Chapter 31: I have a crush for a long time.

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"Mark the time. If I don't see the golden gopher when I return in seven days, you'll be my dinner!"

With a scathing remark, Granny Wolf slammed the door with her little parasol and bowler hat on her hip. Her violent slamming of the door sent a shudder through the hut, and Tang Mo picked up the pink altar he had just placed on the dining table and watched coldly as she departed. He ran to the window, making sure that Granny Wolf had followed the trail down the hill before going to the sofa and sitting down.

He puts the pink altar on the coffee table, and turns his head to look at the pink altar next to the sofa.

"Day one, it's 12:30. Again, if it's a 24-hour day, then by the time I entered the copy, it would be the first of December." Tang Mo looked inside along the mouth of the pink altar, and saw nothing.

With Granny Wolf gone, Tang Mo can stop being wary of her, and he begins to think carefully about the game.

The black tower is so careful to explain the eight rules of the game that if you really play the game, assuming you put food in a hole on each of the seven days and stand in it at the same time, the chances of Tang Mo catching a golden gopher after seven days is 0.999808.

"I couldn't have had worse luck than this ......"

Tang Mo said this, but his expression was not relaxed at all. He couldn't believe that the ground floor of The black tower could be so easy, no fighting monsters, no guessing, no deduction, just catching a gopher by luck, and with a 0.99 chance of success.

How does it look like a trap.

Tang Mo touches the altar: "Something to do with the fact that the probability of a golden gopher appearing on day 1 is only 40% ......"

The altar, of course, could not give him an answer.

Tang Mo decided to start by trading the altar for the food he was going to give the gopher next. The first thing that came to his mind was the gopher's hair that had been left in the crack of the sofa by Granny Wolf. He took the mass of hair out and pulled a strand of it into the altar. The altar did not respond. Tang Mo thought about it, and threw the whole mass of hair in.

A minute later, the pink altar suddenly glows with a colourful light. Tang Mo stares intently as the light shines for a full three minutes. The glow disappeared and the altar became completely black. Tang Mo frowned and was about to see what was going on when a foul smell came up from the mouth of the altar.


A black pile hit Tang Mo's leg and the stench that hit him nearly made him faint. It took him a while to pick up the object that had been thrown at his lap.

"...... seems to be a burnt groundnut?"

A small line appears on the pink altar -

[A pile of long-rotted underground man's hair, ah shucks!]

Tang Mo: "......"

Since this mass of hair could not be exchanged for real gopher food, Tang Mo stood up and searched for a while in Granny Wolf's house. He walked over to the fireplace and looked up at the gopher's head hanging on the wall. Tang Mo used his knife to cut a clump of hair from the head of the gopher and threw it into the altar.

This time the altar also glowed strangely and finally became black again, throwing out a slightly less smelly black mass.

[A pile of decomposing underground man's hair, ah blah blah blah!]

Tang Mo: "......"

These are the only two things that belong to the Underlander in Granny Wolf's hut. Tang Mo himself is not an underground man, he is a player. His things don't turn into food when he puts them in the altar. He ponders for a moment, takes a ruby from his pocket, holds it high above his head and puts Mario's hat on it.

Tang Mo was used to the stench of Mario's hat after the previous two piles of foul smelling groundnuts. He slammed straight into the fireplace, and as his head hit the wall, a dirty, smelly boot fell through the air and landed on the floor.

Tang Mo rubbed his head, picked up the boot and threw it into the altar. Within moments, a golden gourd flies out of the altar and smashes into Tang Mo's leg.

[Boots of a weaver with foot odour]

At last, we can exchange it for food.

Mario's hat is good for three times a day, and Tang Mo has already used it once. He ponders this for a while, and before he can take it off, he thumps it against the wall twice more. The first time a thin advertising leaflet fell, the second time an old pocket watch.

Tang Mo picked up the advertising paper first and read the words on it, "A night of strange circus, three rare treasures that shocked the kingdom of the underground people, a world of oddities like you've never seen before, the great circus master and members are here to see you ......"

"Circus." Tang Mo pronounced those three words again. He remembered the big, disgustingly cute earthworm.

It seems that this circus is somewhat similar to the one in the "Kill Bill" copy, and is most likely the same.

Putting the matter behind him, Tang Mo picked up the pocket watch. The moment his hand touched it, a line of writing appeared on the watch. Tang Mo moves and quickly picks up the watch and looks at the writing on it.

[Props: Transparent Man's Pocket Watch]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Fine].

[Grade: Level 1].

[Attack Power: None]

[Function: Turn on the pocket watch and be invisible for five minutes].

[Restriction: Disposable item, cannot be taken out of the game].

[Remarks: Stealth play eh heh heh heh ......]

Tang Mo: "......"

Ignore the notes, he still has that luck?

Tang Mo flipped the watch back and forth several times in amazement, his eyes pausing at the words "not to be taken out of the game" before finally putting it in his pocket.

With only an hour to go before 6pm, Tang Mo decided to return in the evening to study the pocket watch.

Before leaving, Tang Mo carefully inspected Granny Wolf's house and found nothing special. Finally he took a plate off the dining table, put the groundnuts on it and walked towards the back of the hill with the plate in his hand.

Walking up to the nine huge gopher holes, Tang Mo placed the gophers on the ground and stood outside the holes themselves, examining each one starting with the first one.

There are nine holes in all. The holes are about three metres in diameter and there are signs of paws digging into the ground near each hole, as well as some scattered golden and black hairs. Presumably the hairs are those of golden and black-haired gophers.

After examining each cave entrance, Tang Mo walks over to a large boulder. He looks at the nine holes and ponders for a moment before deciding to walk to the sixth one. With an hour left before six o'clock, Tang Mo holds his groundnut and looks into the darkness of the gopher's burrow. He looks on silently as if trying to discern something from inside.

The minutes ticked by and there was only half an hour left until six o'clock sharp.

Tang Mo lifted his wrist to look at his watch and decided to place the groundhog in front of the sixth hole, then ran and hid behind the boulder to see what would happen.

The probability of a golden gopher appearing on the first day is only 40% at best. That didn't seem too bad, but Tang Mo didn't dare to test his luck. He had never been very lucky, and now he didn't know how high the force of the golden or black-haired gophers was, and if he went into the cave and came across a black-haired gopher that liked to eat people from the ground, Tang Mo couldn't guarantee his safety.

Still need more information.

He lifted his wrist again and looked at his watch; there were twenty minutes left.

"Why ...... only the first day is special." As he waited, Tang Mo held his groundhog in his hands and kept thinking. He looked at the ground at the sixth hole and after a moment he took the old pocket watch out of his pocket and stared down.

"Not to be taken out of the game. If it's a black-haired gopher you come across tomorrow, it's a little safer to try and wrestle it with this."

He retrieved the pocket watch from his pocket.

After five minutes, Tang Mo took out the pocket watch of the transparent man again. After looking at the watch steadily for a while, he took the large match out of his wrist and at the same time took out the white fire egg and drew an S on it.

Tang Mo drew the S very casually, without taking it too seriously, but when he finished the S, he noticed that there was no movement on the egg. The "S" character did not light up, let alone link to Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo's heart tightened as he sensed a hint of something not right. He cracked the turkey egg three times and before he could say anything, he heard a surprised low voice ring out, " Tang Mo ?"

Tang Mo has never met the stowaway Fu Wenduo, but they have spoken several times, even two days ago when Tang Mo told Fu Wenduo that he was about to take part in a tower attack game, and he had never heard him speak to him in such a surprised voice.

"...... Well, Mr. Fu, it's me. I was wondering if the turkey egg is broken or something. I was just trying to use it for archiving but found that it doesn't work. Is there a problem with you there, or is it me?"

There was a long silence over the fire eggs.

Tang Mo was wondering and was about to ask again when he heard Fu Wenduo say, "Three days ago, you contacted me and told me that you needed to use the archive function."

Tang Mo Mo's body, holding the groundnut, froze in the air. The next moment, he retorted, "No way! I never said that. Mr. Fu, are you mistaken, I didn't contact you three days ago, let alone use turkey eggs."

"You just said that you can't use the fire eggs. This is because the seven-day cooldown time has not arrived."

Tang Mo was silenced for a moment.

He stood between the valleys, the icy mountain wind whistling over the long pink river and pouring into his collar. Tang Mo suddenly felt a little cold on the soles of his feet, and he fought back the tingling in his scalp and calmed himself as best he could, "Then could you please tell me, Mr. Fu, what ...... I said to you three days ago?"

However Fu Wenduo did not answer him first, but asked in a very serious voice, " Tang Mo, do you know what day it is today?"

Tang Mo froze: "December 1st."

"Today is the 6th of December."

Tang Mo's eyes widened as a light flashed through his mind, suddenly dissipating before he could catch it.

"Three days ago, on the 3rd of December, I was searching for supplies in a shop when you contacted me and told me that you needed to use the archiver." In the chilly wind, Fu Wenduo's calm voice seemed to have a soothing power, and Tang Mo listened quietly as he said, "What you said was that you guessed that there was a time loophole in the tower attack game you were playing. Because of a previous copy you had cleared, this tower attack game might end early and you didn't want to waste every day, so you planned to use the archiver and take a chance."

Tang Mo listened to the voice and analysed it, "The copy I once cleared would have been 'Kill Bill'. In that copy, I released one of the circus master's treasures and he now only has two treasures left. Today I was given an advertising slip that the circus Granny Wolf was going to see might be the same circus I had experienced. Maybe because I let one of the treasures go, she will come back early."

Fu Wenduo: "Strange Circus?"

Tang Mo was amazed, "You knew?"

"When we crossed the river from the Kingdom of the Underlanders to the Monster World, there was this circus billboard by the river saying that the leader had gotten three treasures." Fu Wenduo asked in a low voice, "Calm down and think about it already?"

Tang Mo shook his head, "No, I just have a vague idea of it. Mr. Fu, what else do you know?"

"I know that three days ago you said to me with certainty that this tower attack game would end early." After a pause, Fu Wenduo added, "From the tone of your voice, I think you were at least 90 percent sure."

Tang Mo: "So Mr. Fu, do you know anything else?"

"No more."

Tang Mo was stunned.

Earth, Beijing.

Fu Wenduo stood on the roof of a skyscraper. With a click of his foot, his body leapt lightly out of the way by a distance of more than twenty metres to the roof of another building. He held a turkey egg in his right hand and his voice was low: "On December 3, I listened to the sounds from your place after I turned on the archiver. There was hardly any sound from your place, just a very soft bit of breathing and wind. But as soon as 6 p.m. came, 6 p.m. sharp to be specific, your voices stopped all together. I thought you ......" After a pause, Fu Wenduo jumped to another high building and continued: "I thought I had encountered a situation where even the archiver was not working, and when I tried to contact you again after that, I could not get through. "

Tang Mo tightened his grip on the turkey egg and mentally added what the other man had just left unsaid.

"I thought you were dead."

That's why Fu Wenduo was so surprised when he suddenly heard his voice.

"The one from three days ago, it was you."

Tang Mo's mind was in a tizzy when Fu Wenduo suddenly spoke up and he subconsciously asked, "Why?"

Fu Wenduo wanted to leap to another building, but at Tang Mo's words, he stopped and stood on the edge of the skyscraper's rooftop, watching the sun set in the west as it sank below the ground.

"Intuition." The warm sun shone on the steely, cold face as Fu Wenduo whispered, "The feeling that it was you."

It was a very strange statement, Tang Mo had never believed in such vague and insignificant things as feelings. But as he listened to the words, his heart slowly sank. He raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist, five minutes left until six o'clock, and he said, " Mr. Fu, you said earlier that once six o'clock exactly came, you would never hear from me again and you would no longer be able to reach me, or at least initiate contact, is that right?"


With only five minutes left, Tang Mo's mind raced, his eyes grew brighter, and he gripped the turkey egg and said, "You said there was another me. But now I think that maybe there aren't just two of me now. Today is the 6th of December, and according to the rules of this tower attack game, I need to finish the game on the 7th of December or I will be eaten by the monsters in the game."

Tang Mo's tone was relaxed, but Fu Wenduo did not speak.

Tang Mo: "I only have one day left. I'm not sure how many of me there are in this game. But I know that I only have one day left. Whether I get through today or not, Mr. Fu, I hope that when I reach out to you tomorrow, you will ask me a question."

Fu Wenduo asks, "How do you know that tomorrow's you will reach out to me?"

"I have an idea."

Fu Wenduo did not ask for this solution. He raised an eyebrow and said, "What words."

Tang Mo watched the time on his watch ticking towards six o'clock, second by second, with only the last two minutes left. He said, "You ask that me - Tang Mo, if you only had one last day left, which would be your lucky number."

From the moment he spoke to Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo had been standing on the edge of the rooftop where he had just been, glancing at the time on the distant clock tower. With a minute left until six o'clock, he said, "I'm a bit curious, what's your lucky number?"


Fu Wenduo: "Why?"

Tang Mo: "I have a long time crush and his birthday is September 9th."

Fu Wenduo froze slightly and subconsciously asked, "The 9th of September?"

Tang Mo: "Yes, what is it?"

Fu Wenduo shook his head reflexively, knowing that he was invisible: "Nothing, this is a very special day. After a pause, Fu Wenduo added, "I'm on my way from Beijing to Shanghai, I have something I have to do there. Tang Mo, I hope to see you in Shanghai."

Tang Mo looked at the turkey eggs, then at his watch with the last minute left, and smiled, "Well, if I don't die this time ...... Fu Wenduo, see you in Shanghai."

"See you in Shanghai."

In the last ten seconds, Tang Mo hung up the call from the fire egg. He took his book of powers out of the air and opened it to the last page.

[Alien Powers: Your Dad is Still Your Dad]

[Owned by: Li Shaolin (Stowaway)

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Has a certain chance to change the name of the subject, works for seven days, can be used once every ten days. Karma Law Ability, cannot be reversed.]

[Grade: Level 1].

[Restriction: You must know the name, face and birth date of the target. The better you know the target, the greater the chance of the power working.

[Remark: Tang Mo, look at this alien power, your father is still your father].

[Tang Mo version usage instructions: It works for three days and can be used once every 30 days. After use, the subject will receive one of Tang Mo's most important secrets.

Tang Mo's hand gently strokes the words "Your father is still your father" and a black water pen suddenly appears in his hand, while three lines appear underneath the "Tang Mo Edition Instructions for Use".

[Original name: Empty].

[Name changed: Empty].

[Tang Mo's best kept secret: empty].


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