Chapter 9: I'm just one piece short of the main character!

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Tang Mo was wearing a woolen jumper and a coat in the late autumn of November, a cold day. A cold, sharp object pressed against the back of his waist, poking a tiny round hole in his thick clothing.

Tang Mo maintains a half-standing position without moving, and he senses that it is a knife.

The man couldn't wait: "Damn it, give me your wallet! Hurry up! Or I'll cut you up!"

Tang Mo's voice was calm: "Hold the knife back a little, let me stand up and I'll give you my wallet."

"So much nonsense." The man moved his knife back a little.

Tang Mo stood up and, very knowingly, without turning his head to look around, handed over his wallet. In just a moment, the wallet was snatched away. The gruff male voice cursed, "Fuck, that's it? This car is yours, right, are the keys on it?"


"Don't you move or I'll cut you up."

Tang Mo did not turn around and the knife that was resting against his back took away. He heard the other man open the door and tried to start the car. After making sure it would start, he pulled the door shut with a bang.

Tang Mo said loudly, "My luggage is in the boot, can I get it?"

The car started and stopped after a moment, and the man said impatiently, "What's with all your bullshit. Your luggage is old man's too, get lost."

Tang Mo: "It's getting colder now, so I'll just take a shirt. Brother, it's going to freeze to death in this cold weather, one shirt is fine."

The man cursed a few times, opened the car door, put the knife against Tang Mo's waist again and said coldly, "Hurry up then, just take a shirt and push me to get you killed again."

Tang Mo now turned around and got a good look at the man.

This was a man with a furtive eye, his hair was greasy and dirty, and the clothes he wore were stained with grey patches on the left and right. Noticing Tang Mo looking at him, the man suddenly looked like a frightened animal and seemed to loathe the sight of people looking at him; he swallowed uncomfortably and cursed, "What the hell are you looking at, get your clothes." A hand held the knife against him.

Tang Mo nods.

The man looked like a thief.

Tang Mo walks to the trunk and pulls it open.

"What is this thing? A match?" The man asked curiously.

Tang Mo leaned down to reach for his trunk, his hand slashing hard against the latch of the boot, the sharp latch cutting across the most delicate skin of his palm, leaving only a shallow mark. Tang Mo's eyes froze and his left hand grabbed the match straight away, flinging it behind him as hard as if he were batting a baseball.

"What is this match ...... you ...... ah!"

The giant match hit the man's head with a thud and instantly, blood flowed.

Tang Mo didn't expect the matches to be so powerful either. When the match was weighed in my hand, it was not heavy, like an ordinary wooden match. But the sound of a loud bang was like an iron bar hitting his head, and it was painful to hear the sound.

A normal person would have been killed by such a blow to the head, but the man just stumbled backwards two steps, raised his bloodied face and looked angrily at Tang Mo: "I'll kill you!

With that, he lifted the small knife and charged straight at it.

Tang Mo's heart tightened and he dodged to his right, while raising his left foot and kicking the man in the stomach. The man cried out in pain as the knife slashed downwards into Tang Mo's calf. A cut was instantly made in his trousers, but the sharp blade only left a shallow, nail-scratching blood mark on Tang Mo's skin, making a crunching sound as if it were on a hard floor.

The man covered his stomach and rushed up again with a shout.

Tang Mo reacts quickly and raises a match to meet it.

The sharp blade of the knife and the wooden matchstick collided with a single click ......

Small knife broken in two.

Tang Mo: "......"

Man: "......"

Tang Mo himself did not expect the matchstick to be so powerful, but he soon recovered and swung it at the man again. The man was too close to Tang Mo to dodge the stick because of his chopping motion. But just as the matchstick was about to hit him on the head again, countless red banknotes suddenly fell in the air.

Tang Mo had never seen so many hundred dollar bills either, it seemed like a small mountain of them, untold numbers of them falling from the air, forming a wall between the matchstick and the man, acting as a cushion for the man so that he was just slammed to the ground.

"Don't kill me, don't kill me ......"

The man trembled and begged for mercy.

Tang Mo paused in his striking motion as he took the matches and knelt down to feel the money.

"Where did you get so much money? Where did you get it?"

These are real hundred dollar bills!

The man looked fearfully at the giant matches and explained, "I'm a thief. This morning all of a sudden the streets were gone and I went and stole a lot of things. I even ran a bank in the afternoon and took ...... all the money I could find."

That's not what Tang Mo wants to know: "Where did you hide the money?"

The man held up his right hand and gestured a light bronze tattoo on his wrist to him, "Took it from here. I ...... found out when I robbed the money that I could keep all this money in this tattoo. I got this tattoo a long time ago, and I can only store money. I was almost killed by you just now, so I subconsciously took the money out of the tattoo ......"

Tang Mo nodded and looked down at the tattoo on the man's wrist.

In a flash of light, a half-foot blade appeared in front of Tang Mo's eyes, stabbing him straight in the eye.

"Go to hell!!!"

The matchstick swung rapidly through the air and without blinking, Tang Mo broke the blade with a single blow, the red head of the match tracing a circular arc through the air and smashing right on top of the man's head. The man's eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Tang Mo and the matchstick in his hand, and his hulking body fell to one side, hitting the ground with a loud thud.

Tang Mo blushed and reached under the man's nose.

"...... is dead."

Tang Mo looked at the dead man with mixed eyes. He looked away for a moment and picked up the man's right hand, examining the pattern on the man's wrist.

The night was too dark and Tang Mo was a little too far away to notice that the tattoo was a "$" symbol. He picked up the man's left hand again and found a tattoo on the wrist of this hand, but it was a knife.

Tang Mo watched for a while, then suddenly the tattoo disappeared and two knives appeared on the ground. With a start, he looked at the man's right hand and saw that the "$" tattoo had also disappeared and there was a mountain of 100 yuan bills on the ground.

Tang Mo walked to the car and took the book out.

He turned to the second page, and sure enough, a line of text appeared on it.

[Alien Energy: I am just one spiritual field away from the main character]

[Owned by: Qian Sankun (Stowaway)

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Seals the object it touches inside the body in the form of a tattoo]

[Level: 2, can store two inanimate objects]

[Restriction: Only objects of the same type can be stored, and no life forms can be stored]

[Remark: Qian Sankun never thought that what he lacks than the protagonist is not a spiritual field, but a match!

These are in black, and at the bottom, there is a line in red.

[Tang Mo Edition Instructions for use: Disposable item, can only store the same object, not interchangeable. Have you thought about what you want to store, my friend?


Tang Mo Mo stared at the three words on the page for a long time, but could not come up with a clue and had to give up for now.

The book knows gags, but it is its own psychic power after all, and Tang Mo soon understands the man's powers and how he should use them.

Qian Sankun is a thief, but he has also awakened his psychic ability to store inanimate objects in his body, which he can access at any time, as long as they are the same item and there is no limit to the number of objects he can store. Tang Mo does not know what the level of the ability means, and if we assume that this ability is upgradeable, then Qian Sankun can currently store two kinds of objects.

He chose the money and the knife.

What a rat-headed man. At a time like this, money is a waste of paper and serves no purpose, but Qian Sankun still can't part with it.

Qian Sankun is clever enough to fool Tang Mo into believing that he can store money because he has had a tattoo before, not revealing his powers and giving him the opportunity to sneak up on Tang Mo with a knife tattoo. Luckily, Tang Mo never lets his guard down, otherwise he might have got him.

Unfortunately, assuming that Qian Sankun's second object in storage was not money, but some concealed weapon like a knife, then he might have had a slight chance of surviving.

Tang Mo looked at Qian Sankun's cold body on the ground and then at the knives and banknotes all over the floor. Without hesitation, he picked up his own large match and pressed it to his wrist with one hand. A red light flashed, the match disappeared, and a small red match tattoo appeared on Tang Mo's left wrist.

The giant matches are more powerful than Tang Mo expected, and storing them can be used as a concealed weapon to catch them off guard. If you come across someone like Qian Sankun again, you will be less of a threat.

Tang Mo looks down at his book.

Qian Sankun's ability name has been changed to -

[Ability: I am just one Spirit Field away from the main character (used)]

He turned to the first page again. On the first page was a record of his own powers, which had not changed from what he had seen before. But Tang Mo did not give up. He stared at the book with a blank face for about five minutes, and lines of text slowly emerged.

[Remark: apparently Tang Mo already knew that when he killed the man he had eaten him dry and hadn't paid him].

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed and his fingers squeezed the pages tightly, trembling gently.

"Is there really only killing ......"

A minute later, a line showed up again in the book.

[Remark: But how could I tell Tang Mo that he could get someone's powers without killing them?

Tang Mo: "......"


A book thrown mercilessly in a mountain of notes by its owner.

Three minutes later, Tang Mo indifferently retrieved the book. He took a pile of banknotes and put them over Qian Sankun's face, burying him in his favourite pile of money. Having done so, he took the book and drove off, continuing on to Shanghai.


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