Chapter 72: Adult World

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After the call was answered, Huan Lu went outside the terrace.

And slammed the door behind him.

Baihan Yu glanced outside, probably to describe his situation, Huan Lu's back was turned to the room, only to see the other side of the phone, while imperceptibly red neck.

After a few minutes, Huan Lu hung up the phone and went back to the house.

Baihan Yu probed, "What does it say?"

Huan Lu sat down on the side of the bed, "He's coming over this afternoon."

Baihan Yu exclaims, "Double pay is amazing."

Huan Lu turned his head and looked at him, "Double for holidays, six times as much as usual."

Baihan Yu was shocked: ...... turned out to be this double!

He secretly tried, "So what's the approximate number of six times?"

"You could probably buy two or three of your kind of computers."


Wouldn't that be 50,000 to 60,000?

Baihan Yu drew a sharp breath:

He is not a golden radish, he is not a golden radish!


While waiting for Bingqi Zhong, Baihan Yu couldn't get up, couldn't go anywhere, and had to stay in his bed.

He unconsciously fiddled with the ring on his ring finger, squeezed it lovingly for a while, and then beckoned to Huan Lu, "Let's take a picture to commemorate the occasion~"

"Yeah." Huan Lu then leaned over and took his hand in his.

Baihan Yu took out his phone and took a picture, then sent a friend circle.

[With Ears]: [Photo

Hey hey hey!

After he posted a while later, he watched the resident population of his circle of friends appear in droves.

[Jue Qi]: ?

Lou Wen]: ?

[Yue He]: ?

[With Ears]: ????

Baihan Yu : Did he send something weird?

He slid out of his circle of friends. The next moment, two red dots flashed on his friends list, and Jue Qi sent him a message quickly.

Jue Qi]: You and Lu have been married for so long, you suddenly send a pair of rings is the meaning of what? [head itchy oh will not be to grow brains]


Baihan Yu : Shit!!!

He suddenly realized: he almost forgot, in the eyes of others he and Huan Lu had already fallen in love, and had broken a big water bed!

He stared at the dialog box and fell into silence.

Huan Lu sat down beside him, "What's wrong."

Baihan Yu glanced towards him, then gently pushed the pot in his hand towards the person, "Now, what does it say?"

Huan Lu lowers his eyes, "......"

After a three or five second pause, he took the phone and typed: commemorating the first New Year together.

The message came back and Jue Qi sent it soon.

【Jue Qi 】:So it is ......

[Jue Qi]: So the ring is posing! [Gripping Rose]

Huan Lu : ......

Baihan Yu : ......

Huan Lu ignored Jue Qi and clicked a like on Baihan Yu's circle of friends with his own phone, replying with the original words--

[Huan Lu]: Commemorating the first New Year together.

The comment section instantly performed the question mark disappearing technique and a big wave of roses came in.

Baihan Yu, "......" is awesome.

The mood of sharing the ring was satisfied and he tossed the phone aside beautifully.

Huan Lu also put down the phone, "You are still feverish, sleep a little more."

Baihan Yu was just drowsy, so he closed his eyes, "Oh."


At 4:00 pm, Bingqi Zhong arrived.

He had a windy journey and was killing it when he reached the door.

Baihan Yu nestled in the bed, looking at his face with trepidation, "Is this to give me a ride?"

Huan Lu reached out and patted his dizzy head.

The room still has remnants of the mess.

The rose petals scattered all over the floor, the unwrapped bottles and cartons, the antler hair bands resting on the sofa.

Anyone who looks at it will know how unbridled it is.

Bingqi Zhong walked over, put on an injustice face, and gave a deep look towards the two.

Huan Lu pursed her lips, "Happy New Year."

Baihan Yu greeted vainly, "Great opening."

Bingqi Zhong closed his eyes again and exhaled a breath, his lips opened and closed. Baihan Yu faintly discerned his mouth shape: six times the salary, six times the salary ......

Baihan Yu , "......"

Bingqi Zhong then put his mind at ease, sat down and began to give consultations.

After watching for a few minutes, Baihan Yu fluked, "Low fever, should be watery, right?"

Bingqi Zhong A light smile slid down his lips, "Heh ......"

Baihan Yu closed his mouth at the right time.

After the person was seen, Bingqi Zhong took out the medicine he had prepared in advance and gave Huan Lu a few words of advice, "Lie down for a few days, it's not a big problem."

Huan Lu is relieved.

Baihan Yu's eyes widened slightly: this is not a big problem!

While he was lost in thought, Huan Lu had already asked for a room for Bingqi Zhong next door and sent him out again.

Once the door was closed, Huan Lu walked back to Baihan Yu. He looked at the person's disoriented face, "What's wrong."

Baihan Yu , "can only lie, that tonight's Cersei ......"

Huan Lu spoke with a hot face, "Wait for you ......"

Baihan Yu hated the sound, "Not just one pose left!"

"......" Huan Lu's lips closed again as he tucked the person back under the covers and lay back, taking out Bingqi Zhong's medicine, "Let me see how much to take."


With the joint supervision of Huan Lu and Bingqi Zhong, Baihan Yu was not able to do anything.

He stayed here for three days.

Bingqi Zhong is paid six times the daily wage and is responsible for keeping his employer's radishes in good condition.

Three days later, Baihan Yu was almost recovered and they were ready to go back home.

This time Huan Lu did not stop Baihan Yu from helping to collect the luggage.

Baihan Yu showed Huan Lu the photos they took on the last glass walkway, "Did you get a good shot?"

Huan Lu looked down.

In the photo, the two of him are standing at the end of the trestle, with a vast cloudy mountain behind them and a bottomless deep valley below.

He held Baihan Yu tightly in his arms. With the height difference, he almost pressed down on the person from above with a strong and violent kiss. His face is full of lust born from love. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're looking for.

Huan Lu's face burned and he reached out to put the photo into his suitcase.

Baihan Yu saw his face redden again, so he came over and said, "Your employees saw it."

The handsome face in front of him burnt even redder.

After a pause, Huan Lu opened his mouth, "Just let them watch."

Baihan Yu : ...... Wow ~ very open, Mr. Lu.

Keep up the good work, that's how it's going to be.

Satisfied, he turned his head to pack other bags.

Baihan Yu received in order of importance in their own minds: antler hair bands, bottles, cardboard boxes ......

When he reached for the bottle, he found that there was not much left in it. He turned his head and held up the bottle and shook it at Huan Lu, "And you said you didn't have eight times out of ten! Did you do it secretly while Han Bai was sleeping?"

"......" Huan Lu looked toward him, "There is no such thing."

As if Baihan Yu couldn't bear to see the bottle being held up in the air in broad daylight, Huan Lu took a few steps over and threw away the few bottles left, "It's too much for one time."

Baihan Yu :?

Huan Lu's lips were dry and he looked at him, "You are too ...... afraid that you are in pain."

Baihan Yu's face followed with a blast of heat.

He looked at Huan Lu's expression and suddenly came over to him and asked in a small voice, "Are you comfortable then?"

Huan Lu breathed heavily for a moment and gave a half-hearted "hmmm".

Baihan Yu pulled him closer with his heart pounding, his hot breath all puffed up, and curiously said, "Describe it."

Huan Lu abruptly stared at it.

He reached out and pinched Baihan Yu's earlobe, his eyes a little fierce, "Stop it."

Baihan Yu pursed his pale lips and looked toward him.

For a moment, Huan Lu's throat twitched. The last few words were inaudible, but fell clearly into Baihan Yu's ears.

Baihan Yu's body was hot from listening.

After a few seconds, he put the antler hairband in his hand on top of Huan Lu's head and praised, "Han Bai is very satisfied with the answer of little El Lu."

Huan Lu a regular ascetic shirt and suit pants, cold as the flower of the high mountain face is all a halo of flush, at the moment he also has a pair of antlers on top of his head, is looking down towards people.

Baihan Yu tilted his head to admire it after giving it to someone to wear.

His eyes followed Huan Lu's handsome face to the raised throat knot, his thoughts drifted: if it was tied with a red ribbon with small bells, would it be more like a moose ......

As he was thinking, a large palm cupped both of his cheeks and lifted his face.

Huan Lu calmed the surge of emotions and said in a mute voice, "Turn off the little movie, it's time to go out."

Baihan Yu blinked his eyes regretfully and turned off the piece, "Oh."

By the time he exited the suite, Huan Lu had returned to his usual steady, high-spirited demeanor.

The two of them took Bingqi Zhong all the way down to the hotel.

On the way, Baihan Yu exudes friendliness towards people, "Brother Zhong, how is your stay these days?"

Bingqi Zhong was polite and gentle, "Looking at nature made me feel better."

Baihan Yu was relieved, "Is that so?"

"Well, feeling the smallness of life. There doesn't seem to be anything I can't let go of."


In the afterglow, Baihan Yu seemed to catch a glimpse of Huan Lu and himself hanging their heads slightly.

Go down to the hotel lobby.

The manager in charge of the reception had arranged for the transfer and put them on the sightseeing bus. Then they took the cable car down to Guanyang Mountain and took a special bus to the airport.

Finally, to the roar of the plane.

Loaded with memories and the penetrating life lessons of the medical staff of Zhong, they flew off in the direction of returning to C City.


Arriving home in the afternoon, the two changed clothes and collected their luggage.

Baihan Yu took the box out and counted the number left inside, "There should be enough for us for a week."

"......" Huan Lu looked at the eyes, pinching the back of the neck skin to carry to the side, "which is enough? We Han Bai to ten times eight times, a day will be used up."

Baihan Yu shy eyes: irony, Lu Xiao ~

The box was thrown into the bedside table.

Huan Lu settled in place for a moment, then turned his head gruffly, "Once a week at most."

Baihan Yu was unhappy, "Why don't you even crave my body?"

"Don't want to get out of bed."

"You can exercise a little restraint and don't do it so aggressively."

Huan Lu looked like he was brewing something, and then mumbled, "Restraint has been exercised."

He tried his best to restrain himself that night, but Baihan Yu couldn't help it. He was covered in his stains and wilted for three whole days.

The room was somewhat quiet.

Huan Lu softened his voice again, as if afraid to scare people, "I'll note ...... next time."

He turned his head, but looked at Baihan Yu with more excitement in his eyes.

Baihan Yu inspired, "Restrain what, come with all your firepower!"


Huan Lu said softly, "When you studied for the exam, you skipped the chapter on 'Sustainable Development'?"

Baihan Yu , "......"

Stop your God-learning behavior, Huan Lu.

Before that, Jue Qi kept asking for a dinner date.

When they came back, Baihan Yu sent a message to someone.

Jue Qi immediately started to make plans for a dinner party with excitement.

Jue Qi]: How about tomorrow at noon? See you in the downtown business district!

Huan Lu glanced at the message, "What's for dinner?"

Baihan Yu says, "A store he's been planting for a long time."

"Talk to him about eating light, you can't eat spicy for a few days."

"Oh." What a worrying commander Lu ~

Baihan Yu just typed it and sent it.

Jue Qi quickly returned a [Dashing than OK]: there is light, do not worry about it.


Noon the next day.

Huan Lu drove Baihan Yu to the agreed place to meet them.

Hardware wholesale er are already here.

When Baihan Yu arrived, he heard Xinyuan Yang ask Jue Qi, "Why did you choose the downtown area? Why don't you go to a yacht or a winery for the first dinner of the New Year?"

Jue Qi , "You don't understand, the food is in the people."

As they were talking, they saw Huan Lu and Baihan Yu approaching, "Coming, Lu, Han Bai!"

After exchanging greetings, Jue Qi secretly gossiped, "How was the New Year's Eve for the two of you?"

Huan Lu didn't say anything, strained with a bemused look.

Baihan Yu glanced towards him, "Not bad, having a good time jamming."

Wholesale hardware: eh????

Huan Lu : ......

When the people arrived, they walked and talked.

Baihan Yu and Huan Lu were both wearing rings on their hands. A few people wavered at a glance and tsked a few times.

Lou Wen asked, "But how come I haven't seen you guys wearing them before?"

Two people, "......"

Baihan Yu admires: Huan Lu made a good friend, how in the end did he manage to accurately step on the mines every time?

Huan Lu lightly swept away, a boss tone, "No?"

Lou Wen inexplicably felt a sense of crisis, he nodded, "Yes, yes, very much so."

Baihan Yu breathed a sigh of relief, but turned his head to see Yiqing Sun looking towards them. When their eyes met, Yiqing Sun picked the corner of his lips.

His heart leapt:

Xiao Sun smiled again in a muffled voice what smile?

They followed Jue Qi all the way to the eating place.

Xinyuan Yang again pressed the question, "What exactly do you want to eat, you have to call us a piece of card."

Jue Qi was so pleased, "It's a store that reviews say is a must-see for friends and family, so I specifically asked you guys to join me."

Baihan Yu suddenly frowned and a subtlety surfaced in his heart.

The next moment, the footsteps turn.

Just watch as it turns into a rather familiar alleyway in front of you.

Baihan Yu was shaken!

Beside him, Huan Lu seemed to pause imperceptibly as well.

Meanwhile, Jue Qi has taken out her phone and is scrolling through the comments, "Look at this high-traffic comment. A netizen named han said, very good, highly recommended! Must come to hit the card, better bring three or five friends, friends and family!"

Baihan Yu's throat rumbled: Didn't he write this?

Huan Lu's eyes fell gently on him.

Jue Qi is still reading, "Oh, and a comment that was set as the essence top by the store. It was also this netizen named han who followed up the review with a second punch, and it was hard not to eat for a day."

The four golden flowers exclaimed in unison, "Wow ......!"

Huan Lu , Baihan Yu : ......

Between a few steps, you can already see the small door in front of you.

Baihan Yu suddenly stopped and held his forehead, "Well!"

A large palm reached out in time to put an arm around him. Huan Lu looked down, and several people next to him turned around, "What's wrong?"

Baihan Yu was weak, " Lu Xiao , the Palace's head hurts."

Huan Lu answered in a second, "I'll take you to buy painkillers." He said to Jue Qi, "You go in first, we'll follow."

A few people, "Ohhhh, okay."

Baihan Yu and Huan Lu soon left together, their backs hastily disappearing at the entrance of the alley.

Jue Qi led the way in the door, "Then we'll go first."

When they came out of the corner, Baihan Yu straightened up and Huan Lu withdrew his hand. They looked at each other and looked away again in silence.

Baihan Yu asks, "Where to now?"

Huan Lu seemed to have nothing to do with it, "Do you want to eat rice, light."

"Let's go."

They quickly found a store and sat down.

After ordering, Baihan Yu looked out the window, "By now, they should have turned up, right?"

Huan Lu , "Hmm."

"Why didn't you call us?"

"Waiting for us to go back and shoot ourselves in the foot."


Baihan Yu held a cup of herbal tea, shook his head and sighed softly, "Everyone is the same dirty ah."

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