Chapter 1: Chi You He ...... has a deep love for me

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When Jiang Luo opened his eyes, a dark crowd was crying in front of him.

All were dressed in black, with the back of their heads facing Jiang Luo. Jiang Luo paused and turned his head to look in all directions in the midst of the eerie atmosphere, but as soon as he moved, the crowd of mourners in front of him jerked to a halt and abruptly looked back at Jiang Luo, their black eyes protruding like fish eyes, full of dissatisfaction: "Why aren't you crying?"

Jiang Luo found the dream quite amusing, he smiled, squeezed down a tear and crushed his finger to show them, "I'm crying."

The people staring at Jiang Luo withdrew their eyes and turned to continue crying "wah wah wah, wah wah" in a very rhythmic manner.

It should be drizzling outside, the wind and rain covering the day, the dampness pouring in through the windows, the white mist faint.

Someone beside me said, "Jiang Luo, you're happy that Chi You is dead, aren't you?"

Jiang Luo looked towards the voice and before he could see who the person was, his eyes were caught by the dark hair sliding down the side of his shoulder.

The dark, shiny hair, which reached his shoulders, was as smooth as silk. Jiang Luo reached out to ruffle his hair and saw a small mole as red as blood on the back of his left hand.

The malevolent voice beside her ear continued, " Jiang Luo, are you out of things to say?"

Jiang Luo looked up and finally got a good look at the speaker.

The man who spoke was a handsome, athletic young man wearing a designer suit and five-figure sneakers, and he was looking at Jiang Luo with fire in his eyes, as if he wanted to eat him alive. He grunted and said grimly, "I know you must be the one who killed Chi You. When Chi You returns to his soul on the seventh day of his death, I'll see how you can still argue."

The name Chi You sounds familiar to Jiang Luo.

A few days ago, he learned about a novel that had been taken down because it was too gory, called "The Evil Ghost". Jiang Luo was curious about how gory the novel could be and went to great lengths to find the original text, which featured a protagonist called Chi You.

The story of Chi You, who is killed by a cannon fodder, and Feng Li, who takes revenge with the help of his attacker.

Chi You is transformed into an evil spirit that tortures him to death with all kinds of cruelty, and on the day of his death, he is cut into pieces, with not a single inch of flesh on his body.

Jiang Luo's eyebrows jumped twice and he suddenly stepped forward and leaned over, coming face to face with Jianqi Xiao across a fist.

Jiang Luo's pupils reflect a face that is both familiar and unfamiliar to him.

Her long hair reaches her shoulders, her eyebrows are proudly poised, her features are declining, both beautiful and heroic. Such a face is like a vermilion red and stone green in an ink painting, thick with ink and colour, with a sharp knife of aggressive beauty hidden everywhere.

The face is almost identical to Jiang Luo's own, except that Jiang Luo's own appearance is more gentle and languid, rather than the rosey peony-like intensity of today.

He doesn't have hair this long, a sultry red mole on the back of his left hand, let alone having killed a man called Chi You.

Jiang Luo pinches himself heavily, it hurts.

It took him a moment to recognise the reality that he was not dreaming, but had crossed over.

Cross into the novel that was taken off the shelves because of its gory horror.

Jiang Luo's heart went cold.

"What are you doing?" The benevolent man he used as a mirror unconsciously reddened and took an aggressive step back, " Jiang Luo, don't you stall with me. If it's true that you didn't kill Chi You, then do you dare to go and offer Chi You an incense?"

It is a funeral hall, with a wide space and white chrysanthemums and white lilies piled up on either side of the coffin. These vibrant and rain-laden flowers decorate the funeral scene as romantically beautiful as a wedding. Near the coffin, the family members of the deceased were still crying, wiping their tears with their handkerchiefs, their faces fake with grief.

The mourning music floated up to the ceiling and weighed down like a mountain.

"Go on, Jiang Luo," provoked the healthy young man.

Jiang Luo remembered the name of the man, the healthy young man who was his classmate Lu Youyi, and he asked tentatively, "Lu Youyi, why do you think I killed Chi You?"

Lu Youyi laughed coldly and said in a low voice, "If others don't know, I don't know? Jiang Luo, you had a conflict with Chi You just a few days ago, and you were the only one who was there when Chi You died. You think it's fucking normal for Chi You to die suddenly for no reason when he was in good health? Don't play games with me just because you're good looking, I don't take that shit from you."

Chi You was a gentle and kind man during his lifetime, and those who came to the funeral were mostly people who had good feelings for Chi You. Lu Youyi, despite his fierce words, lowered his voice, no doubt for Jiang Luo's benefit, and it is clear that he was a good man who was easily softened.

Being soft-hearted means being a good liar.

Jiang Luo said sincerely, "It really wasn't me who killed Chi You."

The eyes were as sincere as they could be, but the original owner was usually so unpleasant that Lu Youyi gave a fake laugh and raised his hand to push him towards the coffin.

Jiang Luo walks helplessly over to the coffin.

The coffin was not fully closed and the young man lying inside it had a calm face, as if he had not died but had simply fallen asleep.

Chi You has thick eyebrows that almost go to his temples, and beneath them his eyes are closed and his long, curling eyelashes are like a dark forest. With a high nose and full roots, his face is undeniably handsome, especially when his lips are pale and his face glows with a lifeless, deadly light, giving him a strange, sickly beauty.

Yet the longer one looks at it, the more the sense of dissonance grows. Treachery and misanthropy emerge from this face, the gentle, placid smile at the corners of his mouth becomes false and cutthroat, giving the corpse an air of madness and distortion.

As hypocritical and horrible as the novel portrays, Chi You is Jiang Luo's favourite character in the book.

Jiang Luo looks at Chi You's body in disbelief.

He remembered that when he was reading the article the other day, because he liked Chi You so much, he had taken the time to write a 3,000 word review and posted it in the forum, praising Chi You for how ruthless and hypocritical he was.

However, as soon as the long review was posted, he was called out by Chi You's readers.

[Laughing my ass off, did the owner finish reading the article and say Chi You hypocrisy, hypocrisy your mother].

[Primary school children have time again, wouldn't it be good to go and do your homework in the time it takes to write these three thousand words?]

How can you blame Chi You when it's all the fault of those bad people for the big change in personality?]

[I think it's obviously the owner himself who is hypocritical and sinister, right?]

Jiang Luo was surprised to learn that Chi You's hypocrisy was so superficial, and that he could see the truth at a glance, but the people in the book were only fooled by Chi You.

How can Chi You be gentle and kind?

Jokes, that's one that makes Jiang Luo laugh just thinking about it.

But he didn't laugh, because there was a dead Chi You in front of him, and a crowd of people staring at Jiang Luo with dead eyes behind him.

There is also a looming crisis - Chi You will turn into an evil spirit and kill him.

He wore it at a bad time, and if it had been earlier, he might have avoided the death of Chi You.

But the writing was on the wall and Jiang Luo didn't have time to think about it, so he had to do his best to think of a way to avoid a cannon fodder death.

I don't know if it was just him, but Jiang Luo felt that the area around the coffin was getting colder and colder.

Perhaps, he wanted to.

Perhaps Chi You has been transformed into an evil spirit and is in this very room.

Probably because he was scaring himself, the atmosphere around him suddenly became eerie and treacherous.

Jiang Luo actually likes the character of Chi You, but only if he is not the one being vindicated by Chi You.

He doesn't want to die.

Jiang Luo is a landscape architect who was working on a municipal project before the crossing, so busy that Jiang Luo didn't finish the book "The Evil Ghost", but Jiang Luo knows the nature of Chi You very well.

Chi You is a madman, brutal and unforgiving when faced with an uninterested presence. If he wants to survive Chi You, he has to make Chi You interested in him.

No, you can't put all your hopes on that madman Chi You. Jiang Luo still has to clear his name. He is not able to protect himself now, so let those who are able to protect themselves.

He had to get the living on his side, to make it so that even if Chi You came to kill him, everyone would choose to deal with Chi You to protect themselves, which was the surest way.

In the original book, Chi You needed the help of the protagonist to take revenge, so it is clear that the dead cannot fight the living after all.

It just takes time to bring in the living, and that's what Jiang Luo lacks.

The more dangerous the situation, the calmer Jiang Luo's mind becomes, but suddenly, Jiang Luo shivers.

A chill stabs from flesh to bone, and a sense of crisis screams, reminding Jiang Luo that something is terribly wrong.

It was as if something was approaching Jiang Luo and was already less than a stone's throw away from him.

Jiang Luo's desire for survival reached a critical point and he fell to his knees with a start.

The tremendous impact instantly forced his eyes red and tears, like broken pearls, crossed his pretty face.

Jiang Luo's voice was slightly clogged, " Chi You, why did you leave me?"

Amidst the cries, Jiang Luo's gesture did not attract much attention.

" Chi You ......" Jiang Luo lowered his head and covered his face, his voice gradually blurred, "Don't you die, OK ...... "

Lu Youyi, who was watching, frowned, "Why is Jiang Luo still crying?

Jiang Luo's voice was so low that it was hard to hear. Lu Youyi couldn't help but wonder when a beautiful boy came up behind him holding a rabbit doll, and the beautiful boy asked, "Lu Youyi, why is Jiang Luo crying?"

This is their classmate Ye Xun, a cool, beautiful boy who is not interested in anything but gossip.

Lu Youyi held up a finger and shushed, "Let's keep our voices down and eavesdrop."

Jiang Luo notices their approach.

Choking on the moment, Jiang Luo choked out, "Didn't you say you liked me? Why are you leaving me now? I regret rejecting your confession, Chi You, and I realise that I love you too."

Jiang Luo's cries are moving and heartfelt.

The cold air around them stagnated slightly.

Lu Youyi and Ye Xun were stunned in place.

"Please don't leave me," Jiang Luo sobbed, "I don't believe you're dead, I will find your killer and find a way to save you. ...... I will get you back to me. "

He spoke so quietly that Lu Youyi and Ye Xun only vaguely heard the first few sentences, and as they watched Jiang Luo finish crying, they both hurriedly retreated.

Jiang Luo slowly stood up and looked down at Chi You in the coffin.

In The Evil Dead, the killing of Chi You by Cannonball is inexplicable, and Chi You's transformation into a ghost is not unlike any other ghost. While other ghosts have their souls intact, with all their arms and legs, Chi You's soul is cut into several pieces.

His soul is mutilated as if he were a human being without limbs and head, without ears, tongue and nostrils.

An incomplete soul cannot be invoked and cannot express what is in its heart or resentment. It is because of this that Chi You's resentment washes over him, and his harsh ghostly aura attracts Feng Li, a celestial master in the text, and with Feng Li's help, Chi You is able to cultivate revenge against his original body.

Jiang Luo comes through at a bad time, but fortunately there is still time before the revenge plot.

He is now relying on the fact that the dead cannot speak and cannot be beckoned to reveal that the murderer is him, thereby clearing his name.

If only to pique the interest of this madman Chi You, he could guarantee that a man with a crush on Chi You would not necessarily raise Chi You's interest, but a man who said Chi You had a crush on him would definitely amuse even the evil spirits.

More importantly, Chi You had a crush on him, and as long as the living were convinced of this, then even if Chi You came to kill him, in the eyes of the onlookers it would not be a vendetta, but a desire to kill him because Chi You loved Jiang Luo too much.

The living will thus protect Jiang Luo, an innocent, and Jiang Luo will at least have a time gap to live and grow stronger.

Lu Youyi and Ye Xun were completely confused.

They both looked at each other and Lu Youyi murmured incredulously, " Ye Xun, do you think he's playing a trick on us?"

Ye Xun said indifferently, "What's the point of him playing us? And he didn't even see us."

After some thought, Ye Xun added: "Jiang Luo is so stupid and bad that it's a good thing he didn't laugh at the funeral, you think he would cry so much on purpose?"

Lu Youyi wiped his face vigorously, "But do you think it's possible? Chi You confessing his love to Jiang Luo?" He reached out and pointed at Jiang Luo, incredulously, "You think Chi You would fall for a guy like ......"

Looking at Jiang Luo's face, which looked even more beautiful after crying, Lu Youyi's words choked in his throat and he silently put down his fingers, "...... when did they get it on."

Ye Xun: "He just said he once rejected Chi You's confession, Lu Youyi, when was the incident where Jiang Luo and Chi You had a falling out?"

"Over a month ago," Lu Youyi was led to believe Jiang Luo's words, and he took the initiative to fill in the details, "No wonder, Jiang Luo had cursed Chi You many times in private over the past month, and even tried to curse Chi You. It was probably because Chi You had confessed to Jiang Luo that Jiang Luo had become angry. Now that Chi You is dead, he regrets it and realizes that he was actually in love with Chi You. ...... It's a fucking bloodbath."

While talking about the dog's blood, Lu Youyi's eyes glistened with tears as he expertly sniffled and wiped his eyes, " Ye Xun, this is so sadistic."

Lu Youyi is a man who would cry at the sight of a bad idol drama. Ye Xun is not surprised by his behaviour, but is interested in Jiang Luo and Chi You's gossip, "He just said he wants to find the murderer and get Chi You back to him."

Lu Youyi was horrified, "He wants to invoke the spirit too?"

While they were talking, Jiang Luo had walked through the crowd to Lu Youyi and Ye Xun.

Lu Youyi and Ye Xun looked at him with mixed feelings, not even thinking about the possibility that Jiang Luo was acting.

What's the point of acting? What's the point?

No one would think Jiang Luo would lie about something that he could find out by invoking the spirit of Chi You and asking him.

Lu Youyi pressed on and asked, " Jiang Luo, you want to invoke the spirit too?"

Jiang Luo nodded slowly, "I want to invoke the spirit."

Lu Youyi and Ye Xun look at each other.

The fact that he dared to invoke the spirit proves that he was not weak-minded and that what he said was not a lie.

Lu Youyi was not actually familiar with Chi You, or for that matter, everyone who was here for the funeral, was not familiar with Chi You.

Chi You is obviously kind and friendly, but he is never too close to anyone. Lu Youyi, who mostly admires and respects Chi You, understands that Jiang Luo is not Chi You's killer, but possibly someone Chi You likes, and his attitude towards Jiang Luo eases up.

He had just treated Jiang Luo roughly, so he was a bit squirmy. Lu Youyi said sullenly, "So the murderer really isn't you, I'm sorry, I misunderstood you before. Don't worry, we'll know who the murderer is as soon as Chi You's first birthday arrives."

Jiang Luo thanked him with tears.

He thought to himself, "I'm really sorry, you Chi You brother's soul head seven is not inviting back.

Jiang Luo looked back at the coffin one last time and said, "Aren't we going to settle the commission for Hotel 129? Let's go now."

All three of them are students of Bai Hua University's Natural Sciences and Social Studies 01 class.

There is only one class in this major, and there are eight students in the class. In layman's terms, they are all students studying metaphysics in the metaphysics class.

They were also able to get out of school this time because they were going to tackle a commission to earn credits and took time out to pay their respects to Chi You.

Jiang Luo can't wait to see the unnatural events of the new world, and a certain urgency is catching up with him, making him want to become strong. ..."

He incidentally gave an excuse for his change of character, "I'm going to get stronger to avenge Chi You, and starting with Hotel 129, I'm going to say goodbye to my old self."

Lu Youyi admired people who were so brave that he immediately slapped Jiang Luo on the shoulder: "Good brothers, that's what you should do!

Ye Xun tugged on the rabbit's ears and looked at Jiang Luo with the eyes of a prodigal son, "It's not too late for you to start changing."

Jiang Luo forced a smile, "No, it's too late."

The three men walked out of the crowd in place for a moment in despondency, keeping their heads down.

When he was leaving the house, an old man with a big belly suddenly reached out to Jiang Luo's body, and Lu Youyi pulled Jiang Luo away as if he had eyes behind his back, wondering, "What are you doing?"

The large-bellied old man with a short, narrow, obscure and obscure middle, an indulgent look of kidney essence deficiency, his eyes dodged, "I'm not doing anything."

Jiang Luo is behind Lu Youyi, squinting at him.

Ye Xun, holding the doll rabbit, suddenly looked down close to the rabbit's mouth, "What, you say this person's tendons don't bind the bones, his veins don't control the flesh, he has a 'ghostly restless' look and will soon be in danger of killing himself?"

The big-bellied old man stiffened, "What are you talking about!"

He wanted to swear, but when he met Ye Xun's eyes, he didn't dare to say anything else. Ye Xun's eyes were so dark that he could not see the light, and for a moment they made the old man's body shiver. He had a hunch that what this man said was true and that he would really be killed.

Lu Youyi cursed and pushed Jiang Luo away, while Ye Xun followed leisurely, saying slowly, "Oh, so Xiao Fen, you were wrong. This man is only surrounded by a black mist at the root of the mountain, and will be plagued by misfortune and bad luck."

The old man took a long breath and came back to his senses before he realised that his legs were weak.

When we got out, Jiang Luo said, "Ye Xun, I didn't expect you to be so defensive of me."

Ye Xun said slowly, "No need to be so grateful, but if you'd like to tell me a little bit about your relationship with Chi You, I'd love to hear it."

Lu Youyi's eyes lit up and he turned his head to stare at Jiang Luo.

Jiang Luo ponders for a moment, wrapping his fingers around his dark hair and quickly piecing together the plot of various idol dramas and novels before leaping into action.

He looked up at the overcast sky and sighed, a lingering complexity written in his eyes, "That's a long story."

" Chi You He ...... actually has deep roots of love for me."

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