Chapter 180: Eve only has one.

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From the beginning Tang Mo never believed in Ruan Wangshu.

A common interest is a prerequisite for cooperation, but if that interest is a competing one for both parties, then the partnership is thinner than paper. So on the first day of Xu Yunsheng's tactics, Chen Shanshan began to look for a true ally. Combining Earth survivors and returnees, they finally set their sights on Ning Zheng.

There are four survivors of Beijing's Earth, but only two returnees.

Tang Mo was destined not to work with Ruan Wangshu. Ning Zheng, however, could work with them.

So three days ago, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo set up a trap to capture Ning Zheng. Tang Mo wanted to kill him, but Ning Zheng's powers were so strange that Tang Mo tied him with a rubber rope, but he escaped. The effect of the rubber rope is that the tied object cannot break free for one minute due to the law of cause and effect.

However, Ning Zheng ran away.

Fortunately, Fu Wenduo grabbed a red apple from Ning Zheng, which Tang Mo found to be Eve's reward when he examined it.

[Props: Eve's Reward

[Owned by: Ning Zheng

[Quality: Rare].

[Level: None]

[Attack Power: None]

[Function: Hide]

[Restriction: You cannot destroy this reward until it has been opened.

[Note: Eve's reward can be many things, but Eve is only one.

With this apple, Ning Zheng had no choice but to work with the Tang Mo Four. And so it came to pass that we are where we are today.

Tang Mo also had no idea that Ruan Wangshu would approach Ning Zheng after that day to work with him.

"Threats are always more effective than benefits." Tang Mo sounded calm.

Ruan Wangshu : "......"

Xu Yunsheng : "......"

Ruan Wangshu looked coldly at Tang Mo , and then at Ning Zheng who was standing beside them. His voice was cold: "Tang Mo, so you want to take her head now?" He didn't name her, but everyone knew he was talking about Xu Yunsheng. The next moment, Ruan Wangshu, his face unchanged, began to stir up trouble as he laughed, "What about Ning Zheng?"

Ruan Wangshu pointed at Ning Zheng who was standing aside, but his gaze was directed at Tang Mo: "You are teammates, and our relationship with Chosen is different, we are an organisation, I am their leader, and they will follow the decisions I make. I didn't intend to kill Ning Zheng this time. In our organisation, I chose to let Yu Zheng get the reward for this Eve, and she killed Xu Yunsheng. But you and Fu Wenduo are two people ...... Tang Mo , one Xu Yunsheng , is that enough?"

Tang Mo asks rhetorically, "What are you trying to say?"

Ruan Wangshu looked directly at Ning Zheng: "Is Eve's reward or your life important?"

Ning Zheng narrows his eyes.

The pale young man looked at Tang Mo again, a smile on his lips: "Have you and Fu Wenduo agreed on who will take Xu Yunsheng's head and who will take Ning Zheng's? Let me guess, Xu Yunsheng's powers look weird, but it's not like there's no way to break them now, she's already a certain death. I'm not going to fight you guys and give her a chance to escape while there's chaos. I'll stand by and watch you kill Xu Yunsheng, then watch Fu Wenduo kill Ning Zheng."

Tang Mo's face slowly sank as he stared coldly at the scrawny teenager.

Ruan Wangshu's words are more sinister than outright striking!

And he guessed it exactly right.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo never intended to leave Ning Zheng alone. There were two of them, but only one of Xu Yunsheng. Ning Zheng was always their target. However, Ruan Wangshu came forward at this time, and although Ning Zheng was forced to work with Tang Mo, as soon as Ruan Wangshu dropped his involvement, Ning Zheng's position was in danger.

There is no Ruan Wangshu or Yu Zheng, only Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo, Ning Zheng and Xu Yunsheng.

It was easy for Tang Mo to take advantage of the opportunity to kill Ning Zheng.

Ning Zheng's face remained unchanged, but he made his attitude clear by not speaking out against Ruan Wangshu's words.

The three parties stand in confrontation on the deserted and chaotic elevated road.

Tang Mo counted the minutes in his mind, and without moving his head, he looked up at The black tower in the distance. On the huge The black tower, the bloody numbers were counting down to the last twenty minutes. Only twenty minutes remained until the end of Eve's game. He was patient and kept counting down the numbers.

It was about time, and Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng should have arrived nearby.

"I have no intention of killing Ning Zheng." Tang Mo looked up and in a few short seconds he made his decision, " Ruan Wangshu , you are not going to interfere in the matter of Xu Yunsheng?"

Ruan Wangshu did not answer, instead he asked Ning Zheng: "Do you believe him?"

Tang Mo interrupted Ruan Wangshu: "You're really not going to interfere in Xu Yunsheng's affairs?" He raised his small parasol with a flourish, aiming the tip at Xu Yunsheng.

Ruan Wangshu is silent for a moment, taking two steps backwards to make way. His dark eyes were fixed on Tang Mo as he watched him and Fu Wenduo approach Xu Yunsheng step by step. The short, thin girl leaned against the elevated soundproof panel, watching the two powerful Earth players with an odd smile.

Xu Yunsheng covered her chest, her body already riddled with wounds. She looked straight at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo as they approached, then suddenly she turned her head: "Gutless little brat, are you really going to give them my head?"

Ruan Wangshu : "Provocation is something I like to use, but I never like to be provoked by others."

Xu Yunsheng : "You ......!"

Xu Yunsheng's original intention was to draw out Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo to make the battle more confusing so that she could escape. Instead, Ruan Wangshu chose to provoke Tang Mo and Ning Zheng into giving up on killing her. This caused her plan to collapse.

Tang Mo walked up to her and he looked at Fu Wenduo : "Me or you?"

Fu Wenduo : "You do it."

The two men spoke for only two seconds, but it was already decided that this time Eve's reward would go to him. Tang Mo had said he would not kill Ning Zheng again, so he would not. So Xu Yunsheng was the only reward they could get.

Tang Mo looked steadily at Fu Wenduo and said nothing more. The next moment he turned his head and raised his parasol, stabbing it at Xu Yunsheng. But just as the pink parasol was about to stab Xu Yunsheng, a sharp cracking sound came from afar at a great speed.

Tang Mo's heart swells with a sense of foreboding: "Something's wrong!"

Tang Mo sidestepped and he had just turned his body sideways when a red dodgeball grazed his hair and hit the wall, bouncing hard to the ground again. Xu Yunsheng let out a cry of anger and leapt into the air with her right foot, catching the dodgeball with both hands. Holding the dodgeball in her arms, she looked at the group of stunned players and laughed, "Bunch of idiots, this is my dodgeball game!"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Xu Yunsheng roared and slapped the dodgeball, slamming it into Ning Zheng.

"Fuck you, Ning Zheng, go to hell!"

Ning Zheng was already fast, and with his weird powers he was able to dodge the ball. But the ball didn't stop there. A small red dodge ball kept crashing between the elevated paths, leaving the crowd to dodge. The ball was so fast that when the terrain was restricted to a very small area, it changed direction so quickly that it was difficult for the crowd to catch it.

Tang Mo's eyes were sharp when he noticed that Xu Yunsheng was also dodging the ball. His mind worked quickly and he suddenly said, "No, who just threw this ball over here?

Xu Yunsheng rolled over and hit the ground, she licked her lips and smiled at Tang Mo, "You found out yah ......"

Tang Mo's heart tightened. His hands were pressed against the ground, and he could faintly detect a tremor in the ground. Tang Mo turned to look behind him, and his heart instantly went cold when he saw the thirty or so players struggling to run this way. However, it was too late to realise that something was wrong.

Xu Yunsheng's eyes were red and he laughed angrily: "You guys did a really, really good job. Ruan Wangshu, Lian Yu Zheng, and Tang Mo! Fu Wenduo!" By the end of her sentence, she had already gritted her teeth, "You have surpassed my expectations, the meat pigs can be so strong. Then it's not a waste for me to use up this dodgeball this time. This is my most powerful prop, it is a one-time consumable, and you should feel honoured to die under this dodgeball."

Xu Yunsheng lands a kick on the dodgeball, sending this one towards Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo sidesteps the ball and smashes it into Xu Yunsheng.

Li Miaomiao roared, "Fuck you for the honour!" She spotted the players running towards the area and wondered, "What are those people doing, why are they all running over here, do they want to die?" Just as she finished speaking, the thirty or so players were already running closer. Li Miaomiao noticed that these players were running with a slightly stiff posture and a very dull expression, just like the players controlled by Xu Yunsheng before. She instantly understood, "You can actually control so many people at the same time?!"

Xu Yunsheng laughed out loud in a frenzy.

Yes, none of the four Earth Ranking players present expected Xu Yunsheng to be able to control so many people at once.

The red dodgeball was already unexpected for Tang Mo, and Xu Yunsheng's ability to control so many people was another uncontrollable accident. Separately, neither of these two events seemed like a dead end. But put them together, and the tables are turned in an instant.

Xu Yunsheng : "These are my meat pigs!"

On a crowded elevated road, Xu Yunsheng controls the players and has them attack Tang Mo's quartet en masse. Her target is the four Tang Mo's, and as she manipulates the players to attack, she can even manipulate their bodies so that they block the dodgeball for her.

In a game like this, individual strength is no more powerful than collective strength.

Xu Yunsheng's side had more than thirty teammates at once, and they all attacked Tang Mo and the others, who could only dodge and dodge, unable to fight back. Tang Mo had already planned to signal Chen Shanshan and Fu Wensheng to appear, but now he held back to think of a solution to his current problem.

Ruan Wangshu suddenly said, "Getting hit by a dodgeball doesn't kill you!"

Tang Mo sniffed and quickly turned his head to look.

As luck would have it, a young man is seen being hit by a red dodgeball. He was originally under Xu Yunsheng's control, and seeing this Xu Yunsheng spat and released his control. The man's eyes regained their clarity, but he hadn't gained control of his own body for long before his eyes widened and he suddenly crouched down, put his hands on his head and began to frog jump out into the field.

"What's going on here!"

The young man shrieked in horror as he frog-hopped away from the raised road.

The frog jumping behaviour is surprisingly out of the player's control!

Tang Mo realised this and avoided the dodgeball while he watched the player jump completely outside the raised path. When the man left the elevated path he stopped frog-jumping, but when he tried to return, he was shut out of the red light film barrier and could not re-enter. He angrily slapped the red film of light, which did not move at all.

Rule 3 of the game: Anyone hit by a dodgeball on another part of the field loses out and must leave the field by frog jumping within one minute.

Tang Mo said quickly, "Being hit by this ball doesn't kill you, but you will be forced to frog jump off the field within a minute."

Fu Wenduo looking towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo ducks his head sideways to avoid a ball and also looks at him.

The two men spoke in unison, "What is her purpose?"

They soon found out what Xu Yunsheng was up to.

Ruan Wangshu is the least fit of the four, and even with his gravity press, he inevitably gets hit by a dodgeball in such a chaotic field. Ruan Wangshu crouched down and started to frog jump off the field. Xu Yunsheng gives a surprised laugh as he realises this and comes at Ruan Wangshu with a stomp of his feet.

She manoeuvred the players around Yu Zheng, and although she used her powers to slow down her movement, she still closed in on Ruan Wangshu, who had frog-jumped off the field. There was no way for Ruan Wangshu to dodge, so he watched coldly as Xu Yunsheng approached with his head in his hands. But just as Xu Yunsheng raised her knife to slash at Ruan Wangshu, a sharp dart grazed the side of her face.

Xu Yunsheng looked up and saw that Fu Wenduo was already in front of him.

The knife collided with the dagger and Xu Yunsheng took two steps backwards. By this time Ruan Wangshu has jumped safely to the outside of the field, standing outside the red film of light, watching expressionlessly as Fu Wenduo and Xu Yunsheng battle on the elevated road. He turns his head to look at Tang Mo and makes a gesture of thanks.

Tang Mo curled her lips: "Not to save you, she killed you, she opened up Eve's reward straight away and didn't need to stay here anymore, she could escape. It'll be hard for us to catch her again. "

Ruan Wangshu opened his mouth this time, "Thank you. "

Tang Mo didn't answer him.

In a solo fight, ten Xu Yunsheng are no match for Fu Wenduo. She knows this and finds an opportunity to manipulate the player into hitting Fu Wenduo with a dodgeball and gets away with it. As the minutes ticked by, Tang Mo's strength far exceeded Xu Yunsheng's guess. Tang Mo, the least skilled of the three, was able to dodge the dodgeball repeatedly, avoiding frog jumping off the field and being attacked by Xu Yunsheng.

Ten minutes later, Ning Zheng also frog-jumped off the course. He didn't even linger after leaving the elevated road, surprisingly simply abandoning his reward and dodging away from this dangerous place.

Xu Yunsheng became more and more irritable.

Suddenly she found an opportunity, Tang Mo almost got hit by a dodgeball and to protect him, Fu Wenduo showed a break.

"It's now!"

Xu Yunsheng controls a middle-aged player and throws a dodgeball at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo is unable to dodge the dodgeball and it hits him firmly in the chest. He looks at Xu Yunsheng indifferently with narrowed eyes, then starts frog-jumping with his hands on his head. Xu Yunsheng was so surprised, there were only five minutes left before Eve's game was over and she couldn't miss this opportunity.

She manoeuvres fifteen players around Tang Mo and Practising Yu Zheng, while she rushes towards Fu Wenduo.

In the darkness of the elevated road, a thin young girl is seen cutting through the crowd, raising her weapon in anger and slashing wildly at a man in black who is frog-jumping with his head in his hands. Fu Wenduo didn't even look up, but calmly frog-hopped away from the scene, knowing that the knife was getting close. By this time Xu Yunsheng had sensed that something was wrong and her knife struck Fu Wenduo's head with a crisp metallic clash of the normally sharp prop knife.

Xu Yunsheng's eyes slowly widened as she saw Fu Wenduo's hands turn a pitch-black colour.

Xu Yunsheng exclaimed, "My props are fine quality weapons, how can ...... that be possible" The voice ended abruptly as a small pink parasol passed through Xu Yunsheng's body from the back of her chest. She lowered her head to see a sleek tip of the parasol stabbing out of her chest. She slowly turned her head to see Tang Mo gasping for breath and looking at her with slightly trembling fingers.

Behind Tang Mo, practising Yu Zheng struggled to wrangle fifteen men.

Xu Yunsheng suddenly didn't understand: "Why..."

Why do you help him stalk the enemy when you are clearly not teammates.

Why did you act as if you were prepared when it was obvious that she had found the breach.

Xu Yunsheng spurted out a large mouthful of blood and Tang Mo pulled out the parasol, covering her chest, but the bleeding wouldn't stop. The red jewel on the handle of the parasol shone brightly. Xu Yunsheng collapsed to the ground, seriously injured and on the verge of death. She could no longer control the players, and when they saw Tang Mo, they didn't dare to do anything else, so they turned their heads and left.

Practising Yu Zheng's body was covered in blood, she wiped the blood from her face and looked coldly at the gloomy girl on the ground, "I'd rather let someone else take your reward than have you escape. So you can go and die." After dropping these words, Yu Zheng took the initiative and slammed her shoulder into the dodgeball, frog-hopping herself off the field to stand with Ruan Wangshu.

Fu Wenduo was also standing outside the field, hands in his pockets, watching the situation on the elevated road.

Tang Mo waved his small parasol and blood fell to the ground along the tip.

Tang Mo : "The frog jumping thing is just too easy for him and I trust him. Even if he's frog-jumping, he can kill you with his backhand. As for dodging that ball, you're underestimating Fu Wenduo, the world's first stowaway to pass Tower Attack, whatever the case, I might not be able to dodge that ball, he definitely can."

Xu Yunsheng immediately understood: "You did it on purpose!"

Well, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo came up with this solution after finding out that being hit by a dodgeball doesn't kill you, even at no penalty.

One deliberately pretended to be hit by the ball, while the other took the opportunity to kill Xu Yunsheng when she attacked.

Just who was this person who was hit by the ball?

When is the best time to do this?

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo waited patiently until the end, until Xu Yunsheng became agitated.

As for the person who gets hit by the ball, it better be Fu Wenduo. Even before the Earth came online, frog jumping was as commonplace as walking for Fu Wenduo. There was no need for words to be exchanged, they understood each other's meaning and played along, tricking Xu Yunsheng into falling for it.

Practising Yu Zheng's help was not part of Tang Mo's plan, as they had planned for Tang Mo to take as much time as possible to kill Xu Yunsheng. Fu Wenduo frog-jumped to hide his edge and look for an opportunity to kill Xu Yunsheng in return. Whichever of the two killed Xu Yunsheng, the plan was a success.

In the end it was Tang Mo who came out on top.

Far away, in the centre of Beijing, on the huge black tower, a blood-red countdown begins to count down to the last minute.

The blood gurgled out of Xu Yunsheng's chest as she looked at Tang Mo , and then to Fu Wenduo and the others outside the field. She suddenly burst into laughter, blood trickling down the corners of her laughing mouth. As she laughed, she closed her eyes and collapsed to the ground, not breathing. The numbers on The black tower were counting down to the last ten seconds.

A clear, childlike voice rang out -

"Ding dong! The massively multiplayer copy of 'Schrödinger's Dodgeball Smash' has officially ended. Player Tang Mo has successfully cleared the game, eliminating 14 opponents and earning the reward 'Schrödinger's ......"

"Ding-dong! Data corrected, His Excellency Schrödinger does not intend to give any rewards to ball-loving humans."

"All guys who love to play ball are idiots - so said the Honourable Schrödinger."

The rules of this dodgeball game are very strange, with no penalty for failure and no reward for victory. Tang Mo wasn't too surprised. After the red film disappeared, Tang Mo fastened his parasol and walked towards Fu Wenduo. At that moment, the red countdown number on The black tower in the distance has changed to '1'.

The moment the last number jumped to "0", a red object fell from the sky and hit Tang Mo's head hard.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo both spotted the object at first, and both of them shot together to stop it. But the object went straight through the umbrella and Fu Wenduo's hand and hit Tang Mo's head with a thud.

Tang Mo felt a buzzing in his brain as he slowly raised his eyes to look at Fu Wenduo.

The red apple rolled off Tang Mo's head and fell to the ground.

Before passing out, Tang Mo's ears were alerted to the sound of The black tower and Fu Wenduo's terrified cries.

" Tang Mo!"

"Dingdong! Official China 1 player Tang Mo has successfully opened 'Eve's Reward'."

In the next moment, a flood of images and information rushed through Tang Mo's consciousness. His whole body fell backwards and was held firmly in Fu Wenduo's arms. Fu Wenduo didn't have time to react as he picked Tang Mo up in his arms and rushed to Li Miaomiao's face.

Li Miaomiao also reacted. She was a doctor before Earth came online, and after examining Tang Mo's body, she said, "There's nothing wrong, he should have just passed out. With his current physical condition, he wouldn't die immediately if he was shot through the head with a bullet, not to mention being hit in the head with an apple."

Fu Wenduo also calmed down and he nodded: "Thank you." With that, he hugged Tang Mo and left the elevated road in a few clicks.

Fu Wenduo held Tang Mo in his arms and ran as fast as he could to the location he had agreed with Chen Shanshan. Tang Mo's face was pressed against Fu Wenduo's chest, and he seemed to be in shock from his unconsciousness, pale and breathing heavily. Fu Wenduo looks down at him, silently holds him tighter and dashes into a building.

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