifferently, his left hand always pressed against the small parasol.

Tang Mo has been secretly trying to get out of here since a while ago. When he suddenly saw the black rabbit, Tang Mo took two steps backwards, but instead of falling off the blue glowing clock, he ran into an invisible wall. While the black rabbit was watching him, he was also watching the surroundings.

It is dark all around, just this clock and the black rabbit lasso standing at the other end of it.

"There's only about a square metre of moveable space." Without moving, Tang Mo reaches around with the tip of his small parasol, which touches the invisible wall in the air. Tang Mo draws a rough model in his brain.

Now he is trapped in an invisible cage.

The cage is surrounded by invisible walls and a blue clock beneath its feet. The range of movement above his head is difficult to determine, and with the black rabbit staring, Tang Mo can't test his hand. All in all, he is now trapped on this clock, on the number '6'.

Tang Mo's gaze is fixed on the black rabbit, who also grins back at him with a strange chuckle.

Half a minute later, Tang Mo let go of the little parasol. Seeing his movement, the black rabbit's eyes narrowed and he pondered for a moment, laughing hoarsely: "Hey, human, why don't you pick up your little pink umbrella and fight back at me? Look at your disgusting little lace-covered female umbrella, it reminds me of something very disgusting. Perhaps you'd like me to skewer you with it and grill you on a rack to eat? That would be a really good idea, and looking at it that way, the disgusting umbrella seems kind of cute."

Tang Mo did not reply to the black rabbit's words, he reached straight up and touched the top of his head. With his arm extended, at about two metres, Tang Mo touched the invisible ceiling.

Sure enough there's a wall here too!


A roar rang out so loudly that the whole space shook three times. Tang Mo's heart skipped a beat and he turned warily to look at the black rabbit, but was not too alarmed. After a moment, Tang Mo curled his lips and smiled, "It looks like you can't run over here either, so you can only stand there and stare at me?"

The black rabbit was startled.

Tang Mo said lightly, "When you first entered this dark place, you weren't on the clock, but you walked up on your own and stood on the number '12'. Since then ......" he looked up and smiled slightly, "you haven't moved a step. You've been standing on that number '12'. So, can you move now?"

The black rabbit's red eyes instantly turned brighter red as it stared angrily at Tang Mo and snarled, "I'm going to eat you!!!"

The giant rabbit lasso suddenly stomped hard on the ground, which made its bulky body leap up. But it only flew a few centimetres upwards before it was slapped back by an invisible wall. The black rabbit landed hard on the ground. It did not manage to leave the small cage that had blocked it, but the earth was shaken from side to side by it.

Tang Mo braced one hand against the wall, steadied himself, and the next moment he looked at the ground in surprise.

The blue glowing clock did not move on the violently shaking ground!

The earth trembles and space shakes, but the blue clock seems to stay on one plane as if it were forever, not shaking a bit. The black rabbit is furious and, just as Tang Mo said, he cannot leave that small space, but he can keep banging against the wall. He hit the wall hard again and again, and it was incredibly amusing to watch Tang Mo hold on to the wall to keep his body in place.

It laughed loudly and slammed into the wall in front of it once more. Tang Mo pulled out his small parasol, propped the tip against the ground and stared up at it.

The black rabbit sneered, "Human, I will eat you, and soon you will know what a big mistake you have just made."

Tang Mo was unfazed by the black rabbit's taunts and he looked at his opponent calmly.

A man and a rabbit confronted each other on an odd clock, wide-eyed, neither speaking again. Time passed slowly, no one knew how long, when a clattering of footsteps came from the darkness. Tang Mo and the black rabbit immediately turned their heads to look at the place where the sound was coming from. In the darkness of space, a small white rabbit came running in the direction of the number '3'.

The rabbit was dressed in a fine little dress and wore a metal ring around its ear. It pulled its pocket watch out of its arms as it quickly ran forward, "Too late, too late ...... ahhhhhhhh ......"


Tang Mo watched as Mr Rabbit tripped over the edge of the clock and fell on the dial. The cute little rabbit rubbed his head and dazedly picked up his pocket watch to check the time again. As soon as he saw the time, he woke up and cried out, "I'm late again, I'm late again," as he got up and ran forward to where the hour and second hands met in the middle of the clock and suddenly disappeared.

Tang Mo watched the scene in horror, his brain racing, but his face calm.

A grim laugh rang out, "Human."

Tang Mo raised his head and looked coldly at the black rabbit. Tang Mo was in no hurry, he hadn't triggered the main game yet. The black tower asked him to touch Mr Rabbit's tail, which he did, completing the side quest. It was time for the main quest.

The black rabbit gritted its teeth and stared indignantly at Tang Mo. After a long moment, he laughed: "You think I walked onto the truth clock by accident?"

Tang Mo's heart moved and he did not say a word.

The black rabbit hemmed and hawed, its laughter growing louder and more frantic. Suddenly, it jumped up with renewed force, and this time it smashed into the ground with even more ferocity. The whole earth trembled. Tang Mo held onto the wall to steady himself and stared at it warily. Out of the earthquake-like tremors, a roar of rage suddenly rang out, "I'm going to start the truth clock game!"

A look of dismay crossed Tang Mo's face.


The hour and minute hands fixed on the clock suddenly began to turn rapidly. The two hands, one long and one short, seemed to be fans, spinning rapidly. As they turn, the clock flashes an even brighter blue light. The hands stop and the glow diminishes. Tang Mo looks at the clock and sees that the shorter hour hand is pointing in front of him and the longer minute hand is pointing at the black rabbit.

It was exactly 6 o'clock.

At that moment, a loud bell rang out.

Knock, knock, knock ...... Knock!

It was as if someone was striking a bell and drum, a total of six loud bells that echoed in the dark space. When these bells stopped, the black rabbit laughed wildly once again. In the midst of its terrifying and bizarre laughter, a mechanical sound without rise and fall rose. The voice was cold and emotionless, without a single fluctuation from beginning to end. It was as if it was a male voice, and as if it was a female voice, containing all the sounds.

"The Truth Clock game is on."

"Will the 0pm player please enter the game."

Tang Mo looks carefully at the clock at his feet. The clock was emitting a faint glow and nothing had changed. He was wondering, but then he heard the black rabbit laugh out loud and say, "He! It's a human player!"

Tang Mo brushes his head up, only to see the black rabbit staring at him viciously. Spotting Tang Mo looking at it, the black rabbit cracks a wry smile at the corner of its mouth.

"Truth is correct, the 0:00 player has successfully entered the game."

"Will the 6pm player please enter the game."

Tang Mo tightened her grip on the small parasol and eyed the clock warily. The clock glowed quietly in blue, seemingly unchanged. The black rabbit saw Tang Mo's cautious look and the greed in his eyes became more and more obvious. Tang Mo was silent and did not say anything, and then he heard the voice again -

"The 6-point player is invited to enter the game. If you do not enter the game within one minute, the 6-point player violates the Law of Truth and becomes a fallacy. The truth clock erases the fallacy."

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed.

The black rabbit gave a heated laugh.

Tang Mo's fingers holding the small parasol gradually tightened. Just in the last ten seconds, he lifted his head, stared coldly at the black rabbit and spoke, "...... it, is a The black tower BOSS."

The black rabbit froze for a moment, then suddenly burst into laughter. Tang Mo felt bad and his icy voice rang out again.

"Truth is wrong, fallacy! Fallacy!"

"Level 3 Grey Fallacy, 6 points for player to open Schrödinger's box and accept the penalty."

In the next second, Tang Mo plunges into the water.

The invisible cage he was in was suddenly filled with water. Tang Mo's whole body was floating in the air, and it happened so suddenly that he choked several times at first on the water entering his lungs. When he reacted, he quickly held his breath. Tang Mo stares wide-eyed at the black rabbit across the water-filled cage. The black rabbit was so happy to see him being punished that he kept jumping, shaking the ground and adding to Tang Mo's torment.

After about ten minutes, and with Tang Mo now reaching his physical limit, the cage full of water disappeared as deceptively as it had come, in an instant.

Tang Mo props himself up on one hand and coughs violently. He breathes heavily as hard as he can, his hair and clothes are wet with water.

The black rabbit looked at his wretched appearance and laughed mockingly, "You are wondering why the conclusion that 'I am The black tower BOSS' is a fallacy? Ha ha ha, silly human, because when I walked up to the Truth Clock and started the game of truth, I became a participant in that game. There is no The black tower BOSS on the Truth Clock, this clock is the real BOSS."

"Will the 6 o'clock player please enter the game."

Tang Mo got up from the ground and he wiped the water from his forehead. He stared at the black rabbit with a grim smile in front of him and said, word for word, "I am a human player."

"Truth is correct, the 6 point player has successfully entered the game."

The black rabbit, who had been waiting with great interest for Tang Mo to receive another punishment, froze violently when he heard this. The black rabbit gritted his teeth and slammed into the wall in anger. Tang Mo expressionlessly wrung out his soaked clothes. Tang Mo paused in his movements and then continued to wring his clothes calmly.

"Dingdong! Triggered main quest: Mr Rabbit's Truth Clock Game."

"The rules of the game--"

"First, truth is not a law of the universe that is unchanging. If it is recognized by The black tower, it is the truth."

"Secondly, there is only one winner allowed on the truth clock."

"Thirdly, the Truth Clock recognises all truth and rejects all fallacies."

"Fourth, the clock is divided into a total of 60 compartments, and between 2 and 58 items of variable number will appear on the truth clock every ten minutes. There must be a single truth between every two items. Of all the items on the truth clock, the only truth that is limited to the only truth common to both is the separate truth."

"Fifth, identify separate truths and successfully eliminate them to advance one frame."

"Sixth, when a fallacy is found or no separate truth is found, rewind one square. When opening Schrödinger's box, if there are still items on the Truth Clock that have not been eliminated, go backwards two squares."

"Seventh, there are four types of fallacies: first-order primordial fallacies, second-order sophistic fallacies, third-order grey fallacies, and fourth-order false truths. Different fallacies trigger different penalties in Schrödinger's box. When the box is opened, the player is judged by the worst fallacy and given a penalty."

"Eighth, successfully eliminate all items on the truth clock and match the truth to pass the game."

"Ninth, the player who is caught up first is plunged into the eternal black hole of truth. The surviving player is the only victor on the truth clock and may pass the game. The player dies in Schrödinger's box penalty and the survivor also gets to pass the game."

"Tenth, only four items will appear on the Truth Clock every hour. The truth of the item is a high truth."

"The truth clock only recognizes the truly strong. The black tower A friendly reminder of the pass strategy: ...... Be a strong man!"


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