Chapter 116: What truth can exist between a bowl of soup and an owl!!!

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A minute ago, Tang Mo said "The black rabbit is a The black tower BOSS" because he had no idea how the game actually worked. Russia's black rabbit set is clearly more familiar with the truth clock than Tang Mo, and it knows how to start the game and get into it without any problems.

The entry password given by the black rabbit is that he is a human player.

Tang Mo, after thinking about it, could only follow the logic of the black rabbit and give a similar answer: it is a The black tower BOSS.

But it is clear that this is not a truth.

If you give a truth, you can enter the truth clock game.

Truth is the key to the game.

Tang Mo wrings out his clothes roughly, then lifts his head and stares coldly at the black rabbit at the other end of the clock. His gaze traced from the top of the black rabbit's round head to the bottom of its bulky cylinder, his expression calm, as if he was thinking about something. After a moment of watching, he suddenly curled his lips, lifted the hem of his coat and sat down on his buttocks.

He didn't want to let this human into the game at all, it would have been better if he had just died at the beginning. When Tang Mo suddenly sat down on the ground, the black rabbit froze and then said angrily, "You stinking human, don't think you can enter the game and win. I have eaten countless of your kind on the truth clock."

Tang Mo looked at it quietly, without speaking.

"A smug human like you never survives three rounds on the truth clock."

Tang Mo remained silent, just looking at it.

Black Rabbit: "......"

The black rabbit said in annoyance, "Human, what the hell are you looking at!"

"Is it true that you can't walk out?"

The black rabbit froze. The human had just known that he too was trapped on the Truth Clock, unable to move a single step. How could he ask this question now? The black rabbit's face changed and finally smiled sinisterly, "If I can't get out, I can eat you too ......"

"Are you so angry that you are envious that I can sit and you can only stand all the time."

The black rabbit's voice stopped and he looked blankly at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked up and smiled slightly, "It's nothing, it's nice to see you angry."

The black rabbit's expression was frozen. After a full ten seconds, it suddenly burst into a fury: "Human!!!"

The black rabbit jumped up and down in anger, hitting the ground so violently that it shook the earth. Tang Mo's body was forced to heave up and down, but he didn't have a worry in the world. He had a smile on his lips and his eyes were fixed on the black rabbit in front of him. The smile on his lips deepened as he watched his opponent's irritable and deranged behaviour.

Yes, the first strategy Tang Mo came up with after understanding the rules of the game was to provoke the Black Rabbit.

During his previous interactions with this black rabbit, Tang Mo discovered that this was a grumpy rabbit that would eat people at the drop of a hat and jump around at the drop of a hat. If not for the Truth Clock, Tang Mo has no doubt that he would have pounced on him and eaten him the first time he saw him.

Yet this is the truth clock game.

Every ten minutes thereafter, a variable number of 2-58 items will appear on the truth clock. These items can be divided into groups of two, and between each group there must be a separate truth that differs from the others. The player has to find the items with the individual truths and eliminate them.

This is a game that requires rational analysis and, to put it bluntly, a truth-clock version of Connect the Dots. Violence has no role to play in the course of the game. Tang Mo cannot kill the black rabbit, and the black rabbit cannot kill Tang Mo. The only thing they can do is to decipher more individual truths and eliminate items to make themselves go a few more squares.

"Players who are caught up will be caught in the black hole of truth ...... " Tang Mo muttered under his breath as he looked up again to find that the black rabbit was no longer so angry. It kept staring at Tang Mo with its small red eyes, its eyes lifting as it wondered what it was thinking. Tang Mo thought for a moment and spoke out, "Don't you want to eat me anymore?"

The black rabbit's eyes glowed red and it was about to move into anger again. But gradually, it sneered, "Human, I know what you are thinking."

Tang Mo calmly asks in return, "So what am I thinking."

The Black Rabbit was just a casual retort, not expecting Tang Mo to actually ask the question.

Tang Mo waited for a few seconds and the black rabbit didn't say anything else. Tang Mo lifted the corners of his lips and gave his answer, "I was thinking that your nose is a bit big."

Black Rabbit: "......"

The black rabbit hit the ground hard, but this time it didn't lash out like it did earlier.

Sitting opposite each other, Tang Mo looks down at the blue clock at his feet, while the black rabbit's gaze remains fixed on Tang Mo. Ten minutes passed and then suddenly, a clear click sounded. Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as he saw six beams of blue light flashing in the centre of the clock of truth.

The light grew brighter and brighter, blinding Tang Mo and the black rabbit. As the light dimmed, Tang Mo focused his eyes on the six objects, and when he saw them clearly, he was stunned.

At the same time, the undulating mechanical sound rang out in the black space -

"Time: 0:10pm, Location: truth clock, six truth-rich items appear."

"In one minute, ask the 0-point player and the 6-point player to eliminate the truth."

At those words, a loud sound came from beneath Tang Mo's feet. He looked down and saw that the second hand, which had never moved on the clock, had suddenly started to move. The second hand was moving in a clockwise direction, clattering. Every time it moved, the six objects on the clock of truth twitched.

Tang Mo's heart was in awe: I can't believe it's started like this!

There was no time to hesitate, Tang Mo He quickly turned his eyes away from the clock and looked at the six items on it.

Six seemingly ordinary objects rest peacefully in the centre of the dial on a huge clock that glows blue. Looking from left to right, they are a television set, an old-fashioned table lamp, a table, an owl, a longbow, and ...... a half-drunk bowl of gumbo.

Tang Mo looked at the television and the old-fashioned table lamp and had a vague answer in mind. Looking again at the table and the longbow, he also had a guess. Finally his eyes fell on the bowl of gumbo and the owl.

Tang Mo looks at the owl, and the owl looks at Tang Mo.

The two stared at each other and the owl slowly cocked its head, "Coo."

Tang Mo: "......"

What truth can exist between a bowl of soup and an owl!!!

The second hand ticks away and it points to Tang Mo's feet. Thirty seconds have passed. Tang Mo's eyes keep wandering between the owl and the gumbo. The owl is a very ordinary owl. The gumbo was too far away for Tang Mo to smell it, and the soup was too cloudy to see what was inside.

Tang Mo watched steadily for a long moment before he suddenly looked up and across at the black rabbit.

The black rabbit also stared blankly at the bowl of soup and the owl, and a flicker of panic crossed its face as it sensed Tang Mo's gaze. It exclaimed, "Human, what are you looking at!"

Tang Mo purses his lips.

How does this black rabbit stop being so stupid and make some mistakes when it comes to times like this.

A minute was too short a time, and as the second hand slowly pointed to the 0:00 position, a transparent blue wall loomed down from the sky. It hit the centre of the truth clock hard, right on top of the owl's head, passing through it. The owl, all unaware of it, cooed as it looked at Tang Mo and then turned its head to look at the black rabbit.

"The 6-point player is invited to begin eliminating truth."

Tang Mo looks across through the blue wall and sees the black rabbit with his mouth wide open seemingly saying something, but he can't hear a word. The wall cut off the sound from both sides and was also preventing cheating.

Tang Mo settles down, his voice calm: "A television set and an old-fashioned desk lamp, both are electrical appliances. The separate truth between them is that both are tools created by humans who had to use electricity in order to function."

An eerie blue glow flickers on the television and old-fashioned table lamps.

Tang Mo continues, "The separate truths between the table and the longbow are that they are both human-made, usable objects, and that they are both made of wood."

The table and the longbow glow with blue light.

Finally, Tang Mo looks over at the bowl of soup and the owl. He takes a deep breath and exhales gently. The next second, Tang Mo says calmly, "The separate truth between this bowl of soup and this owl is ...... This is a bowl of broth. There is meat on the owl and there is meat in the soup. The television, the old-fashioned lamp, the table and the longbow, there is no meat in any of these four items. Meat, only exists in this bowl of gumbo and in the owl."

The words fell, and Tang Mo stared unblinkingly at the owl and the gumbo. Slowly, a blue light flickered on both. The owl cooed nervously as it noticed the blue light flickering on its body, but it was confined in an invisible cage and could not fly out.

The blue wall fades away and the six items disappear with it on the clock of truth.

The long seconds hand stops moving and the stubby hour hand beneath Tang Mo's foot clicks and slides one frame clockwise to the left on the huge dial. At the same moment, the minute hand beneath the black rabbit's foot also clicks, sliding one frame to the left in a counter-clockwise direction.

Both men looked at the scene in amazement.

Originally there were 30 squares between Tang Mo and the black rabbit, but now they are each sliding one square, one clockwise and one counterclockwise. The hour and minute hands under their feet are now only 28 squares apart.

"Will the 0 o'clock player, the 6 o'clock player, please walk into the correct grid as the hour and minute hands are pointing."

Tang Mo clenched his fingers and walked up to where the hour hand was pointing. He stares intently at this hour hand beneath his feet, his mind racing.

The separate truth between the television and the old-fashioned table lamp is certainly correct, and the separate truth between the table and the longbow is simple and cannot be wrong. By this presumption, the only things he could have got wrong were the owl and the gumbo. For each pair of items successfully eliminated, advance one square. If the truth used in eliminating the item is a fallacy, go back one square.

So now he's only moved one frame, which means something must have gone wrong somewhere.

"The television and the old-fashioned table lamp, the table and the longbow, these two are correct, two squares forward. The truth between the owl and the gumbo is wrong, one square back. So I am now one square forward." Tang Mo thought to himself. The next moment, however, he jerked his head up and looked at the giant black rabbit.

The lumbering black rabbit was seen jumping onto the new grid, shaking the ground. Seeing Tang Mo look over at him, an odd grin appeared on its ugly face and it licked its sharp teeth, "Hehehe ...... ate you."

Tang Mo's eyes widen.

Not true!

Why would the Black Rabbit get such a simple question wrong!

He is moving forward one frame clockwise, while the black rabbit is moving counterclockwise. If he is advancing one frame smoothly, then the black rabbit is going backwards one frame. This is only possible if the black rabbit has answered two truths incorrectly and only one truth correctly, so that it has to go back one frame. This is how the two can shorten the distance by two frames.

The separate truths between the table and the longbow, the television and the old-fashioned table lamp, are too obvious to be found between these two pairs of objects. Could it be that the black rabbit gave the wrong answer because he was unfamiliar with the stuff of human society?

A sense of foreboding came over him, and Tang Mo's fingers clenched. Then he heard the deadly stiff voice of the Truth Clock ring out again, "Player at 0 triggers level 3 Grey Fallacy, player at 6 triggers level 4 False Truth."

"The 0-point player advances one square, the 6-point player retreats one square."

"Opening Schrödinger's punishment box."

Tang Mo's eyes went cold when he heard the words "one frame back". Before he had time to reflect on what he had done wrong, a small knife came from behind his head with a whoosh!

Tang Mo's back is empty, but a silver knife appears out of nowhere. They come at Tang Mo from all directions and at great speed. Tang Mo bends down with great reflexes to avoid them. On the other side, the black rabbits' punishment comes. A blazing fire instantly engulfs the strong black rabbit, burning its wooden lasso body. The black rabbit cried out in anguish, "I'll eat you, human", as he rolled on the ground trying to put out the fire, even though it was the truth clock that was punishing him.

On a clock of truth, a tall, thin youth dodging flying swords from side to side, a strong black rabbit settee tumbling in the flames.

Three minutes later, the fire went out and the flying daggers stopped appearing.

Tang Mo's chest rose and fell violently, and he panted raggedly. His forehead was covered in sweat and his whole body was tense with nerves from dodging the flying swords. But he didn't rest for a second; he immediately looked up, at the black rabbit not far away. The black rabbit's body was blackened by the blazing fire in several pieces, and he didn't know what its wooden body was made of, and it was surprising that it hadn't been burnt by the blazing fire.

After another roll on the ground to put out the fire, the black rabbit stood up again. It looked at Tang Mo's silent expression and grinned widely. It deliberately looked at the grid between the two and said in surprise, "Aaaah, how did it suddenly get so much closer." A false smile appeared on its face as the black rabbit chuckled hoarsely, "Heh heh heh ...... I told you I could eat you, human."

At this moment, only 28 frames remain between Tang Mo and the black rabbit.

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