Chapter 71: bottoming out

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The ring is just the right size.

It was circled at the base of his ring finger, carrying Huan Lu's body heat, as if it was glowing.

Baihan Yu looked at the heat in Huan Lu's eyes and did not find his voice for a while. Until Huan Lu lowered his eyelashes and took his hand, dropping a kiss on the root of his ring-encrusted finger.

Baihan Yu's face suddenly heated up, and his heart swelled up.

His fingertips trembled gently.

Huan Lu raised his eyes again from in front of his hand, "Is it still okay?"

That's really ...... too can!

Baihan Yu jumped over and hugged Huan Lu, his chest heaving, he pressed down his heart's excitement and buried himself in Huan Lu's shoulder, muffled muttering with a sense of moisture, "You attacked Han Bai again ......"

Huan Lu wrapped his arms around the man and squeezed the back of his neck, "I should have given it to you a long time ago."

They started out married, no ceremony, no ring.

Baihan Yu was even packed and sent over for a dinner.

A plastic marriage, cheap and material.

Huan Lu said, "How can you get married without a ring."

Baihan Yu's heart surged a little.

He suddenly remembered that the last time he was at the beach, the bartender glanced towards his hand, which was empty at that time.

It does not look like someone who has a date.

Baihan Yu reached out again and touched the ring at the base of his finger, and the gap that he had overlooked was filled in a flash.

After a couple of seconds, he arched up and pulled Huan Lu , "Where's yours?"

Huan Lu then took out another large ring, and Baihan Yu took it and put it on his hand.

The other side hooked his hand with a hook of his fingertips.

The two rings are intertwined in the warm candlelight.

Baihan Yu suddenly pulled Huan Lu's hand, got up and kissed him, with all the passion and impetus. Huan Lu's breath instantly became messy and unstable.

Baihan Yu hooked his shoulder, blurred, "Eat your radish quickly ......"

Huan Lu seems to be aroused by the emotion, turned around and pressed up. The restraint that had been restrained for a long time finally loosened at this moment.

He kissed her until the corners of her eyes were wet, then he reached for the bedside table and leaned over to look at Baihan Yu, "If you can't, say so, don't be stubborn."

Baihan Yu came back to his senses in a trance: ?

He was immediately stubborn, "Are you making a case for yourself?"

Huan Lu , "......"

He reached out and cupped the person's reddened face, "It's been this long, and you're still provoking me."

A soft sound, the bottle cap in your hand to open.

Baihan Yu looked over with a hot face, and for a moment turned his face sideways to match. First it was cool, then it was hot. His heart was beating fast and furious, and he couldn't tell if it was nervousness or anticipation.

It just feels like a trance where time passes both fast and long.

I don't know how long it took, but he couldn't help but stomp Huan Lu's shoulder and mutter, "Come on, come on ......"

"......" Huan Lu was flushed, half ashamed, half suffocating, with sweat all over the corners of his forehead. He stared deeply at Baihan Yu for a moment, then leaned in and kissed the person -

Baihan Yu's hands tugged hard, and his eyes and ears were hot.

It was so much more exaggerated than he thought .......

But he still stubbornly bit his lip without squeaking: brave Han Bai, not afraid of difficulties!

Burning fingertips pressed against his lips.

Huan Lu kissed him soothingly, his rumbling brow pinched with beads of sweat, his eyes heavy with ink.

Baihan Yu slowed down for a while, and then trembled his eyes and eyelashes towards the people patted.

Like some kind of signal, Huan Lu leans back down.

The white gauze curtains at the window swayed gently.

The aromatherapy candle fire wavered a bit, and the green citrus smell gradually turned into a rich, sweet floral scent.

Baihan Yu looked at the blurred shadow on the wall, his consciousness was already swallowed up. In a trance, he heard a "clatter", as if the chains of the beast were being violently broken free, the sound became more and more intense, and finally the moment he embraced Huan Lu, the lock fell off with a bang.

Time passes unnoticed.

Gradually, Baihan Yu's mind was left with only one thought: Huan Lu is not yet ......

How did this happen ......?

He couldn't help but lower his eyes and reach out to push the person weakly. Huan Lu stopped kissing him, the sweat that fell on his temples all wet, "What's wrong."

Baihan Yu was confused, "Are you okay with that?"

That's how long it's been.

"......" Huan Lu stared at him dangerously.

Chains have long fallen to the ground, the beast opened its fangs.


When Baihan Yu had the concept of time again, it was the faint sound of noise from outside.

There were other guests at the hotel resort. Today is New Year's Eve, this time people all went out to gather outside and prepare for the countdown.

The noise of people pulled Baihan Yu's consciousness back.

He felt that Huan Lu was also nearing his limit, but why ......

The sound outside got a little louder. Immediately afterwards, the sound of a countdown could be heard indistinctly: "Ten, nine, eight ......"

The sound of chains rushed in the countdown. The white gauze curtain blends the night outside the house and the candlelight inside in an intimate human silhouette.

"Three, two, one ...... zero!" The last sound fell.

Clang! There was a bell ringing from the hotel.

Huan Lu suddenly clasped Baihan Yu's ring-wearing hand and kissed it with the first ring of the New Year. At the same time, the snow-white flowers bloomed abruptly.

Baihan Yu was embraced in her arms, her eyelashes trembling.

In a warm, soft, fragrant and celebratory sound, the new year has arrived.


It was noon when I woke up the next day.

Baihan Yu opened his eyes and his whole body was confused.

Until the bed beside him sank, Huan Lu sat over and touched his face, "You're awake."

His drifting thoughts drifted back -

Wow, he's here at the hotel in Kanyama.

Today is the first day of the New Year, the time of this moment ......

Baihan Yu looked to Huan Lu, "What time is it?"

The hoarse voice startled both of them.

Huan Lu got up to get him a glass of water, and skillfully inserted the straw and poked it into the person's mouth, "Twelve o'clock, drink some water first."

Baihan Yu sipped his straw, eyes flicking to Huan Lu, watching his slightly flushed face. The other man's body is full of energy, a stark contrast to his current wilted appearance.

He suddenly loosened his straw and looked slyly towards the person::

Huan Lu isn't it won't ......

Not temporary tutoring? ...... learning ability, is it so strong?

Huan Lu met his gaze, blushing more and more red, he pinched again to the human face, "still made."


"...... don't remember?"

Baihan Yu slowly recalled: Oh, last night after zero, Huan Lu seemed to say to take him to take a bath. But he was still thinking about the eight times out of ten, so he pestered people to make a mess.

In the end, he was almost unconscious, and his mouth still chattered: I can still, you will not be able to?

Then, there was no more then.


Baihan Yu silently pursed his lips:

I can't believe I lost consciousness, so throw away ......!

After a moment of silence, he suddenly looked at Huan Lu again and confirmed, as if indifferently, "So is it ten times or eight times?"

Huan Lu euphemistically, "Ten times minus eight."

Baihan Yu : ????

The questioning on his face was all too obvious. Huan Lu paused and said, "I mean me. Your words should be ......"

The wilted carrot instantly cast a sharp look!

Huan Lu changed his tune, "It should be about the same."

Hm. Baihan Yu could not say whether he was satisfied or dissatisfied, and slowly shuttled back to the comforter. His cheeks flushed as he began to reminisce: the impression that it seemed quite comfortable ......

They Lu senior, although young, but good condition.

Even if it's primitive and reckless, it's still pretty impressive.

So the creation can be blamed on him? Modo Modo~

While the carrots were quietly turning yellow, Huan Lu had already turned his head to order a meal delivery service and asked for ointment along with it. He hung up the service and turned his head in a bureaucratic and compassionate manner, "Do you have anywhere ......"

He met Baihan Yu with a situational drama under his eyes.


Baihan Yu blinked, "What?"

Huan Lu buried the human vegetable addicted radish puff, "Nothing."


When the congee was served, Baihan Yu ate some rice to fill his stomach.

Then he saw Huan Lu pick up the medicine and said, "Let's see."

He "snapped" and rolled over, burying his face in the soft blanket, shyly allowing himself to be manipulated, "Oh." After the medicine was administered, he looked under the covers again and saw that Huan Lu's neck was flushed and his hand was still a little unsteady from twisting the cap of the medicine tube.

They Lu senior is really ......

Yesterday was the same, and the result? Shame is all a fierce disguise.

Baihan Yu sighted, and suddenly stopped in front of Huan Lu: Wait, why can ......

Huan Lu put the medicine aside, turned his head to meet Baihan Yu's slightly shaken pupils, and suddenly his body was hot.

He endured, "Don't mess with you."

Baihan Yu came back to his senses, sinking under the covers and deliberating, "Well, you bear with it first, wait until we come back at night." He wiggled his fingers and sent out a smooth thought, "We'll take it step by step, let's start with a three ...... today."

He paused, his weak fingers sticking up one more time, "Four times."

Huan Lu : ............

He pressed all the fingers back one by one and asked softly, "You want to go to heaven, don't you?"

Baihan Yu : OvO

Huan Lu pursed his lips, some shame, "all from last year ...... to this year. It's not enough?"

Baihan Yu :?

Is that how it's calculated?

He couldn't help but recall the moment when he crossed the zero point, when the trance-like thoughts suddenly cleared a few points at this moment: wait, they Lu senior at that time strongly endured, will not be in the deliberate card point ......

Baihan Yu shuddered directly at the fucking:

This ritual is not necessary!


Had lunch and medicated.

The radish that was nibbled on the bald skin still sticks out.

Huan Lu pulled the person onto his lap and lay down, "I'll give you a rubdown."

Baihan Yu Shu comfortably a lie down, and then was choked, "......"

He glanced over and reached out to try to pluck it away.

Immediately afterwards, Huan Lu grabbed his hand and put it in front of him.

Huan Lu calmly adjusted him to a position and gently patted his waist, "Stop it."


Baihan Yu was enjoying Huan Lu's rubbing while raising his hand to look at the ring on his hand. Under the circumstances yesterday, he hadn't had time to look at it.

He touched the smooth surface of the ring and giggled, "You didn't engrave the name on the inside, did you?"

The hand that landed on his waist lurched, "No."

Baihan Yu asked with a twisted head, "Do you think it's rustic?"

"No." Huan Lu rubbed him up again, his eyes drooping in thought. After a while, Huan Lu spoke again, "This time it was a bit rushed, only the ring was prepared. Wedding ......"

Baihan Yu squinted comfortably, "It's okay."

He actually doesn't care much about this. For him, as long as two people are together and their hearts are in sync than anything else. But if they Lu senior like, make up for it is also possible.

Baihan Yu began to plan, "When the day heats up, let's go to the beach to do it. Don't you like the sea breeze, the salty, salty, air ~ breath?"

The force on the waist is suddenly heavy.

Hiss! Baihan Yu bounced and clapped his backhand, "You're pinching me."

"......" Huan Lu gave another soothing rub and whispered, "Don't suddenly attack me with song."

Baihan Yu lay back down, "Oh, okay."


Baihan Yu stayed in bed until the afternoon.

He was sore and weak, as if he had overexerted himself. As Huan Lu said, he didn't make it out the door - not even out of their suite.

Huan Lu leaned over the bed to keep him company.

Just after one o'clock, Huan Lu's cell phone rang, probably a New Year's call from one of his partners. He spoke to Baihan Yu, then picked up the phone and went to the terrace.

The other side estimated that from the New Year's greeting has been talking about cooperation, chatting for about 10 minutes, Huan Lu has not returned.

Baihan Yu drank too much water at noon and wanted to go to the toilet at this moment.

Seeing that Huan Lu's back was turned to the room, he got up and prepared to go to the bathroom by himself.

When the body moves, it seems to fall apart.

Baihan Yu propped himself up on the bed, just as his feet hit the ground and tried to take two steps forward, his knees suddenly went weak, followed by a heavy head and he fell forward. Poof!

The commotion alerted Huan Lu outside.

Huan Lu hung up the phone after a busy greeting and walked in with a few steps. He picked Baihan Yu up in one hand and held her in his arms. He was about to speak when he suddenly met Baihan Yu's reddened cheeks and moist eyes.

Baihan Yu reached out and put his hand on Huan Lu's shoulder, "I need to go to the bathroom."

One hand touched his forehead.

Huan Lu's brow knitted up, "Are you feverish?"

Baihan Yu : Hmm?

Huan Lu let out a breath, first red face to help people to go to the toilet, and will be increasingly red Baihan Yu back to bed.

He stood at the bedside and called the local medical team.

However, the local medical team basically deals with traumatic injuries or some common minor illnesses for tourists who have fallen on the mountain.

In cases like Baihan Yu's, you have to hire a professional.

Huan Lu hangs up the phone and looks at the wilted person in the bed with wrinkled brows. He leaned down to probe Baihan Yu's forehead again and whispered, "Ten times eight times?"


Baihan Yu is reluctant to admit, "Maybe it's a cold."

Huan Lu looked at the twenty-four degree heating in the house.

After a moment of silence, he looked toward Baihan Yu. When their eyes met, Huan Lu opened his mouth, "You said ......"

Baihan Yu read it and whispered, "Wouldn't it be good?"

Today is the first day of the New Year, mobile stalls are on holiday.

Huan Lu discretion, "If the opening double pay."

Baihan Yu was vain, "Then you try."

"...... hmm."

Huan Lu then picked up his cell phone and called Bingqi Zhong's number.

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