Chapter 1: Beautiful Men Gathering

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"Have you guys seen the trailer for season 4 of Red and Blue Signal? Nowadays, variety shows are not very serious, the beginning is so explosive?

"Are they really recording a relationship variety show with this group? Sure it's not reverse hype?"

"Really rushed on the hot search, very good, this love synthesis successfully attracted my attention, I plan to chase!"

The Red and Blue Signal" is a "male dating" variety show jointly launched by Star Ocean TV and Star Ocean Network, which has become an internet sensation with its BL drama-like romantic scenes and high-value guests.

The team probably wants to retain their mythical status in the ratings, but also afraid of audience aesthetic fatigue, this fourth season held almost two years to come out, and claimed that this season will be a full upgrade, will definitely become the ceiling of similar variety show!

The teaser, which was revealed two days before the start of the broadcast, kicked off with a pre-collection of guests, some documentary-style footage of several guests appearing one by one, but just about two minutes of the teaser, it instantly exploded the network.

What shocked netizens was not the identity of the guests, but the variety of high luxury, luxury homes, luxury cars, as well as several male guests in the highlights to dazzle the netizens "honest:"

Programmer: "Why did you think of coming to our program?"

Cold man I: "Return the favor."

The brown gangster two: "did not expect ah, is the program team repeatedly door to door to lobby me, I later considered, think the program team also has a point, on this program can really further promote our company, our product audience and love variety audience really high overlap."

Abstinent Man 3: "The company sent me and said I couldn't pick up without it."

For example, the program team asked them again, "Are you looking forward to finding true love during this month of recording time?"

The cold man a [dead face]: "As I said above, I'm just here to return the favor."

Brown Gangster II [smile]: "I personally don't really believe in these relationship shows, but if you guys give me the script, I can try to work with it."

Abstinent male III [euphemism]: "A month? Well ...... I'm probably slow on the uptake ......"

The teaser was released and quickly spread across the internet with its unexpected content. The fourth season of "Red and Blue Signals" was a hit.

[Reverse marketing! Deliberately cut out these eyeballs, the back must be hitting the face true incense crematorium route!

[The program team's small mind was seen through by us at a glance!

[Although the cliché, but I was really attracted to the face of the true fragrance YYDS!

Who can resist a face-punching true-incense crematorium scene? Can't wait to see their real incense picture!

Xingchen Di is sitting in the cab, the screen is dark, reflecting his curved smile.

He also felt that this is all a set-up, the back is certainly all hit face true fragrance crematorium!

As a long-time Jiang Jin fan, he is all too familiar with these tricks.

He wore this novel, called "red and blue signal", is a sweet and cool love synthesis text, this text majestic point home, Jin home, flower home three major websites, the topic is even more explosive, one of the reasons, is that this text is three linked novel.

Under the same framework and character setting, the author has written three novels from the perspective of three different male protagonists on three different websites.

For example, their No. 1 male guest, Xu Pei, 25 years old, 188 years tall, stepfather is Zhou's business empire in power, his mother is the famous movie queen Huanong Pei, he is known in the rich circle for the rich second generation face ceiling and face cold temper, junior high school won the national Olympic mathematics champion, Columbia Business School graduate, currently engaged in the financial industry, known as the financial sector, the sky is falling purple star, the industry is known as Pei Gongzi.

A look is compared to Jiang Jin male configuration, a word, "Su"!

For example, their No. 2 male guest Cheng Huo, 28 years old, 191 years old, male dog waist, shark muscle, a senior student at Peking University, a new technology start-up, annual income of nearly nine figures, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, a private jet, Thomson One four suites, a billion plus, do not look now can only be considered a small rich man, but a year later he will be famous around the world!

So "bull", like the main man of the point home?

As for the third male guest Zhi Yan, it goes without saying that the first handsome man in the gaming circle, known as "six" in the circle, is known for his good temper, looks like an ascetic sexually cool, but a game is bloody and brutal. The high cold ascetic gentleman, shirt always buttoned with the top button, extremely cleanliness, but in fact has a "twisted hot" heart.

The persona is so "lustful", what is it if not the main man of Begonia?

Other guests are also all rich second generation, covering almost all the current delay in the type of male protagonist in the article.

For example, the passionate and voluptuous queen is affected.

The restrained and introverted high intellectual temperament is affected.

Stable and mature demure generosity subject to and so on.

After reading the guest introduction he was so excited to become a groundhog.

He did not finish this novel, only a small part of it, the key plot are not yet, so he does not know where the plot is going, but he always remembered the synopsis of this article.

"Sweet to the teeth of the romantic bridge, exciting to make you scream the field of repair, a pair of N's 10,000 fans to fight, true fragrance and painful crying, hot kisses and tears, vowed to carry out the sour to the end!"

As a person who has watched all the CJK romance variety shows, he entered the pit with this profile.

A few grab one is YYDS! Eat vinegar to know how sweet the sugar is! Shura field is the groundhog's scream field!

He was also satisfied with the person he wore, the cannon fodder male match who looked and had the exact same name as himself, simply made for him.

Xingchen Di all male guests in the relatively non-existent one, he did the most work, get the least footage, from beginning to end did not receive a text message, none of the guests have liked him, but also like to use him as a love tool people. The other CPs tore up the sky, he was still next to the silly to follow the sugar.

Well, that's good, he's going to keep that persona.

He craned his head towards the window, which revealed his brimming, streaming eyes.

He will be dedicated to be a good tool person.

It doesn't matter if he is the main character, the point is not in him!

" Xingchen Di , get ready to get off."

The staff member's words brought his thoughts back to reality.

Xingchen Di glanced out the window and saw a slew of luxury cars parked in front of him.

Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Porsche, Ferrari, Maybach.

Ah, the smell of all things money is in the air.

The car slowly stopped, Xingchen Di got out and carried his luggage out of the trunk.

"According to our rules, once you move into the Red and Blue Lodge, the phone has to be surrendered." The staff said.

Xingchen Di nodded and took one last look at her phone.

Cell phone users are still milking wildly:

"Wow, this powerful opening, this ceiling-like configuration, this variety show is going to explode right to explode right?"

"It must be exploding, not exploding I eat X!"

Xingchen Di : "......"

This big brother you do not have to.

He silently turned his phone off and handed it to the staff member next to him.

"Our show is very humane," the staff saw his cheeks slightly red, thought he was too nervous and said comfortingly, "You just need to be yourself, we will never interfere with your guests' preferences and choices, but because we are live, there are some notes that still need special attention of."

Xingchen Di nodded her head: "I've read the check-in manual many times, I've memorized every item."

The staff member he spoke to smiled at his words, "That's good, but there's one more caveat that's not written on it."

Xingchen Di looks to the other side.

"Be sure to pay attention to the scale of conversation and physical contact."

Xingchen Di smiled at the words, and when he smiled, the other side was directly stunned.

Although they picked Xingchen Di, who is still in college, because of his face, he can't help but feel emotional after a few days of contact.

The boy named Xingchen Di is so damn beautiful.

Boys can rarely be described as beautiful, Xingchen Di, as his name suggests, the beauty of pure and bright, that a pair of eyes surprisingly good-looking, as if the sky is full of stars in his pupils, people to stand there, the whole person is permeated with a brilliant vitality, called people look at it will be happy.

They found him purely by chance, when they were looking for a pure vegetarian, there are two main requirements, one is the family should be a little worse, and other rich generation can form the best contrast, the second is to be good-looking, the better, pick and pull to pick and pull, has not found the right, and finally a young girl of their program said that her little brother next door may meet their requirements.

The young girl pulled out her phone and showed them a small video.

The video is only five or six seconds long, the dilapidated silo, a haphazard cable, drab and dark red brick walls, slightly gloomy weather, a boy in a white T-shirt, lying on the railing, everything is messy and dirty, except for the boy and the two pots of orchids beside him, fresh and out of place, but stunning everyone.

The boy noticed her camera, turned his head to look over, froze, and smiled.

This laugh was unanimously approved by the program team.

He alone can hold up the fragrant splendor of the entire spring.

They later approached Xingchen Di himself and found him to be a very nice person.

People sweet, mouth sweeter, these days, the sun has a teenage sense of sweet 1 rarely seen!

"Don't worry, I'm definitely a paragon of male virtue on this show and will never have any superscale contact with the guests!" Xingchen Di said.

This he can pack.

He doesn't have the slightest idea of a relationship!

"Go for it," the staff member he spoke to grinned excitedly, "enjoy your last vegetarian moments, you're about to burst onto the scene with our show!"

The biggest difference between "Red and Blue Signals" and the other love shows is the recording mode, they will spend a month to go to four different cities to participate in the recording, their first stop is South City, now it is winter, but the weather here in South City is warm. A small white two-story building appeared in front of him.

He glanced upstairs, his thin figure faintly reflected in the shiny walls on either side of the door, and he gave a final glance back at the staff, who stood quietly at a distance, gesturing for him to enter.

With a glance at the cameras on either side of the front door, he pushed the door open and went inside, changing his slippers at the entrance.

He has watched too many romance roundups, and he is already familiar with the way.

As soon as he appeared, the live pop-up screen immediately buzzed: [Another one!

[Wow, this is too good-looking, right? Where in the world did the program team find so many handsome men?

[This one looks familiar, does anyone know which family's young master he is?

[It is said that this family is very average, or students, not what rich second generation.

[True vegetarian? It's over, it seems to be a backdrop. This season's main focus is apparently the rich love show ah.

It doesn't matter, he's honest enough to be a pretty backdrop, the point is not on him.

Yeah, yeah, the point is not to see him.

He's just a tool man.

They are set in the order of the trailer, he is the blue side of the male fourth, should be the last batch to the.

Just as he stood up, he heard a male voice say, "Looks like someone's coming."

He just took two steps with his suitcase, walked around a pot of more than one meter high emerald green spring feathers, and saw a bunch of beautiful men in the living room.

They are standing or sitting, or holding arms or pockets, or demon or innocent, colorful and beautiful, more luxurious and radiant than the movie pictorial, properly a fragrant feast of male sex.

Paper and flowers.

A group of people looked at him in unison.

Xingchen Di bent slightly: "Hello, my name is Xingchen Di!"

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