Chapter 90: "Not broken, angry!"

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He looked at the side of Sui Yan's face, and came up to rub the person, he liked to tell Sui Yan these words, also like to hear Sui Yan and he said such words, his hands and feet on the force are relaxed some, but people are still close to Sui Yan, he said softly, "I want to hear you say you love me."

"I love you," Sui Yan said and kissed Ting Meng on the lips, he kissed very slowly, those tender feelings, more intuitive than words, but also more heartwarming, Ting Meng was kissed down on the sofa, body unconsciously soft.

It took a long time for Sui Yan to release Ting Meng's lips, his breathing was a bit unadjustable, but the feeling was not unpleasant, his head was dizzy, and he could only think of Sui Yan and what made him happy and excited.

He gently stroked Sui Yan's hair, and only when Sui Yan stopped pecking at his neck did he embrace her again.

"The fruit and snacks I brought you earlier were spilled."

Ting Meng said, with more regret in his voice, if there were fruits and snacks to eat, he probably wouldn't be so hungry|thirsty as he is now, the kind of hunger|thirst that can't be restrained in the office, wanting to "eat" Sui Yan.

"Later, I'll have someone buy it for you."

Sui Yan answered the words, but the person is still lying on Ting Meng, two people's bodies are close to each other, what is the reaction of each other's body, are very clear.

"He concentrated on the food, and the differences gradually faded away before he was picked up and sat down by Sui Yan, who got up and went to the door to ask someone to bring food for Ting Meng.

Ting Meng's eyes followed Sui Yan to the door, and only when the door opened again and he saw the person again did he smile a little.

Sui Yan continues to do things, Ting Meng eats on the sofa while watching Sui Yan, and the two of them occasionally meet eyes and just smile at each other without having to say anything deliberately.

At 5:00 p.m., they got in the car to go home. Sui Yan took a closer look at Ting Meng's forehead, which was just a little red, but now it was completely bruised, and Ting Meng touched it as an afterthought, remembering that being seen by her family might cause unnecessary worry.

He looked at Sui Yan and said, slightly nervously, "Can I cover my hair?"

Sui Yan straightened Ting Meng's hair and shook her head, "I don't know ......"

Anyway, these wounds in his eyes, is the same as a strong light on the wound, a glance to see, Zhou Ning and Manjia Yan, they will not be the same, Sui Yan can not be sure, after all, they are women, to be more careful, may be able to find.

"So, what then?" Ting Meng did not want Zhou Ning and the others to worry about him, being surrounded by a bunch of people, Ting Meng felt unnecessary and uncomfortable, he embraced Sui Yan, cuddled up to him and discussed in his ear, "Then let's go out and play, when it's dark and they are asleep, we will go back. Okay ......"

"What are we going to play?" Sui Yan asked softly. Sui Yan asked softly, and even though he was still distressed by Ting Meng's injury, he couldn't help but smile with his lips.

"Play whatever you want, we can do it together," Ting Meng and Sui Yan said, feeling the smile in his words, some do not understand, but also did not look deep, Sui Yan happy is good, why is not so necessary to pursue.

Then shortly afterwards, Lang Gu received a call from Sui Yan, who gave his address, and hung up the phone for a long time, but he was still frozen.

"What's wrong?" Ming Zhong bumped Lang Gu's shoulder and looked at his eyes with more worry, after all, Lang Gu looked like this after answering the phone, it was inevitable that people would think more.

"Boss Yan is bringing his daughter-in-law over ......" This is so not easy!

Sui Yan Since taking over the Yan family, they such a party unless special, has rarely come, after the marriage is even more so, it is said that he left work every day at five o'clock on time, properly become a good man at home.

But now he actually called him and asked him where he was playing and to bring Ting Meng along with him, so it's no wonder Lang Gu was stunned.

"Oh ...... Oh?" Ming Zhong sniffed also all froze for a moment, and then he stood up and looked at the many people who came together to heckle the crowd without a proper shape, "Yan boss brought his daughter-in-law over, want to slip early slip ......"

Some of these people were at the beach party together last time, Sui Yan Fu Fu serial doubles impression, still deeply impressed, he said out, some people are tangled, instinct makes them want to slip away before it is too late, but the gossip heart want to stay to see others hilarious.

Lang Gu gave Ming Zhong a kick, "What's the point of saying it? I'm still waiting to see the fun."

"Hey, don't worry, it won't go, let the guys get nervous, get some atmosphere." Ming Zhong said with a hey smile.

Lang Gu sniffed speechlessly rolled his eyes, but he was also really nervous in his heart, probably recently ...... he did not cause trouble.

Forty or so minutes later, Sui Yan appeared with Ting Meng, and the party, where the sounds of fun and frolic almost overshadowed the music, turned into just the sound of music by the time they arrived, or that particularly relaxing and soothing music.

It felt like they were not here to have fun, but to attend a slightly more relaxed seminar, a change that really made people speechless and helpless, and Ting Meng also looked around in wonder, thinking that this place did not quite fit Sui Yan and he said it would be a bit noisy, but it was obviously quite quiet.

"Hello, everyone!" Ting Meng took the initiative to greet them, and raised his hand when he saw Lang Gu Ming Zhong, whom he knew better.

"Hello, sister-in-law!" They answered Ting Meng's words, but they were all looking at Sui Yan. They had to make sure what Sui Yan was doing here before they could decide whether to let go of their natural instincts and continue playing, or to curb their playfulness and become good girls.

Sui Yan took Ting Meng and walked to an empty seat, then raised her hand, "Make yourselves comfortable."

"The tension was gone when a strange yell went up from ......, but of course with Sui Yan in the room, they didn't dare to play anything too out of the ordinary.

When they sat down, drinks and snacks were all over the table, and Lang Gu, who knew Sui Yan better, sat down to chat.

"That's right, often take your sister-in-law out to have fun, work all day where interesting."

Lang Gu said he was going to offer Ting Meng a glass of wine, but he stopped and immediately replaced it with a glass of freshly squeezed juice, "Drink this, the chef I brought with me made it."

After the last incident, they are also very careful about this piece, really want to hold a party, are from their own home to bring reliable cooks and wine waiter over.

Ting Meng picked it up and sniffed it before taking a sip, he nodded, "Very fresh."

They almost forgot, Ting Meng this terrible nose, even drug ingredients can directly smell the nose, Lang Gu thought of something, and moved to Ting Meng side, Sui Yan line of sight swept, he just stopped his body.

"Sister-in-law, we are also our own people, can we order internally?"

Lang Gu can be different from Sui Yan, he thinks he knows life and taste, so how can something like perfume be missing?

At first he was also because it was his sister-in-law's company perfume, buy a dozen bottles of eight bottles is no need to canton, it should be, but he ordered back, accidentally opened a bottle, the fragrance, he smelled and liked it.

This is simply for him this extremely attractive man tailor-made ah.

Ting Meng didn't feel anything unacceptable at his words, he nodded, "You find Ya Ming , let him give it to you."

With the relationship between Lang Gu and Sui Yan, it is impossible for Mingya Yan not to give this face.

Lang Gu smiled and coyed a little, if he wanted the ordinary bottle, where there is no need to beg here and Ting Meng.

"Not this kind, it's the kind you gave Boss Yan ......" Sui Yan as soon as he approached, he smelled the perfume that was different from the ordinary bottle, "just He Shi that kid, I don't know where to get a bottle, but the I'm envious of ......"

Ting Meng smiled and his face got serious, and he pondered for a while before opening his mouth again.

"That's from me to Sui Yan, only to him, where is He Shi, tell him to come here!"

Lang Gu originally was quite masculine courage, suddenly shaking, not because of Sui Yan, Ting Meng angry up, the momentum looks equally a little scary, caught off guard, Lang Gu was scared.

He was looked at by Ting Meng, resisting the urge to move away, he said, "He didn't come, I'll call him right away to come over."

"Well," Ting Meng gave a cold hmph, before taking his eyes off Lang Gu, he looked back at Sui Yan, his tone still not much changed, "I will give you an explanation."

If there is a circulation on the market, then there must be a problem with the custody in his lab, which is the only birthday gift he promised to Sui Yan, so he must take care of it by himself.

Sui Yan rubbed Ting Meng's hair and wrapped his waist again, before he nodded a moment later, "Okay."

The last time He Shi returned to China was when Sui Yan and Ting Meng got married, and this time he came back with the intention of leaving after the Chinese New Year.

When he saw Lang Gu raise his hand, he greeted him all the way and went straight to this side as well.

"Boss Yan, and little sister-in-law, you are also in ah, Gu San did not even talk to me."

He Shi grinned with a sincere smile, but at the same time he also sensed some bad feelings, including Ming Zhong in a slightly strange look at him, he subconsciously reflected, but since the last time he was Sui Yan and Ting Meng "education", he has been very peaceful He was sure that he hadn't caused any trouble.

"Come over a little more." Ting Meng looked to He Shi and raised his hand to him.

He Shi withdrew the smile from his face and pushed past Lang Gu and Ming Zhong, moving closer.

Ting Meng did not get too close to smell, only he took two steps closer, he smelled it, and then his eyes glazed over two points.

"Say, where did you get that perfume on you?"

"I bought it on a black market in A country, the price of the shot is very high, I see that it is your work sister-in-law, I shot ......" He Shi did not dare to hesitate to answer directly, as for the voice of speaking inexplicably became weaker and weaker, he also did not dare to find a place to sit down, being Ting Meng watching, his standing posture is quite standard.

"How many bottles were there at the time of the auction?" Ting Meng continued. Ting Meng continued, thinking that it would not be a coincidence that He Shi would hit a bottle, and that there were already quite a few in circulation from his lab.

"Three bottles had been auctioned out before I got that one, all at sky-high prices ......"

"Hmph!" Ting Meng really felt angry, of course not with He Shi and Lang Gu, if it wasn't for them, he wouldn't have known that the perfume he gave Sui Yan, had been used by so many people.

Ting Meng looked at Sui Yan, "I need to go to the lab, will you come with me?"

"Together," Sui Yan nodded, although he wanted Ting Meng not to be angry, but see him this serious look because of him, and somehow like him this look, he raised his hand to rub Ting Meng's hair, "do not be angry bad. "

"It's not broken, angry!"

Ting Meng answered slightly straightforwardly, then he took Sui Yan's hand and walked straight out.

Lang Gu Ming Zhong He Shi The three men looked at each other, then stood up as well.

"We ...... also go to see?"

Ming Zhong suggested, Lang Gu and He Shi nodded at the same time, after all, the cause of Ting Meng's anger is also related to them.

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