Chapter 8: I'm not as good as the main character!

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Tang Mo doesn't have time to be sad and scared.

The magi and Little Zhao had disappeared so completely, leaving no clothes or belongings behind, that he had no need to help pack anything.

Tang Mo closes the door behind him and leaves the library.

In the centre of town, under The black tower, seven or eight other people had gathered. Some of them were sitting on the ground in a daze, wondering what had just happened and why their fellow marchers had all disappeared in a matter of minutes, while two middle-aged men dressed as elites were tearing down the white wall.

A white plastic wall was erected three days ago by the armed police to enclose The black tower and keep the general public away.

Now the armed police have disappeared, as have the scientists doing research in the white wall. The two men had torn a large hole in the white wall and approached The black tower. Tang Mo did not follow them to see, he looked away and continued on his way.

So many scientists had been working on it for six months and hadn't come up with any clues. He didn't think he could figure out what The black tower was.

The first problem Tang Mo had to face was the lack of a car.

It is now 8.15 and at exactly 8 o'clock the magi and Little Zhao have disappeared. Like them, most of the city has disappeared. There are no drivers, no buses or subways to get home. In addition many people were driving when they disappeared, and now these cars are crashing together crookedly, blocking most of the road.

Tang Mo walked half a kilometre and saw a yellow bicycle lying on the ground.

He took out his phone and swiped the QR code.

"So it's not working? ......"

Tang Mo tightened his brow and knelt down to observe the lock and key structure of the small yellow car. After watching for two minutes, he picked up a stone from the ground and began to bang on the lock.

The tremendous recoil caused Tang Mo's wrists some raw pain, but he was much stronger than before and with just two smashes the steel latch was broken.

Tang Mo took a thoughtful look at the broken lock and rode home on his yellow bike.

Forty minutes later, he entered the block and parked his little yellow bike downstairs.

In the silence of the neighbourhood, there is no one around, only the gentle rustle of the wind blowing the leaves. Tang Mo went home and simply packed some clothes. Tang Mo's parents were both only children and his grandparents passed away when he was a child, and his parents died in a car accident when he was at university.

Some of Tang Mo's closest friends didn't stay in Suzhou after university, one went to Beijing and the other to Shanghai.

The clergyman's daughter is also in Shanghai, so he's just in time to look for his best friend.

Tang Mo was stuck in the library yesterday evening, so when he got home he filled his stomach and then packed some clothes and stuffed them in his suitcase. With his things packed, there was a more serious problem -

He does not have a car.

From Suzhou to Shanghai, it takes half an hour by high speed train or one hour by car.

High speed rail is definitely not operational now, Tang Mo doesn't quite dare to imagine what it would be like on the railways now. If, as on the streets, drivers suddenly disappear and countless cars crash one after another. Then on the railways, too, the uncontrolled trains would all crash into each other.

He needs a car.

Tang Mo walked upstairs and knocked on the landlord's door. After three minutes and no response from the door, he picked up the iron plate hand he had brought from home and smashed it hard through the lock.

As soon as you enter, you smell the extremely heavy smell of coal.

Tang Mo's eyes flinched and he rushed to the kitchen to turn off the gas stove and open the window to ventilate the room.

There are still chopped vegetables on the kitchen table and the owners were obviously preparing a delicious breakfast before they disappeared. Tang Mo left school a year ago and rented this house from a very nice elderly couple who live upstairs. The landlords are a very nice old couple who live upstairs. They have nothing to do at home and sometimes invite Tang Mo upstairs for dinner.

Tang Mo does not have a car and used to borrow one from his landlord.

He gingerly took the car keys out of the drawer under the TV cabinet and, after checking around and finding that the house was really empty, opened the door and left.

Shanghai is so close to Suzhou that it doesn't take much fuel to drive, but once Tang Mo got into his car, he realised that the landlord's car was really running low on fuel and the needle was approaching the red line. At this level of fuel, he would have to break down halfway through the journey.

Had to go get gas first.

Tang Mo inserted the key into the lock hole and wrenched it to the right. Just as he started the car, a sharp pain suddenly invaded his heart. It was as if a large hand was pressing hard on his heart. Tang Mo's face turned white in a flash, his heart pounded and his blood flowed through his body at a breakneck pace.

His body temperature was climbing at an unimaginable rate.

It got to 40 degrees in a minute!

However, the 40 degree heat did not burn Tang Mo's brain and he was conscious enough to clearly feel a sharp knife cutting into his heart. His body temperature was still climbing and the excruciating pain in his heart was gradually increasing.

Tang Mo slams his fist into the passenger seat, but it doesn't ease the pain.

The intense pain caused his consciousness to fade as well.

When Tang Mo woke up ten hours later, it was pitch dark. While unconscious, his clothes were wet with sweat, then dried naturally, then soaked with sweat again. This was repeated back and forth an unknown number of times before his heartbeat returned to normal and the unexplained pain disappeared.

Tang Mo's face is still a little hard to read, but his eyes are unmistakably sharp and bright.

He touched his chest and that heart had resumed beating normally. After checking the rest of his body again, there was nothing abnormal.

Then he reached out and grabbed a book out of the air.

He grabbed the book completely out of thin air, but there was no surprise on Tang Mo's face. It was a notebook-like book, with a tawny hardboard vellum cover, which opened to a blank page. Tang Mo stared intently at the blank paper, and as he watched, lines of writing appeared on the white paper.

[Ability: Eating without paying]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Collecting Abnormal Energy]

[Remark: Everyone has a dream of eating everything without paying! Tang Mo is a good-looking guy, but he has always wanted to do this kind of thing. Tang Mo was seven when he stole chocolate from a neighbour's kid and didn't pay for it, ten when he copied his classmate's homework and didn't pay for it, and fifteen when he watched his first porno (bracketed by calcium) and still didn't pay for it!

Look, he's thinking of eating it all and not paying for it!

Tang Mo: "......"

You're nuts!!!

Tang Mo almost wants to slap this book against the wall.

Fortunately, he endured.

This is his psychic ability.

When Tang Mo wakes up, he knows he has psychic powers. His supernatural power is not wind, fire, lightning, or natural strength, it is a book, or a book that makes you want to slap it to death.

Tang Mo kept flipping through the book, but unfortunately there were no words in the book other than the few pieces of information shown on the first page. He looked at it for half an hour without seeing any clues, and after looking at it for a long time, another line appeared in the book instead.

[Note: You still think Tang Mo will pay? My friend, he's trying to figure out if he should pay to fill up at the gas station!

Tang Mo: "......"


A book was thrown out of the car window.

After a minute, the lean, handsome young man stepped out of the car and picked the book back up with an expressionless face.

The book was on the passenger seat and Tang Mo didn't look at it again. He drove the car to the nearest petrol station. The station was dead silent, no one in sight. A few petrol pipes had fallen casually to the ground, and the pungent smell of diesel was dripping all over the place, presumably as the staff were filling up and then suddenly disappeared.

Tang Mo pauses before getting out of the car and takes his wallet, which is in the back seat, out.

There was apparently no one in this gas station and he shouted anyway, "Anyone?"

When he doesn't get a response, Tang Mo walks straight to a petrol dispenser. There was already a card inserted into the pump, one of the staff's usual cards. Each staff member at the pump has a card with a high credit limit, from which they charge the fuel directly to the driver.

Tang Mo doesn't own a car and doesn't have a private fuel card, so now he has to fill up directly with a staff member's card.

The tall, thin, dark-haired young man quickly fills up the tank at the quiet, empty gas station. It's always a tense night, and this is a busy part of the Suzhou campus, but now there's no one there but Tang Mo standing in the bright light, filling up his car.

Something seemed to be hiding in the darkness around them, and a sharper wind whistled past.

Tang Mo put the gas pipe back and before he was about to leave his face changed and he seemed to think of something and took two more hundred dollar bills out of his wallet and put them on the floor of the gas station with a stone pressed against them.

Just as he got up to return to the car, suddenly something cold rested against his rear end and Tang Mo remained in his bent position without moving again.

"Don't move! Get your wallet out, now!"


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