Chapter 114: Get that rabbit!!!

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Tang Mo buries his body in the back of this large earthworm, holding onto his opponent's looped belt for dear life.

These two earthworms are digging so fast that the soil is constantly being scooped up and thrown behind them from both sides. Tang Mo had to keep his head down. The heavy, damp soil rolls through his hair and clothes as if it is being washed away by the mud, and Tang Mo has to hold on to the earthworms' loops to keep them from throwing him off.

A rustling and digging sound came from behind them.

Dozens of black stinkbugs roar and chase, but they are nowhere near as fast as the giant earthworm. Seeing the distance between the two sides getting farther and farther underground in the darkness, Tang Mo suddenly heard dozens of spitting sounds. In a flash he realised what it was and, horrified, he pressed his entire body against the earthworm's back, exposing as little of himself to the air as possible.

Dozens of black venom shot out in unison and the two large earthworms hissed in terror.

They seem to be able to see where the venom is and dig to escape, twisting their bodies to avoid it. But even so, one or two splashes of venom hit them. The large earthworms scream in pain as they dig faster. The stinkbugs struggle to spray the venom behind them, but the worms run further and further away.

After about half an hour of running, the bedbugs were completely thrown off.

Tang Mo listened carefully for a moment to make sure the worms could no longer catch up with him. He thought the two big worms would stop, but they were still digging! The two large earthworms hissed as they dug.

"Hiss, it's scary and awful."

"Hiss, the stink bug's venom hurts boing boing ......"

Tang Mo could not understand them, and he waited for five minutes without the two large earthworms stopping their movements. His face slowly sank. He sensed that the earthworms seemed to be digging into the ground. The further down into the ground he went, the thinner the air Tang Mo could catch. He was already struggling to breathe and if he went any further he would probably not be able to breathe.

Tang Mo stares around warily, looking for an opportunity to get away from the two large earthworms. However, as if hearing the words in his mind, one large earthworm stops dead in its tracks and the other looks back at him strangely. After a moment of head-to-head communication, they turn their heads and dig upwards again.

Tang Mo's hand was already on the small parasol, but he froze slightly at the sight of it and stopped moving for a moment.

A minute later they were back on the ground.

This is still an elfin savannah. Tang Mo gets off the back of a large earthworm and steps on the scorched black earth. The two large earthworms have half of their bodies buried in the soil, with only a pair of large, ugly, round heads showing. Their large heads are leaning against each other and from a certain angle they look quite like a love heart. The sun shines on the large heads, reflecting a faint pink glow.

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes at this bizarre pink circle of light that enveloped the large earthworm's head.

"Hiss, he's looking at me."

"He's looking at me, hissing, at me!"

"It's clearly looking at me!"

Tang Mo gazed intently at the pink glow, and a suspicion vaguely entered his mind.

At first he didn't get a good look at the two large earthworms as they grabbed Tang Mo and fled. It all happened so suddenly that Tang Mo had no time to react before he was pulled down and dug into the earth to escape. During his escape, he heard the familiar hissing sound and felt the slimy skin of the large earthworms, which he perceived to be two large earthworms.

Tang Mo saved a large earthworm a long time ago. The first time was a copy of "Kill Bill". Tang Mo let the big ugly earthworm go when the circus master caught it for exhibition. The second time was a copy of "Surprise Night at the Circus of the Weird", where the big worm was again captured by the circus master. This time the ringmaster was furious and wanted to dissect it on the spot, so Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo teamed up to save it again. This time, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo teamed up to save it again, and Tang Mo was rewarded with a prize.

"Earthworm's ...... good sense?"

Tang Mo cautiously reaches out and touches a large earthworm. Before his hand touches the worm's head, another large worm arches up and rubs against his hand with delight. Another large earthworm, not to be outdone, comes up to compete for favour. The two large earthworms are fighting back and forth, gradually forgetting Tang Mo's presence and starting to compete with each other to see who has the bigger head.

But Tang Mo has already concluded, "It looks like this is the earthworm's good sense."

Tang Mo had never understood the purpose of the "Earthworm's Favor" reward after receiving it on that surprise night. The two earthworms in front of him were obviously not the same ones he had saved back then. Although they were also huge, they looked like children compared to these two big earthworms in front of him.

Tang Mo said to himself, "The earthworm's favor is the pink circle of light that surrounds their heads. As long as it's an earthworm, it's good for us. ......" The first person to receive the "Earthworm's Goodwill" reward was not only Tang Mo, but also Fu Wenduo. "The reward may seem like a very cheap one, but if you get the right copy, it can be crucial."

In this case, for example, Tang Mo was saved by these two large earthworms. Without them, Tang Mo would have had to use "A Very Fast Man" to escape. He would have had to use his powers for at least ten seconds, or twenty minutes of life, to completely lose the worms.

The bedbugs have also been shaken off and the game quests don't seem to have moved.

Tang Mo thought for a moment and decided to continue walking in the direction of the sun to see if he could find any clues. However, just as he took a step, something pulled at his clothes. Tang Mo looked back and saw that a large earthworm had somehow bitten into his sleeve and refused to let him go. Then another big worm bit into his sleeve.

"Hiss, come home with us."

"Yes, I'm taking him home hiss!"

Tang Mo tried to pull the clothes away from the mouths of the large earthworms, but they were bitten to death. Once the clothes were pulled away, they simply wrapped themselves around Tang Mo's arms. Tang Mo tried several times but could not shake them off. After thinking for a while, he decided to follow the earthworms first.

It was obvious that these two big earthworms would not harm him and would protect him because of their "earthworm goodwill". In a strange place like this, where the game quest had not yet been triggered, he would not be at a disadvantage if he followed the two "local snakes".

One man and two earthworms just moved across the elven savannah. I say "moving" because they are moving too slowly. The two large worms follow Tang Mo left and right, occasionally stopping to rub against his face. Several times Tang Mo was so frustrated by the rubbing that he gripped his parasol and tried to jerk their big sticky heads away. Fortunately, he managed to resist.

After about half an hour of walking, Tang Mo suddenly stops in his tracks. The two earthworms look at him blankly and Tang Mo slowly purses his lips. He leans down and presses his ear to the ground. A minute later, a violent tremor has come through completely. The earth shook, as it had done when the fire had burned the grassland, and hundreds of The black tower monsters came running hard.

The two large earthworms spotted this at this point. Terrified, they retreated back into the soil and tried to escape. Only after a moment did they remember that they still had Tang Mo and rushed back to look for him. But they were only gone for a short while and when they came back, Tang Mo was gone.

"Hiss ......"


The big earthworms stared blankly at the empty prairie. After a few moments, the earthworms hissed and cried. As they cry, they bury their heads in the earth and disappear into the grassland in two swishes. Meanwhile, Tang Mo hides in a dead tree not far away, looking cautiously into the distance.

Thirty seconds later, a cloud of dust and smoke stirred up on the distant horizon.

On the wide, flat grassland, hundreds of The black tower monsters roar and rush towards the area. Some of them turn halfway and run in the other direction. More continue to run, the earth shaking with the thud of their tread. Tang Mo stares at the monsters with rapt attention, his eyes sweeping over their faces.

A minute ago, a crisp voice rang out in Tang Mo's head.

"Dingdong! Trigger side quest 1: Find the cute Mr. Bunny and grab his bunny tail."

After the sound of this voice, Tang Mo gave up the idea of running away with the big earthworms. He didn't know where the so-called Mr Rabbit was, but he knew that Mr Rabbit would never live with the big earthworms, who liked to live in wet places, while the rabbits preferred dry conditions. And most likely, Mr Rabbit was hiding in The black tower monster in the meadow.

Tang Mo held her breath as long as she could, narrowing her presence and hiding herself behind this charred, dead tree.

Tang Mo's hand was pressed firmly against the small parasol as the monsters ran closer and closer. His eyes were wide open, staring hard at each of The black tower monsters as they ran towards him. Suddenly, his gaze faltered and he fell upon a small figure.

In the centre of this tall group of The black tower monsters is a tiny white rabbit in an elaborate outfit, running fast with its legs on the ground. It was only half a man tall and wore a small metal ring around one of its ears. He kept running after the group and just as he was about to reach the dead tree where Tang Mo was hiding, Mr Rabbit turned around and ran in the other direction!

Tang Mo froze, his grip on the small parasol tightening. He watched as Mr Rabbit broke away from the group and ran up a hill. By this time, the herd had reached Tang Mo and passed by the dead tree. None of them had noticed Tang Mo's presence.

Tang Mo counts the minutes in his mind.

One second, two seconds, three ...... seconds, the white rabbit was getting smaller and smaller, about to disappear into the mountain pass. Tang Mo cursed in a low voice, "I can't help it", and the next second, he suddenly dashed out of the trees. The black figure was like a bolt of lightning, and with one foot stomping on a dead tree, Tang Mo ran as fast as he could out of the group of monsters and towards Mr. Rabbit.

He was so fast that all The black tower monsters didn't react when he rushed out of the group of monsters. However only two seconds passed before a gruff voice rang out, "It's the Underlander!"

"Get that underground man!"

Tang Mo ran towards the white rabbit without looking back.

Little Bai Rabbit turned his head at the sound and looked strangely. When he saw a man in the shape of an underground man running frantically towards him, Mr. Rabbit pricked up his ears in fear, landed on all fours and ran away.

Mr Rabbit runs ahead, Tang Mo chases after him, followed by nearly 100 more of The black tower monsters.

When Mr Rabbit reached a small hill, he stomped down on his hind legs and swished into the tiny hole. Tang Mo's eyes widened in surprise, but he didn't have time to hesitate. Tang Mo lifted his parasol and quickly recited a spell as he waved it as fast as he could and ploughed through the tiny rabbit hole.

Tang Mo was about to enter the rabbit hole completely when the last glimmer of light came from behind him, illuminating the white rabbit that was running ahead of him. Tang Mo's reflexes were quick, and seeing his chance, his gaze went cold and he reached out his right hand. A rubber cord shot out of his palm and grabbed the tiny rabbit by the hand. Tang Mo pulled the rubber rope with his back hand and with a strong tug, he pulled the rabbit back.

"Kiri!" Mr Rabbit screamed in horror as he scrambled to untangle the rope from his tail, but he couldn't. With red eyes, Mr Rabbit could only watch as he was pulled back by Tang Mo.

As if he were a bully, Tang Mo dragged Mr. Rabbit to his feet with one hand. Ignoring the resentful look in his eyes, he grasped the rabbit by its tail with no expression. As soon as he grabbed the round rabbit by the tail, Tang Mo suddenly felt a sudden drop in his feet. The sensation of falling came quickly and Tang Mo's whole body plummeted downwards.

It all happened so unexpectedly.

Tang Mo looked around in disbelief when the rubber cord expired and Mr Rabbit took the opportunity to shake Tang Mo off. Tang Mo was horrified to see the rabbit, dressed in fine clothes, running through the air. He ran a short distance away, took a silver pocket watch out of his pocket and opened it to check the time.

Rabbit in a dress, looking at a pocket watch, falling down a hole ......

Tang Mo's mind recalls a name: "Alice in Wonderland?

Mr Rabbit would not give him an answer. After looking at the time, he turned his head to glare at Tang Mo and said angrily, "Kiri!" With that, it scattered its four legs and actually ran through the air and into the distance.

Tang Mo tries in vain to hold on to it, his body plunging frantically down this bottomless pit. Tang Mo calms down and looks around, trying to find a place to hold on to.

A loud child's voice rang out in his head, "Dingdong! Complete side quest one: find Mr. Cute Bunny and grab his bunny tail."

The next thing he knew, Tang Mo had fallen heavily to the ground. Even for a man of his physical condition, falling from the air for so long made his body ache and his bones feel like they were falling apart. Tang Mo grunted, gritted his teeth and stood up with one hand on the ground. He did not relax and immediately looked around him carefully.

It is a dark place, like a cave, but it doesn't seem to be. There is nothing around, and the only glowing object is the ...... clock under Tang Mo's feet. Yes, Tang Mo has a huge blue clock under his feet. At the moment, he is standing at the number '6'. He looks up and to the side.

Glowing number 5, number 4, number 3 ...... number 1, and number ......

Tang Mo looked up and suddenly saw the thing standing across the room. With a start, he took a half-step backwards, his right hand pressed against the small parasol, ready to attack. Tang Mo felt as if his back had hit an invisible wall, but he kept quiet and continued to stare coldly at the thing that had suddenly appeared in front of him.

...... he had just been unaware of his opponent's presence!

A huge white shadow slowly moves out of the darkness next to the huge clock with its eerie blue light. Two metres tall and bulky, it moves itself step by step to the number '12' and stands firmly in place. Its body is swaying slightly as it steps on the number 12, directly opposite Tang Mo.

There was a long silence in the air. Tang Mo stared at the thing with icy eyes, and the other looked at it unsympathetically.

The eyes of this giant Russian rabbit nesting doll swept over Tang Mo's body inch by inch, and after a long moment, it smiled sinisterly, a dull, husky male voice ringing out.

"Hey hey hey, welcome to ...... Mr. Bunny's Truth Clock!"


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Tangtang: I feel like I've always had some kind of weird identity. Like Little Red Riding Hood, like Alice. I remember I was a man [indifferent face].

Mr. Fu: Well, a man who can say "magical girl transformation" [laughs].

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