Chapter 2: lol

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Along the way, the two youngsters plus a driver listened to tragic love stories that had fallen on hard times and were not to be tolerated.

Jiang Luo listened to clients' nagging every day when he was working, but he didn't dare to say anything else, as some clients' lives were even more bloody than TV dramas. His eloquence was also honed through dealing with the clients time and again. After borrowing the content of the TV series and the clients' life experiences, Jiang Luo came up with a complete story outline, which he started to act.

From you loving me and me not loving you, you pursuing me and me not winning, to you dying and then me finding out that I had already fallen in love with you. The whole story has both sadness and joy, sweetness and abuse. Even the driver uncle listening to the comedy silently turned off the comedy and pricked up his ears to listen to Jiang Luo's story.

"...... When Chi You was a teaching assistant at our school, he would carry me to the office after class to make up for it, and take me all over campus again, saying he was practicing my feng shui reading skills. But I thought he was deliberately making things difficult for me," Jiang Luo leaned back in his chair, his whole body covered by shadows, melancholy dripping from his white, moist brows, "He confessed his love to me that day, and I turned around and left ...... who knew that after I left, he was dead ."

Lu Youyi dawned on me, "No wonder you were scolding Chi You every day those days, I thought you were jealous of him."

Jiang Luo said, "Isn't that jealousy?

The original owner is jealous of Chi You's talent, and Chi You is not really gentle and kind, so he smiles and torments the original owner after class. The original owner, who is incompetent but arrogant and narrow-minded, sees how easily Chi You can do what she cannot learn, and becomes more and more mentally distorted, hating Chi You.

Jiang Luo shakes his head with a bitter smile, "Looking back now, I really want to go back to that time."

As soon as the words left his mouth, a gust of wind slammed into the window, the wind whistling like a sword through the glass window. Jiang Luo was stunned and lifted his hand to look at it, and a layer of goose bumps had instinctively risen on his small white arm.

He turned his head to look out of the window.

Overcast clouds form and small, frail trees the size of an adult's wrist are blown to pieces by the storm. Raindrops slant through the car window and then drip slowly and unbearably down.

The transparent raindrops gradually change to a tannish colour, like a drop of blood, suggesting the decay of life.

It slides right down to the tip of Jiang Luo's brow.

Jiang Luo's face is impassive as he withdraws his gaze and looks up into the rear-view mirror, which shows only the three of them and the taxi driver sitting in front of them.

There is no presence of evil spirits.

Maybe there is, but he can't see it.

"No wonder Chi You always left you in the office during that time," Ye Xun pondered, "he just wanted the opportunity to spend time with you."

Jiang Luo, "Yes ......"

The glass cracked with a violent crunch, surprisingly cracking with a cobweb-like crack.

The three men in the back seat stared at the window with jaws dropped, and Lu Youyi muttered, "Boss, aren't those windows a bit too cheap for you?"

The driver was confused, "That can't be right."

A cold breeze came through the cracked glass, blowing a deadly cold on Jiang Luo's neck, as if a hand was rubbing Jiang Luo's neck with interest, implicitly warning Jiang Luo not to talk nonsense.

Jiang Luo touched his neck and felt only a cool cloud of air.

The driver kept trying to turn around to see what was going on in the window, but he had to drive, so after a couple of glances he had to turn back. Lu Youyi and Ye Xun squeezed to the side to make a safe place for Jiang Luo, and Ye Xun continued to ask, "Am I right?"

Jiang Luo coughed at the sudden tightening of his neck, the knot in his throat rolling gently twice as he felt the slightest difficulty in swallowing. The smile on his face widened and he ruffled his black hair around his shoulders, a smile blossomed on his face, a mixture of beauty and beauty, and he said with certainty, "Yes, Chi You wants to spend time with me."

Jiang Luo remembers it well.

Chi You can't kill him now.

Even if Chi You could have killed him, it would not have been by squeezing his neck as it is now. Chi You would have made him beg for his life and die in a cruel and bloody way, just like in the original text.

Such superficial warnings are more like teasing Jiang Luo, like a human teasing a wild cat with its claws shining, and the more arrogant and fiery the cat, the more fun it is to tease. If Jiang Luo had changed his tune at this point, it would have made Chi You feel bored and killed him without mercy.

Sure enough, the words came out and Jiang Luo was unharmed. The shadowy sensation at his neck slowly dissipated, leaving only the broken glass window.

Half an hour later, the trio arrived at their destination.

Jiang Luo was the first to scan the code and pay, and it took half a minute before the driver received an alert that the money had arrived, with an extra thousand dollars in addition to the fare, with a note saying "window fee ( ̄ ̄ ̄)".

The driver looked up in surprise and glanced out to see that the three men had gone far away.

Hotel 129 is a local online hotel in a remote location on the North Third Ring Road East, which has caught fire mainly because of its beautiful setting and innovative styling, plus the money spent on publicity.

The exterior is modelled on a fairy-tale castle, and the striking pink and yellow colour scheme is an absolute eye-catcher.

After the previous exchange, Lu Youyi and Ye Xun clearly accepted Jiang Luo, and Lu Youyi took the initiative and asked, "Did you read the information on Hotel 129 before you left?"

Jiang Luo shook his head honestly, "No."

Lu Youyi looked sympathetic, apparently thinking that Jiang Luo hadn't read the information because Chi You was dead, "It's okay, everything will pass."

Jiang Luo cooperates by giving a strong smile.

Lu Youyi, "I'll give you a general overview of the information. Have you heard of Hotel 129 before?"

Jiang Luo nodded, "I've heard of it."

Local university students who go out often have heard of Hotel 129, a fairy-tale style hotel that claims to offer guests a dreamy fairy-tale life, free from the worries of reality. The hotel has a variety of themed rooms, the most famous of which are Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, and at the height of its business, it is not always possible to book a room even after a month of queuing.

Lu Youyi said, "Hotel 129 was very popular, and many people would even come from other provinces to visit the hotel. But six months ago, the business of Hotel 129 suddenly went downhill."

"The ratings on the website were getting lower and lower, and customers who had stayed at Hotel 129 began to complain frequently. According to them, they would experience inexplicable headaches, poor sleep, mental debility while staying at the hotel and very unlucky things would happen when they returned from the hotel."

Ye Xun took over: "But up until here, the owner of Hotel 129 hadn't noticed anything was wrong. Until a month ago, three people disappeared out of nowhere from a group of guests who had come from the provinces to book Hotel 129 for a local tour."

Jiang Luo: "No surveillance at Hotel 129?"

"It was because the surveillance had failed and people were disappearing strangely. So the officials thought it was a metaphysical incident and gave the shop manager's commission to the dean, who sent it to us as a task," Ye Xun said carelessly, suddenly picking up the rabbit doll and putting it under his eyes, turning his head to look at Jiang Luo and Lu Youyi with an expressionless smile, "I asked Xiao Fen about it. Xiao Fen said that after this, I'll have enough credits to enter the Yun Nan competition."

Lu Youyi said enviously, "I'm still a lot short of that."

After saying that, they looked at Jiang Luo in unison. Jiang Luo thought about the original grade and was silent for a while, "My credit is 3."

Lu Youyi and Ye Xun: "Hiss."

As the school bully who has been crushing others since childhood, Jiang Luo wants to pull the original owner out and smack him.

The competition Ye Xun is referring to is a quadrennial competition in the metaphysical community, this year in Yun Nan, which attracts a lot of attention in the community and is regarded as a metaphysical feng shui event, and has the same scientific name as Jiang Luo's profession, "National Student Natural Science Competition Challenge The competition is also known by the same scientific name as Jiang Luo's profession: "National Student Natural Science Competition Challenge".

Students from all major schools with at least 20 credits in metaphysics are eligible to participate in the competition.

Lu Youyi and Ye Xun were surprised for a moment, but remembering Jiang Luo's previous style, they were not surprised. Lu Youyi wondered if Jiang Luo hadn't listened to the class at all: "This credit is too humiliating, Jiang Luo, did you learn anything in class or not? Let me test you, take a look at the surroundings and tell me what the feng shui of Hotel 129 is like."

Jiang Luo stood still at his words and looked around the area.

The original owner's mind was empty and he had little expertise. But Jiang Luo studied design, and those who study design have to learn more or less about feng shui, lest they commit a taboo.

He first looked at Hotel 129, the fairytale shaped building stands out among the green hills and water, Jiang Luo raised his eyebrows, "There are mountains at the back, grass in front, water on the left, a long road on the right, green dragon, white tiger, vermilion bird and xuanwu all gathered together, a feng shui treasure."

No wonder business used to be so brisk.

Jiang Luo looked around again and suddenly said, "There's another court around."

Ye Xun said lightly, "It was just built two years ago and used to be a slaughterhouse."

Jiang Luo laughed and raised his hand to point to the windows on either side of the hotel, "The windows are facing the courthouse, both the slaughterhouse and the courthouse are the most yin and yang places, which are not good for people, which makes them guilty of the window bane."

The slaughterhouse is too bloody and the spirits of the killed animals will form a negative magnetic field. People who work or live around the slaughterhouse for a long time will be affected by the magnetic field and become violent and irritable, or will be sad for unknown reasons. The court, on the other hand, can also be affected in a bad way because it is too upright and has too much yang energy.

Lu Youyi was impressed by him and felt that she had really put on tinted glasses before and had been biased in her view of Jiang Luo, "Jiang Luo, I thought you were only good-looking, but apart from your face, you are at least as good as my second aunt's sister-in-law's granddaughter who is still in primary school."

Jiang Luo: "......" He sometimes thinks it's not easy for Lu Youyi to live to such an age.

When the three of them entered the fairy tale castle, the shopkeeper had been waiting for them for a long time. He was relieved to see them, but when he saw how young they were, he couldn't help but look desperate, "What are these three little dolls doing here?"

The shopkeeper took another look at Ye Xun and the rabbit doll in his arms, and burst into tears, covering his face.

Ye Xun's face was expressionless, "He said we were little dolls."

Lu Youyi rubbed his face and said joyfully, "He's right."

Jiang Luo could see a bit of accusation on Ye Xun's face, it looked like Ye Xun had suffered many slights like this because of the doll. As someone who had just been helped by Ye Xun, Jiang Luo rubbed his chin, "I have a way to make people never call you a little doll again, want to try it?"

Ye Xun immediately agreed, "Yes."

Jiang Luo told Ye Xun and Lu Youyi to stand back, walked alone to the boss and tapped his finger on the table, "Boss, what are you crying about?"

The owner choked up and looked up, "Here come all the little dolls, and they won't let me cry yet?"

Jiang Luo, "Do you know what it means to say that people are not what they seem and that the concentrated is the best?"

"The fact that we three students have been sent to accept your commission proves that we are capable of doing your job well," Jiang Luo pointed to Ye Xun, "This guy is so powerful that even ghosts are scared when they see him, so what are you afraid of?"

The owner was half convinced, "What's so frightening about this doll."

Jiang Luo sighed, "Let me tell you the truth, that rabbit doll he was holding was not a rabbit doll at all, but a spell that hundreds of evil spirits had coalesced, ordinary people would have trouble holding it, but he was fine holding it, do you know why?"

The owner got a little scared, "Why?"

Jiang Luo whispered even more: "It's because he likes to eat ghosts, especially the souls of severe ghosts. He eats them when he's unhappy, and he eats them when he's happy. You see that he looks small, but he's actually fifty-eight years old, and it's only because he's eaten so many ghosts that the yin and yang in his body have reversed that he's stopped growing, so you must be careful of him. With all the strange things happening in your hotel, we dare to come, isn't it all because we follow him?"

After saying that, Jiang Luo retreated to say: "Alas, forget it, if you do not believe then we will go. It's just that my buddy has come out for the first time without catching anything, so maybe he's angry and hungry. ...... By the way, boss, how much do you weigh? Look quite fit ah."

The boss only felt as if he had become a pig being measured in a pigsty. He shivered and pulled Jiang Luo violently: "Hey, don't go, don't go, I believe it!"

Another stiff smile, "I don't, don't weigh much."

Jiang Luo looked the boss up and down and said hesitantly, "Alright, we won't go. But boss, don't tell anyone about my friend's real age and hobbies, he likes to play the pig and eat the tiger, just waiting for the opportunity to taste the raw soul when others look down on him and take the initiative to provoke him."

The boss nodded hastily, thinking I must hurry to spread the secret and remind others that they must not bump into the mouth of this sinister and pretentious big man, "Fine, fine, I know."

After saying that, the boss walked up to Ye Xun and Lu Youyi and laughed dryly, "Sorry students, I absolutely trust your abilities, what I said before was all in jest hahahaha! Don't mind, don't mind, why don't I take you to the room where the previous guests disappeared?"

Ye Xun nodded haughtily with the corners of his mouth slightly curled, "Let's go."

Jiang Luo followed at the end and Lu Youyi asked him curiously, "What did you say to the boss?"

Jiang Luo sighed: "The boss is a good man. When I said Ye Xun didn't like being called Little Doll, he immediately changed his ways and swore he would never call him that again."

Lu Youyi nodded his head: "It's rare to see an uncle who learns from his mistakes like that nowadays."

129 The interior of the hotel has been landscaped with a large courtyard and has almost become a small pleasure garden. Rather than a hotel, it is more like an estate with residences scattered around.

As the owner led them through a gazebo, there was an old man and a young nurse and grandchild sitting in rocking chairs resting.

The owner explained, "This is my old lady, who I picked up for a month or two, and that fart kid is my baby boy, who is only three years old this year."

The little child was rocked to sleep by the rocking chair and the grandmother greeted them formally and walked away slowly with her grandson in her arms.

Jiang Luo looked steadily at the child's chubby, lotus-root wrist and wondered if there was something wrong with his eyes, otherwise he would have seen a black mist of air on this arm.

" Lu Youyi," Jiang Luo poked Lu Youyi, his eyes still looking straight at the distant child, "did you see the black mist on that child's arm?"

Lu Youyi said blankly, "What's that? I don't see anything."

Jiang Luo: "Didn't see anything?"

Lu Youyi shook his head.

Jiang Luo frowns, pondering as he follows his boss's footsteps.

He was convinced beyond belief that just because Lu Youyi didn't see it didn't mean he was wrong. So what was it that he saw?

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