Chapter 107: The black tower : You're the one who's in the hole!

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They were definitely no match for Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, or else they would not have retraced their powers several times and failed to kill them.

Only by saving the life of their companion, who could go back in time, could the other three of them survive. At this time, however, the middle-aged man at the head of the group had set up a trap. Of the four, the middle-aged man and the man with the knife were clearly the main attackers, while the other two were physically weaker and kept to themselves. When things fell apart, the middle-aged man shouted, "Lao Jiu, run!"

Lao Jiu rushes to escape, but he is not a stowaway with the ability to retrace time. The one who can really retrace time is the one who stayed behind to delay Fu Wenduo with the middle-aged strong man.

This trick was well hidden from Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Almost instantly, the two decided that Lao Jiu was a player who could rewind time and gave chase. The real possessor of the power turned and fled in the confusion, and with a minute to spare he was able to rewind time and start all over again. But he had no idea that Tang Mo was about to kill Lao Jiu when he used "Mortal Death".

[Alien Powers: Mortals Die Last]

[Owned by: Bai Ruoyao (Official Player)


【Function: Both eyes can see the black death aura entangled in others ......】

When Tang Mo used this ability, he was shocked to find that the death aura of Lao Jiu was so light that there was hardly a trace of it! His big match was about to split Lao Jiu's skull, and Lao Jiu would definitely die. But he wouldn't die, which only meant that ...... the player who could really go back in time was not Lao Jiu, but someone else.

In desperation, Tang Mo used a very fast man power to find the player who had turned and fled.

"You didn't die unjustly." Tang Mo looked at the stowaway whose body was cold and sighed softly.

Tang Mo uses a very fast man power that costs two minutes of life for one second of use. Tang Mo has only used this power twice since he received it, and this is the second time he has used it. If given another chance, Tang Mo might not make the same choice again. Since the four players had stayed behind the bungalow and not attacked again this time, they were clearly swayed and did not intend to attack Tang Mo again. They just wanted to stay alive, but Tang Mo found the clues he had left behind and caught them.

Tang Mo didn't think any more about it as he examined the player's body.

The four stowaways had nothing extra on them, just a pistol, a long black knife and some small flying knives. Tang Mo hands these items to Fu Wensheng, and the child takes them in good order. Fu Wenduo fumbled with the middle-aged man's clothes when he suddenly stopped moving and took something out of the other man's pocket.

"...... bread?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng walked up immediately.

Fu Wenduo handed them the white paper. When they examined it, Fu Wensheng wondered, "What is this? Why did he write the word 'bread' on a piece of white paper? Does he want to eat bread?"

Fu Wenduo: "This piece of paper came out of his trouser pocket and should have been used for something else."

The three of them puzzled over why a powerful stowaway would put a white piece of paper in his pocket with the word "bread" written on it. Tang Mo looked down at the piece of paper, trying to find some hint of what was on it. At that moment, a cry of surprise came from behind him: "Eh, what is this?

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo turn their heads quickly to look.

At some point Fu Wensheng turned the middle-aged man's body over onto its back. The middle-aged man's back was up and Fu Wensheng plucked the hair from the back of his head and looked at his neck in dismay. Tang Mo's eyes flashed and he hurried over to him. As he approached, his eyes stopped at the back of the man's neck and quickly saw the mark. Tang Mo said in surprise, "......X?"

On the back of the middle-aged man's neck was a crimson "X" mark.

Tang Mo looked at the strange mark and a thought flashed through his mind and he quickly said, "Look at the other three men, they might have this mark on them too."


Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng immediately undressed the other three stowaways. As expected, the same red X marks were etched on the bellies, backs and thighs of the other three. The blood had long since coagulated into scars, two crossed scars reflecting the yellow skin of the yellow man, like a capital X.

Tang Mo looked at the markings on these four men with a stony expression, and a sense of foreboding gradually welled up in his heart. "These four men are sneaking up on us here, are they simply trying to ambush players passing through here, or are they specifically targeting us. This X, could there be some kind of special ......"

"It's not X."

Tang Mo brushes his head up and looks at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo looks at the mark on the back of the middle-aged strong man's neck, his gaze icy cold. He stretched out his hand and pressed it against the mark, tracing it along the scar. The order in which he traced the scar was different from that of a normal person writing an "X", he first wrote a "7" along the longest scar, and then, only in the middle of this "7" Then, he drew a short cross in the middle of the "7".

Tang Mo watched him write the line on the floor and exclaimed, "It's a 7?!"

Not an X, but a 7 with a crossbar!

First write down a number 7, then draw a horizontal bar in the middle so that, when viewed diagonally, it does resemble a handwritten X.

Fu Wenduo narrows his eyes.

Tang Mo remembered a name in a flash. Before he could say that name out loud, he heard Fu Wenduo say coldly, "...... is Chosen."

Beijing's most powerful smuggler organisation, Chosen. When Tang Mo met Fu Wenduo for the first time three months ago, he asked him about Beijing and Fu Wenduo only told him one name.


Beijing is not like Nanjing, where a powerful organisation runs the city. There are many organisations in Beijing, including regular players, reservists and stowaways. One of the most powerful organisations is called Chosen.

Fu Wenduo picked up a pen and drew the logo of a Chosen group on the whiteboard of the gas station. After a pause, he added: "Ruan Wangshu is the leader of Chosen and Qi Heng is a Chosen stowaway, two very powerful men. There were only seven of them when the group was first established, and all seven of them had this mark engraved on their bodies."

A number seven, with a horizontal bar.

Tang Mo said calmly: "Could it be a coincidence? This is only the seventh ring road in Beijing, far from the Chaoyang District. You said that Chosen's home base is in Chaoyang District. After four months of development, their organisation has grown to include not only stowaways, but also regular players and reservists. And if they really are here to ambush us, how did they know we were going back to Beijing today, and that they knew our route?"

Fu Wenduo's hand taps lightly on the whiteboard.

Tang Mo looked at him quietly. Fu Wensheng also dared not say anything and looked at the two adults cautiously.

After a few seconds, Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo and his voice was calm: "Do you think ...... is a coincidence?"

Tang Mo looked at him steadily.

After a few moments, Tang Mo sighed and said, "I don't think so."

There are no such thing as coincidences in the world.

In four months, Chosen would not have had so many members that they would have been all over Beijing. The Seventh Ring is a long way from the Chaoyang District, where these four stowaways have come to ambush Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. The four of them are indeed excellent killers, as they have the power to travel back in time.

"That psychic ability is used up to seven times a day. Obviously, they know several of my powers, and with the time I burned the bookshelf and laid out the clues, they've used their powers at least five times to go back in time five times. Just to kill us, they had gone to the trouble of going back in time multiple times. If they were really just passing through, they would have given up at the first unsuccessful attempt. Two failures at most and they would have known they had kicked the bucket and not attacked again and again."

Fu Wenduo watching Tang Mo: "So they came here on purpose and then sneaked in."

Fu Wensheng asked, "Brother, did you have a grudge against them when you were in Beijing? They went to such lengths to make sure they killed you?"

"I didn't."

This answer was not what Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng expected.

Tang Mo's face became more complex after his surprise. He asked, "You have no enmity with them, so you say you have fought with their leader?"

Fu Wenduo: "It was more like a sparring session. I was the first player to clear the first level of The black tower and the whole world knew I was in China 1, in Beijing. Their group ...... is crazy. They're not like the Nanjing group, which is all about growing up and keeping Nanjing safe. And unlike Atak, they just want to improve their strength and take the tower as soon as possible. They won't kill Beijing players, but they will seek out powerful players. Either join them or die."

Tang Mo: "So before you left Beijing, they approached you and wanted you to join the organisation as well?"

"I'm a stowaway."

Tang Mo froze, and soon he nodded, "Yes, you're a stowaway."

How can a powerful stowaway join a powerful stowaway organisation and take it for granted?

However, Fu Wenduo could not join them, so a fight broke out between them. The end was that Fu Wenduo left Beijing unscathed and the Chosen people seemingly unscathed.

Fu Wenduo: "After that time, Chosen and I came to an understanding that we would not cross the river in well water. We didn't have a feud."

Fu Wensheng wondered, "So why are they ...... this time?"

Fu Wenduo: "Are they really here to kill me?"

At these words, Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng were stunned.

Fu Wenduo also suddenly realised what he had just blurted out as a guess. His fingers tightened and his gaze fixed on Tang Mo. He opened his lips and said, word for word, "It was you they ambushed. When the two of us separated, instead of coming for me, they came for you, attacked you, tried to kill you. Tang Mo ...... Why did they want to kill you?"

Tang Mo, why do they want to kill you?

Tang Mo pursed his lips, his brain working quickly. The memories of the times he had gone back in time before, he could not possibly have them again. But of the last attack, Tang Mo remembered clearly that these men had indeed wanted to kill him. If they had wanted to kill Fu Wenduo, they would have attacked him, not themselves, after they had separated. Attacking a lone Fu Wenduo would have been the same as killing Tang Mo first and then killing Fu Wenduo.

They are aiming for themselves.

A million possibilities flashed through his mind, even considering whether his nemesis might be in Chosen. Finally, Tang Mo heaved a sigh of relief. He looked up at Fu Wenduo seriously: "Everything really hinges on one question - why did Chosen know where we were, that we would be in Beijing today and that we would be passing through here today."

Fu Wensheng wondered, "Could someone in their organisation have the ability to see the future?"

Tang Mo: "Then why didn't he foresee that all four of these men who came to attack me today would die here?"

Fu Wensheng opened his mouth, unable to give an explanation.

Perhaps the seer's powers could only foresee Tang Mo's location? But that doesn't make sense either.

"They shouldn't know me. Tang Mo is not famous and the first player to clear the first and second levels of The black tower was you, not me." Tang Mo analyses, "At most, my name may have been known to the Chosen leader when I cleared the first level of The black tower on hard mode. But then my name was MOMO, not Tang Mo. And he shouldn't have known who I was and that I would be with you."

Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo with a stony expression, and Tang Mo looked at him.

The two men's eyes met in the air and almost at the same time they understood each other's meaning, saying in unison -

"The black tower!"

Yes, only The black tower can know where Tang Mo is. And only The black tower can make a powerful organisation not hesitate to kill a man.

One day ago, Beijing 80th Secondary School.

A young woman covered in bruises stumbled into the school gates carrying a sickly, pale teenager. As she walked through the gate, a black figure flashed from the athletic field and in the blink of an eye, teleported to the door. It was a smiling young man who saw the bloodied and incomparably distressed woman and was about to open his mouth to jeer when suddenly his eyes fell on the teenager the woman was carrying.

The man's eyes widened in horror, "What's going on here?" He ran up and rushed to carry the teenager down.

Lian Yuzheng wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and sneered, " The black tower second level hard mode, dumbass, didn't you hear?"

"Then there's no need to break your arms and legs, is there?!"

Qi Heng carried Ruan Wangshu on his back and ran as fast as he could into the school infirmary. As soon as he entered, the female doctor inside looked at him in awe, her eyes falling directly on Ruan Wangshu behind him. "Crikey? His left hand and right hand are gone, and his left leg is gone too? This is the rhythm of a human pig. Where are the head's hands and feet? Maybe I can even make a specimen to admire every day."

Qi Heng said angrily, "Well you're still joking, your head is dying and your heartbeat is gone!"

At these words, the female doctor then sank her face and hurried over.

A minute later, practising Yu Zheng limped into the infirmary. Without a word, she stepped aside, took a can of yellow banana wine for herself, opened it and drank it. But her miserable face did not improve, and in a few moments, bright red blood stained her clothes. Qi Heng caught a glimpse of her horrified look in his afterglow and realised, "Damn, what's that wound on your stomach again?!"

Without saying a word, Qi Heng rushed up and stripped Yu Zheng of her clothes. The former China's hottest singer on the planet first tried to block it with her hands, but she was too weak to move and let her partner strip her of her tank top, revealing the horrific gash in her stomach.

A bowl-sized wound stretched across the small of her flat stomach, her intestines long since half gone, seemingly bitten off by something and only half left to be roughly shoved back into her stomach. Along the way Yu Zheng practised carrying Ruan Wangshu while covering her stomach with his left hand. Qi Heng also did not expect to see such an injury, and he froze for half a day before finally taking two cans of banana wine out of the cupboard in silence and starting to work on the treatment.

"Stupid, it hurts."

"Damn it, shut the fuck up."

It took over an hour of work before Ruan Wangshu and Yu Zheng's injuries were stabilised.

The female doctor wiped the sweat from her forehead: "The hand and foot will probably take ten or eight days to grow back. Our head is not a pervert like Fu Wenduo, who can immediately grow back a broken arm or leg. A-zheng should heal faster, and will be almost back in five days. What's the hard mode on the second level of The black tower, how come even you and the head have become like this?"

Qi Heng also looked curiously at the practice of Yu Zheng.

This innocent and beautiful jade singer coldly swept a glance at them and sneered, "Three big moles. Killing them is considered to be passing the hard mode. Escaping from their hands and grabbing a random turkey egg, that's normal mode."

"Just rats that can do that to you and the head?"

"What if every mole is at least better than Fu Wenduo?"

Qi Heng and the female doctor shut their mouths in unison and stopped talking.

Practising Yu Zheng tried to stand up, but she had only just moved when she let out a stifled grunt of pain. The female doctor said, "Don't move, the wound is not healed yet. I told you not to go into hard mode, who knows how that MOMO got through hard mode in the first place. You and the head shouldn't have waited so long, hiding it from The black tower, and now you're doing it. And now you're almost dead in there."

"...... MOMO ?"

The female doctor said, "Yeah, didn't the head say that a guy called MOMO had cleared the first level of The black tower on hard mode and that's why he wanted to try the second level of The black tower on hard mode as well?"

Lian Yuzheng's expression suddenly went cold: " MOMO, Tang Mo. MOMO, Tang Mo ......"

Female doctor: " Who is Tang Mo?"

Yu Zheng slaps the bed in the infirmary, which is immediately shattered, and she herself accidentally falls to the floor. The female doctor and Qi Heng watched the scene with dismay, and after a moment, they both burst out laughing in unison.

Practising Yu Zheng got up from the floor with a blank face, but her next words stopped the female doctor and Qi Heng from smiling for a moment.

"After we left the game, The black tower said they were going to reward me and the head with the world's first pass of The black tower level 2 hard mode. That's an added bonus." After a pause, Lian Yuzheng had one hand over his stomach and the corners of his mouth curled up in a cruel smile, "But the next thing we knew, The black tower was telling us ......"

"Dingdong! Players Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yu Zheng have successfully cleared The black tower level 2 (Hard Mode). As the first player in the world to clear the second level of The black tower (hard mode), you will receive an additional bonus 'Fire Egg Stranger ......"

"Tick tock, data error!"

"Tick tock, data error!"


"Ding Dong! Data has been restored. The 'Fire Egg MOMO' has been acquired by Player T. Player Ruan Wangshu, Practitioner Yu Zheng can choose to receive one of the King's Gold Coins. Or ......" After an eerie silence, The black tower's clear, childish voice seemed to be laced with a hint of unintentional laughter as he said, word for word, "Or you may choose to get Player T's coordinate information, which is valid for ten days. "

"Friendly reminder: player T is in the China 1 area."

"Friendly reminder that 'Fire Egg MOMO' is a sustainable use prop of rare quality."

"Dingdong! Please ask player Ruan Wangshu, practice Yu Zheng to make a selection."


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