Chapter 32: For believing in yourself.

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"Mark the time. If I don't see the golden gopher when I return in seven days, you're my dinner!"

MOMO looks at her calmly as Granny Wolf slams the door with her little parasol. Only when he was sure she had really left did he walk back into the dining room and look at the pink altar, peering into it through the opening.

There is nothing.

After a few moments of careful observation, he walked to the sofa with the altar in his arms and placed it on the coffee table.

"If time is in sync with Earth, it would be the first of December." MOMO mused, "There are seven days in total, except for the first day when the probability is low, the other six days have an 80% chance of catching a golden gopher as long as the food and people are standing at the same hole ...... The probability is too high."

MOMO looked at the pink altar and whispered to himself, "...... What was the problem on the first day?"

It was now 12.30 pm, five and a half hours before six o'clock. MOMO checked out Granny Wolf's hut first, and after finding nothing unusual, he went back to the sofa and took out the clump of Underlander hair from the couch. MOMO intended to put such a thing in the altar first to see if he could get the food that Granny Wolf had mentioned.

He gently pulled off a strand of hair, cupped it and placed it in the altar. Just as his hand hangs above the mouth of the altar, about to drop the hair in, MOMO suddenly stops moving and his eyes widen in surprise, "My name is MOMO?

MOMO's fingers tightened, and the delicate strands of his hair were torn into a ball in his hands. He threw the hair straight away, a wave of anxiety surging through him. He stood up, pacing back and forth across the room with large strides.

"My name is MOMO? How can my name be MOMO, I'm not Tang ......" The voice gave a beat, and the handsome young man raised his confused eyes and murmured, "Yes, my name is MOMO. My name is indeed MOMO, it's always been MOMO, I'm not Tang Mo ......"

Tang Mo stopped dead in his tracks as a strange thought came to him. He read the words out, " MOMO's biggest secret is that MOMO has had a crush on Viktor for a long time."

Tang Mo took one step over to Granny Wolf's dressing table and he looked at himself in the mirror.

A dark coat, blue jeans, a hint of confusion and bewilderment in his eyes. As the minutes tick by, Tang Mo looks at himself in the mirror in silence. It was as if he was looking at a strange person, but he felt that this person looked very familiar. After a long time, he calmed down and said word for word, "...... Your father is still your father!"

Tang Mo lifted his hand and pulled a thin book of supernatural powers out of the air. Without looking at anything else, he turned straight to the last page, only to see that on that last page it was written thus -

[Alien Powers: Your Dad is Still Your Dad]


[Instructions for using the MOMO version: It works for three days and can be used once every 30 days. After use, the subject will receive one of MOMO's most important secrets.

This line of instructions is in red, and underneath it are three lines of black text. Each line is preceded by the words "Original Name", "Change Name" and "MOMO's Most Important Secret", joined by a colon, and only the last of the three lines after the colon is The only three lines after the colon are the last line in the usual five-point bold type used in books of the opposite sex, and the two lines above it are two names written in water brush.

[Original name: Tang Mo].

[Name changed: MOMO].

[MOMO's best kept secret: MOMO has had a crush on Viktor for a long time.

Tang Mo's eyes stared dead on the two names written in water brush. He rubbed his fingertips over the four words and looked at them for a long time before coming to the conclusion, "...... my handwriting."

The "your father is still your father" power was acquired by Tang Mo from a stowaway named Li Shaolin during the ten-day preparation period after being informed by The black tower that he was going to attack the tower. The stowaway was physically weak, so Tang Mo had no trouble sneaking up on him and easily obtained his powers.

This ability is "your father is still your father".

When Tang Mo first got this ability, he felt like he had suffered a huge loss. He could only identify one player a day and wasted it on this stowaway to get such a lousy ability. After getting this ability, Tang Mo went to track down the Atak organisation and challenge the S-rank duplicates. This was the last ability he got.

This is a very bad idea in every sense of the word, and Tang Mo has researched it and decided that the best thing it can do is to curse.

To use the ability, you must know the name, face and date of birth of the person you are using, and you can use it once every 30 days. There is a certain chance that the name of a person can be changed after using the power, and the change is made from the law of cause and effect. This means that if the person's name is successfully changed, everyone in the world, including the person himself, will think he is called by a different name during the three days the power works.

Your father is still your father. As a father, can't you change your son's name?

This alien power is just so odd

In a sense it is powerful again.

Now, for example, Tang Mo's eyes are fixed on "Original name: Tang Mo", but his words come out as "My name is ...... MOMO."

Even if you know you shouldn't be called that, your level of consciousness has been altered. You think, and you call it by another name.

This power may seem powerful because it is a karmic power, irreversible when it works, and it works on anyone, on any object (even Tang Mo in the power book has all turned into MOMO). But its effects are so psychotic.

After Tang Mo got it, he thought he would never use it in his life, but if he had to, he might consider changing his name to "I am Tang Mo's son" if anyone offended him in the future. I'm afraid that's the only thing this ability can do. Just saying, of course, the person whose name is changed will know Tang Mo's biggest secret when he uses it.

Tang Mo is not interested in trading his secrets for someone else to become his son.

But today, someone else uses this ability, and it's used by Tang Mo himself.

Tang Mo looked steadily at the four words that looked exactly like his own handwriting and decided with conviction, "I didn't write those four words, I certainly didn't, but those four words ...... should indeed be mine."

There's no point in dwelling on what's already happened, Tang Mo will be called MOMO for the next three days and all he has to think about now is why he changed his name and then called it that.

"MOMO, Why MOMO. MOMO, MOMO ......"

Tang Mo furrows his brow and searches his memory for anything related to MOMO.

Suddenly, he had a flash of light: " MOMO, Turkey eggs ...... Fu Wenduo ?"

A minute later Tang Mo took the turkey egg out of his pocket, tapped it three times and asked, " Mr. Fu, is it there?"

Fu Wenduo seemed to be waiting for him and immediately said back, "Well, I'm here, MOMO ......" The voice stopped abruptly and Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment before adding, "I'm not calling you MOMO, I I meant to say your name, MOMO ......"

The sound stopped again.

Tang Mo: "......"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Fu Wenduo is resting in a hotel instead of making the journey to Shanghai, and is planning to continue after today. After Tang Mo told him yesterday that he might be contacted today, Fu Wenduo decided to settle the matter first and then deal with other matters. He had been waiting for 13 hours since 00:00 when he actually heard Tang Mo's voice, but when he opened his mouth to call out his name, for some reason it came out as MOMO.

At the other end of the fire and eggs, there was a delay in speaking, only the sound of steady breathing.

Tang Mo knew that Fu Wenduo was influenced by the phrase "your father is still your father" and thought that his name was MOMO and that it would be impossible for him to say his real name for three days. But knowing that is one thing, but after being called "MOMO" so many times, it always feels strange and a bit too close.

Tang Mo coughed twice, "I know you should be wondering by now why you think my name is MOMO."

Fu Wenduo's voice trailed off, "...... Yes, I feel like you shouldn't call it that, but my brain tells me that's what you call it."

"This is one of my ...... props that can change someone's name and works for three days. As long as the prop is used successfully, for three days everyone, including the person themselves, will feel like they are called by a different name. This change is unaffected by anything and is imprinted on everyone's consciousness level and cannot be reversed by anyone." Tang Mo did not reveal his psychic powers.

Fu Wenduo pondered for a long time, "So, that's the method you were talking about yesterday."

Tang Mo caught the key words at once: "Yesterday? Mr. Fu, I don't quite understand what you mean."

Fu Wenduo looked through the window at the depressed and empty capital outside the room and spoke the words that had long been prepared, "Str ...... Well, I'll get right to it. First of all, today is the 7th of December. Four days ago, at just after five in the afternoon on December 3rd, you contacted me to say that you had encountered an emergency and had decided to use the archiver ......"

Fu Wenduo is well organised and speaks at an unhurried pace, giving Tang Mo time to clear his head. After finishing what happened on the 3rd, he goes on to talk about what happened yesterday: "Yesterday, the 6th of December, you contacted me again just after 5pm and you said that you wanted to use the archiver but found that it was not working. the 6th you didn't know that the 3rd you had already used the archiver and that the archiver was on cooldown, so of course you couldn't archive. Then you said to me ......"

Fu Wenduo's voice was calm and collected, without any subjective emotion, as if he was recounting something that had nothing to do with him. He said everything he knew very objectively, and after a pause, he asked, "So, you in number 7, do you now also not remember what you did yesterday, and in number 3."

Tang Mo's face sank slightly, "Yes, I don't remember anything."

"What do you think is going on right now."

Tang Mo thought for a while and decided to tell the other person about his situation: "I am currently playing the first level of The black tower, which is a very simple game where I have to catch a golden gopher for seven days. I don't know how powerful the gopher monsters are, and whether I will be killed by them if I encounter any other gophers than the golden gophers. But assuming I won't be killed by them in seconds, then after seven days ......" After a pause, Tang Mo said, "Well, it's the 7th today and it's already the 7th day. The probability of me not catching a golden gopher in seven days can be seen as 0. This game is so easy that I never understood what is so hard about it, maybe it's the time."

Fu Wenduo said, "Time?"

Tang Mo nodded: "Yes. According to what you just said to me, the me of yesterday, the me of the 6th, should have projected two possibilities in a short time. The first is that I was hidden by The black tower every day and thought it was the first day. Since the probability of catching a gopher on the first day is lower and the enemy unknown, my character would choose not to catch a gopher and watch from a distance first." Tang Mo did intend to do this before he found out his name had been changed, "So after seven days, I chose to watch and not catch the gopher every day, so naturally the game failed. I lost time."

Fu Wenduo understood his words, but then he asked, "What about the second possibility?"

Tang Mo took the fire eggs and walked to the window. He lowered his head and looked at the nine dark, black gopher holes at the foot of the hill for a long time before saying, as if murmuring, "The second possibility ...... I can't see either. Perhaps there is more than one of me existing in this game now. I'm not having my memories hidden, and those people are all me. But then, the probability of me catching the gopher would not be 40% and would become more unpredictable."

Fu Wenduo looks at the turkey eggs in his hands, with Tang Mo's calm words in his ears.

He listened to these words as if time had gone back to yesterday. On yesterday afternoon, as the sun was setting, he stood in the warm sunlight of the setting sun and heard this young man speak to him in firm words.

With only ten minutes in total, the young man took into account all the circumstances as best he could and said to him ......

"Str ...... I want to ask you a question."

Fu Wenduo's voice was so low and magnetic that Tang Mo couldn't help but look down at the white turkey egg: "What?"

"If you only had one day left in the world, which one do you think would be your lucky number."

Tang Mo didn't understand what that meant at first, and after a few seconds his eyes widened and his fingers, holding the turkey egg, twitched slightly. He breathed a sigh of relief, "I really should have trusted myself."

Fu Wenduo: "You already know the answer?"

"Got it."

Fu Wenduo laughed: "Don't you need me to tell you the right answer? In case the answer you're thinking of is wrong, I have a feeling it will have terrible consequences."

Tang Mo said calmly, "No need. If the answer I think is wrong, there is no point in telling me. I'm the only one who knows the right answer, and the end is still the same. I don't have much time, so I think I should prepare some food and then go back to the foot of the mountain to see what those nine gopher holes are really like."

"Good luck getting through the game."

Tang Mo: "Minimum 40% probability, maximum 80% probability that I can get through this game."

Fu Wenduo: "I hope to see you in Shanghai."

Tang Mo stared. He still didn't know what Fu Wenduo had said to him yesterday, but he thought for a moment and said, "Okay, if I can survive, see you in Shanghai."

After the call is over, Tang Mo starts to prepare the food. He still threw the hair from the couch into the pink altar and got a shitty groundnut; then he put the hair from the head of the underground man and still no food. Finally he takes out Mario's hat and tops it off with three items of rubbish from the Underlander's kingdom in exchange for a large piece of groundnut.

Tang Mo walks to the table, takes one of the seven plates, puts the groundnut on it and heads out the door towards the gopher hole.

He first looked through the nine gopher holes to make sure there was nothing unusual, and then at 5:55 p.m. Tang Mo, holding a large gopher, crossed the first hole, the second ...... and finally walked to the ninth hole.

He lifted his wrist and glanced at the time: 5.59pm.

Tang Mo takes a deep breath and exhales slowly. When the second hand pointed to "12", Tang Mo stepped into the cave and placed the gourd on the ground. He stood in the middle of the cave and looked calmly into the darkness of the tunnel.

The sunlight of the monster valley suddenly disappears at six o'clock, and the cool moonlight shines down on Tang Mo's hair, making it look cold and determined. Tang Mo flipped his left hand and a large match appeared in his palm. He stares deep into the cave, his body tense, waiting for something like that to appear.

After who knows how long, he heard a dull smashing sound on the ground. It was as if something huge had come running from the depths of the hole in the ground, and it smashed into the ground with a thumping sound that shook the hole incessantly.

The thing was running closer and closer.

Tang Mo saw a black shadow. The moonlight only reached three metres into the cave and he could not see the colour of the object.

It seems to be golden and black.

Tang Mo's fingers tightened around the large match and as the object was about to run into the moonlight, he swung it straight at the giant gopher. Tang Mo stopped just as the match was about to hit the gopher's head.

In the moonlight, a huge golden gopher shone with a golden glow. He looks at Tang Mo dumbfounded, and when he stops waving the big match, he scoots his little feet over to the plate and buries his face right into the sizzling gnocchi. The mellow golden oil from the roasted groundnuts stuck to the golden gopher's whiskers, but he ate them with his face, wagging his short little rabbit-like tail as if he was overjoyed.

Tang Mo watches as this golden gopher keeps nibbling on the groundnuts.

Within a minute, the huge groundnut was clean. As he takes the last bite of the flesh into his mouth, a glass shatters in Tang Mo's ears.

The golden-haired gopher and the remnants of the groundhog in front of him were frozen into a single image. This picture started in the centre and cracked open a small slit. The slit opened wider and wider, like a spider's web, and densely paved the whole picture. When the crack reached a certain point, with a click, the whole picture all but crumbled, revealing the scene hidden behind it.

Tang Mo Nothing has changed in front of her eyes, except that inside the large gopher skin, the giant golden gopher is gone and there lies a small gopher with a round eating belly.

Seeming to realise that something was wrong, the golden gopher rolled onto its back with a paw and ran for the hole. Tang Mo couldn't let it get away, so he took out the big pocket he had prepared and quickly put the little guy inside.

The little golden gopher jumped up and down in the pocket, filling the bag with a bulge to get out. Tang Mo relentlessly tightened the pouch with a string, tied the pocket around his waist and walked out of the ninth hole. When he reached the hole, he turned his head and looked at the remnants of the groundnut on the ground. He then walked over to the other eight holes, examining each one one one by one.

There was some white powder in the soil of the first hole. Tang Mo, who had not found this powder when he examined the hole earlier, crouched down to knead the powder with his fingers and concluded, "Powder from a plate."

He looked further back.

In almost every hole there are plates of powder, and in the third there is a small pit where the earth has been scooped up, and in the fifth there are even two pits.

Seeing these familiar objects, Tang Mo recalled the image of the golden-haired gopher eating a gnome crumbling before his eyes, and he looked at the little gopher in his pocket and said helplessly, "Why does it feel like you're the one who's doing all the work in the end?"

The golden-haired gopher indignantly starts banging his pockets again.

The moment that image shattered in front of Tang Mo's eyes, he was informed of all the information and memories.

Tang Mo's time is manipulated after Granny Wolf says the words "Remember the time" and leaves the hut. It could have been manipulated by The black tower, or it could have been manipulated by a golden gopher. Tang Mo prefers that the gopher is responsible for this.

At twelve noon on December 1st, Tang Mo's time began to diverge as Granny Wolf left the cottage and headed for the circus. As if by archiving, someone presses the archiver at this point in time and from then on Tang Mo starts to read the archives again and again unconsciously and passively.

On December 1, only one of him existed, who could be called Tang Mo No. 1. Tang Mo No. 1 did not intend to risk catching gophers on the first day; what he chose to do was to check out the situation outside the hole and learn more about it. He casually placed his gopher at the entrance to hole number five and saw the black-haired gopher who had come to eat it.

The first day is over.

The next day, Tang Mo #1 was ready to officially catch the Golden Gopher, but unbeknownst to him, Tang Mo #2 showed up. Everything was the same for Tang Mo #2 as it was for Tang Mo #1 a day earlier, except that his timeline had changed to December 2nd. He thought he was catching gophers on the same day as Tang Mo 1. So he decided to check out the situation outside the hole first and placed the gopher randomly at the entrance to hole number three.

At 6pm on this day, Tang Mo No. 1 was attacked by a black-haired gopher at the fifth hole and Tang Mo No. 2 also saw a black-haired gopher coming to eat a groundnut at the third hole.

They could not see each other or the gopher that the other could see, but when they examined the hole afterwards, they found a white dish of powder in the other hole.

At six o'clock the gopher holes were refreshed and the nine gopher holes in the two Tang Mo's were synchronised.

Tang Mo No. 1 immediately senses the presence of another player. Tang Mo #2 makes the same judgement.

Thinking about it, Tang Mo poked the pocket where the golden-haired gopher was kept: "You really did almost kill me back then. What is your power, is it related to time. Every day before 6pm, the nine holes are out of sync and you can't see traces of those white plates of powder, after 6pm, they come out ...... but it's no use me knowing that, you don't even allow the use of psychic powers anymore."

The golden-haired gopher chirped, as if to express its amusement.

Yes, from the first, every day at 12 noon, the moment Granny Wolf leaves the house, a new Tang Mo appears. The new Tang Mo considers this to be the first day of gopher catching and, being cautious, will not choose to catch the gopher straight away, but will certainly observe from outside the hole. By the time he had finished his observations after six o'clock and after he had walked up to the hole and found white powder in the other holes as well, it was too late.

After all seven Tang Mo's memories came together, he thought to himself as he carried his pockets towards Granny Wolf's hut, "All the preceding is why I thought the other gopher catcher was myself, based on two main points. Firstly, this is a single player game and The black tower has only ever done things like withhold information and deliberately mislead, never cheat players. Secondly, all of my powers with cooldowns are no longer available. I thought it was because another one I had already used and the powers went on cooldown, but now it looks like it shouldn't be that simple."

Tang Mo walked past Granny Wolf's vegetable patch and looked down at the ground. He thought for a long time and came up with three words, "Priorities."

"The me of number one was actually unable to use my psychic powers after six p.m. on the first day, but I didn't notice the fact that I couldn't use them until I noticed the presence of a second me. But except for me of number one, every me from me of number two onwards would have noticed the presence of at least one 'companion' after six o'clock that day and would no longer be able to use the psychic powers. Not because the psychic ability had been used and went on cooldown, but because of priority."

Tang Mo frowned, recalling his own entry into the valley of monsters seven days earlier.

"...... I do seem to have entered Monster Valley at around 6pm? Well, it was 6pm. So after each 6pm, the next me is considered to have entered the game and is seen as the newest Tang Mo and enjoys the highest priority?"

According to Tang Mo's analysis, the most likely scenario would be that Tang Mo, who had just finished observing the black-haired gopher, lost his priority after 6pm each afternoon.

Take, for example, Tang Mo, number two. He appeared on 2 December and placed the plate at the third hole at 6 p.m. After six o'clock, he found traces of the plate placed by Tang Mo No. 1 at the fifth hole, but he could no longer use his powers at that point. This was because his priority had been replaced by Tang Mo No. 3.

By priority, I don't mean just the powers, but the fact that a Tang Mo with low priority can never influence the every move of a Tang Mo with high priority.

For example, Tang Mo 2 cannot use the "Return My Grandfather" ability because it can only be used once a day and once it is used, Tang Mo 3 cannot use it at will. Therefore, priority is given to forbidding Tang Mo 2 from using it. The same applies to "Earthworm's Tears", which is an expendable ability that affects Tang Mo 2 if it is used by Tang Mo 3.

However, Mario's Hat, Big Match and other items and abilities do not affect Tang Mo, which has a high priority. It does not affect the use of the latter, so it can still be used.

Tang Mo walked into Granny Wolf's cottage, where he placed the Golden Gopher's pocket on the sofa and walked himself over to the coffee table, where he picked up a piece of advertising paper and a newspaper.

When all seven time periods are fused, Tang Mo's seven memories are unified and every other thing Tang Mo has encountered is restored to the same time period.

For example, using Mario's hat, Tang Mo #3 topped off a second time with a news paper of the day from the Kingdom of the Underlanders with this news item.

"'Strange Circus Treasures Go Missing, Night of Wonders Suspected to End Early'." Tang Mo reads the news headline.

It was because he saw this newspaper that Tang Mo, No. 3, decided to take a chance and catch the golden gopher on his "first day". He didn't know when Grandma Wolf would return and had to make the most of every moment. That's why Fu Wenduo said, "You're 90% sure that the mission will end early", and then turned on the archiver.

Unfortunately, once six o'clock arrived, the priority of the archiver was taken away by Tang Mo number four, the archive function failed, Tang Mo number three returned in defeat and proceeded to discover that at least one more of himself existed in this game.

Tang Mo number four and five did not notice anything unusual and at six o'clock sharp they were outside the cave watching for black-haired gophers. Once six o'clock arrived and all Tang Mo's holes refreshed simultaneously, they realised that several other Tang Mo's had left marks at the holes and knew that something was wrong with the mission, but were unable to use their powers and could do nothing.

Until number six, Tang Mo was given an "invisible man's pocket watch" and a sheet of paper advertising Cirque du Freak.

The advertising paper made him realise that the circus might be the Big Earthworm's circus, and he wondered if it would have any effect on the circus' activities after the Big Earthworm's escape. He also drew the "Invisible Man's Pocket Watch", which allows him to enter the cave invisibly and save his life if he encounters a black-haired gopher. So Tang Mo #6 decided to take the plunge and try to catch a golden gopher on the first day as well. To be on the safe side, he chose to file it away.

Then comes the situation described by Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo said that Tang Mo No. 3 suddenly lost contact with him at six o'clock, and he could not get in touch with him after that. Tang Mo No.6 was also worried that he would be in the same predicament as Tang Mo No.3 after six o'clock, so he had only ten minutes to think about what to do.

All he wanted was to use the "your father is still your father" power.

In that urgent situation, Tang Mo No. 6 came up with two possibilities. The first possibility is that Tang Mo's memory is hidden every day and that there is only one Tang Mo from the beginning to the end. Then, on the seventh day, Tang Mo, who had discovered that his name had been changed, would have gone to Fu Wenduo to get the information that he had to catch the gopher.

In the second case, if there are many Tang Mo in this time and space, they cannot see each other and cannot contact each other. Then he uses the "Your father is still your father" ability as a karmic power to change the names of all Tang Mo. All Tang Mo will become aware of the existence of this power, discover that another self has used it, and then discover the secret that has been buried in their hearts: Tang Mo has had a crush on Viktor for a long time.

Seven days have passed. Tang Mo 1 waited seven days in time and space, Tang Mo 2 waited six days ...... until finally, Tang Mo 6 passed on the final message to Tang Mo 7. Together, the seven Tang Mo's of the staggered space-time stood at the entrance of the ninth hole and completed the game without the unlucky chance of meeting the 20% chance of failure.

"I believe in myself." Tang Mo sat down on the sofa and poured himself a cup of tea with rare interest, "Every I should have discovered the existence of another I, except for the seventh I. They must have found a way to put food in the same hole and stand in it, the problem is not knowing which one to choose."

"The use of this name changing psychic ability is partly to tell the truth about me in Seven and partly to tell others who are unable to use their psychic abilities and connect with each other ......"

"Tang Mo has had a crush on Viktor for a long time."

Tang Mo looks at the water in the glass.

It had actually been less than a month since Earth had gone online. Yet he felt as if many years had passed.

Tang Mo hadn't thought of that name for a long time, and he didn't have time to think about that person every day when life and death were at stake. Call it a crush, or maybe not, just a very unique kind of good feeling.

Tang Mo has no secrets.

His parents died long ago and he has few relatives. He came out of the closet before his parents died, and the brothers he played with knew about his sexuality. He does not feel that his sexuality is a secret that has to be kept.

His only secret, then, is Viktor.

"Vic's birthday, it's the 9th of September ah ......"

For believing in yourself, whichever one you are, you must have discovered the truth. It was also because he believed in himself that he was able to use his ability to change his name and find himself a way out in a minute. In the end, it was also because I believed in myself that I was sure to find the only correct number in the secret "Tang Mo has had a crush on Viktor for a long time".

And the truth is -

"I got you." Tang Mo poked the gopher pocket.

The golden-haired gopher was so angry that he bumped his fingers.

Tang Mo looks at the advertising paper and newspaper on the coffee table, and then takes out the 'Invisible Man's Pocket Watch' from his pocket, which has turned into a normal pocket watch, and slowly curls his lips at these three items.

The black tower hadn't given anyone a way out yet, and whether he had Mario's hat or not, the black tower would have given him all three items, even if it was by other means. It could be by sending other monsters up the mountain to deliver information to him, or it could be by a pocket watch falling out of Granny Wolf's wardrobe. All in all, these three items are sure to appear, otherwise this game would be almost insurmountable.

Without Tang Mo 3 using the archiver, Tang Mo 6 would not know the correct time and would not be alerted to Tang Mo 7.

It is all inevitable.

Tang Mo drained his water. He was still mulling over every detail of what he had experienced in the past seven days when he suddenly heard an out-of-tune song coming from outside the house.

"The flesh of the Underlander, the wine of the flamingo. Eat the flesh of the Underlander, bite off the legs of the Underlander. Cumin from the valley of monsters, roasting the best of heads. My Underlander granddaughter, about to become my plate. Her flesh, fragrant and tender, her head, sweet and nourishing ......"

The song was so harsh and unpleasant, like playing cotton, that Tang Mo cringed at the sound.

The song is getting closer.


The door to the house was kicked open and Granny Wolf entered the house, wriggling in a pink dress and a small parasol, carrying a jug of wine and a large packet of spices. Her wolfish green eyes crossed the hut and landed on Tang Mo. The moment she saw Tang Mo, her eyes were filled with greed and appetite.

"My dear granddaughter, I can't believe you didn't catch ...... ahhhhhh!!!"

There was a shrill scream and Granny Wolf looked in horror at the gopher pockets on the coffee table. The small parasol was thrown to the floor and the condiments and bottles of wine smashed to the ground, spilling all over the place.

The wolf grandmother covered her pointed wolf mouth and said incredulously, "How could you possibly catch the golden-haired gopher of time and space!"


What the author has to say.

A long time later, after Tangtang had already eaten up Mr. Fu's school without paying him and gotten his powers, Tangtang decided one day to use the chicken powers he hadn't used for eight years - your father is still your father!

Tangtang: Your father is still your father! What is your name?

Mr. Fu School: Of course my name is ......emmmmm...... "I am Tang Mo underneath the subject"... ... [expressionless


There are some little angels who say they don't understand, so I'm so square ah, maybe the future game is a little bit simpler ......

By the way, this time the tower attack game is actually in normal mode and not difficult at all. Tomorrow we will reveal why Tangtang's game is so difficult XD I don't know if any of the little angels guessed the truth~


Starting from #1, a new Tangtang appears every day. #1 is actually the easiest chance to catch a gopher, but Tangtang is too cautious to go for it, so next thing you know, you're screwed and fall for the golden gopher/The black tower trap. There is a new Tangtang every day, and this Tangtang will not catch a gopher on its "first day". By this time he will have been overridden by the next Tangtang and will not be able to use his powers or alert the next one to his presence.

The black tower can't just leave the Tangtang to die, so Tangtang 3 and Tangtang 6 are given a clue and it's up to him to choose to do it. Both Tangtang went to catch the gopher, doing as much as they could, and then the baton was passed to the final Tangtang, number seven. Tangtang number six reminded all Tangtang that the number was nine; in the end Tangtang number seven succeeded and all Tangtang merged, still the only one.

Because Tangtang believes in himself, each one of him makes the best choice and that's why he passes the game~.

The little angels should get it all by now, right? Mwah chirp =3=

Published at: 03/11/2022 21:04