Chapter 61: It's not really your son!!!

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From Bai Ruoyao's surprise attack, to his severed arm falling into the bottomless pit, it all happened so quickly, in sixty seconds.

When Fu Wensheng reacts, the always smiling doll-faced youth has disappeared into the dark depths of the bottomless pit. He realised that the doll face had just tried to grab Tang Mo's moon flower, but Tang Mo had subdued him instead. He looked at Tang Mo warily, and a question came to his mind: "...... Aren't you on the first level of The black tower?

The black tower had just informed Bai Ruoyao and Fu Wensheng that they had cleared the first level of The black tower, but it did not name Tang Mo. Fu Wensheng's first thought was that Tang Mo's mission was different from theirs, and it was even more likely that he had raided a level other than The black tower.

Tang Mo looks over at Fu Wensheng. The boy looks relaxed, but his hand in his pocket is already gripping his pistol. As soon as Tang Mo attacked, he would strike back.

To his surprise, however, Tang Mo did not attack him, but stepped aside and picked up the two moon flowers on the ground. He said matter-of-factly, "Yes. I raided the first floor of The black tower."

Fu Wensheng's face showed a moment of shock, but he quickly calmed down. The young boy, who was only in his early teens, said calmly, "So what is your ...... mission?"

Tang Mo: "Didn't you already guess that?"

"You're going to put moon flowers in a vase in the Queen of Hearts bedroom, off the jeweled hallway?"

"Do you know what your main quest is?"

Suddenly asked a question, Fu Wensheng fell silent. Now that he had completed his mission and Tang Mo had no intention of killing him, the clever boy thought for a moment and decided to tell his main task: "Survive for three hours and make it out of the 100 forks."

When The black tower informed him of the success of the pass, it said that he had survived for three hours and cleared 112 forks in the road. Tang Mo had already guessed Fu Wensheng and Bai Ruoyao's real mission, but when he heard Fu Wensheng say it himself this time, Tang Mo's lips curled up in a smile.

Tang Mo: "You're not lying to me." The tone of voice is certain.

Fu Wensheng was a little confused: "The mission is over, why should I lie to you."

Tang Mo smiled faintly, without speaking.

For little did the boy know that fifty minutes earlier, he had said exactly the same thing, except that instead of staring defensively at Tang Mo as he does now, he had hesitated long enough to hand over the moonflower he was holding: "Your task is to put the moonflower in the vase in the Queen of Hearts' bedroom. "

Without the Moon Flower, Tang Mo will not be able to complete the mission and pass the Tower Attack game.

So the boy, who had been wary of Tang Mo and Bai Ruoyao all along the way, hesitated for a long time before handing Tang Mo the only Moon Flower left. By then Bai Ruoyao had already cleared the game and left with two moon flowers (one stolen from Tang Mo). Fu Wensheng thought Tang Mo had really run out of options and decided to give away his moonflower, his prize, but Tang Mo laughed softly at the child's feigned generosity: "We haven't lost yet."

It's us, not me.

The little boy was surprised: "That Bruce ...... that Bai Ruoyao has left the game and he has robbed you of your moon flower. Although I think he should have grabbed my moonflower more because it should have been better grabbed than yours. But it's true that your moonflower is no longer available. Doesn't your task involve inserting the moonflower into a vase?"

"He's a psycho." Tang Mo says bluntly, and Fu Wensheng doesn't understand why he's suddenly saying this, "He doesn't steal your flowers, only mine, because he thinks it's fun and challenging to steal my moon flowers. Apart from that, you don't lose the game by stealing yours, you just don't get a reward."

Bai Ruoyao and Fu Wensheng raided the first level of The black tower and were rewarded with as many moon flowers as they had. This is what The black tower has already hinted at.

Tang Mo said faintly, "This flower of yours may have been left behind by him on purpose as well."

Fu Wensheng froze: "What?"

"It wasn't hard to snatch your flowers, but he didn't because he knew about my game quest." This was an oversight on Tang Mo's part, and as the three of them exited the Jewel Corridor, Bai Ruoyao said that they were next to insert the moon flower into the vase, which Tang Mo did not deny. It was at this point that Bai Ruoyao knew that Tang Mo's game was not a "survival game in the corridor of gems".

"My game is 'Hide and Seek in the Jewel Corridor'. By hide-and-seek, there must be humans who are hiding and ghosts who want to catch humans. In the Jewel Corridor, there is only one person who can be called a ghost."

Fu Wensheng reacted at once: " Queen of Hearts' guards!"

The only other players in the Jewel Corridor besides the three of them are the guards of the Queen of Hearts, and the ghost can only be them.

Tang Mo: "Yes, the ghosts are the guards. If I want to pass this hide-and-seek game, I can't get caught by the ghosts. But in fact, there are many ways not to get caught by them, and I never got caught by them for the previous three hours, but I never finished the game."

Fu Wensheng said, "Because until you leave the Jewel Corridor and close it for good, there is no guarantee that you will not be caught by the guards later." He looked up at Tang Mo, "You need to close the Jewel Corridor for good so that you will never be caught by the guards and you will win the game. So ...... you need the Moon Flower."

The little boy looked down at this last moonflower in his hand and he struggled for a moment: "You'd better take this moonflower of mine. Compared to that adult who is always smiling oozingly, you are still quite nice to me ....... If you hadn't been there, maybe that psycho would have done something to me already. He left me this flower probably to give you a pass so you don't lose the game. He'd love to see you grab my moon flower, I'm not as strong as you, I'm sure I couldn't stop you if you did, so you take it."

Fu Wensheng had said these things before, but Tang Mo told him that he "hadn't lost yet". He only thinks Tang Mo is upset that he has been backstabbed, but he does not know that in Tang Mo's pocket at this moment, a white egg is emitting a faint glow. An "S" character was flashing on the egg.

Tang Mo looked steadily at the child who had voluntarily given up the moonflower, smiled again and said, "Not lost yet."

Fu Wensheng looked at him blankly, "How do you ......?"

Tang Mo closes his mouth and smiles at him. At the same time, his finger lightly draws an "L" on the turkey egg.

Save and load.

The game reads the archives.

Everything goes back fifty minutes.

When Tang Mo opens his eyes again, he stands in a long, narrow corridor of jewels, followed by a small boy without a doll's face.

Fu Wensheng said, "Are we really not going with him? He looks so sure of himself." Certain that the middle corridor is the right one.

Tang Mo turns his head to Fu Wensheng. He looked away for a moment, looked back and said in a calm tone, "I also think he is very convinced that the path he has chosen is the right one."

Fu Wensheng didn't expect such a drastic change in Tang Mo's attitude and asked, "So we turn around and take the middle road with him?"

Tang Mo smiled, "Good."

Re-entering the middle path, Tang Mo heard a familiar and very unpleasant ditty. At the sound of their footsteps, the dangling baby-faced youth turned and smiled, uttering a phrase Tang Mo had heard over and over again: " Zhaozhao, you want to come with me again?"

Tang Mo stared at him for a long moment. He smiled and said, "Hello again, Mr Bruce."

Hello again, Bai Ruoyao.

Yes, from this moment on, Tang Mo has been reading the file and figuring out how to backstab this devious baby face.

Tang Mo is not an actor, and although he has read the file to know what will happen in the future, he cannot guarantee that he will be able to completely fool the careful Bai Ruoyao. So upon meeting him, he stares into Bai Ruoyao's eyes for a full ten seconds, unleashing his "look into my big, innocent eyes" ability to gain as much trust as possible.

Next, he started acting.

In fact, before the reading of the file, Tang Mo also took the young boy back and chose to go down the middle corridor with Bai Ruoyao. At that time he did not know what was going to happen in the future, nor did he know that the middle path was indeed the right one, but he saw two things.

Firstly, Bai Ruoyao was very adamant about taking the middle path. Before Tang Mo and the boy were about to enter the corridor on the right, he made a point of reminding Bai Ruoyao that, in the event of a dead end, the three of them would have a much better chance of surviving together than alone. So even if the corridor to the right is a dead end, the three of them together have a chance of turning back. But if Bai Ruoyao had gone into the middle corridor alone and encountered the guards, his chances of survival would have been no better than 50 per cent.

But Bai Ruoyao's response to his comment was, "So goodbye."

He still refuses to change his choice and must take the middle path.

Bai Ruoyao was an extremely cautious man, and a clever one at that. If he insisted on taking the middle road, he must have had his reasons. And his choice of the middle path also meant something else: he refused to take the right path.

"He knew there was something wrong with the road on the right, maybe even dangerous." Tang Mo sensed the problem without needing to read the file. So he walked down the corridor to his right for just ten seconds before returning to his head and rediscovering Bai Ruoyao with the boy.

What happened at the bottom was exactly the same as after the reading of the file. They took many more forks, many more corridors, and as the three-hour time limit approached, it became increasingly clear to Tang Mo that "choosing the right path all the time" was not the true way out of the corridor of gems. He thought of the Möbius Circle, then the Queen of Hearts theory, and finally broke the wall and the three of them emerged from the corridor together.

On that occasion, Bai Ruoyao succeeded in stealing Tang Mo's moonflower from him. Tang Mo could have used Fu Wensheng's Moon Flower to get through the game, but he didn't want to. He chose to read the file and start all over again to kill the cunning and conniving baby-faced psychopath.

What happened after the file reading never changed, except that when Bai Ruoyao attacked Tang Mo again and stole his moon flower, Tang Mo was already prepared. He pushed Bai Ruoyao back into the bottomless pit and set his arm on fire with a large match, forcing Bai Ruoyao to break his own arm and fall into the bottomless pit.

Bai Ruoyao could never have imagined that Tang Mo possessed a rare-quality cheating artifact, the Fire Egg, nor could he have imagined that Tang Mo would begin archiving it as soon as he chose to make sure he entered the middle corridor.

There are two reasons for archiving. One is that there is less than an hour left in the three-hour time limit, and the fire eggs can be archived for an hour, which is just the right amount of time to do so. Secondly, Tang Mo saw something on Bai Ruoyao's face -

"Draw a circle and curse you" black air.

As Bai Ruoyao insisted on walking down the middle corridor, a familiar black aura lingered between his eyebrows. Tang Mo thought he was mistaken, but after half a day of looking, the familiar black aura was a clear sign that the curse powers had worked. But Bai Ruoyao was not unlucky at this time, unless he would be unlucky after choosing this middle path?

This was Tang Mo's guess at the time.

Given the probability of the curse's effectiveness and Bai Ruoyao's cleverness and cunning, Tang Mo chose to trust the latter.

He was sure Bai Ruoyao had a reason for his insistence, so he decided to join him and take the middle path anyway. Only he turned on the archiver by the way, just in case this middle path was really a desperate dead end. Looking back now ......

"The unlucky effect of the curse power, it can't be saying that I turned on the archiver and that psycho is particularly unlucky, can it?" Tang Mo thought secretly.

The archives have passed and Bai Ruoyao has fallen into a bottomless pit of his own. No longer thinking about it, Tang Mo takes the two moon flowers and looks at the kid, "Isn't it time for you to trade them for a reward and leave the game?" Same doll-faced psycho as before the reading of the file.

Fu Wensheng looked warily at Tang Mo, who was a little surprised: "...... You're not robbing me of my moon flower?"

Fu Wensheng and Bai Ruoyao's quest was related to the Moon Flower, and they could exchange it for as many rewards as they had. He didn't know if Tang Mo's quest reward had anything to do with the moon flower, but they were both on similar quests, so it was likely that Tang Mo's quest reward also had something to do with the moon flower.

However, Tang Mo said, "It's a payback."

Fu Wensheng was stunned: "What?"

Tang Mo couldn't help but smile at the child's confused look, "Come on, I'm off to finish my task."

Fu Wensheng was about to ask more, but this was not the kind of place to stay for long. He was no match for Tang Mo, so he exchanged the moonflower for The black tower as quickly as he could to prevent Tang Mo from backtracking. Tang Mo didn't know what he had been rewarded with, but the boy couldn't hide the joy in his eyes when the moon flower disappeared into his hand. Soon Fu Wensheng disappeared down the long, narrow corridor.

Tang Mo standing alone in a starlit promenade by a bottomless pit, holding two moonflowers.

With the children gone, Tang Mo finally had a chance to look at his book of powers. He took a slim book out of the air and turned to the last page. Tang Mo's eyes widened in dismay when he saw the name of his powers on the last page, but he soon laughed helplessly and cried out, "So that's it."

[Alien Powers: Mortals Die Last]

[Owned by: Bai Ruoyao (Official Player)

[Type:Special Type

【Function: Both eyes can see the black death aura that is entangled in others. Through some actions and words, you can change someone's deadly aura. The heavier the deadly aura, the greater the likelihood of that person's death.]

[Level: 5].

[Restriction: You may not see your own dead air].

[Remark: Please don't be afraid when you see a black ball, maybe he's just going to die next].

[Tang Mo Version Usage Note: Can be used three times per day and can only be used on the same subject. When used, it will be haunted by the dead energy of the target, sharing 1% of their dead energy. In Bai Ruoyao's eyes, Tang Mo has long been a black ball covered in flags, but this black ball just won't die, it won't die, it won't die, it will kill you.

"It was because of this psychic ability that he had a strange attitude when he first saw me. Maybe at that time, my deadly aura was much heavier than that of a white collar girl." Tang Mo thought, "Then he was so surprised when I survived the Black Panther's hand without any problem. Because he thought for sure I wouldn't survive."

This ability appears to be a chicken-hearted ability with no offensive power, not unlike the name change ability that sucks. But in the Jewel Corridor, it is a top-notch asset. Only now did Tang Mo understand why Bai Ruoyao insisted on not taking the corridor on the right.

According to Bai Ruoyao's cautious attitude, he would not easily reveal his preferences or reveal some of his cards. He refused to take the corridor on the right, probably because he saw the deathly aura that was wrapped around Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng's bodies. It was so heavy that he understood that the corridor on the right was an extremely dangerous path to death, which is why he was reluctant to go through it.

In fact, Tang Mo had thought about it. They had taken more than a hundred forks in all, and among them they had encountered many forks in the road, and many times they had encountered guards, but the guards they had encountered were not particularly strong, and only once, they had encountered guards who could ambush them and almost failed to escape.

This luck was indeed amazing; in those hundred or so forks in the road, they did not encounter guards who could have destroyed them all. In retrospect, this was not because they were lucky, but because they had been travelling with Bai Ruoyao. With Bai Ruoyao around, he could tell by looking at the deadly aura which cave was not dangerous and they could go in, and which cave was generally dangerous and even if they encountered the guards, the three of them could still escape. And the kind of cave that was too dangerous and almost impossible to escape from, he would avoid. For example, he chose the middle path and refused to go with Tang Mo and the boy to the right.

"He's quite a lucky bastard." Tang Mo muttered.

"Lucky Remote?" A low voice rang out in Tang Mo's head.

Tang Mo then remembered that Fu Wenduo had been hearing his voice here since he opened the archive. He said, "Well, it's a teammate I met in the tower attack game this time, a very psychotic one, always doing strange and weird things. But he was subdued by my counterattack when he sneaked up on me, so maybe he's dead now, or maybe not."

Although Bai Ruoyao fell into the bottomless pit, he completed the main quest successfully and will probably be transported back to Earth by The black tower.

Fu Wenduo didn't ask about the man again: "Finished the game on the first floor of The black tower?"

Tang Mo smiled, "No, it's still a bit short. No surprises, it will be done soon."

While communicating with Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo raises his palm. Once you know what the bottomless pit trap is, it becomes very easy to get past it. Whoosh! A rubber rope emerges from Tang Mo's palm and flips twice in the air, firmly tying itself around the wooden platform at the other end of the bottomless pit.

Tang Mo took a deep breath as he glared hard at the ground with one foot while using the bounce of the rope to reach the other side of the bottomless pit in the blink of an eye. Tang Mo collected the rubber rope, took the two moon flowers and walked to the imposing door. By entering the door and inserting the moon flowers into the vase, Tang Mo can close the Jewel Corridor forever and complete the 'Jewel Corridor Game of Hide-and-Seek'.

Tang Mo's hand gripped the handle of the small parasol tightly in case he opened the door and ran into a guard or even the Queen of Hearts. But just as his hand touched the door handle, Fu Wenduo's magnetic voice rang out in his head.

"By the way, I didn't bother you earlier because I kept seeing you carrying on with the game. I thought I heard you mention my name there earlier. Did I mishear that The black tower prompted me to pass the first level of The black tower?"

Tang Mo froze, his hand pressed against the cold door, his movements halted. He smiled as he recalled what Fu Wenduo meant: "It's not your name, it's a name that looks like you. He was another one of my teammates, a young boy in his early teens, his name wasn't Fu Wenduo, it was Fu Wensheng."

At the other end of the turkey egg, Fu Wenduo is suddenly silent.

Tang Mo sensed a hint of something amiss.

Fu Wenduo whispered, "About eleven years old, with a mole under his right eye, quite a bright little boy?"

Tang Mo: "...... you know?"

"...... hmm."

Tang Mo: "......" is not really your son, is it?

Fu Wenduo: "He is my cousin, my second uncle's son, Fu Wensheng."


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