Chapter 18: What the hell is a prepper? I'll draw a circle to curse you!

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Li Wen followed the teacher-like man, striding into the janitor's room. Behind him were four other junior high school students.

Tang Mo released the clasped hands of the chubby boy, who ran behind the teacher in a huff.

Li Wen said, "You're finally here. I woke up after the tower attack today and found myself on the street. When we entered the game, we had only reached the border of Putuo and Changning, but I woke up in Jing'an. I thought about it and decided to go to Shibei Li first, so maybe I could wait for you."

Tang Mo glanced at the teachers and students who were still defensive, and then at Li Wen: "What time did you arrive?"

"About seven o'clock. This is my alma mater, I know the way." Li Wen noticed that the teacher and the other students had not spoken, and hurriedly introduced them: " Mr. Li, this is Tang Mo. He's not a bad person, not to mention a stowaway, don't worry."

Mr. Li put the students behind him, looking warily at Tang Mo: " Li Wen said you were looking for someone? Who are you looking for?"

Tang Mo raised an eyebrow when he heard Li Wen make a point of explaining that he was not a stowaway.

"I'm looking for Chen Shanshan, who should be in her first year."

"Ah, Shanshan?"

"Are you here to see Shanshan?"

Tang Mo was feeling strange when she saw a short-haired girl of 5'6" walk out from among the students, her face expressionless, looking coldly at Tang Mo and saying, "I am Chen Shanshan. I'm the only one with that name in the first year of the city's Northern Polytechnic, so what do you want from me?"

What a coincidence!

Li Wen was also surprised: "I didn't expect you to be looking for Shanshan. If you had told me the name, I would have found her already."

Tang Mo looked down at this very calm little girl and said, "I am friends with your father. Your father's name is Chen Fangzhi, and I work in the library in Suzhou, and he often comes to my place to read books. He asked me to come to Shanghai to see you for him, to make sure you are safe."

"My father was indeed called that. Do you have proof that you knew him?"

"Shanshan?" Both Li Wen and Mr. Li frowned. Li Wen had always trusted Tang Mo and had no doubts about him. Mr. Li, having heard Tang Mo's words, also found him credible. But Shanshan was still doubting him?

Tang Mo smiled and looked at the little girl with a hint of seriousness in his gaze: "Your father is about 5'5" and has been unemployed for almost a year. He told me that his father, your grandfather, was a doctor and that he himself was an ardent religious man. By the way, your father seems to have been wearing a string of red onyx bracelets on his wrist." After a pause, Tang Mo laughed, "That only proves that I did know your father, but it still doesn't prove that I came to you only to fulfil his wish and had no other intention."

"Is it a wish of the heart, or is it a ...... last wish?"

The smile on Tang Mo's lips faded and he stopped smiling, "It's a last wish."

The young girl's expression loosened for a moment, and she snapped around, turning back to the students, "I believe you now."

Li Wen breathed a sigh of relief: "What's the point of making it so complicated? As I said before, I met Tang Mo on the highway from Suzhou to Shanghai. If he was really a bad guy, he wouldn't have had to come all the way to another city to harm a junior high school student he didn't know. Isn't Suzhou enough for him? He's really not a stowaway."

Tang Mo: "So what's going on?"

Mr. Li: "This is not the place to talk. Zhao Ziang, you and Liu Chen work hard to restore the trap. We'll go inside and talk."

The chubby boy named Zhao Ziang nodded and stayed at the entrance of the school with another tall boy to recover the deep trap just touched by the broken glass. Tang Mo followed Mr. Li inside the school.

Walking under the tall fir trees, Mr. Li explained, "I'm sorry, we were really afraid that you were a bad person, a stowaway. We didn't dare to take any chances. This is the most dangerous time of the year and it is difficult for us to identify you when you come to the school at exactly this time. It's better to kill by mistake than to let one in."

Tang Mo nodded: "Late at night between 11pm and 2am, the time when people are in deep sleep, this is indeed the most dangerous time of the day and if someone wants to sneak in they are most likely to choose this time."

A junior interjected, "You and Shanshan say the same thing."

Tang Mo glanced at the small, short-haired girl in the centre of the students.

In addition to the two boys and Chen Shanshan who remained at the school gate, they were joined by a girl and a young boy who came into the school. Chen Shanshan kept her head down and did not say anything, while the boy and the other girl kept comforting her. In any case, Tang Mo had just told Chen Shanshan that her father was dead. Although the little girl did not cry, she was still too young to hide her sadness.

Mr. Li sighed, "You're right, we do worry about people sneaking into the school in the dark and attacking or even killing people. There were over a thousand students and teachers in our city, and the day The black tower said the game had officially started, most of our school disappeared, leaving only two teachers and sixteen students."

Tang Mo asked, "Where are the others?"

Mr. Li's voice was dry: "They're right here."

Mr. Li pushes the door in, Tang Mo looks up and his eyes freeze.

Six bodies lay neatly on the floor of the gymnasium corridor, with someone covering their faces with a jacket. Three of the bodies were short and thin, and it was clear at a glance that they were children, while three others were over six metres tall. They lay peacefully and quietly on the cold tiles, the moonlight shining in through the floor-to-ceiling windows at the end of the corridor, cold and biting.

Mr. Li's voice was a little hoarse: "We have too many students and only two teachers. With sixteen students, all living in different places, near and far, it was impossible to send them home individually. Once the game had officially started the morning before, Mr. Wang and I decided to wait in peace at the school for their parents to come and collect their children. If their parents had not disappeared, I was sure that they would come to pick them up and we might miss them if we blindly sent them home. If they disappeared, then we would spend time together and get through this. In the end five parents came and picked up their children, and there were eleven children who had no parents to pick them up."

Tang Mo looked at the six bodies on the ground and clenched his fingers. He turned his head: "How did they die?" Obviously it wasn't wiped out by The black tower; one child's body was covered in knife marks, having been hacked to death with a knife.

Mr. Li's eyes instantly went red with anger, "It's the stowaways!"

Li Wen echoed the sentiment: "Tang Mo, all of us were transported into The black tower during the day to take part in the tower attack game, including the teachers and students from the city's Northern Polytechnic. At the end of the game, only two kids didn't make it back and nine came back, along with Mr. Wang. Three of the children were transported to the same game, which had six players and three adults in addition to them. Of the three adults, there were two stowaways! The three kids were just ordinary preppers who were just trying to survive in the game, but to their surprise, one of them accidentally completed a side quest and was rewarded with a big match."

Tang Mo was shocked: "Big matches?!"

Li Wen nodded, "Yes, it's exactly like your big match."

Mr. Li gave the students a sign and the tall boy walked to the equipment room in the gym and took out a giant match. A huge red match head with a familiar wooden handle. Tang Mo took the match and looked at it: "It does look exactly like the one I have. Has that boy seen Mosaic? Did he complete the mission Mosaic posted?"

Li Wen shook her head, "I don't know. The boy is dead, just lying there."

Tang Mo has collected Qian Sankun's ability "I am just one piece short of the main character's spirit field", which is limited to a one-time ability, i.e. he can only take the same inanimate object into his body. Tang Mo took the big match and found that he could take it into his body at any time and turn it into a tattoo again. But he did not do that and gave the big match back to the young boy.

The young boy took the big match, his eyes red and a tear fell, which he quickly wiped away: "This match belonged to Wang Chao, all three of them were dead, all killed by those stowaways. Before he died, Wang Chao told me that when he acquired the big match, he was forced to hand it over by a stowaway who could see that it must be a treasure. In fact, if he had wanted it, Wang Chao would have given it to him. Wang Chao was so timid that we used to joke about him, saying he was more timid than a girl. But ...... but ......"

The boy choked with sadness: "But in the game, before Wang Chao could make a choice, the monster said it had found the stowaways and that it was going to eat them. If it didn't hand over the stowaways, it would eat Wang Chao and the others one by one."

Li Wen: "They faced the same scenario as we did. But of the three adults, two of them were stowaways. They both decided to hand over the children first, and the last adult, I don't know how he reacted, decided to start eating the three children anyway. The child called Wang Chao pointed out randomly because he was scared and said that one of the adults was a stowaway. The monster said the adult had more meat, so it turned around and ate the other one, which turned out to be a real stowaway ......"

Tang Mo: "Coincidentally pointed out?"

"Yeah, those three kids were so scared, they just didn't want to be eaten, so they just pointed to a random one. That guy had been saying he was going to hand Wang Chao over, so that's why Wang Chao identified him. I didn't think I'd be able to point to the right person."

"That monster ate the stowaway?"

Mr. Li clenched his teeth: "Why didn't it eat the stowaway! Wang Chao said that the monster had only eaten one of the stowaway's arms when the tower attack game suddenly ended. None of the six of them died and they all left the game. We thought that was the end of it and were ready to celebrate that we had all survived The black tower game, but the two stowaways recognised our City North uniforms and came to attack the school half an hour later. They got three more stowaways, five in total, to attack the group of kids!"

The boy's eyes were red: "They said they were going to kill Wang Chao and they wanted us to give up the big matches. We didn't want to give up the matches at first, they were Wang Chao's reward for his hard work, so why should we give them to them? But all five of them had powers and were too powerful to kill one of us, so we decided to give them the big match, but they didn't want it. The stowaway with the broken arm said ...... that he wanted Wang Chao to pay for his arm! We couldn't possibly agree, they attacked twice in total and we killed two stowaways, but Wang Chao and them ...... and Mr. Wang ...... Mr. Wang were all dead... ..."

Mr. Li took Tang Mo to the toilet in the gymnasium where two bodies were lying on the floor.

Apart from Chen Shanshan, the two junior high school students were red-eyed at the sight of the two bodies and pounced on them, stomping on their faces non-stop.

Mr. Li said, "The matter now is no longer as simple as giving or not giving matches. They have two dead, we have so many dead children, and Mr. Wang ...... will not rest until we kill them!"

"Kill them!"

"Kill them!"

Such hateful words coming from the mouths of two children stung very much.

Tang Mo did not want to comfort the two children and persuade them to let go of their hatred.

The world is no longer the peaceful one it once was, and no one can protect these children forever; the only ones who can protect them are themselves. The world is too cruel, fifteen is not too young, perhaps it is time to learn to grow up early.

There have always been evil people like that in the world, and in many places the fighting has never stopped. It's just that in the old days China was so peaceful that there were many people who sacrificed themselves to protect everyone. Now that the evil people have their claws out, the only thing you can do is to eradicate them and protect yourself.

Tang Mo felt the long-awaited anger and he took a deep breath to regain his composure. He glanced at the clock on the gym wall. "It is now three in the morning. There were five stowaways in all, you killed two and there are three left. If they're smart enough, they shouldn't sneak up on the school again tonight. But to be safe, you still have to put someone on guard at the entrance. "

Mr. Li said, "Of the six of us left, Qiao Feifei and Zhao Ziang are the official players, both with powers and better physical strength than us reserves. Zhao Ziang is now guarding the door."

Tang Mo: "You all know what a full player is and what a reserve and a stowaway is?" He thought only the big mole had said that.

Chen Shanshan, who hadn't said a word before, said, "Today, thirteen of us entered six different games, all different, but with one thing in common. It was only when Brother Wen told us what the three identities meant that we understood them. Of course, before today we already knew that there were official and reserve player identities."

"How do you know that?" Tang Mo said in amazement.

Another small girl who had been hiding in the back stepped forward, "It's me. I'm an official player, my powers aren't as useful as Zhao Ziang's, I can only see other people's identities."

Tang Mo was stunned: "You can tell who people are?"

The little girl nodded: "Yes. To my eyes, there were words hovering above everyone's head. When the game officially started, I saw the words 'official player' hovering above Zhao Ziang's head, and the words 'reserve' above Mr. Li, Shanshan and the others. But I could only use my powers five times a day, so I could only see the identities of five people. After seeing five people, the words above the others' heads will change to Mosaic."

Tang Mo said, "So you didn't see me at the school gate just now?"

The young girl shook her head, "How strange, I obviously haven't used my powers today, but I can't see you. The top of your head is Mosaic too."

Tang Mo thought for a moment, "Do you need any triggers for this ability?"

"No, I can see it straight away."

Tang Mo: "You touch my hand and see if you can trigger the psychic powers."

The little girl went up and touched Tang Mo's hand and she looked up again: "Ah! I see it! Official player! It's strange, why can't I see it just now, but only after I touch your hand? I saw it straight away when I looked at Zhao Ziang, and when I looked at the stowaways."

Tang Mo cannot explain this answer either.

The boy responsible for rebuilding the trap with the little fat boy came back: "Teacher, we've finished building the trap. Zhao Ziang said he'd keep watching at the door and asked me to come back to bed first."

"Both full players and stowaways are bound to have psychic abilities and it is clear that both are much better physically than the reserves." Chen Shanshan suddenly spoke up, and while the crowd looked to her, she looked to Tang Mo: "Can we know ...... what your powers are? We understand if you don't want to go into detail, but I would like to know if you would like to stay and help us. Are your powers the same as Feifei's, which have no real combat ability, or are they like Zhao Ziang's, which lean towards attack?"

Tang Mo looked at the young girl steadily for a long time before he said, "My powers aren't really offensive, but I'll stay."

The crowd breathed a sigh of relief.

The morning light is bright in the east.

It was getting lighter and Mr. Li and the children's nerves were finally relaxed.

Mr. Li: "They shouldn't attack during the day. I think we should get a good night's sleep during the day. I'll go and get Zhao Ziang back, he's been up all night and should get some rest."

Tang Mo walked down the corridor of the gymnasium and looked at the six bodies. He looked over them one by one, his face expressionless, but walking slowly.

"How did you become a full player?"

Tang Mo looks up as Chen Shanshan walks out of the gym and leans against the wall to look at him.

Tang Mo was silent for a moment: "On the third day that Earth was online, I played in a game of The black tower and won. It was a 1v1 game against another player who was your father."

Chen Shanshan's body tensed, but quickly relaxed: "You don't have to feel guilty."

"I don't feel guilty."

Chen Shanshan Look at him.

Tang Mo: "It was your father who pulled me into that game. Although I would have disappeared if I hadn't played the game, I have now fulfilled his last wish and confirmed your safety. That game was either me or him disappearing, and I have had my share of guilt, but now that I see that you are alive, I don't feel guilty anymore and I don't think your father blames me."

Chen Shanshan looked at him for a moment and smiled. "You're such a strange person."

The little girl is a head shorter than Tang Mo, but she speaks with maturity.

Tang Mo thought, "You're very clever."

"I was always in the top 10 in my year, won first prize in the Olympiad, first prize in the computer national competition and often represented the school in various academic competitions." Chen Shanshan says, "But after Earth came online, the prepper's physical fitness has also improved and I seem to be a little smarter. Like do you know how preppers are actually created?"

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed, "I don't know."

Official players are those who have won a game of The black tower during those three days, and stowaways are those who have killed someone during those three days.

What about the reserves?

"When the game officially started, there were eighteen of us in the school. Of these, only Zhao Ziang and Qiao Feifei were official players, the other sixteen were all reserves. I questioned them in detail about their experiences over the past three days and found common ground."

Tang Mo hadn't met that many people, so he simply didn't have the capital to explore the conditions under which preppers were created. Chen Shanshan knows a lot of preppers, and she has had the opportunity to explore the reasons why, but it's amazing that she has thought to do it and seems to have found the answers.

"These sixteen people, including myself, have all played and won games within three days. It was either The black tower game, or very ordinary games, including computer games, mobile games, and real games. One of them, Mr. Li, was the most unusual in that he hadn't played any games, but he had won a bet with a teacher and he survived."

Tang Mo frowned, "It's not that simple. If it's just one game won, there are definitely more than 400 million humans who have played the game in three days."

Chen Shanshan nodded: "Yes, it's definitely not that simple. For example, in my case, I had won and lost games during those three days, and I survived, while the students who had won against me did not. I asked further questions and found that the students who survived had all been admitted by their opponents themselves at one point - 'I was eliminated'."

Tang Mo said in surprise, "A personal admission of being eliminated?"

"That's right, a personal admission of elimination. The black tower made an announcement on the 15th, informing the world that Earth was online and that it was telling humanity to eliminate players. No one knew how to eliminate players, but it said this and a lot of people took it to heart. When you play a normal game, you might say 'I lost', but you don't usually say 'I've been eliminated'. It's because The black tower said 'eliminated' in advance that a lot of people took it to heart. Sometimes it might be a joke, sometimes it might just come out of the blue and the words come out."

Tang Mo never thought it would be so simple.

Chen Shanshan leans against the wall: "But that's probably just one way of being a prep. Out of our sixteen reservists, there are two students who have not been personally acknowledged as 'eliminated' but they too have become reservists. The sample is so small that I can only analyse so much."

"You're already great." Tang Mo rarely compliments people.

Chen Shanshan looked down at the six bodies on the floor, including those of her teachers and her classmates. Perhaps she did not know any of these six people, but she had seen them die in front of her eyes.

"They're supposed to sneak in this evening."

Tang Mo: "Well, it should be tonight."

"I want to kill them and live."

First you want to kill them, then you want to live.

Tang Mo looked earnestly at the short little girl and nodded, "Yes, kill them and live again."

Chen Shanshan was called to help by Mr. Li, who approached her: "You've come at the most dangerous time of the night. Chen Shanshan, a very clever little girl, had us set a trap not only by the gate of the guardhouse, but also with a very thin wire, in front of the barred door. Any time you tried to enter the door anyway, you would fall into the trap. Luckily you came in by crashing through the glass of the janitor's room, otherwise you would have fallen into the trap for sure. Eh yes, how did you know there was a trap?"

"I found a map of Shanghai from a newsagent and it had the location of the City North Secondary School marked on it and the size of it, which is quite a big school."

Li Wen doesn't quite understand: "My alma mater is one of the four most prestigious schools in Shanghai, and it does cover a lot of ground. But what's wrong with that?"

Tang Mo looks at him: "Middle schools are not primary schools, and most of them, have a kiosk on campus. Big schools like yours may even have a campus supermarket. It's only two days since the game started, and with a supermarket in the school, it's unlikely that the students will be short of water and food. I deliberately told that little fatty that I was going to give him water and food, and if he didn't want it, that was normal. But the fact that he actually asked for it means there must be a trick."

Fatty Zhao Ziang walked into the gym and scratched his head, "Oh, I was trying to trick you into a trap, but you ended up lying to me all along?"

Tang Mo: "You're still young, in future when you lie you have to think ahead to see if there are any loopholes."

The little fat man nodded in confusion.

Li Wen joked, "You're actually teaching a second-year student how to cheat."

Tang Mo shrugged and looked at the little fat man, "I heard Chen Shanshan say that your powers are offensive, can you tell me what they are like? Did you make those spikes I encountered on the road?"

Zhao Ziang sat down and said honestly, "Yes, it's my psychic ability. Qiao Feifei and I are official players, and even though Qiao Feifei is short and skinny, we have better stamina and energy than Mr. Li. Qiao Feifei is a girl, so I volunteered to keep watch in the janitor's room to prevent the bad guys from sneaking in at night. Chen Shanshan said that between 11pm and 2am, the bad guys were most likely to sneak in. You came at that exact time, so I thought you were the bad guy and went after you." He rubbed the back of his head, "I'm sorry I almost got you killed."

"It's okay, if you can hurt me it's your talent." Tang Mo was more concerned with, "Did you break those streetlights?"

The little fat man nodded: "Yes, Shanshan made me break it. She said there was broken glass all over the floor so that it would make a sound if someone approached. I have good hearing since I became an official player, and I can hear it from a long way away whenever someone steps on that glass."

"What's your psychic ability?"

"Sort of spatial movement? I'm not sure. I can move objects to any location within a hundred metres of me. But my powers are not strong enough, I can't move heavy things. If I were to move a knife, my moving speed would become very slow, probably."

Tang Mo saw a knife wobble and fly from the ground and float to him, where he grabbed it.

Zhao Ziang blushed: "That's it, it's particularly slow, it doesn't attack people at all. But if it's something very light and small like a nail or a needle ......"


A small thumb-length needle appeared instantly in front of Tang Mo's eyes, and he quickly skimmed his head as the thin needle dangled in front of his eyes without moving forward. With Tang Mo's dynamic vision he could see the path of the needle, but only if he was prepared for it. If he was unprepared, it would have been difficult for him to dodge the needle.

Zhao Ziang was surprised to see Tang Mo dodge quickly, "Your reaction time is so fast, faster than me and Qiao Feifei."

Tang Mo reached out and cupped the needle, "Is that why you keep attacking people with nails and needles?"

Zhao Ziang nods his head.

Tang Mo has learned about this second year boy's psychic abilities.

This is indeed a very offensive ability, but unfortunately what he can move is too small and not fast enough, at least Tang Mo can dodge it. If he had been able to move a sharp knife with more speed, the stowaways would have had a much harder time.

Tang Mo took the nail and looked at the little fat man, "Don't just tell anyone about your psychic powers again."

Zhao Ziang: "Huh?"

Tang Mo: "Grow a heart."

Zhao Ziang: "......"

Isn't that what you told me to say!!!

The little fatty had never been snubbed like this before and walked away in aggravation.

Li Wen said helplessly, " Tang Mo, is it really okay for you to bully children like this?"

Tang Mo's face doesn't change: "I'm helping him grow."

Li Wen actually found it convincing and justified.

During the day, Tang Mo laid several more traps in front of the school and along the school road. With Fatty's powers, it was very easy to set traps. Chen Shanshan also gave Tang Mo a detailed description of the powers of the three remaining stowaways.

"I won't say anything about the two stowaways who died, both of their powers were pretty chickenshit, so we killed them pretty sharpish. There are three left, two of whom have dangerous psychic powers and one whose use of them is not obvious. I'll start with the one whose use is not obvious. That stowaway's psychic ability is ...... planting flowers. Mr. Li saw with his own eyes that flowers suddenly bloomed everywhere he walked. It was just plain old roses, moonflowers, whatever, and we fought it twice and he didn't show anything special. But he was fast and seemed to know a bit of fighting skills and fought very hard. He had a broken arm and he was the stowaway who tried to take Wang Chao's matches in The black tower game."

Tang Mo has seen all kinds of oddball psychic powers, and his own bitchy book is odd, so he won't comment on this kind of cultivated, flower-growing type of psychic power ......, but still can't let his guard down.

Chen Shanshan: "There are two other people with dangerous psychic abilities. One of them can breathe fire."

"Fire-breathing?" Tang Mo was the first time he had heard of such a strange and common sense psychic ability.

In many TV dramas, characters with psychic powers mostly use magic-like abilities, such as spitting fire or spitting water. Tang Mo was bored and read some novels in the library, and many of the powers were classified as gold, wood, water, fire and earth. The black tower was one of the few that produced strange powers like this.

"Yes, he breathes fire. His fire emerges from his mouth. I have watched carefully, every three minutes he can spew fire, the flame is so hot that it can't melt steel, but it can melt marble. You may not have seen it before when it was too dark at night, but two of the four words 'City North Secondary School' at the entrance of our school were melted by the fire he spewed out. The melting point of steel is around 1500°C, the melting point of marble is about 800°C, and the temperature of the flame he spewed out is estimated to be below 1000°C."

This is indeed a very dangerous psychic ability.

"What about the other one?" Tang Mo sounded serious.

"There's another ...... who has a gun."

"A gun?" Tang Mo's expression froze.

China has a gun ban, so ordinary people are not allowed to have guns. But there are policies in place, and there have been several shootings and killings in China. A few years ago, there was a serial killer known as "Headshot" who used a gun to kill people.

There is no doubt that stowaways are bound to have killed people. But killing someone and killing someone with a gun are two different things. Criminals who can kill with guns are often the most vicious kind, not ordinary murderers, who at least have access to guns.

Chen Shanshan shook his head: "No, it's not that scary. Zhao Ziang likes to play survival games and is familiar with firearms. He said that the gun was a police gun, and that the stowaway had taken it from the police station after the game started. But having a gun wasn't scary, what was scary was that the man's psychic powers seemed to be gun-related. He had unlimited bullets."

Tang Mo's heart tightens.

The average police gun has eight rounds of ammunition, but the stowaway shot at least 30 rounds last night," Zhao Ziang said. No gun had been changed and no magazines had been changed. We don't know exactly how many bullets he can fire with his alien powers and can only consider the worst-case scenario, that he has unlimited bullets."

Tang Mo stared, "Full players have a high level of physical fitness and hard skin that can withstand normal knife slashes, but they can't fight a gun for now, and three shots will render them useless. It is even more unlikely that a prefect can defend himself against a gun."

"Yes, we know."

Tang Mo thought for a long time: "Can I use the big matches?"

As soon as he spoke, Little Fatty hurriedly carried the big match over and handed it to Tang Mo: "I've been waiting for you to say that for a long time. We three official players are the best physically, and I feel that you are stronger than me. Chen Shanshan said this would be best for you to use."

Tang Mo was slightly startled and looked at Chen Shanshan.

The short-haired girl looked solemn, like a young adult: "This thing must be very powerful."

Tang Mo smiled: "In my hands, it will be even more powerful." With that, Tang Mo pressed the large, familiar match onto his wrist. Instantly, the giant match disappeared and a red match tattoo appeared on his wrist again.

Chen Shanshan and Fatty's eyes widen in surprise.

Tang Mo said, "My psychic powers."

The little fatty suddenly understood, "That's considered a concealed weapon! That's great!"

Time passed, and the sun was fading to the west. During the day there was some relaxation, but the closer we got to night the more tense everyone's spirits became.

Tang Mo walks up to the young girl Qiao Feifei. This soft and frail junior girl is holding a large kitchen knife from the school canteen and has a large stick strapped to her body. She is a girl, but she is an official player, and she has more power than Mr. Li.

"You'd better not use a stick, a sword will suffice. You're not tall enough to use a stick, but you won't be able to use your full strength, and it will become a liability when strapped to your body. You're better off with a lighter weapon." Tang Mo said, "Give me the stick."

Qiao Feifei thought about it, took the stick off his back and handed it to Tang Mo: "Okay."

Tang Mo took the stick and, as expected, felt a strange twinge of power. He went to the corner and took his book of strange powers out of the air.

[Ability: Find, Find, Find Friends]

[Owned by: Qiao Feifei (official player)

[Type:Special Type

[Function: Enquiry on player identity]

[Grade: Level 1].

[Restriction: Only five players can be queried each day, and when the subject's powers are much stronger than your own, you cannot query them directly]

[Remark: So hot chicken, don't want to make a note]

So it was because his powers were stronger than Qiao Feifei's that Qiao Feifei couldn't directly see who he was and needed to physically touch him?

Tang Mo looks further down the page.

[Tang Mo Version Usage Note: You can check the identity of one player per day. I have nothing to say if Tang Mo doesn't pay for this ability.

Tang Mo had deliberately gone to collect Qiao Feifei's powers. He had been vaguely aware that he seemed physically stronger after acquiring Li Bin's powers yesterday. He could see further, react faster, and was stronger.

Before acquiring Li Bin's powers, Tang Mo was not sure he could avoid the first nail in the coffin of Fatty's sneak attack. He wanted to verify that after acquiring someone else's powers, he was getting nothing but powers that would improve his strength.

It turned out to be just what he thought it would be.

Tang Mo squeezed the stick in his hand. He pressed down hard with the five fingers of his right hand, and five shallow fingerprints appeared on the solid wood stick.

If acquiring someone else's powers enhances combat power, then ......

Tang Mo walked up to the little fat man, "I'm a bit hungry, little fat man, can I have this piece of bread?"

Zhao Ziang is eating to replenish his strength for the battle. He mutters, "There's more over there, go and get one yourself."

Tang Mo cheekily: "I like your kind of taste, it's the only one left."

The little fat man was very generous and gave the bread to Tang Mo in a depressed manner.

Li Wen: "Hey Tang Mo, are you still robbing the kids of their food?"

Tang Mo didn't answer him, but his face was a little uncomfortable.

He'd asked for bread from the little fat man and hadn't paid for it, but he didn't actually get the little fat man's psychic powers?!

What's going on here?

Tang Mo is a bit undeterred. Little Fatty's powers were very aggressive and if he collected them, he would be a big help next. Tang Mo asked the little fatty for a few more biscuits and a carton of milk, he didn't want the others' food, he wanted the little fatty's. The little fatty's face turned green and he cried, "Why are you just staring at me?"

Tang Mo's face is even greener: "...... another biscuit."

After eating two boxes of biscuits, a loaf of bread and a carton of milk, Tang Mo was so full of food that he still didn't get his powers from Fatty.

The others were amused by their odd behaviour and had a rare laugh before the battle. Chen Shanshan, however, gave Tang Mo a thoughtful look and when he finally gave up and turned away, she grabbed a box of biscuits and quickly ran over to him.

This short, thin girl is not very good looking, but her eyes are very determined. She looked at Tang Mo: "Are you trying to get something from someone? Something to do with your powers? Is it okay if I give you something, so that you will become stronger?"

Tang Mo was shocked.

How can you be so clever? How can you guess so well?

Chen Shanshan had no psychic powers, and Tang Mo would not have done any good even if he had taken her things and not paid for them. But the little girl stared at him earnestly, holding a box of biscuits in both hands, and said through clenched teeth, "I'll give it to you, and you must kill them. Whatever it is, kill them and I'll give it to you."

Tang Mo was about to say no, but when he heard this, he shut up and took the biscuit from the girl. The moment his fingers touched the biscuit, Tang Mo's eyes widened. After taking out the book of supernatural powers earlier he had not put it back into the air, but into his backpack. He took out the book now and opened it.

[Ability: Superintelligent Thinking]

[Owned by: Chen Shanshan (Reserve)

[Type: Genotype].

【Function: Ultimate development of brain area, super intelligence, super acuity】.

[Grade: Level 3].

[Limitations: Judgement accuracy capped at 50%, stamina improvement space at 0]

[Remark: Why do I always guess the truth correctly? Fish-lipped mortal, because I'm smarter than you ahahahahaha.]

[Tang Mo version usage note: 10% accuracy in judging. Damn, Tang Mo has this kind of luck, it's okay, it doesn't even bring money!

"What's wrong?" Chen Shanshan asked.

Tang Mo looks down at the little girl.

The Big Mole once said that full players and stowaways were bound to have powers, and that reservists might also have them.

So that's it, no wonder she's so clever.

"I will kill them."

Chen Shanshan: "Good, kill them and take revenge!"


Tang Mo turned his head sideways and pushed Mr. Li, who was standing behind him, out of the way. In his vision, a silver bullet flew at a slow speed past where Mr. Li had been standing earlier, its trajectory breaking through the air, and Tang Mo quickly looked in the direction of the bullet, his gaze coalescing.

Tang Mo shouted, "Fatty, break the lights in the gym."


A spike quickly passes through the air and shatters all the light bulbs in the gymnasium.

The world is plunged into darkness.

Li Wen asked in surprise, " Tang Mo, what are you doing?"

Tang Mo crouched down and drew a neat circle with great speed. It was so dark that the others only saw him suddenly crouch down, but had no idea what he was doing. Tang Mo stood up and said indifferently, "Draw a circle and curse him."


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Tangtang: Killing and eating chicken tonight!

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The black tower is cruel and ruthless, but it's not the most frightening thing. I have a psychic article that says something similar in the first chapter of V. "What's scarier than evil spirits is the hearts of people", so let's see how Tangtang will destroy them~

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