Chapter 34: If there is a certain chance that something bad will happen, no matter how small the chance is, it will definitely happen.

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Tang Mo took note of the shape of the middle-aged man's wound and the shape of the half-heart that remained, picked up his backpack and quietly left the mall. He left the mall through the underground car park. He moved carefully and swiftly, leaving the mall in a matter of seconds and diving into a nearby shopping street.

The streets seem to be a little less crowded again.

When Tang Mo entered the Tower Attack game seven days ago, he would see one or two people on the street every now and then. Now, when I walk through a street, I often don't see a single person. I don't know if they are hiding, or gone.

Tang Mo continues to walk west. He intends to return to Suzhou.

This was Tang Mo's plan before he was forcibly dragged into the tower game. His friend in Shanghai had disappeared, and another friend was in Beijing. Tang Mo was not prepared to make the long journey to Beijing for the time being, so he could go to Suzhou first, get his feet wet and build up his strength in a place he knew. Once he was sure he could handle any unexpected events along the way, he could go to Beijing to find someone else.

After walking three blocks, passing two more neighbourhoods, Tang Mo saw a white car across the street from a distance. He hurried up to it.

In today's world, there are a lot of cars parked in a mess on the streets, but most of them are so banged up that they can't be driven anymore. A working car is rare, and Tang Mo has walked for kilometres before seeing this one.

The street is quiet as Tang Mo pulls open the front door of the car and gets into the driver's seat. With the key still in the locking key, Tang Mo twists it, ready to start the car. But just as he clicks the key, he suddenly stops moving.

Tang Mo slowly turned his head to look at the back seat of the car.

It's an SUV with a wide trunk, the contents of which can be reached from the back seat by stretching out your arm. At this moment, a pale white hand rests gently between the pillows of the back seat. The wrist of this hand is propped up by the back of the seat, and the fingers hang down naturally. In the crevices of the nails, the blood had solidified to black, and the whole hand had a greenish-purple tinge of death.

Tang Mo steps out of the car and opens the trunk.

It was a young woman who had been dead for a long time. Her whole body was stuffed into the boot, legs curled up, mouth slightly open, eyes open and looking at the roof of the car, a hint of fear and panic still lingering in her dead eyes. But she had obviously died quickly, with no signs of struggle on her body, even the body, which had been stuffed into the boot post-mortem, had long since gone rigid.

Tang Mo's eyes moved down to the large hole in the woman's chest.

The heart is gone.

Tang Mo looks on in silence for a long time before he pulls the woman out and puts her in a small restaurant down the street. After covering the woman with a tablecloth from the diner, Tang Mo returned to his car and drove away.

He drove all the way west, sometimes coming down to push a cart when the road was blocked.

Tang Mo is much stronger than he was at the start of the game. With a gentle push, the wheel rolls on the ground and the journey back to Suzhou is much smoother than when he arrived.

It is true that there are far fewer people in Shanghai.

You used to see groups of people in busy areas, but now it's so quiet that you can't see anything. Sometimes, when you see someone, they hear Tang Mo's car and go into the building like a scared rabbit.

Tang Mo's frown grew tighter as he pulled into the Changning district, where a corpse with its heart ripped out appeared ahead of him on the road. The car drove a little past the heartless body and was about to turn into the next junction when suddenly there was an ear-splitting braking sound. The car made a 180° turn, turned around and drove back.

The brilliant sunlight shone through the car window, and the dark-haired young man in the driver's seat pursed his lips and stared determinedly ahead.

The car is heading steadily towards Pudong District.

Two hours later, Tang Mo pulls up to the big mall. He gets out of the car with his backpack and walks straight into the mall.

As he enters the mall, many of the players gathered here tense their bodies and look at him cautiously. Tang Mo had been subjected to the same kind of stares when he first came here half a month ago, but this time it was noticeably different. These players stared at him nakedly, as if they wanted to see through him, with an intensity of wariness and hostility that was impossible to conceal and put Tang Mo's back on the line.

This change of pace caused Tang Mo to pick up his pace even more and walk to the stairwell at the end of the mall. He pushes open the door to the stairwell and a large, strong hand suddenly grabs his wrist. Tang Mo reacts quickly and retracts his right hand. Tang Mo uses the stairwell door to stomp through and leap backwards two steps to avoid the attack.

The visitor gave a surprised "eek" and emerged from behind the door of the stairwell.

It was a young, inch-headed man who stepped out of the stairwell and slammed the door behind himself. His eyes were sharp as he scanned Tang Mo up and down, and after a moment, he said, "Friend or foe?"

This defence mechanism is much stricter than last time.

Tang Mo's heart gradually sank as he said, "I'm here to see Luo Fengcheng."

It was only after Tang Mo named Luo Fengcheng that the man finally believed him and took him into the underground car park himself. However, all the way to the car park, he never let his guard down, even though he was facing Tang Mo with his back. As soon as Tang Mo made a move, he was able to react as quickly as possible.

Luo Fengcheng's room was not the same as the last one, this time they walked down to the third basement level, raced around a few more times and came to a large metal door.

The young man first told Tang Mo to wait outside and went in to inform him. Half a minute later, he came out, "You can go in."

Tang Mo pushes open the door and sees Luo Fengcheng waiting for him.

Luo Fengcheng is wearing a white coat, his face is a little pale and his eyes are bloodshot. When Tang Mo enters, he is standing leaning against the table. They meet in eye contact. Tang Mo's face was calm and Luo Fengcheng slowly curled his lips into a faint smile: "It's really you. I thought it was you when I heard what Ji Feng said. MOMO, you're finally here ......"

Luo Fengcheng is struck by a sudden pause in his voice.

Tang Mo understood the problem and coughed, "Never mind my name, my name is MOMO now. Did you know I was coming?"

Luo Fengcheng: "Well. The only thing I wonder is how come you didn't come until now."

"I took care of a little business in private and got pulled into a copy." Tang Mo didn't reveal that he had cleared the first level of The black tower, and he surmises that he was the only one who was informed when The black tower pulled him into the tower game, so he must have been the only one who was told that he had cleared it. If Luo Fengcheng doesn't find out, he won't say anything.

Luo Fengcheng nodded and didn't ask any more questions as he got straight to the point, "So you came out of your copy of the game, found them and decided to come to Atak."

Tang Mo frowned, "They?"

"You don't know them yet." Luo Fengcheng said, "Since you don't know them, are you there because ...... saw the bodies of the players they killed?"

Tang Mo nodded and told the story of the few bodies he had seen today, "There was only one fatal wound, and all died quickly, without any signs of a struggle. The hearts were all ripped out forcefully after death, one of them I found, only half of it was left, and it looked ...... like it had been eaten."

Luo Fengcheng: "You're right, it was eaten."

Tang Mo's heart gave a pounding.

Even though I had prepared myself for this, I was still shocked when I actually learned the truth.

"We've seen a lot of killing, and we've seen monsters eat people. You know, I'm talking about the big mole that ate the body of that little girl in front of us when we first met." Luo Fengcheng says calmly, "But this time in Shanghai, it wasn't The black tower monster that ate people, it was humans. To be precise, it was a group of stowaways."

"Why stowaways eat people."

Luo Fengcheng corrected him, "It's not eating a human being, it's eating his heart. He ate a human's heart within three minutes of his death." At this point Luo Fengcheng paused for a moment and looked up at Tang Mo, his voice calm: "Nie Fei died at their hands."

Tang Mo did not speak.

He remembers Nie Fei, a young man in a black trench coat. This was the first person Tang Mo met when he first came out of Mario's Monopoly game. He was the first member of Atak to come into contact with Tang Mo and he took it upon himself to lead the three of them to Atak's base. He didn't interact much with Tang Mo, but he was calm and collected and acted as a leader with the other two members.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment, "His powers are not in the direction of attack?"

Luo Fengcheng understood what he meant: "No, Nie Fei's ability is in the direction of attack. He used to be an ordinary university student, but when he awakened his powers, he mastered very strong fighting skills and the ability to fly. He's a very good knife fighter, and it's not like he couldn't get away if he had to when he met up with that group of stowaways, except that he let Tang Qiao go first. By the time Tang Qiao took the men back again, his heart had been ripped out."

"Where did the stowaways come from, why did they eat people, and what specific powers did they possess?" Tang Mo asked three questions in a row.

Luo Fengcheng explained very patiently: "There is no concrete conclusion as to why they eat people. According to my guess, it may be related to their supernatural abilities. But in my observations, none of them have duplicated their supernatural powers. They are very obsessed with eating people, not only full players, but regular players and stowaways, they eat them all. For them to be so obsessed with cannibalism, I suspect there are two possibilities. The first, they are all ogres, and when the government system collapsed after Earth went online, they were no longer constrained to eat as many people as they wanted."

Tang Mo asks, "How many of them are there?"

"At least seven of them, we've come across seven so far."

"Cannibalism is unlikely." Tang Mo calmly analyses, "The psychopathic psychology of cannibalism is rare enough not to have seven at once, the odds are low."

Luo Fengcheng: "So there is a second possibility."

Tang Mo looked up at Luo Fengcheng, and he too thought of that answer.

"Eating people makes you stronger."

Shanghai, Fengxian District.

An ear-piercing scream cut through the street and a short-haired girl hurriedly covered her companion's mouth, saying, " Feifei, don't scream, the others will find out."

The frightened little girl nodded hastily, and Chen Shanshan let go of the hand that covered her.

Qiao Feifei's eyes couldn't help but stare at the corpse with its heart ripped out, she obviously didn't want to look at it, but she couldn't help but look at it again and again. After three times, she finally turned around and ran to the tree and threw up.

Chen Shanshan gave her a look, walked over to the body himself, knelt down and began to examine it.

When the killer ripped out the body's heart, he was so violent that he ripped out the victim's other internal organs and intestines, leaving them in a white mess. So even though Qiao Feifei had seen a similar corpse before, she screamed and threw up everything she had eaten in the past two days when she saw this one.

After vomiting up all the bile, Qiao Feifei covered her eyes and moved step by step to Chen Shanshan, saying timidly, "Shan ...... Shanshan, let's hurry up and leave. This is the second corpse that has had its heart ripped out, so let's run to my hometown and take refuge in the countryside. If we run to the countryside, those murderers won't be able to find us."

Chen Shanshan is still examining the body.

A young girl of fifteen, her face still boyish, was now expressionless as she used her hands to peel back the wounds of the corpses, one by one, carefully examining every trace inside. As she did such a horrible thing, she said indifferently, "We still have to find more supplies, and we'd better buy some more seeds. You can grow your own land in the countryside, otherwise you'll soon be sitting on a diet of ready-made ones."

Qiao Feifei hurriedly said, "Then let's go!"

Chen Shanshan stood up, "Those two men yesterday were saying that the killer demon ...... came from the west?"

Qiao Feifei didn't understand why her companion suddenly asked this question, and she thought for a moment, "Well, that's what it says. They fled from the west, a lot of people from the west are running to the east, and it is said that the murderers came from Suzhou."

"Zhao Ziang and Liu Chen were heading west."

Qiao Feifei froze and muttered, "It's not that coincidental. ...... Even we know about the murderers, Zhao Ziang and the others must have known about it long ago. They must have fled as long ago as those people did."

Chen Shanshan turns his head silently to his companion: "If something bad has a certain chance of happening, then no matter how small that chance is, it will definitely happen."

Qiao Feifei: "Ah, what did you say?"

Chen Shanshan bites his lower lip and looks down for a long time in thought.

"Go, go back to Zhao Ziang."

Pudong District, three levels of underground parking.

Tang Mo's face was stony as he said, "Last night I was hiding in a mall where there was a stowaway cannibalism. Before I sneaked into the mall, the middle-aged man was not dead. But from the time I went to bed until I woke up the next morning, six hours in total, he was dead, less than a hundred metres away from me in a straight line."

Luo Fengcheng: "Those stowaways are very strong and have been killing each other in one hit with very little movement against the regular preppers."

Tang Mo shook his head, "But he was less than a hundred metres from me when he killed." And he didn't hear a sound.

Luo Fengcheng did not know how strong Tang Mo was now, but his expression grew more serious as he listened to Tang Mo's words.

The two of them thought about it separately, without speaking. Before long, however, the door to the office was pushed open and Tang Mo looked up.

It's Jackass.

At some point, the burly foreign man had a scar over his right eye socket. He also stared at Tang Mo when he saw him, but didn't have time for pleasantries. He looked to Luo Fengcheng: "Dr Luo, when we were looking for those bastards this time, we rescued two young boys. One of the boys is an official player, and his powers are good and have a lot of promise. Do you want to check it out?"

Luo Fengcheng was intrigued, he always welcomed good prep members: "Where are they?"

Jackass hesitated: "Let's wait a bit. Doctor, the boy's friend is dying and Tang Qiao and Lizzy are trying hard to save him, but there is little hope. Let the little fat boy and his friend say their goodbyes and I'll bring him to you later in the evening."

Tang Mo reads it out, "Little Fatty ......"

Luo Fengcheng said, "What kind of powers does that reserve member have?"

Jackass had a bright light in his eyes: "Very impressive! When we found them, it seems they had been chased by the Electric Man for two hours. The electric man also found out that this little fatty's powers were very powerful, so he was chasing after him to eat his heart. We almost didn't have time to save them. Luckily, the little fatty suddenly used his psychic power to move a big sharp knife, which quickly cleaved off the Electric Man's arm, and we had the chance to save them. His psychic powers were so strong that he could move a lot of things and was fast."

Luo Fengcheng said with surprise, "Spatial movement?"

Tang Mo, however, jerked forward and looked at Jackass: "Wasn't that little chubby guy about six foot tall with short hair and a small red birthmark under his left eyebrow?"

Jackass said in surprise, "How did you know?"

Tang Mo's face sank, "Take me to them!"


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