Chapter 181: You had a crush on me first, right?

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At the end of the Dodgeball Brawl, the sky suddenly dawned and the sun was well above the horizon.

Fu Wenduo found a hidden room in the darkened office building, put Tang Mo on the bed and, after making sure the building was safe, went out to find Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng. Five minutes later, the trio returned to the building, where Fu Wensheng immediately used his powers to create a bottle of mineral water and handed it to Fu Wenduo.

Over the past few days, Fu Wensheng's powers have evolved and he has been able to produce more advanced healing mineral water. However, this time, the mineral water he produces cannot be stored and he can only produce a limited amount each day.

Fu Wenduo sits on the edge of the bed and with one hand lifts Tang Mo up and rests him against his chest, while with the other hand he pours mineral water into his mouth.

After a long time, Tang Mo still did not wake up, his eyebrows knitted together.

Chen Shanshan pondered, " Mr. Fu School, you said earlier that an apple had hit Brother Tang Mo?"

Fu Wenduo took the apple out.

Chen Shanshan pulls another identical apple out of his pocket.

"This apple is the same as Ning Zheng's," she rubbed the apple three times, and a line of small golden letters appeared on the apple, Chen Shanshan: "This is Eve's reward. Eve's reward. But Ning Zheng's apple was unopened, Tang Mo's apple has been opened."

Fu Wensheng : "Could it be that Brother Tang suddenly passed out, because he was rewarded by Eve?"

And this reward?

Those who got the reward were unconscious, but those who didn't got it instead escaped alive and well?

Fu Wensheng found this answer unbelievable, but it is the only explanation available.

Chen Shanshan: "If it's really because of Eve's reward, then Tang Mo's brother won't be a problem, he'll wake up sooner or later. The black tower is a reward, not a punishment."

Fu Wenduo carefully examines Tang Mo's body. As a special forces soldier, he has excellent field medical skills. Removing his ear from Tang Mo's chest, Fu Wenduo confirms Chen Shanshan's deduction. Tang Mo's unconsciousness was probably a good thing, as he had been rewarded by Eve. Without further thought, the crowd waited patiently for him to wake up.

Chen Shanshan: "Xiao Sheng and I were hiding far away at the time, so we didn't see what happened on the elevated road very clearly. Mr. Fu School, can you tell us the details?"

Fu Wenduo nodded and told the story of what had happened before. He speaks in a low voice, at a slow pace, in the simplest of phrases, in short sentences, clearly used to stating things in the simplest of terms. As he speaks, he unties Tang Mo's jacket and wipes his wounds with mineral water.

Tang Mo's wounds were few, just two on his chest and three on his arms. Fu Wenduo's wounds were more serious and Fu Xiaodi took it upon himself to get mineral water to clean his brother's wounds. When the child's hand touched a bone-deep stab wound on Fu Wenduo's back, Fu Wenduo's voice faltered.

Fu Wensheng : "Ah, did I touch your wound, big brother?"


The children cleaned the wounds more carefully.

Fu Wenduo was actually remembering a time long ago when he and Tang Mo were still in Shanghai, when Tang Mo had helped him clean his wounds in the Atak organisation's infirmary. At that time, they had just met and were not yet familiar with each other and were wary of each other. With this in mind, Fu Wenduo looked down at Tang Mo's pale face and slowly pursed his lips.

...... Tang Mo looks as if he is having a hard time.

The truth is that Fu Wenduo guessed correctly.

Tang Mo has never had such a terrible nightmare. It was more like a nightmare than a ghost pressing on his bed. He could clearly hear Fu Wenduo and Chen Shanshan talking, and could even feel the warmth of Fu Wenduo's fingers as he wiped his wounds. But he couldn't open his eyes, he couldn't speak, he couldn't move.

Endless information and images poured into his brain so frantically that even with Tang Mo's current physical condition, he felt his brain shell explode and was about to be overwhelmed by such a huge amount of information. Yet he simply could not say what he was seeing, nor did he know what the information that was pouring into his brain was.

It's a wonderful feeling.

Outside the building, the sky is overcast and the first thunderstorm of the year is falling in Beijing.

Thunder roared and rain poured down.

The sound of water drops splashing on the ground, the subtle sensation of a trace of nitrogen reacting with oxygen in the air when lightning strikes. Everything forms a subtle world, the air seems to have an additional bowstring that can be plucked, Tang Mo cannot touch it but clearly feels it is there, plucking the bowstring can span all coordinates in length and distance.

One dimensional point, two dimensional surface, three dimensional space, four dimensional ......

What are the four dimensions?

No, maybe it wasn't four dimensions, it was something else.

Four strong, vibrant life forces shine brightly in this building. In the building, the brightest life force sits beside Tang Mo, the thousands of cells in Fu Wenduo's body are like the sun, blindingly bright. Tang Mo can also hear the sound of each cell in his body replicating its decay, breaking apart and coming together. Life is warm and strong, each cell thriving, evolving in a direction that knows no end.

What else ......

What else!

Tang Mo is like a thirsty sponge, frantic to know the truth that lies beneath this wonderful feeling.

Another bolt of lightning strikes from high in the sky, lighting up the room. Fu Wenduo was a little tired from the night's game of dodgeball, and he sat on the floor against the bed, resting his eyes. Seemingly aware of Tang Mo's movement, he looked up at the young man lying on the bed. Tang Mo did not move.

Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow curiously as he reached out without moving his hand and hooked one of Tang Mo's naturally dangling fingers. After a moment's thought, he curled his finger again and flicked it on the back of Tang Mo's hand. The unconscious youth did not respond. Fu Wenduo looked up at the ceiling, still hooking his finger.

The two children have gone out to gather information, and Fu Wenduo is leaning against the bedpan, hooking his fingers and resting his eyes.

In China, at the same moment, four people are in a coma and have not yet awakened. Jackass, the first to fall into a coma, has been unconscious for six days, while Tang Mo, the last to fall into a coma, has only been unconscious for five minutes.

China, eastern Gurbantunggut Desert.

Yellow sand covers the sky and a violent storm rises.

In the vast and endless desert, a small black dot appears at the border of the sky and the desert. The black dot grew larger and larger as it came closer and closer. Suddenly, his right foot plunged into the ground, actually hitting a spot of quicksand. The tall, strong, bear-like man lowered his head in silence and looked at his right foot, which had sunk deep into the quicksand. Soon, his left foot also became entangled in the quicksand and sank downwards.

But in a flash, the strong man suddenly leapt into the air at a speed invisible to the naked eye and magically escaped from that horrible quicksand. Then without any reaction, he continued silently, head bowed, step by step, towards the front.

As he emerged completely from the desert, he raised a pair of dark, dull eyes to a blue sign by the roadside with the words "Welcome to Shihezi City".

Andrei looked at it steadily for a moment and pulled out a brick-like dictionary from the large, heavy bag he carried with him. He consulted the text inside and whispered a strangely pronounced Chinese phrase: "...... is Hezi?" Putting the dictionary away, he took a step into the city. The moment he entered, a dozen pairs of eyes bristled in the direction he appeared.

The sturdy, honest Russian man seems to possess the same simplicity as he looks, walking quietly, seemingly unaware that any unfamiliar face in this small city attracts the attention and aggression of all. His big feet are on the concrete road and he walks noiselessly into a kiosk on the side of the road.

The moment he had just entered, two short, thin men jumped out of a small building off to the side. The two men looked at each other and followed quietly in with their weapons.

There were only two dull thumps and ten seconds later Andrei emerged from the kiosk, licking his dry, cracked lips. He thought for a moment and walked back to the kiosk.

Inside the dimly lit shop, two short, thin men were rolling on the floor in pain, covering their chests. Suddenly seeing the demon return, the two men reeled backwards in fear, begging for mercy.

Andrei was silent for a moment and uttered three Chinese characters in an odd pronunciation, "Mu Hui Xue."

The two men froze, realising that this giant bear-like man had not returned to try to kill them. The two men looked at each other and decided to wait and see what would happen.

Andrei said it again, "Mu will Xue, China , late home. The nest ...... is looking for her."

The three men just stared at each other. Andrei said it a few more times and a flat-headed man suddenly understood: "Wait, you mean Mu Huixue?!"

Andrei nodded, "Mukai xue."

Flat-headed man: "Are you looking for Mu Huixue?"

"Mu will Xue, the nest to find her."

The flat-headed man: "But Mu Huixue is not here. This ...... big brother, Mu Huixue in China Zone 3, I heard people say before that Zone 3 is most likely Guangzhou, Shenzhen, or in the Yangtze River Delta? Anyway, it's definitely not in Xinjiang. You, you are looking for the wrong place ......"

Andrei did not speak Chinese, let alone understand it. The man rattled on and on and he could only understand the three words " Mu Huixue". He didn't say anything. After a few moments, just when the two men thought he was really just looking for someone and didn't want to kill anyone, Andrei smashed his fist into the wall behind them and the whole kiosk shuddered so violently that it was about to collapse.

The two men stared in horror when, in an even more frightening sight, one of Andrei's hands lifted to brace against the collapsing beam.

With just one hand, the heavy concrete roof is all but held up!

The two men were so frightened that they could not utter a word.

The man who was holding the weight of the whole house but as if he was holding an umbrella, his expression normal, without a hint of abnormality. He spoke again, "Mu Hui Xue, the nest is looking for her."

Two men: "......"

Andrei looked up, "Take the nest and find her."


Is that the only fucking Chinese you know!

Seven days later, Beijing, Chaoyang District.

Tang Mo slowly opened his eyes and looked at the ceiling above his head. His eyes are unfocused for a few seconds before they slowly freeze. The moment he woke up, Fu Wenduo also opened his eyes and turned his head to look at him. At that moment Fu Wenduo suddenly felt that the young man in front of him suddenly had an air of mystery and treachery, but when he looked again, Tang Mo had returned to normal, only slightly tired.

The two men looked at each other and understood without words what both sides meant.

Fu Wenduo took out a packet of biscuits and Tang Mo ate two of them to regain his strength and take a sip of water.

Fu Wenduo gets right to the point: " What is Eve's reward?"

Tang Mo puts down the water and looks up at him.

To Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo had been unconscious for seven days, but to Tang Mo, he had been able to hear what was going on around him and knew that Fu Wenduo had hooked his finger. Yet when he opened his eyes, the man again looked very calm, as if he had not been the one who had been sneaking around for the past few days.

Tang Mo leaned against the wall, sitting cross-legged on the bed, looking up at Fu Wenduo. After a long time, he suddenly said, "You had a crush on me first, didn't you?"

Fu Wenduo was stunned.

Tang Mo tilted his head, "I figured it out, I probably know the answer to the other night Viktor , it was you who lost." The voice stopped and Tang Mo continued, "Oh yeah, but that's not important enough to put aside for now, you asked me earlier about Eve's reward ...... I don't actually know. I don't know what it was, I seemed to have a long dream while I was unconscious and I forgot all about it the moment I woke up."

Fu Wenduo : "......"

Tang Mo : "...... You look a bit strange? What's going on?"

Fu Wenduo : "......"

What did you say happened!!!


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