Chapter 35: These days, who is still squarely single.

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On the far west side of the second level of the underground car park, a blonde foreign woman keeps pressing a piece of gauze into the boy's chest, the blood gurgling out and staining a piece of gauze red in seconds. She pressed a new piece of gauze on, but the bleeding wouldn't stop. A huge gaping hole had been made across the boy's heart, the ribs had been broken and the skin of the heart had been scraped by a sharp blade.

Although he hadn't stabbed himself in the heart completely, there was no way he would have made it back to base with such an injury before Earth came online.

"It's no use. He's just an ordinary reserve, not as physically strong as a regular player in the first place. And Electro's stab was so deep that even I would have had to wait for death. Only someone with Jackass's physique could survive such a wound."

The little fat man cried, "What then, Liu Chen ...... Will Liu Chen die?"

The foreign woman stopped the bleeding without answering.

It was hard to get most of the blood out of the chest and finally see all the wounds.

The foreign woman immediately said, " Tang Qiao, the needle."

Tang Qiao puts a medical suture on the fire for two seconds and hands it over. Immediately, the foreign woman began stitching the wound on the boy's heart. Her gaze is focused and each stitch is fast, but the bamboo boy's breathing gets softer and softer, and his face gradually turns white.

Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng were led by Jackass to the second basement level.

Jackass said, "The boy was really badly hurt, and he wasn't a proper player, he wasn't fit enough. I managed to carry him to the base and Lizzy was trying to stop the bleeding. Lizzy was a medical doctor who studied at Fudan, and we have some basic medical equipment at the base. But Lizzy said it was no use. The electric man had almost ripped out his heart."

Tang Mo quickened his pace, "How long has he been injured?"

Jackass: "It's been almost forty minutes since I carried him over ....... I've been running from the west as fast as I could."

Jackass' footwork was undeniable, and he definitely ran as fast as he could without affecting the injured man's condition.

The trio finally arrived at the makeshift operating theatre at Atak base, and as soon as they entered they heard a mid-sentence curse, "Shit!"

The tall blonde pressed her hands against Liu Chen's chest and squeezed vigorously.

Tang Qiao wipes Lizzy's sweat as the little fat boy burps and cries. On the operating bed, the tall, thin boy is blue, lying quietly on the bed as the blonde doctor presses down to resuscitate him, but never regains his breath.

Tang Mo rushed forward and pushed Tang Qiao and Lizzy away.

The little fat man looked up, "Brother Stranger!"

All three men looked at him in dismay.

Tang Mo had no time to explain and took a teardrop-shaped gem out of his pocket. As he pressed the jewel to Liu Chen's chest, blood slowly soaked into the jewel, and a warm white light emanated from the earthworm's tears and seeped through the stitches in Liu Chen's chest.

Lizzy reacted with a start and turned her head towards Luo Fengcheng.

Luo Fengcheng nodded to her and made a gesture that it was okay. He walked up and stood beside Tang Mo, looking at the earthworm's tear in Tang Mo's hand.


Liu Chen's face grew red as a slit opened up over the earthworm's tears. Suddenly, his whole body coughs hard and Tang Mo breathes a sigh of relief and puts the earthworm's tears into his pocket.

The little fatty jumped up excitedly, " Liu Chen!"

Lizzy and Tang Qiao also went up to check on the Bamboo Boy.

Tang Mo made way for them, turned his head to Luo Fengcheng and said lightly, "A prop. I got it the other day when I participated in that copy game, it can repair some serious injuries, but it can only be used twice." To Tang Mo, the earthworm's tears were precious, but they were not the most important item. Instead of asking Luo Fengcheng to guess something on his own, he could take the initiative and say it out loud, and still be half-truthful and hide some of his strength.

Luo Fengcheng smiled: "If only he could be cured."

They look at each other and Tang Mo slowly smiles.

Tang Mo and Luo Fengcheng had a strange relationship, not as enemies, but definitely not as friends either.

In this world, Luo Fengcheng does not only represent himself, he represents the whole Atak organisation and he always has to think of the Atak organisation. Tang Mo does not intend to join an organisation that is so flamboyant, he needs companions, but not so many of them, or so many of them who have attacked the tower.

Once you've actually taken part in the Tower Attack game, you'll understand how horrible it is.

Tang Mo will try to improve his strength to keep himself from being in a passive position if he encounters an accident. But he doesn't do it on purpose. This is Tang Mo's rule of life these days: don't attack towers if you can.

The earthworm's tears saved Liu Chen's life for the time being, but he was so badly injured that he passed out before long.

The little fat boy, Zhao Ziang, now wipes away his tears and walks up to Tang Mo. Tang Mo gave him a look and he nodded and followed Tang Mo out of the operating theatre. Luo Fengcheng gave the two of them a moment to talk in private before Tang Mo led the fat boy to the corner of the car park and, after making sure no one was around, said, "What about Chen Shanshan and the others?"

The little fatty had cried too long earlier and now his voice was a bit hoarse: "Brother Strange, we left school the day after you left. I went with Liu Chen, Shanshan and Feifei went with the three of us, and we were separated a long time ago. Liu Chen wanted to go home for a visit. He's a residential student and his family is in the Jiading district, so I'll go with him since my parents are gone anyway."

Tang Mo was slightly relieved to hear that Chen Shanshan was not in danger.

The little fat man continued, "We came across that murderous demon last night. His psychic powers are strong and powerful, the strongest I've ever seen. Every part of his body could emit lightning, and all the nails and needles I had with me were useless against him. Liu Chen and I escaped all night, but I never thought he would find us at noon today. Luckily the foreign uncle happened to pass by and saved us, otherwise we would have been dead."

Tang Mo: "His name is Jackass. He didn't just happen to be passing by, he was looking for the man who was after you." After a pause, Tang Mo thought, "Wait, I heard from Luo Fengcheng that this stowaway group is very famous in Shanghai these days and they're coming from the west. You guys have been hearing nothing since you headed west to Jiading District, so why are you still running west?"

When we left the school Shanshan said that we were all children and if there were bad people, they would see us and do something wrong. So whatever you do, don't get in touch with people and be careful where you go. Liu Chen and I listened to her and didn't interact much with the others. By the time we heard that a killer had come out of the west it was too late, Strange, and many people ran away and we ran behind instead."

Tang Mo dawns on me.

It was a real botch.

Chen Shanshan's words are true, especially when it comes to the little chubby one, who really can't get in touch with people and can be led away in a few words. For example, he has not even noticed that Tang Mo has now become "MOMO", and he is still calling out "Brother MOMO" with great skill.

As long as there are no surprises, Chen Shanshan's idea is a good one. But when a killer turns up, the fat boy is not informed unless he makes contact with someone, which delays his escape.

Tang Mo thought of another thing: "You can move the knife?"

"Eh yeah, how did you know that, Stranger?"

Tang Mo: "I heard it from Jackass. He said that when he arrived, he witnessed you move a knife quickly and cut the smuggler's arm."

The little fat man raised his right hand and pointed to the ground. Tang Mo followed the direction of his finger. He saw a large broken stone wobbling and levitating. It swayed from side to side in the air, like a drunken man who could not find his way. Tang Mo watched it steadily, and when it flew a metre in front of him, suddenly Tang Mo's eyes fluttered.

The stone flew in front of him in the blink of an eye.


The stone smashed on the ground and the little fatty kept panting roughly, raising his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead. His fingers trembled slightly as he said, "About three days ago, I found that I could move some heavier things slightly, but I still couldn't move them as I wanted to like moving nails or needles. This important boulder, for example, I can make it fly very fast within a metre, but I can't do it any further than that. And it's so consuming that it can't be used repeatedly in a short time."

Tang Mo nodded appreciatively, "Very powerful psychic abilities, perhaps even more so in the future."

The little fat man smiled nervously and scratched his head.

Tang Mo was not trying to comfort him, he really felt that this ability was incredibly powerful.

Fatty's powers are strong in two ways, one being surprise. Like just now, Tang Mo did not expect this stone to instantly move in front of his eyes so quickly. If it had been a knife, it would have stabbed him in the brow. It wouldn't have been a fatal blow, but it would have been a serious injury.

On the other hand, it is the little fat man's psychic powers that are getting stronger.

Tang Mo has been largely alone since Earth came online. He has no companions and is not sure if the others' powers will get stronger, but the little fat man's powers have clearly become more powerful and there is room for development in the future.

Tang Mo asked a few more questions and sent the little fat man back to the surgery to find a friend. He walked alone towards Luo Fengcheng's office, head bowed, thinking darkly.

Walking to the middle of the second level of the car park, Tang Mo looked around at the monitors. The lights on the monitors were off, but Tang Mo bent down and took a handful of small stones from the ground and smashed them all.

After the Earth came online humans lost their electricity and were unable to make new power. The Atak organisation now uses electricity from a small generator left in the mall itself, and they also use it very frugally, usually not at night. For example, Lizzy didn't use electricity when he operated on the bamboo boy earlier, either because there were no sterile conditions at all, so everything was kept simple, or because his injuries were not something that could be cured with modern medical equipment.

After making sure no one was around, Tang Mo walked to a van, opened the door and walked to the back seat.

He took the book of psychic powers out of the air and turned the first page.

[Ability: Eating without paying]

[Owned by: MOMO].

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Collecting Abnormal Energy]

[Remarks: Everyone ......]

After carefully reading the text on the first page three times, Tang Mo turns to the second page.

[Alien Energy: I am just one spiritual field away from the main character]

[Owned by: Qian Sankun (Stowaway)


[Level: 2, can store two inanimate objects]

[Restriction: Only objects of the same type can be stored, and no life forms can be stored]

[Remark: Qian Sankun don't know ......]

Tang Mo's eyes lingered on the lines "Level" and "Restriction" for a long time before he turned to the third and fourth pages of his ability book. After flipping through the entire eleven-page book of powers, Tang Mo turns back to the first page and looks at his powers.

"No levels or restrictions? ......" he frowned to himself.

The first thing that came to Tang Mo's mind when Zhao Ziang's powers improved significantly was the "level of powers". Among the ten powers he had collected, only Chen Shanshan's power was level 3, while the others were all level 1 or 2. Tang Mo didn't know what kind of powers Little Fatty had, but he guessed that Little Fatty's power level had definitely increased.

If the powers are progressive, that would also explain how the player should raid the seventh floor of The black tower later on.

The first level of The black tower is so difficult that if the player does not level up, he will not be able to cope with the more fearsome tower attack games that follow. But ......

"My powers, there are no levels and there are no limits." Tang Mo's fingers rubbed over the words "eat without paying", "but there are restrictions. For example, there are restrictions on killing people in order to get powers, and there are restrictions on getting things from people without paying for them. The fact that I couldn't get Fatty's powers back then should also be related to this restriction."

Tang Mo's mind was running fast, recalling every detail of the time when he had claimed his powers from Fatty at City North Junior High School.

"Because he wouldn't give me the biscuits?" As soon as the answer was out of his mouth, Tang Mo denied it himself, "It's not that simple."

I don't know why, but Tang Mo just didn't think it was that simple. To check his thoughts, he walked back to the operating theatre and found the little fat boy sleeping on the edge of his bed. He nudged him awake.

"Well who ...... is it, Stranger?" The little fat man rubbed his eyes wearily.

Tang Mo shouted the little fat man out of the operating room and said, "Can you give me the knife you used to cut off that man's arm, I want to see if I can find out anything new. Like why that group of stowaways of theirs are eating people's hearts."

Without thinking, the little fat man hurriedly pulled out a small knife from his trouser belt and handed it to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked at him steadily, "Will you give me this knife?"

The little fat man looked at him uncertainly, "Why wouldn't I want to give it to you. It's just a knife, Brother Strange, you can have it."

Tang Mo took the knife and the little fat man ran back to the operating theatre.

After finding a hidden place and pulling out the book of powers, Tang Mo turned to page twelve. As expected, there was a blank space. There was no sign of the little fat man's powers.

Tang Mo closes the book and throws it into the air with an expressionless face.

Sure enough, given the urbane nature of this book of supernatural powers that deliberately tossed itself around every time, since there was no limit written, this limit could certainly not be that simple. He still needed to feel around more to know what kind of supernatural power he had.

Tang Mo finds Luo Fengcheng.

Luo Fengcheng didn't ask him what had taken him so long, but handed him a folder: "We know that seven stowaways have come from Suzhou, at least seven. Eight days ago, two official players escaped from Suzhou into Shanghai, and it was from them that the news of the group of stowaways came out. According to them, there are ten murderous stowaways and they have killed at least a thousand players in Suzhou."

Tang Mo paused in his flipping of the folder and looked up at him, "Ten men and at least a thousand kills?"

"Full players and stowaways are stronger than preppers, and among the players with powers, there are strong and weak powers." Luo Fengcheng said, "Those ten people are at the top of the food chain. The vast majority of their kills were reservists. At first they attacked people who were alone at night, but later they started killing people during the day as well. They held groups and until recently often acted separately. And str... ......"

Luo Fengcheng didn't call out Tang Mo's name as he coughed, "And even now, most people don't have the guts to kill."

Tang Mo understands this.

The Earth goes online and more than six billion people disappear from the globe at once. The black tower game of terror and treachery looms over every human being. But it's only been a month now, after all. The peaceful life of a month ago is still fresh in our minds. It's not that many people are afraid to kill, or won't kill, they will kill their enemies, they just can't help but hesitate when faced with the choice to do so.

It is this hesitation, even if you are better than your opponent, that your opponent can kill you back.

Those ten stowaways kill without blinking and eat people's hearts. Almost all players cannot compete with them just by being more psychological than they are, and will die if they see them.

Tang Mo said, "At first it was a sneak attack, then they dared to kill in a proper way. They are getting stronger."

The two men looked at each other and agreed, "Eating people makes you stronger."

Tang Mo opened the folder given by Luo Fengcheng and looked at the descriptions of the seven men's abilities.

The Atak organisation is an elite group, each one powerful, but in the end there are only about twenty of them. Most of the people who have seen the murderous stowaways are dead. It took Luo Fengcheng a long time to gather information on the three stowaways.

"The first one is called Electric Man, which is the man who chased those two kids this time." Luo Fengcheng said, "His real name will not be examined for the time being, his psychic ability is lightning, so I call him Electric Man. His electricity was so strong that it once cut through a five-storey residential building. The cooldown time for his powers is unknown; when Jackass fought him, the shortest interval between his two strikes was thirty-two seconds." After a pause, he added, "I specifically instructed Jackass to remember to count the seconds, and thirty-two was accurate."

Tang Mo looked to the second man: "Black belt?"

The name was strange, and Tang Mo looked to his powers. Seeing the man's ability, instead, he froze even more.

Luo Fengcheng said, "Yes, this black belt has unknown powers. Every time he appears, he must have a stowaway with him as his bodyguard, and he uses a gun himself. His eyes are wrapped in a black silk ribbon, which I have named Black Belt. But he was not blind, and wrapped in a very thick black band of cloth, he could still walk normally. My guess is that his powers are not offensive and have something to do with his eyes."

A very strange psychic ability indeed.

Tang Mo then looks at a third person.

Luo Fengcheng: "That's the easiest one, his nickname is Godspeed. His supernatural ability is to be fast, extremely fast."

Tang Mo: "How fast is it."

Luo Fengcheng picked up a glass of water from the table. Before Tang Mo could react, Luo Fengcheng raised his right hand quickly and suddenly smashed the mug against the wall. With a thud, the ceramic water cup shattered into countless small pieces and fell to the floor.

Luo Fengcheng turned his head and said, "He's as fast as he can be, probably."

Tang Mo is deep in thought.

These three people, apart from the black belt with unknown psychic abilities, the other two had very frightening psychic abilities. If there are four more such terrifying people, then these seven people are definitely very dangerous and powerful enemies.

The next morning, Tang Qiao led the little fat man to Tang Mo. The young woman, dressed in black, had a cold expression and said, "He said he wanted to see you for something."

Tang Mo glances at Tang Qiao, who quietly turns away.

Zhao Ziang stepped forward and said, "I've thought it over, I want to join Atak."

Tang Mo didn't object as he asked, "Have you thought about it and why?"

The little fatty had a serious face: "My powers are not strong enough to protect me and my friends. All my family is gone, Stranger, you don't know, I swore when I left the school that I would protect all my remaining friends, including Liu Chen, Shanshan, and you, all of you."

Tang Mo did not think of this, and he looked steadily at the little fat man, gazing at him intently.

"If Uncle Jackass hadn't come this time, Liu Chen would have been dead and I might have been too. I thought I could grow up to protect everyone, but now it looks like it's too hard a path. That's why I want to join Atak, to be like them, to keep challenging replicas, to improve myself and to raid The black tower." After a pause, the little fat man added, "And by joining Atak, they can teach me fighting skills and teach me some game playing skills. It's also quite good."

Tang Mo did not want Fatty to take such a difficult and dangerous path, but looking at Fatty's determined expression, he did not say anything against it.

It's someone else's own path after all. The little fat boy is sixteen and should have his own judgement.

Having said that, the little fatty added, "Oh yes, I almost forgot to get down to business. Brother Strange, I want to go and find Shanshan. With such a big deal happening this time, I think I should inform her so that she can be careful of those people and not worry about Liu Chen and me."

Tang Mo was even more shocked by this than the fact that Fatty was joining Atak: "Can you contact Chen Shanshan?

The little fatty shook her head and then nodded: "When we left school Shanshan said that now that mobile phones and the internet were not working, once we were separated it would be difficult to contact each other later. So she said that if any of us had an accident and wanted to get in touch, we should go back to school and slip a note under the podium in Year 5. If the others went back and saw the note, they could find each other. Shanshan is a class five student."

The little girl had thought it through so carefully that she even thought of a place to hide her things.

"But Shanshan and the others should already be in the country, word of the stowaways has spread throughout Shanghai and they'll probably be in hiding and won't come back to school to read the note. But I still wanted to leave her a message. If she hasn't gone to the countryside, I hope she'll be with us, it'll be safer."

In fact, the countryside is not safe either. Yesterday, Tang Mo heard from Luo Fengcheng that a group of smugglers had massacred a village in Suzhou, killing a dozen people.

Tang Mo said, "No, she will go back."

The little fat man stared, "Why?"

"You think of Chen Shanshan as a friend and want to become strong to protect her. Likewise ...... you are her friend."

Before it was too late, Tang Mo wrote a letter and stuffed it in her pocket, ready to go to City North High School.

With Tang Mo's current footing, he could go there at noon and be back by late afternoon. The little fat man was going to go with him, but Tang Mo said, "The stowaways know you. Not just you, but everyone in the Atak organisation." Except for Luo Fengcheng, who never leaves home.

"I'm just a regular guy in their eyes now who also lives in this mall at a snail's pace, and nine times out of ten I'm a reserve. There are a lot of players in this mall, a lot of them have left recently, but there are still over eighty of them. I'm going out alone, a very small target, and most likely they won't even notice me." Tang Mo said calmly, "Who knows if the stowaways have arranged for someone to keep an eye on the outside of this mall, just waiting for you, or a member of the Atak organisation to go out."

The little fat man heard this and did not follow. He drew Tang Mo a rough map of the school and told him where Year 5 was and how he was going to put the letter.

At 12 noon, Tang Mo picked up a white tracksuit from a major sportswear shop on the first floor of the mall, wrinkled it and put it back on. Wearing a black sports band and running shoes, he walks out of the mall with a flourish.

From the outside, he looks like a nineteen-year-old college freshman, young and handsome, dressed in a sweatshirt and ready to go for a workout run in the playground. Tang Mo's expression is very relaxed and he walks with a slightly lighter footfall, not too fast or too slow. Within a few moments he had left the mall and was walking towards the nearby factory area.

From Jackass, Tang Mo learnt that there were several entrances to S-class replicas in this factory area. Not only members of the organisation, but also other players from the neighbourhood would often come here and enter the S-rank copies to challenge the quests and monsters inside.

Tang Mo took three detours and finally walked into a factory. There was an entrance to an S-class replica in this factory, and a normal person would have thought he had gone to challenge the replica, but Tang Mo waited for half an hour and left this factory through the back door, heading for Puxi.

All along the way he sought out isolated lanes and shady alleyways, walking at a breakneck pace.

It was only three o'clock in the afternoon when he reached the Jing'an district. Tang Mo followed the path he remembered and found the North City School. He propped his right hand on the short iron fence of the school gate and with a gentle leap, he tumbled into the school. According to the map drawn by the little fat boy, Tang Mo found the first year building.

Chen Shanshan closed all the security doors on the ground floor of the school building before she left, so that if anyone else entered the school, friend or foe, they would be able to spot it at once when they returned to school and could be prepared.

Tang Mo broke the lock and key with a slap and pushed the door open. He stops as he walks up the first flight of stairs, turns around and gently closes the door behind him.

On the first floor, Tang Mo finds the classroom of Year 5, slips the letter into a hidden compartment under the lectern and turns to leave.

A snow-white tracksuit sets off a young, handsome and energetic young man with dark hair. Tang Mo walks gingerly down the stairs and takes a step towards the security door. He looked down at the latch on the door and opened the bag he was carrying with him.

The campus is silent, except for the rustle of stones rolling as the wind blows across the ground.

Tang Mo puts his hand in his bag as if to reach for something.

In the empty school building, he stood alone on the first step, not pushing open the security door, but just standing in front of it, pulling something out of his bag. Tang Mo didn't seem to find anything like that, and he fumbled around in his bag for a long time. After a minute, he looks down at his backpack, as if he is searching carefully for something.

The moment he lowered his head completely, a small pink parasol suddenly opened up over Tang Mo's head, shielding him from the large knife that was slashing at his head.

The scarred man with the knife froze for a moment and hurriedly jumped away with one foot on the stair railing, and in the next second his body appeared five metres away.

"...... transforms." The last two words were exhaled softly, and with a flick of his wrist, Tang Mo slung the small open parasol over his shoulder and looked up at the scarred man standing between the stair platforms on the first and first floors.

It was a thin, dark man, six-foot-tall, with a nine-centimetre-long scar on the left side of his face that ran from the corner of his eye to his chin. He wore a black vest and held a long machete in his right hand. The corners of his mouth curled up sorrowfully and he looked at Tang Mo with a smile: "How did you know I was here?"

Tang Mo looked at him coldly, his fingers gripping the handle of his small parasol: "Intuition."

The scarred man laughed out loud, "I never believed in pussy chirping things like intuition."

Tang Mo asked rhetorically, "Why did you follow me." He waited in the factory for thirty minutes before leaving in order to prevent stalking.

"Stalking you ah ......," the scarred man's eyes straightened Tang Mo's body and turned around, finally landing on his face. In an instant, all his smiles disappeared: "I hate Taotie's kind of Little Bai face, I can't kill Taotie ...... still can't kill you!"

The moment the words fell, the figure of the scarred man disappeared into the stairwell.

Tang Mo waved the small parasol of the Wolf Grandmother to the left of his body. The man's figure suddenly appeared to his left and slashed at the hard surface of the umbrella, sending sparks of metal clashing. The other man obviously did not expect Tang Mo to know where he was, and when the blade was stopped, his eyes became even more violent and he slashed even faster. The shadows of the blade were dense and continuous.

Tang Mo resisted with increasing difficulty.

He had already guessed who this person was.

This is the "Godspeed" of the seven stowaways.

The man was even faster than Luo Fengcheng said, perhaps because his powers had been boosted by eating the hearts of some more players after the Atak organisation had acquired his information.

Tang Mo's enhanced physicality had brought his dynamic vision to a rather terrifying level, but he still couldn't see the scarred man's figure, relying more on the sound of the air breaking and judging the man's next move.

Tang Mo was not lying when he said earlier that he found the man with the scar on a hunch, but it was not accurate enough.

He felt as if someone was following him, but no matter how much he looked, he couldn't find them along the way. If it was just ordinary stalking, Tang Mo could have ignored it. In the current world, there were indeed some players who would follow and rob other players to get more resources. But this person had followed him as far as the school building.

Tang Mo was closing the security door of the school building when he quietly plucked a piece of his own hair and wedged it between the cracks of the door. By the time he returned from releasing the letter, the hair had fallen to the floor.

He couldn't be sure exactly where the person who was following him was, but there was a 90% chance that this person was still in the school building, watching himself from the side. So he pretended to look down into his bag to find something, but in fact he had long since tightened his grip on Granny Wolf's little parasol, while whispering the incantation.

The man with the scar saw Tang Mo with his head down reaching for something and thought it would be a good time to sneak up on him and make his move. Tang Mo took the opportunity to open the small parasol to block the attack and found the stalker.

Taking advantage of the narrow terrain of the stairwell, the scarred man shifted position, stepping on the wall and rushing at Tang Mo from all angles. Tang Mo's parasol never closes, but remains open as a shield. But the Scarab doesn't give him any time to breathe.

He slashed again, this time in the opposite direction, and Tang Mo had no time to reposition the parasol. His eyes fluttered open and a large broken stone appeared out of nowhere in front of Tang Mo, blocking the Scarab's slash.

The scarred man withdrew his knife and suddenly understood, "This ability is the same as the little fat one Lightning talked about yesterday, you're actually really Atak's man!"

Tang Mo simply ignores him, finds a moment to put away his parasol and stabs the scarred man with its tip.

The tip of the small parasol looked like it was made of ordinary plastic, the tip was rounded and not sharp at all. The scarred man was not at all impressed, he slowly turned sideways to avoid it, who was surprised when the tip of the umbrella went down and the far tip cut through his arm, splashing blood beads.

The scarred man dared not be careless any longer, he bellowed angrily and with a stomp of his right foot, he disappeared up the steps once again.

Tang Mo and the Scarab fought for a long time on the steps, the big knife and the small parasol colliding again and again.

Granny Wolf's little parasol is exactly as described in its functional profile, with an unbelievably hard surface that cannot be penetrated by a sword, and a tip so powerful that Tang Mo stabs through the wall with a single blow. But there is a clear division of labour: the surface cannot be used as an offensive weapon, nor can the tip be used for defence. Unlike the large match, which is an integral part of the attack and defence, a single slash on the large match breaks the blade.

The scarab gradually gained the upper hand.

Tang Mo could not keep up with his speed and of course he could only parry. He slashed Tang Mo's shoulder and Tang Mo grunted as he withdrew his umbrella and stabbed at his opponent. The scarred man dodged quickly, and in a second he was instantly from the top of the stairs to the security door.

The scarred man stands in front of the security door at the bottom of the stairs and Tang Mo stands on the first or first floor landing.

Tang Mo covers the wound on his shoulder and soon his hand is wet with blood. The wound is slowly healing, but the blood is going to flow for at least another minute.

The scarred man sneered and raised his big knife without saying a word. Taking advantage of your illness, he charged towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo, however, threw his umbrella at this time and hit the scarred man.

The scarred man's face is mocking as he sidesteps the small parasol's attack with ease. He looks up at Tang Mo again and suddenly, he sees Tang Mo with his arms crossed and his mouth open -

"Give back my grandfather!!!"

The scarred man was cornered at the dead end of the stairs and the only way he could leave was to rush upwards towards Tang Mo or turn around and open the security door to leave. When Tang Mo shouted the words, alarm bells went off in his mind and he felt something was wrong and tried to turn and run. But he was just about to push open the security door when he found a small pink lace-trimmed parasol stuck firmly in place of the lock, holding the door in place.

It turns out that the umbrella wasn't meant to backstab him at all just now, it was meant to jam the door!

The uneasiness in the Scarab's heart rose to a fever pitch as he roared and charged back at Tang Mo: "I'll cut you down!!!"

The next second, a blast of searing fire erupted from Tang Mo's mouth. The scarred man's voice and body were drowned in the burning flames as the flames filled the stairwell. Amidst the blazing yellow flames, a black figure walks towards Tang Mo in agony, hissing but walking slower and slower, finally slumping directly onto the sixth step, struggling to crawl upwards, trying to climb out of the flame-covered area and slowly stop moving.

"Goblin, give me back my grandfather" is an ability that emits 800°C fire for 30 seconds.

Thirty seconds later, a charred, humanoid object lies face down on the ground, burnt and unmoving. Tang Mo exhales a searing breath of gas and lifts a step towards the charred, scarred man's body.

Just as he reached the Scarab's body, a small knife suddenly appeared in the Scarab's charred right hand. With an unpleasant sound like the scraping of sand and stone in his throat, he screamed shrilly and rose with all his strength to stab Tang Mo.

Tang Mo was prepared for this. A giant match appeared in his hand, and the huge match head smashed into the scarred man's waist. Only a click was heard as the already burnt body snapped in half and fell to the ground under the blow.

The scarred man was black all over, only his eyes were white. He looked at Tang Mo with his mouth open, stunned, and uttered the last words of his life: "Why ...... do you have ...... three psychic powers... ..."

The first psychic ability, "Come and hit me, come and hit me", uses a stone to block the Scarab's knife.

The second psychic ability, "Goblin, return my grandfather", burned the scarred man, who had no way to escape, alive and maimed.

The third psychic ability, "I'm just one spiritual field away from the protagonist", turns into a big match out of thin air and shatters the scarred man's last hope of dying together.

Tang Mo looked at the Scarab's desperate and pained eyes and instead of answering his words, he raised a large match and smashed his skull straight in.

"These days, who is still squarely single."

Tang Mo stopped looking at the Scarab's body behind him as he walked over to the security door and pulled out the small parasol that was stuck to the door. His bag had just been destroyed by the flames along with the Scarab, but fortunately he had nothing inside, just a small parasol.

Tang Mo leaves the school with a small parasol in her hand.

Meanwhile, a hundred kilometres away in Suzhou.

A black SUV leaves the Suzhou toll station exit on the Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and slowly drives into downtown Suzhou.

The city is frighteningly quiet, and the man in black in the driver's seat drives with one hand, seemingly carelessly, his sharp eyes scanning the empty city. When he reached the centre of the city, near the shopping street, he got out of the car, found a Xinhua bookstore and took out a map from Suzhou to Shanghai.

Having done this, he opened the door and got into the driver's seat, glanced at the map and placed it on the passenger seat.

The atmosphere in the quiet carriage was silent. There was a flash of silver light as a dagger came from behind the man in black, stabbing directly through the chair cushion of the driver's seat and into the back of his neck. The sharp tip of the blade came closer and closer to the skin, closer and closer, and just at the moment it was about to pierce, a crisp metallic clang sounded.

The bald man who had stolen the attack was startled.

Only to see that where the dagger had pierced, what had been soft skin suddenly turned into a piece of silvery steel.

The bald man let out a low shout and flipped his right hand, countless sharp weapons suddenly appeared in his hand out of thin air. He slammed these weapons into the man in black, yet the latter didn't even move, just raised a hand. The warm sunset shone through the front window of the car, and this hand turned into a black sharp weapon in the shape of a triangular cone in the sunlight.

With a wave of his arm, the man in black smashed all a dozen knives through the window next to the passenger seat and shot out onto the road.

The bald man's face was horrified and his eyes rolled up as he opened the car door to get down. However, just as his hand touched the door handle, a cold hand strangled his neck. He stiffened and turned his head to look at the other man.

Fu Wenduo looked at him indifferently and with a movement of his fingers, a crisp fracture sounded and the bald man's head lolled over his shoulder in a twisted manner.

Getting out of the car and throwing the body of the assailant into the street, Fu Wenduo stood on this once bustling shopping street and looked up at the sunset in the distance, fading to the west.

This is Suzhou.

Something is wrong with Suzhou .......


The author has something to say.

Mr. Fu: My daughter-in-law is in Shanghai killing bad guys, and I'm in Suzhou taking care of my daughter-in-law's problems. Perfect!

Tangtang: ......emmmmmmmm just heard that your powers look like body metallization, body ...... metallization ah ...... whole body ♂ up ♂ down ♂ every ♂ Can every ♂ position be metallized? I can't take it #kind of want to apply for a change of attack #

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