Chapter 109: Genetic recombination.

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In the dark, narrow warehouse, Fu Wenduo leans against the wall and looks down at the young man in front of him. His eyes are slightly open and a cold hand is caressing the right side of his face. An evening breeze blows in through the doorway beside them, scattering Tang Mo's hair from his forehead.

Tang Mo had never seen such an expression on Fu Wenduo's face before, one of dismay and shock, with a hint of a special emotion that seemed inexpressible. Fu Wenduo stared at Tang Mo with a complicated look in his eyes, a look that caused Tang Mo's hand to falter as he touched his face. But then he calmed down.

Tang Mo explained, "The female stowaway's powers are not simply physical contact. If the place you touch is special, the easier it is to get the other person's powers. So when I was fighting with her, she kept touching my face and neck, which are much more special than my hands."

Yes, touching his face is a psychic need, and he's justified in doing it, okay!

Fu Wenduo: "Did she touch your face and neck?" During the fight Fu Wenduo had been fighting with another stowaway and hadn't noticed what was happening to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo didn't think much of it: "Yes."

Fu Wenduo narrows his eyes.

"If you touch a specific part, the time it takes to get the power is shortened?"

Tang Mo: "Yes."

Fu Wenduo did not speak again, but he looked at Tang Mo with a strange look: is there really such a power?

Tang Mo: "......"

"It really is!"

Tang Mo was almost ready to show the other man the book of psychic powers, but his sanity made him quickly resist the thought.

Fu Wenduo gave a low laugh and did not speak again.

The two men stood silently in the warehouse, palms against their faces.

Unlike Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo's hands were cold, probably because it had rained earlier and he had gotten wet outside, and there was a hint of cold vapour in his palms. It took Tang Mo some courage to decide to touch Fu Wenduo's face. But after touching it, it didn't seem to be a big deal.

It's all about the face, and touching Fu Wenduo's face is no different from touching your own.

Tang Mo's left hand was pressed firmly against Fu Wenduo's face, and he thought to himself.

After holding this position for five minutes, Tang Mo slowly frowned. He mused, "It still doesn't seem fast enough." With that, he lifted his other hand and placed it on the other side of Fu Wenduo's face. As soon as he placed his hand on it, he froze himself, realising that something was wrong. Wait, this pose ......

Tang Mo looked at it for a moment and subconsciously squeezed both hands into the middle.

Fu Wenduo mouth puckered.

Tang Mo laughs straight away.

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Tang Mo realised that he had just overplayed his hand and let it go. I can't blame him, but when he cupped Fu Wenduo's face with both hands, he couldn't help but make a face-squeezing expression. It was the perfect position for a face squeeze, and Fu Wenduo was looking down at him like "I really want to be squeezed".

After laughing, Tang Mo said calmly, "I'm sorry."


Tang Mo coughed and before he could speak again, he heard a low voice softly ring out, "How old are you?"

Tang Mo looked up, "Twenty-three. What's wrong?"

Fu Wenduo nodded, "So that's right, three years younger than me."

Tang Mo did not understand why the other party suddenly said this, but he thought for a long time and suddenly understood: ...... This is calling him childish! When he looked up again, Fu Wenduo's dark eyes were filled with laughter and he was looking at him calmly. The extremely synchronized tacit understanding allows Tang Mo to match Fu Wenduo perfectly every time in the game, and the extremely synchronized tacit understanding also tells Tang Mo at this moment that this man is calling him childish.

Tang Mo was about to retort, but on second thought: it seems he had just been accidentally childish.

After this, the stiff atmosphere between them was much soothed.

Tang Mo held Fu Wenduo's face in his hands and waited for the effect of his powers to appear. However, after another five minutes of waiting, he was still unable to detect Fu Wenduo's powers.

It seems Fu Wenduo's psychic powers are more powerful than he thought.

Tang Mo: "It might take a bit longer. That female stowaway touched me for about ten minutes before she got my powers. But her power is the original, and mine is a copy, so the effects and conditions will be harsher than hers, so it will take a bit longer. And your psychic ability should be very powerful. The more powerful the psychic ability the harder it is to spy."

"Can I touch more places."

Tang Mo didn't react for a moment as he said along the lines of what he had just said, "Of course, it's good that your powers are strong ......" The voice suddenly stopped and Tang Mo looked up in shock, his eyes widening, "Touch more places? place?!"

Fu Wenduo looked calm, but the corners of his mouth curled up without moving: "Touching special parts will shorten the time it takes to get supernatural powers." He reasonably analyzed, "Touching the face is more special than touching the hand, so the time will be shortened. What about ...... if you touch a place that is more special than your face?"

Tang Mo: "......"

"I don't mind if you touch more places." After a pause, Fu Wenduo added, "To get the powers."

Tang Mo: "...... good."

When Fu Wenduo said this, his eyes must have been locked on Tang Mo's body. He watched with interest as Tang Mo's face changed and he held his tongue for a long time before spitting out the word 'yes'. He found Tang Mo's reaction amusing and somewhat endearing. The next moment, however, Fu Wenduo's smile froze at the corners of his lips and he could no longer smile.

For a cold hand slid slowly down his steely jaw.

Tang Mo's hand was still on Fu Wenduo's face, the other hand hesitantly paused in the air for a moment, and then without further hesitation, he touched down decisively. The cold temperature jolted Fu Wenduo's body, and a sudden feeling of bad luck came over him, and he reflexively tried to speak up to stop him from continuing, but Tang Mo's hand had already gone down.

Tang Mo touches Fu Wenduo's blouse with a grimace.

Even through a jacket and a shirt, the hard muscles gave Tang Mo a clear sense of pure testosterone. Determined, he continued to run his hand down, and when he reached his stomach Tang Mo stopped abruptly. He glanced up at Fu Wenduo curiously.

Fu Wenduo's breathing stops.

Tang Mo: "You actually have eight pack abs?"

Fu Wenduo asks rhetorically, "Why can't I have eight-pack abs."

Tang Mo, who only has one abs, is speechless: "......"

Touching near the top was as far as Tang Mo could go. He didn't want to be more specific, because he was a gay man himself and he didn't want to touch other people at all, and if he did, he wanted to keep his distance. However, this ability does not allow him to keep that proper distance.

[Ability: Don't try to hide a dime of your personal money!

[Owned by: Lin Yashou (Stowaway)


[Restriction: Must touch each other for a long time, direct skin contact required ......]

Tang Mo looked calmly ahead and stared at Fu Wenduo's collar. He didn't say anything, and Fu Wenduo didn't say anything either as he touched him. No one knows how long it took before Tang Mo suddenly looked up and said, "Can you not put your clothes on?"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

...... Did he hear wrong?

Tang Mo: "You have to have direct skin contact for it to work."


After a few moments, Fu Wenduo: "Good."

Fu Wenduo lifts his hands and unbuttons his jacket. After the jacket was unbuttoned, he thought about it and then put his hands on the shirt buttons. His movements are quick, but to Tang Mo's eyes they seem to be in slow motion. One by one, the buttons were undone, the sound loud in the quiet of the small warehouse.

Fu Wenduo opened his shirt and Tang Mo put his hand on it.

The moment his palm made frank contact with his skin, Fu Wenduo pursed his lips and looked at the young man in front of him with deep, dark eyes.

Tang Mo's face was expressionless, as if he had acted in such a way to gain access to his opponent's powers. But what Fu Wenduo doesn't know is that Tang Mo is thinking of a name in his mind: Viktor.

Tang Mo is a gay man, but has always kept his distance from the same sex. Perhaps because of his love for reading and his natural tendency to be quiet, Tang Mo didn't think about falling in love before he went to university, but was soon brought into the game of bridge by his flatmate and then met Viktor. Once he fell in love with someone, he would never fall in love again, and would concentrate on that.

However ......

Tang Mo silently lifted her head and looked at the man in front of her. Their eyes met in the air and the next moment, Tang Mo looked away, not daring to look again.

His heart was beating fast now.

At this moment, when Fu Wenduo undresses in front of him and reveals his beautiful body, Tang Mo feels that he has fallen in love with Viktor.

His gaze was initially fixed on Fu Wenduo's long, slender fingers, but later, undressing, he couldn't help but look at the other man's body. Perhaps it was because his skin was so close to each other that he had this strange reaction. Tang Mo forced himself not to think about it, and he carefully touched Fu Wenduo's eight-pack abs for a minute without any reaction.

Tang Mo was wondering whether he was a womanizer or not, who could feel another man's abs just by touching them, and before he knew it, he felt something wrong. Tang Mo was stunned, he hadn't thought about what it was, his mind instantly flashed to "what kind of muscle is this" and then he touched it.

Fu Wenduo: "Ahem ......"

Reacting Tang Mo: "......"

Tang Mo looked up immediately, and Fu Wenduo looked at him with a calm expression, as if the wrong place had nothing to do with him.

The two men looked at each other for a moment, in unison: "......"

The atmosphere was awkward as hell and neither of them spoke.

After a long time, Tang Mo couldn't help but ask: "If I may ask, Mr. Fu School ...... are you not a straight man?" Tang Mo found the answer for himself when he asked this question. No, who said that a straight man must remain normal if he is touched by a man. It was a simple physiological reaction, and he was the one who was overthinking it.

But without giving Tang Mo a chance to apologise, Fu Wenduo said tersely, "Did I say I don't like men?"

Tang Mo is dumbfounded: "......???"

EXM?!!! You fucking like men?!!!

Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo's shocked look and although he wanted to say more, he was a little embarrassed by some of the unique reactions. After standing there for half a minute, Tang Mo decided he couldn't go on like this and was about to withdraw his hand when a frightened voice rang out from the side - a voice that was so loud that it could not be heard.

"What are you doing?!!!"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were startled and turned their heads together to look. The moment he saw Fu Wensheng, a word inexplicably came to Tang Mo's mind: caught in the act. But then he dismissed the odd thought and calmly spoke up to explain, "No, whisper, you're thinking too much. We're copying your brother's powers."

Fu Wensheng stared straight up, his eyes looking first at his big brother's open chest and then at Tang Mo's hand pressed against Fu Wenduo's abdomen.

...... You think you're fooling kids!

Fu Wensheng had just returned to the petrol station after filling his mineral water and was surprised to find that his elder brother and Tang Mo had disappeared. The boy waited patiently for a while, but still no one was there. He searched worriedly and finally found this small warehouse. The door had been left open, leaving a gap, and Fu Wensheng didn't think too much of it and went straight over to look. Then he saw a scene that he would never forget...

Tang Mo pinned his brother against the wall, stripped him and put his hands on his brother's body!!!

The scariest part is ......

Fu Wensheng's eyes flickered to Fu Wenduo's trousers.

Something's wrong with his brother!!!

Fu Xiaodi's mind flashed with thoughts such as "My brother is actually gay", "Is this how Brother Tang and my brother are related?", "No wonder they came to Nanjing together. I'm sure it's my sister-in-law", and so on, before finally turning into a thousand words: "Sorry to bother you.

Tang Mo: "......" You didn't even bother!!!

Tang Mo hurriedly let go of his hand to explain, but Fu Wenduo pressed his hand down and let him continue to touch his abs. At the same time, he looked down at his brother and said coldly, "You think too much."

Tang Mo's explanation was completely inferior to Fu Wenduo's four words, which fell, and Fu Wensheng looked up timidly, not daring to speak again.

Next Tang Mo opens his mouth to explain more to Fu Wensheng, but his voice stops just as he opens his mouth. Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng also turned their heads and looked at Tang Mo's palm in surprise. A warm white light flickered between Tang Mo's fingers. The white light is not blinding, but it illuminates the small warehouse, highlighting its presence.

When I checked Fu Wensheng's powers earlier, the white light did not appear at all.

Tang Mo was delighted when he let go of the hand that was touching Fu Wenduo's abs and gave a quick slap to the ground.

After a crisp buzzing sound, Tang Mo lifted his hand and a dark glow flew out of his palm. Tang Mo grabbed it and couldn't wait to examine the contents of the black ball of light. His expression quickly froze, and after a few seconds Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng with a complicated expression.

"This matter ...... I don't know how to say. Mr. Fu school, you can take a closer look at ...... somewhat complicated."

[Ability: Genetic Recombination]

[Owned by: Fu Wenduo (Stowaway)

[Type: Genotype].

[Function: Unknown]

[Class: Grade 7].

[Restriction: Unknown].

[Remark: The last person to play with this ability ...... is unknown!


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