Chapter 108: Touchy face ~

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After searching all four bodies, the trio found only the odd slip of paper with the word "bread" written on it, in addition to a few props and weapons. Tang Mo put the note into his backpack.

Fu Wenduo quickly found a can of petrol from the corner and he filled up the car.

Outside the window it is raining again, and the rain is snapping against the glass. Tang Mo walks over to the window and takes a good look around. When he is sure that no one else is around, he pulls down the curtains.

Fu Wenduo took a grease pencil and drew an abbreviated Beijing map on the whiteboard, clearly marking several landmarks. He then made a triangle above the Forbidden City and drew a second triangle in the north-west corner. Next to this triangle he wrote three words: Yanqing District.

"On average, there is one The black tower for every 10,000 square kilometres of land. There are two The black towers in Beijing, one next to the Forbidden City and one in the north-west of Beijing, in the Yanqing district." Fu Wenduo says, "At the moment we have just arrived at the seventh ring road in Beijing, in the southernmost district of Daxing. My family is next to the Forbidden City, and Xiao Sheng's family lives in Dongcheng District. I had been to his house five months ago, but I didn't see anyone there, so I didn't search carefully. Now, this is our destination." With that, Fu Wenduo drew a small circle in a certain location in the Dongcheng District.

Tang Mo once saw on television, before the Earth came online, the black tower of Beijing standing directly above the Forbidden City. Beijing is well over 10,000 square kilometres in size, so there are two The black towers in the city.

Tang Mo's gaze is focused on the small circle drawn by Fu Wenduo's hand.

Fu Wensheng couldn't help but say, "Since the Chosen Group wants to kill Brother Tang and attack us, we'd better not go downtown. Their main base is in Chaoyang District, which is very close to Dongcheng District. And I believe that if my parents were still alive, they would have come looking for Brother Tang when they heard his name, so it's unlikely that they haven't heard from him for so long. So we don't have to go into Beijing."

Fu Wenduo looked down at the children, "Don't you want to visit your house?"

Fu Wensheng shook his head: "No, after all this time, I know my parents are probably gone."

The child followed Fu Wenduo and Tang Mo back to Beijing, not only because it was better for him to follow his family and look after them, but also because he wanted to go home. When Fu Wenduo first went to his home, he was in a hurry and did not search the house for clues. It was always hard not to go and see for yourself. Just like Tang Mo, who travelled all the way to Beijing to look for his best friend, even though he knew he was gone nine times out of ten.

Chosen is the most powerful organisation in Beijing, and now they want to kill Tang Mo, whatever the reason, Beijing is in grave danger.

This whiteboard at the petrol station originally contained information about the daily fuel prices, but since Fu Wenduo wanted to use the whiteboard, Fu Wensheng took an eraser and cleaned the writing on it. Now, seeing that the whiteboard was not enough, the children picked up the eraser and started to erase it again. Tang Mo's eyes rested on the children's quiet backs, and after a moment he said, "Let's go into Beijing."

Fu Wensheng's body lurched as he quickly turned his head, surprised, "Big brother said that the Chosen Organisation has grown rapidly in these four months, and their leader has even cleared the second level of The black tower's hard mode." They were very powerful.

Tang Mo looked seriously at Fu Wensheng: "It is not only you who want to go and find your relatives and ascertain their whereabouts. I want to find my friends too. That's why I came to Beijing. And since they came here to attack me on purpose, they have a way to determine my location. They could find me anywhere I went. But they didn't have the upper hand, at least they didn't know my teammate was Fu Wenduo." After a pause, Tang Mo adds, "Well, that and Fu Wensheng."

Four months ago, Fu Wenduo fought with the leader of the Chosen Organization, and the other side did not get an advantage. If they had known that Fu Wenduo was going to be killed this time, they would not have sent four random people to sneak in like this. The four stowaways had the means to get out of there (back in time) and the strength to get out safely, but only if Tang Mo was the only one they wanted to kill. If they knew that Tang Mo's teammate was Fu Wenduo, they would not have taken it lightly.

Having decided not to leave Beijing and continue into the city, the three of them began to discuss the route into Beijing.

"Chaoyang District is their home base, we bypass it and don't go. Enter from the west and head for the East End."

Fu Wenduo's low, magnetic voice echoes softly through the petrol station.

It was getting dark and by the time the rain had completely stopped, it was nightfall. We decided to leave the next day. Fu Xiaodi took some empty mineral water bottles and silently ran to the side to fill them. Fu Wenduo is thinking about what he might encounter when he enters Beijing, looking down at the ground, when suddenly the light fades before him. He lifts his head.

Tang Mo stands in front of him, his right hand in his pocket, fondling the red jewel in his pocket.

Fu Wenduo raised one eyebrow, "Going out for something." The tone was sure, with an imperceptible hint of laughter in his voice.

Tang Mo was fingering his ruby and thinking about what to tell Fu Wenduo next when he heard this: "......"

A few moments later, Tang Mo said calmly, "Get out together."

Fu Wenduo: "?"

"...... I have something to say to you."

After a brief moment of surprise, Fu Wenduo hooks his lips. The two men leave the petrol station together. They enter a small warehouse at the back of the petrol station.

This appears to be a small room for storing discarded sundries, only about the size of a dozen square feet. It is filled with all sorts of miscellaneous items, leaving less than two square metres of space for standing. A small window is embedded high in the wall, and the bright moonlight shines through it, creating a bright white spot on the floor.

Fu Wenduo looks to Tang Mo: "What is it?"

Tang Mo gets right to the point: "What are you back in Beijing ...... for?"

Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment: "Look for clues about The black tower."

Tang Mo had already guessed this. Three months ago Fu Wenduo travelled thousands of miles from Beijing to Shanghai, not just to see the sights. When he arrived in Shanghai he did only one thing: he found the Atak organisation and contacted Luo Fengcheng to exchange some information.

Tang Mo was standing outside the door when they exchanged words, and although he did not hear their conversation, he knew that Fu Wenduo's purpose in Shanghai was to solve the mystery of The Black Tower.

"Four months ago, I found an email from The black tower Institute in Beijing, and at 10pm on the 17th of November, an internal email came from the Shanghai Institute stating that they had found four strange patients. These four people all had rapid heart rates, were irritable, and even self-harmed and injured themselves." Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo and said, "The Shanghai Institute has studied The black tower more deeply than Beijing, and a lot of the information from Beijing was sent from Shanghai. So I decided to go to Shanghai and look for clues."

It turned out that it was because of an email that he went to Shanghai. Tang Mo asked, "So why are you going back to Beijing now?"

"Dr. Luo has told me all the information he knows, basically nothing important, the more crucial ones you know. But he also said something else important. ...... After the 15th, the US White House sent a secret email to Beijing. On the 17th, two American researchers arrived in Beijing and shared information. The information was so secret that even Luo Fengcheng could not access it. But he knew where the two researchers were staying after they arrived in Beijing."

Tang Mo immediately understood: "So you're here for this clue?"

Fu Wenduo did not answer. He turned, his gaze passing through the narrow little door to the huge, dark tower in the distance.

"On the 17th, I attended a high-level meeting. The information that Luo Fengcheng said the American researcher brought, I'm pretty sure, was not known to the top level of the state. At least that information wasn't reported to the state before that meeting. There are only two possibilities. One, the information was wrong and had no value, so it didn't need to be reported. The second, the information was so important that the Institute didn't dare to report it casually and they needed to verify and confirm it."

"Whatever the reason ...... I want to be sure."

Fu Wenduo speaks calmly about his purpose for returning to Beijing. Even standing in this cramped and crowded warehouse, he stands as straight as a pine, his every word ringing true. His gaze is steely and upright, fixed on The black tower in the distance. Suddenly, he withdraws his gaze, and Tang Mo is caught off guard when he meets his eyes.

Both men were stunned.

The next moment, Tang Mo changed the subject: "Chosen can now be considered my enemy. They are very powerful, and their ability to get through The black tower's second level of hard mode is definitely something to be reckoned with. I'm not sure why they've come to attack me, nor do I know why The black tower is providing them with information, perhaps it's a mission given to them by The black tower. At best, it was just these four stowaways trying to assassinate me, nothing to do with the Chosen. At worst, Chosen is trying to kill me and they will always know my coordinate information. No matter where I escape to, it's useless."

Tang Mo is certainly not saying that he is going to separate from Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng and not drag them down. Having acknowledged that he was a teammate, Tang Mo would not easily abandon each and every one of his companions. He believed that Fu Wenduo was the same and would not abandon his teammates just because of Chosen's assassination.

Fu Wenduo understood Tang Mo's meaning and he looked at him with a dark gaze, waiting for his next words.

Tang Mo gritted his teeth as a wave of complicated and embarrassing emotions rose up in his heart. Finally he made up his mind, lifted his head and looked at Fu Wenduo seriously: "I haven't been able to check your supernatural powers since the rubbish sweeping game until now. Major Fu ......, let's officially check your psychic ability today. Having a clear idea of your psychic powers and knowing their functions and limitations will be more helpful in dealing with Chosen. I can also replicate the use of your psychic abilities and enhance my strength."

Fu Wenduo did not expect Tang Mo to drag him into the dark room for this reason. He was surprised for a moment, then smiled lightly and held out his hand, "Well, it's really time to see what kind of psychic power it is."

His hand was in mid-air, but Tang Mo didn't pick it up. Only two seconds had passed, but Fu Wenduo was already keenly aware of this strange phenomenon. He frowned and was about to say something when Tang Mo suddenly reached out his hand and quickly touched ...... his cheek.

Fu Wenduo's whole body froze, his eyes widened and his smile froze at the corners of his mouth.

Tang Mo had never seen such a shocked look on this man's face. Seeing this stunned expression on the other man's face, Tang Mo suddenly felt more at ease.

Turns out the man's brain wasn't big enough to guess the real use of the private money powers.

With that in mind, Tang Mo's lips curled up and his voice calmed, "Well ...... touch your face this time."

Fu Wenduo: "......?!!!"


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