Chapter 242: I still love you and will not change.

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All day long, Tang Mo was a bit distracted.

The library had a weekly morning meeting, scheduled for Friday morning. He was standing in the far corner of the queue, waiting for the meeting to break up to go back to his office, when he heard Little Zhao and another young girl talking excitedly about the upcoming concert in Suzhou by the popular songstress Lian Yuzheng.

The sunlight pierced the dark-haired young man's eyes as he walked right up to the window. He squinted slightly, Little Zhao just happened to pass him by, "I've got my ticket, it's a hilltop seat but there were so many people grabbing it, I had to press my phone screen to get it ......"

As the summer scent intensifies, Tang Mo can't help but raise her hand to block the sun.

Walking past the rows and rows of bookshelves, Tang Mo suddenly heard a low, rapid whisper. It was as if someone was chanting a sutra, and the tone was so impassioned that he subconsciously thought of someone, and walked over to see if it was the Gods and Goddesses.

Yesterday, he was dressed in a suit and said he was going to Shanghai to see his daughter, but I don't know how that turned out.

He was carrying a copy of The Vanishing Secrets of the Maya Civilisation when he met Tang Mo and first said excitedly, "I had dinner with Shanshan and she said I'd see her next time."

Tang Mo was confused, but then she thought, "Shanshan is probably the daughter of a godly man.

After his daughter, the magus took the book and danced around: "Do you know about the Mayan civilization? Eh you must know," he asked himself, without Tang Mo interrupting, "that they disappeared overnight! A great civilisation, gone overnight, and do you know why? Surely you don't know! There were gods in this world, and the gods sent a punishment, and they were all gone!"

Tang Mo gave a bland look to the Godsend: " Mr. Chen , if you can, don't leave the books lying around and remember to put them back on the shelf." Don't add to our workload.

Tang Mo nodded politely and turned to leave. Behind him, the cleric was still ranting about "Mayan civilisation", "divine punishment" and "human beings will also die overnight". Inexplicably, Tang Mo began to think: If there is something that can make humans disappear overnight ......

Probably only aliens.

Walking expressionlessly back to his seat, Tang Mo put the strange thought to the back of his mind.

If there really is something that can make humanity die out overnight, what kind of despair and hardship will humanity face at that time?

Nanjing , South Teachers' University High School.

A foreign kid with blond hair and blue eyes was in PE class with his classmates when he joked with a female classmate and missed the basketball passed to him by a classmate for a second. The classmate said glumly, "Edward, how come you foreigners are better at pleasing girls than we are!"

The little blonde boy said innocently, "They're the ones who said they liked me."

Wuxi, Taihu Pleasure Park.

The young man in the silver-rimmed glasses pushed his cousin away without mercy as he smiled slightly, "Come on, it's no use hugging me, if you want to go to the haunted house yourself. You might as well hug him, it might be more real."

Chai Rong, who was about to enter the haunted house, was startled, "Huh?" After a pause, "Wait, do I know you guys?"

An Chu was also stunned: "Yes, cousin, I don't even know her."

Xiao Jitong pushed his glasses up, "So we only see each other once a year, it seems," smiling and curling his eyes, "Do we know each other well too?"

An Chu : "......"

Shanghai , Tongji University, International Student Residence Area.

The tall foreign boy and a blonde girl were walking along the boulevard when the latter asked curiously, "Jackass, I heard that the famous female singer from China is going to do a concert in Suzhou, are you going?"

Beijing , 8th S.

A pale boy lay silently on his desk, he covered his stomach and looked down at the floor. Gradually, his stomach became more and more painful, and after a few moments, he stood up, "Teacher, I want to go to the infirmary."

The teacher nodded: "Be careful with your health. Ruan Wangshu , if you still don't feel well next time, don't go to class. Your body is important."

The boy walking out of the classroom paused in his movements, then continued on.

When I arrived at the infirmary, the female doctor was playing a mobile game. When she heard the door open, she glanced back and then waved her hand, "It's you again, well, lie down by yourself. You know your illness anyway, so go back to class when it doesn't hurt anymore."

Ruan Wangshu looks at the nameplate on the female doctor's chest: Li Miaomiao.


He dutifully walked over and lay down.

Schools, office buildings, factories, construction sites ......

Everything is so calm and serene.

Is the human race really going to die out?

Tang Mo soon forgot about this nonsense. When he returned home in the evening, he got a delivery box from the doorman and opened it to find tickets for a Yu Zheng concert.

Tang Mo was silent and went to QQ.

[Grind Candy: Did you send the tickets?

The other side replied quickly.

[Viktor: Well, it just so happens that a friend gave me two tickets. I heard this singer is playing in Suzhou tomorrow?

Tang Mo : "......"

The tickets were sent, so of course there was a concert.

His eyes were silent as he looked at the computer screen and read the lines on it. After a long time, Tang Mo hooked the corners of his mouth and he said, [What will you wear tomorrow.

[Viktor: Guess. What are you wearing?

Tang Mo replied without blinking: [Guess.

Both were silent for a moment, surprisingly and quite tacitly, not asking the question again.

[Viktor: Want a game?

[Grind Sugar: Good.]

Nothing seemed to be right or wrong. Like every day and night for the past twenty-three years, Tang Mo slept very soundly this night, without tossing and turning or looking forward to a hard night's sleep. He slept until dawn and was just getting ready to get dressed in the morning when he suddenly remembered that it was Saturday.

He placed a bowl of noodles for himself.

The phone lit up as he ate the noodles and he took it away to see.

[Fatty: I'm buying a house!

You can afford to buy a house in Shanghai with those prices? You're rich, fatty.

The group is a small group of three people called "Good buddies walking together whoever buys a house first is a dog".

Tang Mo typed a reply.

[First Dog: Where to Buy?

[Administrator "Your Brother Ze" changed the note of user "Fatty" to "Second Dog"].

[Second Dog: Pudong! Used!

The small group had a great time chatting and by the time Tang Mo had finished his noodles, we had all booked a trip to Shanghai next month to move Fatty and get together.

Time flies, it's getting dark, Tang Mo changes into a white shirt, puts on his jeans and gets his keys ready to go out. As he waits for the lift, he looks at the person in the mirror and somehow manages to ruffle his hair. He realises this and freezes himself.

"...... It's not like you're going on a blind date."

The lift opened with a ding and the young brunette coughed awkwardly as he entered.

The concert was about to begin and the crowds were swarming towards the Suzhou Stadium. Tang Mo was in no hurry, waiting for the waves of boys and girls to rush into the stadium, and looking at the glow sticks waving in their hands, he thought better of buying one from a roadside stall.

As he passed the last stall, though, his eyes were drawn to a lamp-branded hairpiece in the far corner.

It was a black hairband with two small demon horn light fittings tied to it with wire. When the button was turned on, the little blue demon horns flickered on and off. Tang Mo looked at the thing for a few seconds, seemed to remember something, and pulled his phone out of his pocket, "I want one of those."

Walking towards the promised door with the blue imp hairband, Tang Mo's steps suddenly slowed down.

Beside him, countless young men and women with little blue devil horns on their heads walked happily into the stadium. In front of him, the promised "door number 23" was blocked by a black crowd of at least a hundred people.

The moonlight falls gently and the noise around us is unmistakable, but Tang Mo can't take a step.

Half a minute later, he suddenly turned around and walked back against the crowd. The concert tickets cupped in his hand were crinkled, and just as he stepped out of the crowd, Tang Mo looked up abruptly and was struck dumb at the sight of the man.

Only a tall, handsome man in black stood in front of the last stall in the sparsely populated area, also holding a small blue devil's horn lighted decoration in his hand, watching him quietly. He stood extremely straight, even among the cluttered and untidy vendors, like a straight poplar tree, with a distinctive gallantry.

The two men's eyes focus in the air, and for a moment the wind seems to stop.

Tang Mo clearly heard his own heartbeat.

Flutter, flutter ......

The voice jumped extremely fast.

After a long time, the man came over first on long, slender legs, three steps into two. The distance drew closer all of a sudden, and the breath became sharp. A low male voice rang out in the cool breeze, and it was as if even the moonlight had become more magnificent at this time.

"Grind the sugar."

The tone of voice is sure and unquestioning.

Tang Mo looked up and raised one eyebrow lightly, " Viktor ."

Viktor gave a low chuckle and waved the imp horn in his hand, "I was going to give it to you, it might fit you well. But it seems that you already have?"

Tang Mo : "......"

Without changing his face, he shoved something into the other man's hand, "For you."


After giving each other their things, there was a silence between the two.

I don't know who started it, but Tang Mo held out his hand first: "Tang Mo."

Hearing these two words, the man mentally pronounced the name once more in earnest. Then he extended his hand and smiled slightly, "...... Fu Wenduo ."

Tang Mo : "Going to a concert? I'm actually not very familiar with the singer."

Fu Wenduo : "Then we won't listen."

Tang Mo smiled, "Good."

The two of them were out of place in the crowd, walking together outside the gym. Suddenly, Tang Mo remembered a question: "How tall are you?"

Fu Wenduo : "185?" He didn't understand why the other man was asking this question.

"...... no."

Five centimeters taller. ......

Outside the gymnasium, the sound of loud music is already filtering through the building and onto the road. Tang Mo reached out to hail a taxi, and Fu Wenduo stood behind him, watching him steadily. After a while, Tang Mo remembered to call for a taxi using the taxi hailing app.

He managed to find a taxi, and as if sensing something, Tang Mo turned around and his gaze fell into the other man's deep eyes.

Tang Mo: "What's wrong, what are you looking at?"

"Look at you."

The answer was unmistakably straightforward.

Tang Mo's fingers tightened, "Hmm?"

Fu Wenduo : "It's much better than I expected."

All the nervousness that had been building up at the sound of those words dissipated. Tang Mo smiled: "What do you imagine me to be like?"

"Wearing glasses, not very tall, very white, very quiet. Southern look?"

"So what do I imagine you to be like, have you guessed."

"...... is what I am?"

Tang Mo : "No."

Fu Wenduo : "What does that look like?"

"You guessed it."

Fu Wenduo is about to speak when the car arrives. Naturally, he pulls open the door and lets Tang Mo in. As Tang Mo enters the car, he seems to hear a word that dissipates into the darkness of the night with the gentle night breeze. Fu Wenduo's movements stop for a moment, and when he enters again, he sees the dark-haired young man already sitting on the far side of the car, staring out of the window with his head pressed firmly against it.

The car started up and the driver did not speak, only the rustling evening breeze hitting the glass.

'...... You are also my favourite look.'

Turning her head sharply, Tang Mo's eyes widened as she looked at the man beside her.

Fu Wenduo pressed his index finger against his lips and made a soft 'shhh'.

The driver was still driving honestly and he didn't notice that the two young men sitting in the back of the car looked at each other and smiled.

What kind of despair will humanity face if it will one day die out?

Tang Mo couldn't think of an answer to that question.

But he knew that the one he loved had also been deeply fond of himself. And this person, who was impartial, who was not forward or backward, was there at exactly the right time. If this must be a feeling, it is destiny.

Who would have thought that I never had a favorite look, and when you came along, so the favorite look all became you.

The car slowly leaves the Suzhou Stadium and blends into the night.

Even Fu Wenduo did not expect, after he left this stadium, that a young woman in a black leather jacket and a ponytail in the middle of a 10,000-strong concert pressed her ears without moving, her brow furrowed, "Who did you say you saw?"

"Hee hee, Fu Wenduo, Mr. Fu school ah. Ah no, I heard that he seems to be promoted to Lieutenant Colonel soon, so that's Lieutenant Colonel Fu."

Mu Huixue : "......"

"Fly, do you really think we're here for a concert."

The baby-faced youth stood in the crowd and blinked accusingly, "Fawn, I really saw him."

Mu Huixue : "......"

"Can you not call me by that disgusting name."

"So what do you like? I only know you as 'deer', maybe you could tell me your name, I'd be more than happy to call you by your first name ......" The voice stopped abruptly and a few seconds later Bai Ruoyao's laughter-laden voice rang out. "Eight o'clock, the target has appeared."

Mu Huixue's face sank: "Roger."

The night ended successfully with the practice of Yu Zheng's concert. No one noticed that the technical director of an IT outfit had just opened his mouth at the concert and was taken away by a baby-faced young man who always smiled and a young woman who always had a speechless face.

This night, Russia Red Square.

The big, strong man in plain clothes lifts his daughter into the air in his arms and exchanges a soft kiss with his wife for the annual festive celebration.

In a university dormitory in the US, two best friends, John and Bell, are up late working on their dissertation.

Takao Yamamoto, Shinsaibashi, Osaka, Japan, finally negotiated a deal and didn't leave the office until 12 midnight.

Tang Mo did not understand the terrible physical strength of a special forces soldier on this night, as he was the host and took Fu Wenduo, a first-time visitor to Suzhou, for a stroll through Guanqian Street and Pingjiang Road. A thought came to his mind: Viktor seems to be in good shape, he doesn't look tired at all.

As soon as the thought came to him, he forgot about it.

Six months on, people who have crossed paths before, and people who will perhaps never cross paths again in this lifetime, usher in a national holiday and another autumn in the northern hemisphere.

Early morning.

Tang Mo reached out from under the covers and pressed the alarm clock off his phone. He looked uncomfortable as he removed the arms from around his waist and then stepped out of the covers to pick up his clothes from the floor. His back was hurting and even with all the preparations both parties had made, the first time was not very pleasant for him.

Fortunately, he had the foresight to take yesterday off work, so he didn't have to work today. I just didn't remember to turn off the alarm clock last night, and now that he's awake, he really can't sleep either.

After going to the kitchen to make himself some porridge, Tang Mo leaned against the door panel and looked down, contemplating the rest of his life.

Suddenly he lifted his head and looked behind him with great speed. The moment his eyes stopped at the other man, Tang Mo frowned, "You walk without a sound."

Fu Wenduo enters the kitchen and starts cooking. "Get used to it, no sound. What's on your mind?"

"Wondering what we'll do afterwards."

At that, Fu Wenduo looked up: "What should we do?"

Tang Mo laughed: "Mr Viktor, aren't you going to take responsibility."

Fu Wenduo : "This is a bit of a big responsibility, I can't quite afford it. If you must take it on ......"

Tang Mo said he would like to hear more.

"In exchange for the rest of my life, can I."

Tang Mo : "It doesn't seem to ...... well ......"

A gentle kiss silences the young man's next words, and Fu Wenduo's hand rubs Tang Mo's waist without moving. In the small kitchen, porridge is cooking on the gas stove and the man lowers his head, kissing gently the only person he has ever loved in his life.

Lips and teeth entwined as if in love, deadly entwined and unable to be separated.

At the table, the two men ate their porridge.

Fu Wenduo suddenly said, "Today is a special day."

Tang Mo froze and took out his phone to check the time: "November 15th, I thought it was not your birthday?"

"It's the day you promised me to be together forever."

If the earth does not come online, I still love you and will not change.

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