Chapter 89: "I like you too, I love you and only you."

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"So can ...... bring family members?"

Mingya Yan did not react, but Manjia Yan and Zhou Ning, who had been listening together for a while, could not help themselves. Manjia Yan laughed "haha" while Zhou Ning just pursed his lips.

Although the degree of their performance is different, but the meaning is generally similar, it is really helpless to Ting Meng.

Probably it is a very difficult thing to make Ting Meng leave Sui Yan.

Ting Meng looked at Manjia Yan and Zhou Ning, seemingly not understanding why they were laughing, but that was not what he was anxious to know at the moment, he looked away and turned back to Mingya Yan, "Can I?"

Mingya Yan nodded blankly, "Yes, I guess."

Naturally he didn't think Ting Meng would want to take him, the family he wanted to take was definitely Sui Yan, and after he agreed, he remembered that he hadn't checked with the organizers, "I'll ask again."

Ting Meng nodded, and he stood up, "Then tell me when you're sure, I have things to do, I won't talk to you anymore."

After he finished talking to Mingya Yan, he turned around and looked at Manjia Yan and Zhou Ning, "You guys are at home, I'm going to go find Sui Yan."

"Go, be safe," Zhou Ning nodded, she knew how well Ting Meng Sui Yan felt, it was rare for him to stay home for her for an extra half day.

Ting Meng went back upstairs to change his clothes, and then went downstairs to the car, all to the company downstairs, he remembered that he had forgotten to call Sui Yan before he came, and now that he had arrived, there was no need to call again.

He was carrying a small box with fruit and snacks prepared by Zhou Ning for him and Sui Yan. When he walked to the elevator, there was another person inside, dressed in a suit, looking very elite, but Ting Meng often comes to Yan's building, this person is not seen.

"Delivering something to the president's office?" The man took the initiative to ask Ting Meng, his eyes looked up and down at the person, probably because he thought Ting Meng did not quite match the image of the delivery boy he remembered.

Ting Meng also looked at him and nodded, he was indeed going to Sui Yan's office.

"Give it to me, I'll send it up with you." The man and Ting Meng said, raised his hand and was about to pick it up.

But instead of the food box Ting Meng handed him, he was greeted with a rather harsh kick.

The man is not an empty frame, he reversed the dodge, and then also and Ting Meng sparring on, from the ground floor to the top floor for nearly a minute or so, in this small space, two people hit more than once hard.

The staff in the security monitoring room noticed the difference when they did it. The doors of the elevator opened and the four resident security guards on the top floor were already guarding the elevator entrance with stun batons, and there were people in the elevator next to it where security would arrive, and even Feng Wang and Sui Yan were alerted and came this way.

The food box Ting Meng brought with her had been knocked to the ground, but the man in the suit was also pinned to the ground by Ting Meng the moment before she opened the door.

"Yu Deng, you dare to hurt him!" Sui Yan's voice arrived before his person arrived.

The original Ting Meng body still have to resist the man, the look of a meal, quite stunned, but at the same time he did not move again.

Ting Meng heard Sui Yan's voice and also raised his eyes to look, and waited for a few moments before a way was made out of the crowd that surrounded the elevator entrance.

"Sui Yan ......" Ting Meng called out Sui Yan, and looked at the slightly confused man underneath him, then it dawned on him that he seemed to have made a mistake about something, but he still didn't get up, waiting for the security guard to come over and take over Yu Deng, he got up and walked towards Sui Yan.

He was then pulled into Sui Yan's arms, Sui Yan was probably in shock, after a while, he let go of the person, and checked up and down again, and saw a little bruise on Ting Meng's forehead, Sui Yan's face darkened a bit.

" Yu Deng , he is my wife!"

Sui Yan's words also did not care what Yu Deng's expression was, he pulled Ting Meng towards the office, and Ting Meng himself was still a bit dazed.

Ting Meng sat still and didn't move, allowing Sui Yan to apply medicine to him and undress him to make sure his body was in good condition.

"No, he deserves a beating!"

Sui Yan applied some more medicine to Ting Meng's shoulder, and the tone of her voice and the breath in her eyes were distinctly dangerous.

Ting Meng looked at Sui Yan but didn't know whether to believe his words or not, since that Yu Deng was someone Sui Yan knew, it wasn't someone he should fight.

"I've never seen him before and he doesn't know me, he knows kung fu and he's coming to you with the fruit snacks I gave you, I thought he was a bad guy." Ting Meng's first kick was just a test, but Yu Deng caught it and was still at ease with it, so Ting Meng didn't hold back. He couldn't let go of even the one-in-a-million possibility of hurting Sui Yan.

So even if he knows at this moment that he hit the wrong person, again, he will probably still strike.

Sui Yan gently blew Ting Meng's forehead and shoulder wound and asked in a low voice, "Does it hurt?"

Ting Meng smiled and paused, he felt a little before answering Sui Yan's question, "I only have a little pain, he ...... estimated that it would be very painful ......"

Ting Meng's words are not adulterated, he hit people from a very tricky angle, all to make people feel special pain, and Yu Deng's patience also repeatedly exceeded Ting Meng's expectations, he also hit harder and harder.

Before Sui Yan could say anything else, there was a knock on the office door. Sui Yan looked at the injury on Ting Meng's shoulder for a moment before pulling his clothes up and then said in a raised voice, "Come in."

Feng Wang was in the front, Yu Deng followed, he came in and met Sui Yan's gaze, shrugged helplessly, he, like Ting Meng, thought that the other person's body was a possible threat to Sui Yan, but did not expect such an oops.

"I'm sorry," Yu Deng began, but it was really him who caused Ting Meng's misunderstanding, and he smelled the smell of medicine, and Sui Yan's face was so dark that he probably really hurt someone, and he could only continue to hold back the pain that was enough to make people grimace.

"I'm sorry, too."

Ting Meng quickly responded, and as he said so, he gently pulled Sui Yan's hand, telling him not to continue to be angry, as he was also Sui Yan's friend or guest anyway.

"I didn't expect my sister-in-law to be so good," Yu Deng saw Ting Meng say so, so he didn't dwell on it any more. He sat himself down on the sofa beside Ting Meng and Sui Yan with a decent smile on his face.

"You're better than them, too," they said, referring to Sui Yan's other hair kids, who Ting Meng had helped Sui Yan with during the previous party.

They and Yu Deng is obviously not a segment, he can suppress Yu Deng is also in the elevator door, Yu Deng relaxed the moment, otherwise, normally, such a short period of time he and Yu Deng can not be divided into winners and losers.

"Thanks for the compliment," Yu Deng sniffed and raised his eyebrows slightly, then smiled again.

The two were fighting before, but now they are praising each other, but Sui Yan is still mindful of Ting Meng's injury, but in the gap between their words, he also took those mindfulness back and did not show it in his words or expressions.

He raised his hand and Feng Wang bowed slightly and left the office, while Ting Meng remained behind to listen to them.

Originally, he was just listening casually, but the name Siyu Su appeared too often, so Ting Meng remembered who he was, the man who still covets Sui Yan.

"He lives in Li City Yan's villa, and every three days, Yunsheng Yan will look for him."

But most of the time, Yunsheng Yan sent someone to pick up Siyu Su, and then he had someone send him back to the villa after the deal was made.

"They want to design to harm your father, exactly how to come is not clear, but the words mentioned him, you should pay more attention."

This is the reason why Yu Deng had to come personally, against Yu Yan, either he or Sui Yan can not be taken lightly.

"I'll have someone over there pay more attention to it, and you'll have to give more instructions to your uncle."

Sui Yan pondered the question, and before she could immediately respond, Ting Meng nodded first, grabbing Sui Yan's hand and looking at Yu Deng seriously, "We will, thank you for your hard work."

Now that they have found the root cause of his "death" in his previous life, they will not let that happen again.

Yu Deng nodded and talked to Sui Yan again about their recent situation, then he got up to leave, Ting Meng saw him off by the door, before he could withdraw his eyes, he was embraced by Sui Yan.

"Think he's nice?" Sui Yan asked softly, with a rather twisted tone.

Ting Meng hugged Sui Yan back before thinking about his question, he thought for quite a while before he opened his mouth, "Good kung fu." This is the only thing Ting Meng can think of that Yu Deng is not bad.

"Is he someone you grew up with too?" Ting Meng asked with a sour tone. Ting Meng asked the question with a sour tone, his Sui Yan is very good, from childhood to friends have a lot of, green plum should not, but there are many "bamboo horse", which must also be not lack of those who like Sui Yan explicitly and secretly.

Sui Yan's sudden sourness is not felt by Ting Meng, but the mind in Ting Meng's murmur could not be better perceived, and Sui Yan's sudden sourness is smoothed out in this way.

"Well, I knew each other when I was a kid."

Sui Yan responded, remembering that Ting Meng didn't know much about Xia State's clans, he explained two more sentences, " Xia State has some special families besides the general warped families, whose family background and energy cannot be positioned by general wealth."

"Yu Deng and I were taught kung fu by the same master, so I'm considered his senior."

"Oh ......" Ting Meng responded with a more sour tone, he put his arms around the person and felt it was not enough, his feet lifted and hooked Sui Yan together, "Then you must not like him, right? ......"

Sui Yan But anyone who has ever liked anyone, it is not his turn to possess.

"Well, I like you."

Sui Yan naturally responded, before he fell in love with Ting Meng, he had no concept of love, or rather disdain, but met, moved, fell in love, everything is natural beyond compare.

He is not in the habit of cheating himself, he likes Ting Meng, and Ting Meng likes him, so it is just right.

"I like you too, and I love you and only you."

Ting Meng said, inclined his head and kissed the side of Sui Yan's face, those uneasiness of his dissipated, and his smile reappeared.

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