Chapter 243: You do not take the opportunity to overrule the truth with fallacies.

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"Oh no, the kids are back for their spring break!"

A shrill cry rang out across the vast elven grasslands, and many of the small animals eating and walking instantly pricked up their ears and looked terrified. The next moment, they all let out a scream, dropping what they were holding as quickly as they could and turning to run.

Suddenly, as if remembering something, he turns his head and burrows into the ground. With a few strokes of his sharp paws, he dug a tunnel through the mud. As the bandits swarmed around him, Mr Rabbit dug his way out of the tunnel and escaped into the ground a second before they could.

The Mosaic-faced girl with the twin ponytails gave a disappointed "Ah" and grunted, "No more braised rabbit."

Dozens of children were seen crowding up with joy. Some of them had long bows, some had daggers. Some were shovelling turf, others were chopping down trees for fun. The crowd was having so much fun that in a few minutes the beautiful meadow was left bare.

With a big smile on her face, Mosaic sneaks across the river, avoiding teachers and classmates. She lights the match and sets it on fire.

"The roast lamb and chicken and the roast bird are also particularly good, suck it up!"

On the other hand, Mr Rabbit, wiping the sweat from his forehead, hurried to the Queen of Hearts' jewelled castle. Upon reaching the door, however, the rabbit's cheeks inexplicably flushed. He looked shyly at the iron door in front of him and wavered for a few moments before he finally got up the courage to knock.

Mr Bunny was so upset that he wanted to show his love to the great Queen of Hearts, but he didn't have the guts to do so.

It was the most honourable Queen of Hearts, and a commoner like him had no right to see her.

The white rabbit turned to leave in a shy manner, unaware that a blue clock in the penthouse of the jeweled castle had silently taken in all his actions. This included Mr Rabbit's joy when he arrived at the castle door, and his loss when he finally left.

The blue clock ticked away, each stroke precise, a benchmark for all clocks in the entire world of The black tower. She watched indifferently as the rabbit left the jewelled castle, when suddenly the door to the attic was slammed open. A red-haired lolita wearing a Little Wang crown entered angrily and said to the truth clock, "Boring, boring, boring!"

The Truth Clock silently watches Queen of Hearts.

"Isn't there anything interesting! You bloody clock, I asked you a question and you didn't answer it, you're simply a fake aren't you!"

The Truth Clock said in a calm female voice faintly, "I am not Snow White's magic mirror, Queen. It has never been my duty to answer anyone's questions."

"And what are your duties?"

"It is my duty to see every thing that exists in this world and to recognize the truth in every one of them."

Queen of Hearts slammed her fist into the Clock of Truth as if it were on water, sending a ripple through the surface. When the ripples returned, the Clock of Truth turned back to its original form.

The red-haired loli clasped her arms and snorted, "A loser like you might as well be Santa's golden toilet, in my opinion. I've heard him say that his toilet is so warm and constipating that anyone who sits on it can poop. Unlike you, it takes up too much space for me to put in the attic and collect dust!"

"But that toilet can't see for you every single thing that exists in this world."

"What do I need to see something like that for."

"I just saw, for example, a rabbit run in a wretched manner to the castle door and slink away again."

Queen of Hearts froze and realised who it was: "Ah, you mean that stupid rabbit that's always spying on me?"

The Truth Clock did not answer.

Queen of Hearts said to herself, "He hasn't been here for ages, why is he suddenly here again."

Truth Clock reminded, "He's from the Elven Savannah."

"The elven prairie?" The redheaded loli froze, "Elven prairie, he came over in a mess? Eh, wait, this season ...... does that mean Mosaic and their school are organizing another spring trip? Ah, my barbecue!" Eyes snapping open, the redheaded loli swallowed excitedly and ran out of the room as fast as she could.

Apparently, she found something that wasn't boring.

The narrow, cramped attic soon regains its tranquillity.

After who knows how long, a brittle voice rang out. It was a boy's voice, somewhat high and shrill belonging to a child, and in this childish voice he said grimly, "If I had known that coming back behind you would be to be left to gather dust in such a place, I might as well have stayed in that world and never met up with a fellow like you."

The calm, bland female voice replied, "You are always present at my back, that is the truth."

The child's voice snapped up, as if she were being choked: "Fallacies, all fallacies! I'm not going to be with you. You're fine, facing out, and I, as your back, face a dark wall all day long! This wall is all dusty and black and dirty, it's black and dirty!!!"

Truth Clock: "You will not be blackened by any dust."

The fallacious compass: "But they smoked my eyes!"

"You don't have eyes."

"If I say there is, there is, and everything you say is a fallacy!"

Everything the Truth Clock says is the truth: "What you just said is a fallacy."

The little boy yelled out in anger. His voice was so loud it could have shattered glass, but miraculously his voice was completely enclosed in the attic and could not be heard outside. The discarded furniture in the attic was shattered to pieces by his voice, and when he finally stopped yelling, the clock of truth said indifferently, " When Queen of Hearts comes back and sees this, she will know you exist."

The fallacious compass: "......"

"I should have known I might as well have stayed with that woman and not come back!"

The fallacy compass had just finished when the truth clock reminded him of that truth: "The Returner Mu Huixue is dead and you can never return to her, this is a fallacy."

The fallacious compass: "......"

Ahhhhhh pissed off at the compass!!!

There is no beauty without contrast, and the fallacious compass recalls the days when it used to be kidnapped by a human.

That's right, kidnapping.

He no longer wanted to bother with the Truth Clock, being left in the attic by the Queen of Hearts was so boring that he actually began to remember the few times he had come into contact with humans before.

The moment the Earth came online, the Truth Clock began to see the Earth and The black tower world with both eyes. The fallacious compass has no eyes, but he is the back of the Truth Clock, and everything the Truth Clock sees, he sees as well.

Humanity is divided into Earth survivors and returnees.

Similarly, when Earth went online, the Truth Clock and the Fallacy Compass were separated. One in the game world of the survivors and one in the game world of the returnees. Back then there was no such name as the Returners, they were just the unlucky six billion or so humans.

The first to find the fallacious compass was a very dark-skinned Indian, the man was scarred and almost near death, but he was the first and only human player to walk through a steel forest full of monsters to find the huge compass hidden in the deepest part of the forest.

He was excited to think he had gotten a rare item, but when he saw him, the compass coolly said "Congratulations on triggering the time chart" and then disappeared in front of him.

This opens the time chart.

This was the first human being the fallacious compass saw, and he later saw through the eyes of the truth clock that this human being died a month later.

And the second human he had ever met had managed to kidnap him.

Fallacious Compass: "That human's powers seem to be a good match for you, she should kidnap you as her prop."

"Existence is Reason?" Truth Clock uttered a rare question, but soon answered herself, "That statement is a false proposition, never a truth."

The fallacy compass suddenly said, "So she is using a fallacy to disprove my fallacy."

The Truth Clock fell silent. Soon she said, "You must not take the opportunity to deny the existence of truth. The only thing that can negate a fallacy is the truth. That human's power is not a fallacy in the full sense of the word, it is only a false proposition. When she used it, and succeeded, it meant that the object she affirmed had become the truth. That is why the second function of that psychic ability is so limited - a success that no one can be sure of, like an infinite non-probability pocket watch."

China , Guangzhou .

The wide, straight streets are busy with many people working on the reconstruction of the city.

The city was shattered by the previous battle between humans and The black tower bosses. The black tower had wiped out half of the city as the deadline approached and all the buildings collapsed. Everyone is working quickly on the devastated land. Sometimes, when they came across people, they were wary and subconsciously reached for their weapons. Then they froze and lowered their weapons again, but their guard was not completely relaxed.

In the short term, everyone still can't fully trust others and return to the way they were before Earth came online.

By the Pearl River, a dark-haired young man in a white shirt frowns as he looks down at the pocket watch in his hand, constantly tweaking it. Tang Mo turns the minute hand counter-clockwise at one point and the hour hand clockwise at another. Off to the side, Fu Wenduo, hands in his pockets, follows calmly behind him.

Five minutes later, Tang Mo put down his infinite non-probability pocket watch and turned back, "It's not working."

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