Chapter 2: cold man a FLAG

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He was not the last one to arrive.

The characters in the novel were suddenly visualized, and Xingchen Di was at a loss as to which one to look at.


A boy waved at him with a big smile.

White T-shirt jeans, a look at this attire will know that the red side of the male four.

The "red and blue signal" this season, the main luxury small time style, probably afraid to guide too material, can not pass the trial, so added two real vegetarians, the two vegetarians a he, the other is the red side of the male four. He is innocent poor college students, the other side is early drop out to do dessert little handsome man, family history than he is a little stronger.

The other party smiled coyly, "My name is Nuo Wen."

Nuo Wen, as his name suggests, is a warm and easily shy boy, and Xingchen Di is particularly fond of him.

Because he is gentle innocent sweet wind.

The sweet type is really a big killer of romance variety, nine of the ten most popular romance variety are sweet type. Whether it's BL or BG, sweetness always comes first, and the guests' tastes are always very uniform.

He looks again at the tall, mature man beside Nuo Wen.

"Hello, Yihua Duan ." The other party politely extended his hand.

Yihua Duan, the eldest son of a well-known beverage brand family, is the most common end of the generous school in the love variety.

Is handsome, but and big handsome than still a little distance.

Throughout the love synthesis of China, Japan and Korea, they are always the audience the most pity of that category, capable, independent, powerful, but the only lack of love that little pink aura.

He shook hands with Yihua Duan, and greeted Ying Hu, the second male of the red side, and Qingning Lin, the third male.

Qingning Lin, whose family owns a hotel chain, is an airy type.

He has a quiet personality, a high-luxury male suit, black-framed glasses, thin and fair, a typical image of a high intellectual.

Ying Hu, the son of a real estate tycoon, has shoulder-length hair, and is flamboyantly androgynous.

He is a net celebrity in the rich generation, running his own clothing trendy brand, even in a pile of handsome men, is also a beauty that makes people swing their souls at a glance.

He is the one who is most often mosaicked and most often silenced.

Strongly suspect that he is a flower family suffer.

Of course there are no ugly ones in the novel, all the participants in this variety show are big and handsome, but he didn't expect these guys to materialize the text.

Each one is more fragrant and splendid than the male stars.

Male sexual feast!

Nuo Wen said, "Just put the suitcase here, we all put it here."

Xingchen Di put her suitcase down and smiled at them.

Nuo Wen covered her mouth and laughed and said, "So handsome."

"Are you Fang Lan?" Ying Hu glanced at the blue string on his wrist and sounded suspicious.

"Yeah." Xingchen Di said.


What is Ying Hu's expression? Milk 1 is also 1.

[Sister Hu is a little bit weird, weak 1 is also 1 la.

The first thing you need to do is to go to his video number and see what he tastes like.

Xingchen Di took a look at the four male guests across the room, all with red strings.

But he wasn't the only Fang Lan guest here. He surveyed the living room camera and saw one more sitting on the couch.

He lounged on the sofa, suit pants wrapped around two long, straight legs, black shirt, lining him more white and handsome, eyebrows dark and sharp, filled with aura of strangers do not approach.

"Hello." Xingchen Di offered a greeting.

The other party raised his eyes slightly and gave a lazy, slight nod, polite and detached: "Hello."

He said and looked down at the tablet in his hand.

Cold bass, slender and handsome, lean and white, big nose, big throat knot, big knuckles, beautiful bruises on the back of the hand.

Ah, I heard that such men are not easy.

Jiang Jin is the main man!

Xu Pei himself is not a member of the entertainment industry, but because his mother is the famous star Huanong Pei, adding a layer of star power to their family, he is the most often in the entertainment news among the rich and famous.

Xu Pei, a man with an enviable family background, outstanding appearance, brilliant mind, in the words of the original, "he does not have to do anything, just stand there, and a bunch of people will fall in love with him."

Only the original has the second half of the sentence, "Probably the Creator also felt that this was too unfair, so he gave him such a bad and uninteresting soul. Unless a masochist, no one's love for him can last a month."

A bunch of people have fallen in love with him and left him because they couldn't stand it.

Xu Pei is a financial genius, junior high school won the national Olympic champion, as a science scum, Xingchen Di can too admire this science genius. Xu Pei is the kind of man and woman he does not love, and there are no friends, full of only numbers of financial genius.

After graduating from Columbia University, he did not enter his stepfather Zhou's family business, but founded a fund company called Xu Hua, these two years, Xu Pei to ultra-high Sharpe ratio, ultra-low retracement rate quickly burst into the limelight, the offense and defense all brush full, simply with the same hang, now he manages the fund has reached nearly 100 billion yuan, the majority of funders love to call it Pei Gongzi.

In addition, Xu Pei also has the most old-fashioned dogma persona, the big star mother with a foreign son married into the top luxury family, see the degree of dogma. The Zhou family is a hundred-year-old family with many children, and the disputes between several houses are often on the news, and the complexity is as good as that of a house fight article.

Jiang Jin, the most familiar gentle redemption stunt in the article!

With this in mind, Xingchen Di took a look at the other four guests with the rest of her eyes.

Well, it's true, everyone wants to redeem him.

The netizens who watched the live broadcast also found out.

[Really weak 1 not attractive.]

[Milk1 is not as good as stinky face1 ah.]

The company's main business is to provide a good service to its customers.

Because it was the first time they met, everyone was more or less rusty and awkward;

Yihua Duan and Qingning Lin sip their coffee while surreptitiously glancing at the crowd with the rest of their eyes.

Ying Hu lies on the couch and keeps stroking his long hair.

Nuo Wen is a little more shy, holding a pillow, fingertips have a little rolled on the pillow decorated with a small section of tassels, eyes from time to time towards Xu Pei and him, and occasionally inexplicably purse their lips a little smile, looking shy and innocent.

Sweet type classic famous scenes, moving and laughing, if not familiar with the plot, certainly thought he had a good feeling about both of them, in fact, Nuo Wen just a momentary inability to dissipate a face dog orgy.

Nuo Wen likes to get high on CP, male and female men and women he is high on, his interests are super wide.

But he smiled so sweetly, so pure.

Yihua Duan next to me smiled and asked, "What are you laughing at all the time."

"No, I just felt so awkward and everyone was silent." Nuo Wen said with a red face.

"It's like this on the first day, it gets better as you get familiar." Xingchen Di reassured him.

"Haven't you two introduced yourselves?" Yihua Duan suddenly pointed at him and Xu Pei, "Have you just given your names to each other?"

Xingchen Di was about to say that she knew Xu Pei when she heard Xu Pei say, without looking up, " Xu Pei."

The indifference to indifference, the voice is really good, low and mellow, Su very. Once he opened his mouth, several people all glanced at him with shyness.

This is the baritone that makes people pregnant in novels.

Green Jiang Jin really abounds in Su attack.

Xingchen Di said, "My name is Xingchen Di."

Speaking of names, a few of them made small talk this time.

The same as in the original, from time to time, people will sneak towards Xu Pei to look, adoring little eyes simply can not be suppressed.

But Xu Pei never participated in their conversation, not even giving them a look.

After chatting for a couple of minutes, we heard someone outside pushing in the door.

"It seems that someone is coming again." Nuo Wen stood up and said.

No sooner had he said that than he saw a tall, stocky, inch-headed man walk in with a suitcase.

When I saw him, Xingchen Di's eyes just lit up.

Cheng Huo, the main man of the point family, is a northern male, with three-dimensional features, clear contours, masculine wheat skin, slightly rugged temperament, and extremely manly looks.

Unlike Xu Pei, who was born with a golden spoon, Cheng Huo comes from a small county in the north, studied hard to get into the country's top universities, and started his own business from scratch, before graduating from university, and has done everything, and finally managed to gain a firm foothold in the past two years! Handsome, good body, love sports, magazines do not know how many on the.

Wait two more years, China can't even accommodate him, their company's short video app will soon fly to the world and become a real Internet big brother.

"Hi guys." Cheng Huo put down his luggage.


Cheng Huo gave them an unobtrusive glance before finally settling on Xingchen Di and glancing at the blue string on his wrist.

Although "Red and Blue Signals" focuses on male emotions, claiming that they have love and friendship in this show, which also causes some confusion and increases the watchability of the show, but the team also knows what their real selling point is, so when choosing guests, they have to determine the majority of people's choice of spouse, which is mainly reflected in the program's red and blue grouping.

For example, Ying Hu and the others, whose temperament is soft, were placed on the red side by the program team.

Those who are not interested in relationships, or straight men, are naturally in the Fang Lan camp.

As for Xingchen Di, this kind of milk 1, naturally, is also Fang Lan.

After all, milk 1 is also 1.

Since the ancient red and blue out of the CP, attacked by the clear, convenient for the audience to stand CP.

It is reasonable to say that they also have the possibility of internal digestion, but the fact is that "Red and Blue Signals" has been filmed for three seasons, and each season is red and blue.

It is said that homosexuality does not distinguish between the attacker and the receiver, it seems to be a lie.

Not to mention that this is still a delayed text, red and blue match is inevitable!

They greeted each other, and Cheng Huo finally set his sights on his arch rival Xu Pei, whom he went to say hello to, but this time he stood up and shook Cheng Huo's hand.

"You two know each other?" Yihua Duan asked.

"I've seen it before at youth recognition conferences." Cheng Huo said.

"We've just been informed that the third male guest is temporarily unable to come and may not arrive until later." The person from the program suddenly said.

"We don't have to wait for him do we?" Yihua Duan asked.

Programmer: "Right."

Everyone stood up and Cheng Huo asked, "Have you all had a tour of the house? Let's look at the rooms and divide them up to see how to live."

This is a two-story villa, the program team took into account the habits of their group of high rollers, this season everyone has a separate bedroom, but every two bedrooms form a suite, still considered two people living together.

Everyone was very satisfied with the room conditions, but what impressed them most was the ubiquitous cameras in the red and blue cabin, Xingchen Di counted them upstairs and downstairs, there are 30 camera positions, 3 empty camera positions and 42 surveillance cameras, outside the cabin also set up a large flying cat of about 50 meters, used to shoot exterior scenes and the guests in and out of the cabin.

A sign was placed at the stairway on the second floor, and the occupancy guidelines written on it were similar to the manual they had received before, but a little more concise.

For example, no private exchange of contact information, no private confessions before the end of the program, pay attention to public order, etc.: "I hope that in the next month, you can harvest your own love and friendship in this love hut, regardless of age, occupation, background ...... "

Nuo Wen finished reading with great diligence, and Ying Hu and the others had already run to the second floor.

The environment on the second floor is relatively better, the view is also more open, outside the small living room is the sea, ferries white birds, green mountains floating mist, very beautiful.

The red guests chose to stay upstairs.

The two suites downstairs, naturally, became the rooms of their Fang Lan male guests.

"Xingchen, which one do you want to choose?" Cheng Huo took the initiative to ask him.

"This is it." Xingchen Di pointed to the one leaning to the side.

This room is next to the backyard, facing north, and is considered the most corner room, where he, a foodie, is suitable to sleep.

"Let's both take a room."

Cheng Huo and Xingchen Di both glanced back and saw Xu Pei entering with his suitcase.

Xingchen Di looked at Cheng Huo, who smiled good-naturedly, "Then I'll live next door."

Xingchen Di took her luggage inside.

It was exactly the same as the original, and he was worried that there would be a discrepancy.

Xu Pei chose to share a room with him, and the reason is simple.

"It feels like he's quieter."

Quiet, little to do, no threat.

In fact, Fang Lan's three male guests are all on good terms with him and take good care of him.

After all, he is the least threatening one, and all the guests are good brothers and sisters.

Xingchen Di tidied up her room and cleaned up the living room.

Do the most work, take the least shots, this is his persona.

It was hot and he was sweating after cleaning up. He went to take a shower, because he was sharing a bathroom with Xu Pei, who had a bad temper, so he squatted on the floor after the shower and carefully cleaned up the bathroom, leaving not a single hair behind, and when he came out of the bathroom, he reached for the clothes on the hanger and was about to put them on when the bathroom door was suddenly pushed open. He immediately looked back and saw that it was Xu Pei.

Xu Pei also froze when he saw him and said, "I didn't hear the water and thought no one was there."

Xingchen Di turned slightly sideways, leaving Xu Pei with a back hip: "Just finished washing, I'm getting dressed."

He had just finished showering, his hair was still damp, his 183 height, waist thin and legs long, head to body ratio amazing, lightly muscled, with extremely smooth and youthful lines.

He wipes his hair again with the towel and looks back at Xu Pei, his cheeks flushed with hot water.

Xu Pei now retreated and closed the door behind him.

"I'll be ready in a minute." Xingchen Di said.

Then he heard Xu Pei "hmm" at the door.

Xu Pei came to the guest dining room, took a bottle of mineral water provided by the sponsor, unscrewed the bottle and took several large sips, his protruding throat knot rolled up and down, drooping his eyes to look at the staff member approaching him.

" Xu Pei , you haven't done your single picking today, right?" The staff asked.

Xu Pei "hmmm", pursed his thin lips and asked, "Now?"

The staff went to the head of his room and took a single pick of him.

"What brought you to this program?"

"Haven't we asked this before?" Xu Pei glanced behind the camera at his aunt, Lan Zhou, who is also the producer of the variety show, and reluctantly replied, "A favor."

"So you didn't come to Red and Blue Signals to fall in love?"

Xu Pei asked rhetorically, "Do you think I look like someone who would fall in love on a variety show ...... Are you sure you want to ask these questions? I'm not a man who pulls punches."

The producer sneered in the back: "Who knows how it will turn out, maybe all these ex-pickings will become material for future face-punching of True Fragrance?"

Xu Pei pulled the corners of his mouth at the words, unimpressed.

That fleeting smile, but all the staff on the other side were amazed, like the first melting of ice and snow, good-looking heartwarming.

But only for a moment, Xu Pei has regained his indifference, his brow frowned slightly, his black and white eyes staring at the camera.

"First day, how does it feel?"

"Just like that."

Lan Zhou raised his voice in the background: " Xu Pei ."

Xu Pei looked a little more serious: "That's it, that's pretty much what I thought."

"With all four guests on the red side here today, are you impressed with anyone?"

Xu Pei shakes his head, then asks, "Do we have to say red?"

"Other male guests are also available."

" Xingchen Di it." Xu Pei said.

The staff all seemed surprised, and there was a snicker from the girl, "Why?"

"Because just now accidentally saw him naked, the body, the most impressive."

Programmer: "......"

Lan Zhou stared at him and glanced at the monitor. Xu Pei had a bad personality, but that face was so handsome that the camera looked simply amazing, sharp and clear.

Xu Pei looked at several frothy faces across the room, pursed his thin lips, and gently raised an eyebrow.

Lan Zhou couldn't help but ask, "Do you like him?"

Xu Pei: "If you are talking about the kind of like, I tell you this, I grew up, did not like anyone."

At the end, Xu Pei added a sentence: "You record this if you want to see me behind the real incense face, I tell you so, this kind of thing can not happen to me."

This pop-up exploded.

[Holy fuck, the wildest male guest ever.]

He's too much of a drag. Someone hurry up and take him away! I want to see him hit his face and swell him up!

[You'd better stick to the end and not cry in pain behind you!

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