Chapter 73: open a small one (addendum)

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When Baihan Yu and Huan Lu came out of the restaurant comfortably, they finally got in touch with the four golden flowers.

When the rendezvous again, the opposite four people looked vain and pale.

The four of them all looked at Baihan Yu, who was eating with a rosy face, and Huan Lu, who was next to him in a dashing and calm manner.

Jue Qi forced a smile, breathless, "Where are you people?"

Huan Lu didn't change his face, "I walked far, I didn't find the way back. I ate something random."

"Then why don't you call and ask--" Jue Qi's voice was raised for a moment, and then pressed down by himself. He eased his tone and said, "That's a shame. ...... You guys should definitely try it next time."

Baihan Yu narrowed his eyes:

Good wow, also put here in front of the digging pit ......

He cooperated with an exclamation, "It seems like a great experience for the first get-together of the year."

Wen Lou seems to lightly hit a dry heave, "impressed ......"

He was then touched by Xinyuan Yang's arm and shut up.

Baihan Yu looked deep, "Wow, is it that good?"

"Especially good!" Jue Qi nodded with certainty, and with that he fished out the comments on his phone and neatly liked "han".

Baihan Yu , Huan Lu : ......

On the side, Yiqing Sun's eyes fell on the nickname "han". After a pause, he suddenly frowned and looked at Baihan Yu with suspicion.

Baihan Yu and his gaze pair, sheepishly don't look away.

Almost forgot the only intellectual role in the Golden Flower. Danger!

At this point, Huan Lu spoke up and brought the attention back to the group, "What are you going to do later?"

Jue Qi A few people looked at each other.

They want to hold on now, but they are afraid that they can not hold on. So they quickly reached a consensus, "Go to the private cinema of the Wen Lou family."

Lou's theater is located in the center of town, not far from here.

The cinema is a high-class private cinema, with a large amount of films, advanced equipment, private space. Private, full service. The five golden flowers often choose to meet here.

But this time it was clearly not running to the party.

Upon entering the theater, Baihan Yu saw the four golden flowers spread out on the couch.

The curtain was pulled and the light was dimmed.

The randomly found film just played the beginning, the four people began to take advantage of the darkness and began to huff and puff.


Baihan Yu: It is not necessary to pretend to be strong in such a transparent way.

The film had already started, so he sat down with Huan Lu.

The film playing on the screen was not of interest to the two.

In the dim environment, Baihan Yu leaned on Huan Lu's shoulder and played with Huan Lu's slender fingertips under his hand. After playing for a while, he felt bored and buried his head sideways into his shoulder, kissing and pecking.

At first it was just a casual kiss, but later it seemed to gradually change the meaning.

Baihan Yu's eyelashes dropped, and in the midst of a slight heartbeat, his soft lips slowly brushed against Huan Lu's warm neck, and his hot breath pounced on it.

The breath that fell at his side sank slightly.

Huan Lu clasped his hand tighter and whispered, "Don't make a scene."

Two meters away from them lies Jue Qi a few people, I do not know who is squinting uncomfortably, but also turned over.

Baihan Yu looks at Huan Lu's face close to him through the faint light of the film. In the blur, only the light of each other's eyes is clear, which makes people's hearts flutter.

He went up to kiss Huan Lu again.

The newly opened gate can't afford to be half-teased, and Huan Lu easily follows his feelings and lets his lips and tongue entwine.

The burning breath lingered back and forth, and the kiss made a small sound. It was also as if they were afraid of being seen by their friends who would wake up next to them at some point, with a hidden sense of shame.

The two kissed for a while.

I guess it is difficult to continue, Huan Lu then withdrew from the body.

Baihan Yu also pursed his moist lips to calm down, then looked towards the other side, "How about going out?"

Let the bright sun shine on their minds.

Huan Lu then stood up, "Well, then just take a look around."

He did not deliberately lower his voice, and the words he spoke seemed to have touched some keyword, the head in a shallow sleep of the golden flowers suddenly moved like a frightened.

Boom-through, a muffled sound on the bed.

Two people turn their heads: ......

Baihan Yu quietly exclaimed to Huan Lu, "You're worthy of being your friend." They are all so sensitive.

In the dim light, Huan Lu stared at him, "Connotation?"

He hasn't even said anything yet.

Baihan Yu pointed out, "See ~ told you you were sensitive."

Huan Lu , "......"


The two of them went out of the private theater and went to the river in the city that they saw earlier when they were looking at the night scene and turned around for a while.

Baihan Yu is still not fully recovered from his physical strength.

Turning to four or five o'clock he felt tired, Huan Lu then drove home with people.

Their first get-together of the New Year ended quietly with hearts and minds turned away.

Until the two arrived home, they did not receive a call from the four golden flowers.

Baihan Yu exclaimed, "So sleepy."

Huan Lu shows no mercy, "After all, we've waited too long."

Baihan Yu , "Too."

Vowed to wait for them as if they were back.


In the evening after dinner, Huan Lu received a phone call.

Then he went upstairs and went back to the house, sat down at the table and opened the computer, and began to work on his work with a sunken brow.

Baihan Yu followed into the room, "Are you going to start business too?"

This "also" is used quite spiritually.

It reminds people of a certain medical worker who is forced to operate.

Huan Lu paused for a moment, then said with a "hmmm", "Vacation is over and I've saved up a bunch of work."

Although the New Year's Day holiday is only three days.

But he took Baihan Yu to Guanyang Mountain from a few days before New Year's Day, which added up to nearly ten days.

It was the turn of the old and the new two years, and work was piling up.

Baihan Yu said, "Okay ~ then you work hard to earn money to support the family."

Huan Lu then gave him a smiling look, "Well, I follow the instructions of Han Bai."


Said to resume work.

The next morning, Huan Lu left for work.

Baihan Yu had finished his exams and entered a temporary period of relaxation. He slept until he woke up in the morning, pondered leisurely for a while, and then remembered the game that had been put aside for a long time.

He then turned on his computer and logged on for the first time in a long time.

He went online first to clean up a wave of returning missions.

I was pounding away at my copy alone when a friend alert popped up -

[Lacquer Silver]: ?

Oh, it's Lun Qin!

Baihan Yu said hello to someone: It's me.

[Paint Silver]: Thought you weren't playing.

[Shizhen Li's dog]: After the exam, go back to my happy planet to see.

There was no response from the other side for a few minutes.

Only when Baihan Yu had left the copy did the message alert light up again.

[Lacquer Silver]: Right

[Lacquered Silver]: That ring

Baihan Yu, who was shopping for mall props at the moment, glanced at the gift ring worth 588 diamonds.

Hmm? What is Lun Qin doing looking at all this fancy stuff.

He exhorted in an old-fashioned way.

[Shizhen Li's dog]: It's all a trap for capitalists.

The message was sent and the other side was silent again.

Baihan Yu : Forget it ~

Brothers have money, love to buy anything to buy.

He turned the topic over and cheerfully sent a group invitation over.

[Shizhen Li's dog]: Come to play the game?

[Lacquer Silver]: ......

【Lacquer Silver】: line.


Baihan Yu has not played games for a long time, and it so happens that they are not at home for the Lu audit. Less restraint, he was immediately immersed in the game to kill the red, no concept of time.

Until the bedroom door was pushed open with a "click".

The sound startled Baihan Yu, who then looked up and met up with Huan Lu, who was returning home from work.

Baihan Yu snapped to attention: it's six o'clock.

Fun times, always so short!

Huan Lu opened his mouth, "What are you doing."

Baihan Yu game is still open wheat, he busy in the voice said, "I first closed a wheat."

The Lun Qin on the other end probably heard Huan Lu's voice and was more nervous than him, "Uh-huh."

In a few words, Huan Lu had come to the table.

Baihan Yu turned the microphone off and turned his head to Huan Lu , "The little elk who makes money to support his family is back?"

Huan Lu looked a little ashamed of this name, loosened his collar, and bowed his head with a "mmm".

Baihan Yu then pulled him down by his tie, tilted his head and gave him two kisses. In the few seconds he didn't operate, his teammates already started to curse, so he had to stop after two kisses and turn back to continue playing.

After a few seconds of silence at his side, Huan Lu's voice dropped, "Playing games again?"

Baihan Yu justified, "I've finished the exam."

"There is an interview after the written test."

"That one wasn't hard."

Baihan Yu said, taking the time to glance towards the person, and then met with a gaze of the god of learning.

He: ......

He secretly tried to pull people down, "Or you also open a number, we play together?"

Huan Lu held the high cool frame of the god of learning, "No play."

He finished by looking down at the person.

The two eyes met, Baihan Yu helplessly sighed, reached out and pulled the person down to make up for a few intense kisses: really, not just want this?

The man at his heels let out a muffled grunt, "Mmmm..."

With that, Huan Lu straightened up, red ears did not say anything else, "later down to eat."

Baihan Yu replied cheerfully, "Got it, got it ~"



With Lu's tacit approval, Baihan Yu has been playing the game unrestrainedly for the past few days.

Huan Lu worked for three days and then it was time for the weekend.

He counted the days: today also happens to be a week from the New Year's Eve. According to the unbridled nature of the family radish, it is never stuck to unblock the first time to make a work.

So when it was time to take a shower at night.

Huan Lu stood under the puffy shower and looked down at the splash of water falling at his feet. He thought about it, but washed it carefully and repeatedly.

Memories of the last time come flooding back at this moment.

Huan Lu was bashful, and the water droplets falling from the top of his head all fell on his tight back, a red and hot.

After showering, he gathered a bathrobe and walked out of the bathroom.

As soon as I entered the bedroom, I saw Baihan Yu sitting on the bed with his computer, red-eyed.

Huan Lu paused in his steps, walked over again and said, "I'm done washing."

"Oh." Baihan Yu stared at the screen and moved to the side, "Sit."

Huan Lu , "......"

He sat on the bed, but saw Baihan Yu completely immersed in the game, his eyes bright, his white cheeks scarlet, staring at the game's big .boss.

Huan Lu pursed his lips and looked deeply towards the person.

The beast that has been out of the cage seems to have wandered in place a few times, empty and bewildered: ......?

Baihan Yu played for a while, then noticed that Huan Lu didn't seem to do anything after he got into bed. He turned his head towards the person and saw that Huan Lu was staring at his screen with an unsure look.

He stopped moving for a moment and speculated, "You want to play too?"

Baihan Yu said he looked at the game with reluctance, and then ruthlessly, painfully moved the computer to Huan Lu's end, "Then you will share an hour."

Who told Han Bai to spoil you?

"......" Huan Lu's eyes turned to him, "don't want to."

Baihan Yu pointed out, "What you say is not what you think." Obviously, they are all looking forward to it!

The screen is pushed in front of Huan Lu.

He looked down just in time to see the friend intimacy in the group, which was a different color than the last time he played.

"Why did the color change?"

Hmm? Baihan Yu followed his line of sight, "Wow, when the level goes up to another level, it changes a color."

These days he played so hard that his friends' intimacy went up a lot.

Although the value is not high, but the change of color is extra attention.

Baihan Yu saw that people did not answer the computer, so he reached out and poked a reminder:?

Huan Lu took his hand in his and took his eyes off the screen, blushing and gazing at him with downcast eyes, "Is that so funny."

Heat rises from under those deep eyes.

Baihan Yu breathed heavily and suddenly read Huan Lu's meaning when they looked at each other. He turned off the computer and put it next to him, reached out and put his arm around Huan Lu's shoulder and rolled over to sit on it.

Then you feel the hidden burn under the loose bathrobe.

His face instantly heated up, "You want Han Bai, don't you?"

Huan Lu raised her eyes to stare at him, a flush spreading from her neck.

Baihan Yu moved his waist, shyly and dotingly educated, "If you want, just say so, can not give you?"


Huan Lu looked at him for a few seconds, leaned in and kissed those lips. With love. With desire and pent-up emotion, mixed with a hint of imperceptible possessiveness, he rolled over and pressed up.


He also restrained this time.

But Baihan Yu still passed out. Huan Lu took a bath and carried the red-covered radish to the second bedroom to sleep.

The next morning, Baihan Yu was not able to get up and was eaten by the beast that had come out of the cage without a single bite.

Huan Lu propped himself up from his side and looked down at the man for a moment.

For a moment, he couldn't help but lean in for a kiss, and then pressed down his weak morning will to take a shower.

After taking a shower, Baihan Yu was still awake.

The master bedroom has been packed out by the maids.

Huan Lu went back to his room to get ready for work, and as he passed by the bed, he saw that Baihan Yu's computer had been put away near the bedside table by the maid.

He picked it up in his hand, and suddenly the list of rows of friends' intimacy came to his mind.

Huan Lu moved a little and pursed his lips.

In fact, he knew that it was nothing at all, just like the WeChat list. It's just an additional so-called "intimacy", which is the usual means of game planning.

But the rows of values floating around, gradually became intertwined with the image of the two men possessing each other intimately last night.

A hint of possessiveness born of love grows.

Want to occupy the most intimate and unique position of each other at any time, anywhere.

Huan Lu's throat knot twitched.

The way he said "no" with a cool academic frame is still vivid in my mind.

He put down the computer again and sat down at the table.

Huan Lu sat down and turned on his computer, and on the desktop rested a game icon that had not been uninstalled. His long fingers held the mouse for a long time, and then he clicked on it in response to the shame that rose up in his heart.

The screen quickly loaded the login screen.

Probably doing this for the first time, Huan Lu gave a rare glance towards the door, before quickly dropping his eyes and clicking a registration, as if afraid of being discovered by the raiding radish.

When filling in the nickname field, he paused.

Then the most attention-grabbing and particularly pair-like name was chosen:

[Shizhen Li's skin].

The mouse clicked on "Confirm".

Huan Lu drops his eyelashes, his face is red: he just has to occupy the highest intimacy.

For the rest, let him be.

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