Chapter 91: It is really perfect, just like his Sui Yan.

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This Sunday, the lab is closed, including the assistants and other staff on the first and second floors, plus at this time of day, no one else will be there except the security guards on watch.

When they arrived, only the light of the concierge was still on. The two guards were slightly surprised by the arrival of Ting Meng and Sui Yan, but they opened the door as requested.

Leaving one man to continue to watch the door, and one man to clear the way for them until they reached the electronic door in the basement, he left to go back to the concierge.

"This looks like an upscale living area," He Shi muttered quietly to Lang Gu Ming Zhong as he looked around.

But they didn't feel that way anymore when they reached the basement, with its layers of electronic barriers, fingerprints, facial scans, etc. If Ting Meng hadn't shown them the way, even Sui Yan wouldn't have been able to get inside.

On weekdays, he is in, this experimental base in the perfume room is open, otherwise his four assistants can not enter.

After Ting Meng brought them in, he went straight to the storage room next to his perfume room, where there were large doses of "Ting Yan" in bottles, which were Ting Meng's usual practice work, just enough for Sui Yan to use for years.

After they came in, Ting Meng quickly went forward, opened several bottles in a row, close to smell, he walked around to find out what went wrong.

No matter which day he practiced perfume, storage will let people by the way to create a good label, even how many milliliters are marked, the perfume in the storage room looked not less, but some of them were stolen and then blended with poor quality perfume.

The ingredients of the recipe are largely the same, plus the dose of poor quality perfume is very small, so it is difficult to distinguish those subtle differences without careful smelling, that is, Ting Meng.

" He Shi , you come over again."

Ting Meng turned to He Shi and raised his hand. He Shi didn't understand why, but he went up to look closer, and then he was smelled by Ting Meng very close.

Ting Meng who is angry and serious is not easy to fight, Sui Yan who is suspected of being jealous is even worse, He Shi feels very sad ......

Ting Meng smelled it carefully and then went to Sui Yan's side and also came close to smell it carefully, but before he could walk away, he was embraced by Sui Yan.

Sui Yan gently embraced and let go, but also exposed the impulse of his heart that could not help but eat, even if it was his trusted friend, even if his reason told him there was nothing particularly charming, he still could not stand them together Ting Meng too close.

Ting Meng blinked, unable to understand Sui Yan's complicated thoughts, but once Sui Yan embraced him, his depressed mood suddenly became better.

He came up and didn't kiss anyone, but also rubbed Sui Yan's cheek, without smiling deliberately, but this kind of intimacy, Ting Meng will only have when he and Sui Yan are together.

He took a moment to gather his thoughts and opened his mouth in Sui Yan's arms to give them some clarification, "He took my perfume and mixed it with bad perfume." This made Ting Meng even more angry than if he had just mixed it with water.

"So, he already knows your formula?" Sui Yan has basically locked in on the people who might steal the perfume.

The only people who have access to the perfume and can do something about it are Ting Meng's four assistants, who have followed Ting Meng for so long, and Ting Meng has never shied away from them, the ingredients are those, and it is not impossible to get the right recipe over time.

And Ting Meng this period of time because of his injury, the laboratory is basically in a hurry to come and go, it is estimated that this attitude of his work, gave the person the feeling of an opportunity to take advantage of, coupled with the huge money lure|confusion, it is not impossible to move the wrong idea.

Ting Meng smiled but did not answer immediately, his nostrils are a good deal of smell, in Sui Yan and others seem not much difference, but for Ting Meng, even if not much, that is also a difference.

It took about ten minutes for Ting Meng to answer Sui Yan's question, and he shook his head gently, "Wrong, so wrong!"

The serious point is to mess up, Ting Meng told them a long time ago, it is still too early to do it, only to fear that there are those who do not believe his words, which made so disgusting his poor quality perfume out.

Ting Meng broke free from Sui Yan's arms, he took out two bottles and walked towards the next analysis room, taking two steps before he looked back at Sui Yan again, "I need to think about how to save my perfume ......"

After being neutralized by poor quality perfumes, the longer it takes, the more serious the damage will be, and after waiting for a while, the perfumes he made for Sui Yan will all be ruined.

"Go ahead, I'll wait for you here."

Sui Yan did not follow him, but he stood in front of the window of the analysis room, where Ting Meng could see him and he could see Ting Meng.

Sui Yan and Lang Gu didn't have to stand for long before Mingya Yan arrived. They called Mingya Yan in the car when they arrived, and Ting Meng and he would be better to handle the Perfume company.

After he came, Lang Gu and He Shi gave him a clear explanation before and after the phone call, and then they went into the surveillance room and pulled out all the videos, only to find that the videos were partially censored.

Sui Yan made another phone call, and Feng Wang called a computer expert to come over, and it took more than two hours to recover.

At this time, Ting Meng also came out of the lab, but of course, Ting Meng could not find a solution in two hours, he just restored the bad perfume.

He was shaking the perfume in the bottle, his face was dark, he looked quite angry, he walked behind the crowd, Lang Gu and Ming Zhong consciously made way for him, worthy to become their sister-in-law ah, this angry up, really can not be ordinary people can bear.

"It's him!"

After all this time, Ting Meng always remembers the four assistants in his lab, even if he doesn't remember them.

Ting Meng stared at the person in the monitor, watching his obsession in front of the perfume, and his indifference when making the perfume, if Guang Cheng was in front of him, he would probably want to beat the person up first.

But Guang Cheng was only the one who secretly made the perfume, the one who stole the perfume was not him, but Jili Ma, who has always been more low-key, and it was he who used Guang Cheng's perfume to exchange for Ting Meng's perfume to sell. He did not dare to sell it in Xia, but had another channel to get it to the black market in A, a country far away from the emperor.

Ting Meng watched the whole process, then turned to Mingya Yan, "You send the evidence to the Police station, and have them come to the lab tomorrow to get the people!"

When he said this, he still had some violent impulses in his psyche, but he also knew that he was different from what he once was, he had Sui Yan, he had a lot of family, and he didn't need to protect himself and all his belongings in this way anymore.

"Good," Mingya Yan nodded, he had been discussing with Sui Yan and the others for a while before Ting Meng came out, "I will send someone to recover all the perfumes that went to the black market in Country A... ..."

Mingya Yan stopped in the middle of his sentence when he saw Ting Meng still staring at him, but Ting Meng turned around to talk to Sui Yan.

"I won't sell it in the future, but those that have been sold, I want to recover with a real perfume ...... Can I?" It's not that Ting Meng can't spare the money, but he doesn't want the world to misunderstand the smell of the perfume he gave Sui Yan, it is truly perfect, just like his Sui Yan.


Sui Yan took two steps closer to Ting Meng, raised his hand to rub Ting Meng's hair, and nodded his head for fear that words would not be enough to express his meaning.

Then he pondered slightly and proposed, "Only for my use, or too wasteful, in the future, we can conduct an online auction, and then the money from the auction, donated ......"

"How about setting up a 'Ting Yan' fund, and we'll discuss as to what population to donate to."

Mingya Yan followed Sui Yan's words with some comments. After all, there are many unreliable donor organizations nowadays, and their original intention would have to be affected by any blackmail, plus the fact that "Ting Yan" is already a very interesting perfume, so it might as well make it more meaningful.

"This is a good proposal," Ming Zhong commented, and they were all very discerning.

Ting Meng froze and listened for a long time before he nodded his head, but the few people in the hot chat, did not notice him nodding.

Of course, they didn't mean to do it, but Ting Meng and Sui Yan were standing too long, and it was not polite to look at Sui Yan, who was right beside them, so they should be smart and not look at Ting Meng too much.

"Is it all done?" Sui Yan didn't interrupt Mingya Yan's hot conversation, he embraced Ting Meng and took two steps away, then asked in a low voice.

"No," Ting Meng shook his head. It would take at least a week to save his perfume, and that's if it was in the right direction.

"It's late, mom and dad should go to bed, we'll come back tomorrow, okay?" Sui Yan softly coaxed Ting Meng, he knew Ting Meng's heart was depressed, but people have to be sent to the police, perfume has to be saved, Ting Meng himself should also rest as usual.

Ting Meng looked at the irritating perfume in his hand, and then at Sui Yan, and after a moment's reflection, he nodded, "Okay, let's go home first."

"You guys go back to rest early too, I'll take Ting Meng back first."

Sui Yan held Ting Meng's hand and then said this to Mingya Yan and others.

"Cousin uncle, aunt, you guys go back, I'll figure it out over here!" Such a loophole in the lab is not just Guang Cheng's character, there are also loopholes in the way they run things, he will organize a meeting to solve it as soon as possible.

Lang Gu They also turned around and said goodbye to Sui Yan Ting Meng.

Sui Yan pulled Ting Meng almost out of the surveillance room, Ting Meng just remembered something, stopping and turning back to look at He Shi, his brow slightly wrinkled, some reluctantly said, "you bought that perfume do not use, you can ask Ya Ming to give you a new bottle later."

"Ah ...... yes! Thanks sister-in-law!" He Shi's voice instantly got much higher, which was a surprise.

Ting Meng finished, glaring brightly at He Shi before he turned around and pulled Sui Yan outside.

Even if they all decided to do so, he was still unhappy when the perfume he gave Sui Yan was used by someone else.

He and Sui Yan sat for a long time, Ting Meng was still depressed, which was manifested by his hugging Sui Yan, even though there was a Bing Zhao driving in the front seat.

"Angry!" Ting Meng said, but hugged Sui Yan a little tighter.

"Good boy, you're not angry anymore." Sui Yan stroked Ting Meng's back, he felt pained by Ting Meng's anger, but he also found his angry look quite cute, he had an undisguised clinginess in his frankness, which made him feel pained and sweet at the same time.

Ting Meng nodded, but then a moment later, he said again, "Still angry ......"

"Sui Yan said he could only continue to coax Ting Meng, he hugged Ting Meng, kissed Ting Meng's side and rubbed his hair at an angle that Bing Zhao could not see, trying to smooth Ting Meng's anger before getting off the bus. The first thing he did was to smooth out Ting Meng's anger before he got off the bus.

They returned to the Yan residence, it was already eleven o'clock in the night, usually at this time, Ting Meng should be sleepy, but this time he was angry, so he also lost his sleepiness, he was Sui Yan smooth hair, but sleepiness is still being smooth back, look still in good spirits.

Sui Yan pulled Ting Meng inside, occasionally glancing at Ting Meng with her head.

"I'm not that angry anymore ......" Ting Meng met Sui Yan's gaze and told Sui Yan once more.

In fact, when I think about it, I still get angry, but Sui Yan is there, so he is still angry, but his heart won't feel so bad.

"Not sleepy?" Sui Yan has confidence in his coaxing skills, he does not doubt Ting Meng's words, but now he still has to get Ting Meng's sleep back, he has suffered some injuries today, he should rest well at night.

When Ting Meng didn't respond, Sui Yan suggested again, "Shall I cook noodles for you? Add a little spice today."

Ting Meng nodded, and then the haze in his eyes was visible, all dispersed clean, reflecting the light of the night lamp, clean and beautiful, he was close to Sui Yan a little, his good-looking eyes naturally narrowed, and then stood on tiptoe and kissed Sui Yan on the cheek.


His heel had not yet landed on the ground when Sui Yan inclined her head over and his lips brushed Ting Meng's.

Ting Meng naturally poked his tongue out to lick Sui Yan's lips, sensing some taste, and he pursed his lips again before his heel fell back completely and they gave a slight pause before continuing to walk inside.

Ting Meng took a look at Sui Yan and said again, "I'll wait for you at the kitchen door ......"

In fact, Ting Meng wanted to wait for Sui Yan in the kitchen, but he just didn't touch anything, which would still be a suspicion of messing up. In order for Sui Yan to make him the noodles as soon as possible, he'd better wait outside the kitchen.

But he didn't want to wait in the living room, so he had to go to the kitchen door.

"Good," Sui Yan could feel Ting Meng's mood of wanting to be near him every moment, and he couldn't help but respond.

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