Chapter 62: ...... love injury?!

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When Tang Mo first heard the name 'Fu Wensheng', he thought of Fu Wenduo. The surname Fu is not very common, and with the name Wensheng, there is an uncanny connection with Fu Wenduo. Unless the two characters are different. Once Fu Wensheng denied his relationship with Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo buried the suspicion. He even thought that Fu Wensheng and Fu Wenduo should not be related.

After two broadcasts of The black tower, players all over China and the world will be familiar with the name Fu Wenduo. In addition to this, Chinese players have a unique "engraved" attachment to this name.

If Fu Wensheng was really related to Fu Wenduo, he should not have given his real name so openly. If he could say it, it is 90% likely that he is not related to Fu Wenduo, so he is not afraid of the shadow.

But Tang Mo never expected that in the end he and Bai Ruoyao would both be fooled by this seemingly clever and naive young boy.

Fu Wensheng was right to call him Fu Wensheng, but denying his relationship with Fu Wenduo was a lie. The boy's seven truths and three falsehoods in one sentence were so well acted that he fooled both adults, and even after he had left the copy, Tang Mo did not realise that he had been tricked and waited for Fu Wenduo to reveal the truth.

"Man-children." Tang Mo muttered breathlessly.

Fu Wenduo: "What?"

Tang Mo said, "It's nothing. Although he is your cousin, Fu Wenduo, sorry, he has left the copy. I can't get in touch with him again."

Fu Wenduo's voice was low: "It doesn't matter. I didn't expect him to be alive either, it was an accident. Is your game over?"

Tang Mo shakes his head: "Not even close."

"Well, I won't bother you, take care."

The eggs are hung up, and Tang Mo looks up, fixing his eyes on the magnificent gate before him. He holds two moon flowers in one hand, while the other gently presses on the handle of a small parasol. He doesn't need Fu Wenduo to tell him to be careful, because this is a game of tower attack. Breaking the Möbius ring to leave the corridor is an important part of the game, but there is no guarantee that there will be any other dangers in the Queen of Hearts' bedroom, which is also part of the game.

Tang Mo listened carefully for movement inside the door. There was silence inside the door, no sound.

Tang Mo quickly pushes the door open, while moving his body to the side to prevent a surprise attack from inside. There was nothing, however, the door was silent and Tang Mo waited calmly for a long time. After three minutes, he turned and entered the room.

The spacious room is dark and quiet, with the bright moonlight shining through the stained glass window, reflecting a dappled rectangle of colour on the floor. In the dim light of the moon, Tang Mo quickly adjusts to the light in the room and sees the room clearly. Tang Mo froze slightly at the sight of the familiar bed and the huge wardrobe behind it. He looks away and when he sees the vase with three coloured feathers on the dressing table, he shakes his head with a bitter smile and walks towards the unassuming vase.

It turns out that they had already been to the Queen of Hearts' bedroom.

The vase on the dresser is filled with red, green and purple feathers, suggesting the number of players in the group. Also, this is the vase for the moon flowers. The vase is for the flowers, not the feathers, and by putting the moon flowers in here, the jewelled corridor will close forever.

Tang Mo took one step towards the tiny vase and just as he was about to reach it, a sharp whistle of wind came from behind Tang Mo. Tang Mo's eyes tightened and he reflexively turned his head to avoid it, but the object turned in the air and stabbed Tang Mo in the eye.

Tang Mo immediately recited the incantation and snapped open the small parasol in front of herself.

The sharp spear pierced the small parasol with a crisp metallic clanging sound. Tang Mo's strength had also become great after his physical qualities had been enhanced. But when the spear came, he felt as if a mountain had come crashing down heavily on him, and he was knocked out of the way and smashed into the Queen of Hearts' wardrobe.

With a fishy sweetness in his throat, Tang Mo swallowed the mouthful of blood and looked up at this mysterious foe.

It is a giant poker guard, three metres tall, holding a two-metre long spear. Inside the playing card, the small eyes shine brightly, staring deadly at Tang Mo. The moonlight shone through the window on its playing cards, which were different from the ones Tang Mo had encountered in the Jewel Corridor. A faint layer of gold covered its armour, as if it were the general of the guards.

Tang Mo shouldn't have been careless, he slapped the ground and got up from the floor.

The golden guard doesn't give Tang Mo a chance to catch his breath as he stands up and thrusts his spear at him. Not only is it imposing, it is also fast and not at all bulky. It moves around the room, blocking Tang Mo's space step by step, forcing him into a dead end, using his parasol as a shield, without even having time to retract it.

The dense shadow of spears came overwhelmingly, Tang Mo was unable to counter-attack, while the golden guards attacked faster and faster.

The spear was so sharp that it easily cut through Tang Mo's skin, leaving a gaping wound on his body. Tang Mo's back was already pressed against the bedroom wall and he could not retreat. The golden guards took the opportunity to raise the spear high in the air, aiming to pierce Tang Mo's skull from above. At that moment, Tang Mo quickly retracted his umbrella and fell to the ground, landing on his feet on the wall. With this force, he slides between the legs of the poker guard.

Queen of Hearts' guards are playing cards with limbs sprouting from each one, allowing them to walk.

The golden guard's legs were only 20cm long, not long enough for Tang Mo to slide out. As Tang Mo is about to hit his poker, he holds the small parasol in his hand and aims the tip at the hard-looking poker.

He was sure that Granny Wolf was better than this poker.

Tang Mo's bet was right, as Granny Wolf's parasol crashed into the playing cards, sending bright sparks of metal into the air. But just after the shocking impact, the parasol managed to smash a hole in the playing card, giving Tang Mo the opportunity to glide out and behind the poker guards.

The guard's movements were not impeded by the broken playing cards. He turned angrily to glare at Tang Mo, who ignored him and drew his legs to run at the loud dresser.

The guard swung his spear and danced through the air with a hunting wind. He threw his right hand up in the air, threw it back, and then shot the spear out. Tang Mo could not run as fast as the spear flew, and it was about to pierce Tang Mo's skull, while Tang Mo was still about nine metres away from the dressing table.

The spear broke into the wind and was only 10 centimetres short of hitting Tang Mo in the back of the head. Suddenly, the spear stopped and the angry guard's movements froze in the air.

Tang Mo slowly turned around, only to see that at some point he was holding a small vase in his arms. In the vase were red, green and purple feathers, along with two beautiful silver moon flowers. The moment these two flowers were inserted, the golden guard's spear came to a standstill and the golden guard stopped moving.

The next moment.


Queen of Hearts' bedroom suddenly crumbled, guards and spears shattered, stained glass windows on the walls shattered, the room's large bed and wardrobe shattered. As if shattered by something, the whole world crumbled into small fragments. The fragments turned to powder and disappeared into the air. A brilliant ray of sunlight was cast through the real window, illuminating the bedroom.

Tang Mo squinted his eyes, unable for a moment to adjust to such blinding sunlight. He clutches the vase and surveys this new world after the shattering.

Darkness disappears and daylight arrives.

The shadowy castle that we have seen since Tang Mo entered the game disappears without a trace in this moment, replaced by a glorious and magnificent golden castle. The gardens are filled with flowers and birds chirping. The castle is covered in gold, including the bedroom in front of Tang Mo, which has been transformed into pure gold luxury. Every ray of light that falls on the floor reflects the glitter of jewels.

It's as if the castle has finally come to life. Or rather, Tang Mo has finally stepped out of the corridors of gems and into the real Queen of Hearts' jewelled castle. A jeweled castle is necessarily luxurious, not dark and gloomy.

Tang Mo: "So ...... this is the real gem of a castle."

Just now Tang Mo used his "Come and hit me, come and hit me" ability to teleport a vase of flowers two metres away from him to his face, while quickly inserting the moon flower into it. The moment the two flowers were inserted, the world shattered, revealing its original face.

A clear child's voice rang out in Tang Mo's ears -

"Dingdong! Player Tang Mo has successfully cleared the second level of The black tower (normal mode) and completed 'The Game of Hide and Seek in the Jewel Corridor', earning a total of two moon flowers and two rewards."

The moonflower in the vase shone with a silvery glow. Two rays of light flew to Tang Mo's brow and disappeared into it, but the moonflower in the vase did not disappear. Tang Mo heard The black tower whispering in his ear and before he had time to react, there was a shrill sound of high heels outside the main door.

"Dinner today? No, I don't want to eat that human's hands, I want to eat his eyes." The harsh female voice rattled through the door as if it were a broken radio, "You go on, gouge out that human's eyes and dip them in my favourite caviar. Do you hear me? Get the hell out of here! Get your ass over there and gouge his eyes out for me now!"

The sound of high heels came closer and closer, and with a boom the door was kicked open.

A little girl with a jeweled crown on her head gathered herself to kick in the door, wearing a gorgeous red gown as she scanned her bedroom viciously. When she saw the vase that had fallen to the floor and the moon flowers in it, she screamed and turned away in anger: "Aaaaaah!!! Why are there only two of my flowers left! Where are my three moon flowers, and one more? Captain of the guards, get your ass over here!!!"

With the piercing screams of the Queen of Hearts still echoing in her ears, Tang Mo opened her eyes and was back on Earth.

When Queen of Hearts entered, The black tower transported Tang Mo away from the jeweled castle. Tang Mo only heard the voice of Queen of Hearts, but did not see her face. When he returned to the real world, Tang Mo took a moment to rest. He raised his hand to his forehead and a pale light flickered from his brow.

[Props: Queen of Hearts' Moonflower]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Fine].

[Grade: Level 1].

[Attack Power: None]

[Function: You can get the game cheats directly once.

[Restrictions: Disposable items, one moon flower can only be redeemed for one game of cheats. The game cheat is a defective version, only the requirements to pass the game can be known, not the method to pass the game.

[Note: In fact, Queen of Hearts uses moonflowers in their face masks every day, which no one in the castle knows about.

Tang Mo doesn't know what Fu Wensheng's reward in exchange for the moon flower is that makes it hard for the child to hide his delight. But he knows that his reward for this is also enough to surprise him.

Tang Mo ponders the Moon Flower's function and limitations and concludes, "A crippled version of the game cheat, meaning that if I had just used this prop in the Jewel Corridor, it would have told me to simply put the Moon Flower in the vase to pass the game, but it would not have told me to break the wall to get out of the Jewel Corridor." After a pause, Tang Mo shook his head again, "Actually breaking the wall doesn't get you out of the Jewel Corridor."

The fifth rule of the "Jewel Corridor Game of Hide-and-Seek": one of the end points of the Jewel Corridor is the Queen of Hearts' bedroom, place the moon flower in the vase in the Queen of Hearts' bedroom and the Jewel Corridor will be closed forever.

It was Tang Mo who was careless. He had guessed that there might be danger in the Queen of Hearts' bedroom and had been careful, forgetting that the Queen of Hearts' bedroom was also in the Jewel Corridor. Even if it was the end, it was an end to the Jewel Corridor. Because it is the end, there is no next path to take, so the bedroom is also a dead end. The Queen of Hearts' bedroom is a special dead end, with no two guards, but an extremely powerful golden guard.

Queen of Hearts' Moonflower may seem a bit of a cock-up, as without it, Tang Mo guessed his task was to put the Moonflower in a vase. But for some games, it is a very powerful asset. For example, the gopher game.

"If I had used this moon flower while raiding the ground floor of The black tower, I would have known that the real requirement for the pass was to hit a sufficient number of gophers, not to catch a golden gopher."

Such props may be used to horrific effect against the always-terrifying The black tower and The black tower monster.

After a break, Tang Mo hides the small parasol in a secluded position and walks towards Luo Fengcheng's office.

It had been a full night and dawn since he had entered Tower Attack. Tang Mo had made a deal with Luo Fengcheng before he entered the game that he could tell Luo Fengcheng what he had encountered in Tower Attack, so that Luo Fengcheng would be more prepared for Tower Attack and improve the chances of Atak members surviving Tower Attack in the future. In exchange for this information, Luo Fengcheng will offer an equivalent amount of information.

Tang Mo walks up to Luo Fengcheng's office door and knocks on it to enter. Lifting his head, he moves to look at the man who is already sitting in his office.

At this moment, Luo Fengcheng is sitting on the sofa, looking up at Tang Mo. On the other side of the double sofa, Fu Wenduo sits quietly, and at the sound of the door opening he looks up at Tang Mo. Their eyes meet in the air and they freeze in unison. Tang Mo nods slightly, and Fu Wenduo curls his lips and nods back at him.

The office is small, with only two sofas in total. One is the single sofa where Luo Fengcheng sits and the other is the double sofa where Fu Wenduo sits. Tang Mo thought about it for a while and then had no choice but to sit next to Fu Wenduo. The sofa was a bit cramped and his thighs touched Fu Wenduo's thighs.

A bit hot and steamy.

Tang Mo moves uncomfortably to the side.

Luo Fengcheng said, "I was just talking to Mr. Fu about assembling copies. Tang Mo, congratulations, you have returned from the tower attack game successfully. Wait a little while, we still have some things to finish."

Tang Mo nods.

Luo Fengcheng and Fu Wenduo continue with information about the assembled copies.

Tang Mo had nothing to do, so he adjusted to his raw breath as he casually looked around the room. With this look, he saw the man sitting beside him. He remembered the little boy.

From Tang Mo's perspective, only half of Fu Wenduo's face can be seen in profile. With his high nose and smooth jaw, he looks calmly at Luo Fengcheng and listens to the information he gives him about the assembled copies. The look in his eyes seems calm, but he is as calm and collected as a hawk or a falcon.

This man even sits so straight when he's sitting down that no one would probably believe him if he said he was a stowaway.

Tang Mo thought to himself.

"What are you looking at after watching me for so long?" Unknowingly, Fu Wenduo and Luo Fengcheng had finished their conversation. The handsome man turned his head, the corners of his mouth slightly curled, and looked at Tang Mo.

Tang Mo froze and coughed twice, but said calmly, "You and your brother do look a little bit alike. His chin is a bit similar, but he's a bit more pointed than you." Fu Wenduo's chin is not as sharp as the children's, and he looks more determined and manly.

Fu Wenduo: "He is still young, he may change later. How is he?"

Tang Mo told the story of what he had seen. It was no big deal, it was Fu Wenduo's cousin, he wasn't interested in trading such things for anything, just say so. "...... In the end he left the game with his reward. Since he denied his relationship with you early on, I didn't expect that he was really your brother."

"It's normal to deny having a relationship with Mr. Fu," Luo Fengcheng laughs, "If it were me, and I was asked in the game if I knew 'Fu Wenduo, the stowaway,' I'd deny it too. If I were asked in-game if I knew 'Fu Wenduo', I'd deny it too. After all, Jackass still wants to find 'Fu Wenduo' and give him a good fight, beating him to a pulp. Of course, I knew Jackass wouldn't be able to do that and would probably get beaten up himself, so I didn't give him the name of Mr. Fu's school."

Fu Wenduo said lightly, "He's been a big boy since he was a kid. I haven't seen him for a year though, been out on a mission at the border. I went back to Beijing after Earth came online to see if anyone I knew survived, but I didn't see anyone."

Tang Mo's body leaned forward and he felt a slight pain in his back, but he didn't give it a second thought and said, "Maybe the little friend wasn't home when Earth came online. Maybe he had gone on a trip somewhere? Where did he go to play? That's why you didn't find him in Beijing ...... What are you guys looking at me for?"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Luo Fengcheng: "......"

Tang Mo frowned strangely and looked at the two men in disbelief. Because both of them were staring at him with a very complicated gaze at the moment, looking at him strangely.

Luo Fengcheng said, "Actually, I wanted to say when you first entered, Tang Mo, that there was quite a lot of blood on your clothes, so you should have been injured during the tower attack game. But I saw that you didn't seem to care about it, so I didn't mention it. But now ...... cough, haven't you noticed that your back is starting to bleed and my couch is covered in your blood. The wound is so heavy that you can't even stop the bleeding completely with your self-healing ability, what did you touch?"

Tang Mo reached out in dismay and touched his back. As expected, there was a handful of blood, which was shocking to see, but he didn't feel much pain, probably because he was used to it.

Fu Wenduo stood up and said in a low voice, "Come on, let's go to the infirmary and get your wound treated."

The wound on his back from the golden guard was still bleeding, and Tang Mo was too embarrassed to talk to someone while bleeding, it was odd. He said, "No, I'll go myself. Let Lizzy help me stop the bleeding, I think I pulled it again with my movements."

Luo Fengcheng: " Lizzy and Jackass went to raid the S9 copy together."

Tang Mo froze: "What about Tang Qiao?"

Luo Fengcheng laughs, " Tang Qiao also went with them."

Tang Mo: "......"

"Why don't you go ahead and take care of the wound, just as Mr Fu School has an injury to take care of as well. I have a few things to do here." Luo Fengcheng said, " Tang Mo, let's talk about it later."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo left Luo Fengcheng's office together and walked to the infirmary.

As Luo Fengcheng had said, Lizzy and Jackass, who were always here, had gone out to raid the replica. After all, for him and Fu Wenduo, as long as their wounds are not too serious, even if they are bleeding to the bone, their bodies will heal themselves if they are given time.

Tang Mo ran into a golden guard this time. The Golden Guard's spear is not an ordinary weapon, and the wound it pierces is very difficult to recover from, taking much longer to heal.

Entering the infirmary, Fu Wenduo sat down on the bed and Tang Mo took out the iodine and gauze and watched as Fu Wenduo calmly removed the gauze from his neck. At first glance, Tang Mo saw the gauze wrapped around the man's neck. This was the first time Tang Mo had seen Fu Wenduo treat a wound, and I thought only very serious injuries would require such treatment.

When Fu Wenduo removed the gauze completely, Tang Mo's eyes fluttered.

He quickly calmed down, "I'll help you with that."

Fu Wenduo: "Good."

Tang Mo carefully removed the blood-soaked gauze, took a cotton ball with tweezers, moistened it with iodine and gently pressed it against Fu Wenduo's wound. It was a dark hole, as if something had penetrated Fu Wenduo's neck and pulled it out. Anyone with this kind of wound would have died, and if it had been on Tang Mo, there was a 30 per cent chance that he would have died outright. But Fu Wenduo survived and looked as if he was still alive and kicking.

Tang Mo has another estimate of the strength of this man.

"Does it hurt?"

The youth's warm exhale sprayed on his ear as Fu Wenduo tilted his head sideways to allow Tang Mo to treat the wound on his neck. Hearing this, he raised his eyes to the ceiling, seemingly amused, and curled his lips, "It doesn't hurt."

The distance was too close for Tang Mo, who was too preoccupied with his wound, to notice, "That's a very serious injury. I thought it would be easy for you to get through the second level of The black tower, but it doesn't look easy."

"Before Earth came online, I had a much worse injury than this."

Tang Mo stared, "Worse than that?" This kind of injury would have been fatal before the Earth came online. How could he have received a worse injury than this?

Fu Wenduo raised his hand and pointed to his heart: "It's here."

Tang Mo: "......" Somehow, a paragraph suddenly came to him.

What is a wound worse than a mortal wound? That is a love wound.

Tang Mo gets serious: "Is it on a mission?"

Fu Wenduo, not knowing that Tang Mo had already thought the wrong thing once, nodded, "Well, six months ago a bullet got stuck in my heart. But I survived."

A bullet stuck in the heart?

A bullet can still be stuck in the heart?

And this man actually survived?!

...... Life is great.

After wrapping the gauze back carefully, Tang Mo wrapped the bandage around Fu Wenduo's neck and tied a dead knot. He couldn't tie a knot, it was either a dead knot or a bow. After thinking about it, Tang Mo decided to tie a dead knot, so he could cut it with scissors next time.

Fu Wenduo's wound is treated and it is Tang Mo's turn. Tang Mo sits on the bed and takes off his coat.

This is what Fu Wenduo saw when he turned to look at the young man after wetting a cotton ball with iodine. The young man's thin, white back was covered with grisly wounds. There were numerous wounds, large and small, almost all of them fresh, which showed the urgency of the battle that had just ended.

Three of the wounds are the deepest, bone-deep, and are oozing blood at the moment.

Tang Mo: "I'll take care of the rest of the wounds myself, but I'll give you a hand with the back."

Fu Wenduo slowly narrowed his eyes, his gaze dark. He whispered, "Good."

At the moment the words were spoken, a cold iodine ball was pressed against Tang Mo's wound. Tang Mo's body shuddered at the cold temperature and her back straightened up, exposing her high, thin shoulder blades. The skin on his back was sensitive, so when he was touched gently, a strange feeling came over him, an indescribable feeling.

Tang Mo's head is bowed, his hair sliding down his neck in front of him, blocking his expression.

In the white light, the youth's body is so white that it seems transparent because of the long period of inactivity.

Fu Wenduo's eyes were downcast and calm, seemingly unmoved. He clamped the cotton ball and pressed on again.


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