Chapter 164: I'm not a kid!

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Blood gushed from the black staff, and Grea's eyes were stern, his blonde hair flying in the air. With a stomp of his foot, he stabbed Tang Mo again. The angle was so sharp, and Schrödinger's steel fortress was so small, that Tang Mo could not avoid it, his back pressed against the steel wall, and he could only manage to turn his head so that the staff grazed his face and plunged into the wall.

Without giving Tang Mo a chance to breathe, a cold smile spread across Grea's lips as she pulled her staff from the wall and attacked again.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo resisted with their left and right hands, but the power of the black staff was alarming.

The two men were losing ground to Grea's attacks and their wounds were growing. Grea swung his staff to the left and stabbed Fu Wenduo in the head. Fu Wenduo's arms came up in front of him, turning into black metal as he prepared to block the blow. But it was a fake, Grea said with a smile, "It's not so bad to kill one first." In the next moment, his gaze shifted towards Tang Mo.

Tang Mo was shocked and immediately opened the parasol, but the cane went straight through the pink parasol and into Tang Mo's abdomen.

Grea gripped the handle of the cane and gave Tang Mo an elegant smile. He held the cane as if he was going to let the tiny crutch stir inside Tang Mo's body, when an angry roar came from behind Tang Mo. Grea's face went cold and he sidestepped the punch.

"Grea, you shameless thief!!!"

The red figure kicked the wall and Queen of Hearts raised her fist once more, slamming it hard into the blonde half-breed. Not daring to be careless, Grea drew his short staff straight away. Tang Mo spat out a mouthful of blood and a large amount of blood gushed from her abdomen. The Queen of Hearts stalked Grea and Li Miaomiao took the opportunity to run over.

Fu Wenduo's injuries were also serious, but in a much better condition than Tang Mo's.

Li Miaomiao examined him and found, "There was something wrong with his short staff and the bleeding wouldn't stop at all."

After Earth came online players' physical quality was greatly improved, especially advanced players like Tang Mo, being stabbed through the abdomen by a sharp blade was not a fatal wound at all. However, the wound pierced by the circus master's short staff could not be healed at all. Blood continued to flow out of Tang Mo's mouth. Tang Mo held back the pain and calmly said, "That's a very powerful prop."

Capable of not being lit by Mosaic's large matches and of being unrestricted in the room of the truth clock.

He should have known that the strength of the head of the Strange Circus definitely belonged to the level of the wolf's grandmother, and his weapon could never be that simple.

Fu Wensheng's mineral water could not heal this wound, and Li Miaomiao's eyes shifted as she clenched her teeth. Five seconds later, she presses her hands to the bloody wound on Tang Mo's abdomen, her pupils glowing white. Soon Tang Mo finds himself in less and less pain, and when he looks up, Li Miaomiao's face is instantly white.

When Tang Mo's abdominal wound healed, Li Miaomiao spat out a mouthful of blood. As a doctor, she knew exactly what was going on when the wound was on her body: "The area that was touched by that crutch was corroding. It probably felt like it was being corroded by thick acid, which is why the wound couldn't heal."

Li Miaomiao's face became whiter and whiter as the blood drained out. Fu Wenduo took out five bottles of mineral water from the chicken nest and handed them all to her. Li Miaomiao understood that this was some kind of prop and opened the bottle and poured it all over her abdominal wound. After the fourth bottle of mineral water was poured over her, Li Miaomiao caught her breath: "It's stable. Although I am weak, my supernatural ability gives me the ability to heal myself better than any of you. The last time my head was bitten off by a big mole, I broke two arms and a leg, and I also shifted the wounds and grew them back."

That said, Li Miaomiao's condition was horrific. Zhao Xiaofei was there to help. Tang Mo made sure Li Miaomiao was okay, then suddenly remembered something and immediately turned to Fu Wenduo and said, "You were also pierced in the arm by that cane."

"It's okay, not everything that gets stabbed with that short staff should be corroded." The hole in Fu Wenduo's arm has not yet healed, but the bleeding has stopped.

Tang Mo has just calmed down.

On the other side, Queen of Hearts and Grea have reduced the Iron Fortress to a steel wasteland.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaah you bastard, villain, money grubber! Give me back my jeweled moonflower!"

The red figure stomped on the steel wall of the Schrödinger with one powerful kick. The little black cat meowed in anger, but the two fighting men didn't give him the time of day. Grea, with her walking stick, kept fending off the Queen of Hearts' punches. The red-haired loli was furious and attacked faster and faster.

The two fought to a standstill when suddenly Queen of Hearts' fist cracked a wall and Grea's cane split the other side.

There was a strange creaking sound from the steel fortress and Schrödinger, who had been cursing angrily, stopped his voice. The next second -

"My fortress is crumbling, run!!!"

Tang Mo reacted quickly and grabbed the badly wounded Li Miaomiao with one arm and ran. Without hesitation, Fu Wenduo also took the other female player, who had not yet reacted, on his shoulders and ran out of the steel fortress in two strokes. After the four men and the cat (and the middle-aged butler) had run out of the gate, there was a loud bang and Schrödinger's steel fortress was completely reduced to rubble.

Queen of Hearts and Grea were all buried in heavy ruins.

Zhao Xiaofei: "...... They're not going to die in there, are they?"

The little black cat was so distressed that it cried out and circled around the steel ruins. When he heard Zhao Xiaofei's words, he glanced at her: "If those two perverts are that easy to kill, what's the difference between one of my steel fortresses collapsing and me giving them another one for free!"

As if in response to Schrödinger's words, a boulder was kicked out of the centre of the ruins. The dust rises and when the crowd sees what is in the middle of the rubble, they all freeze. There was a small, violent girl on top of Grea, her legs wrapped around his waist and her fist raised to smash into the pale, handsome face.

"I'll beat you to death, you shameless, stinking thief!"

"You unladylike, smelly child!"

It was as if children were fighting, they were fighting without any rules and had turned into simply beating each other up. Apart from that terrifying strength, this looked exactly like a chicken and vegetable fight.

The two men were equal in strength and scrapped the Iron Fortress, neither of them getting hurt much. But as a result of this completely unimaginative and tactless scuffle, Queen of Hearts' fist finally smashed into Grea's eye, creating a black eye. Grea's cane also knocked the little girl off her feet.

The Queen of Hearts landed on the ground and was about to go again when Grea immediately raised her hand in a pause gesture, "Wait a minute kid, you can fight if you want, I've already sold your jeweled moonflower to the Banana Tavern as a base for a drink anyway. But first let me kill them and I'll allow you to eat their flesh."

Queen of Hearts stops moving and turns to look at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

The crowd were all stunned as Tang Mo gripped his small parasol tightly and stared warily at the red-haired loli with her messy hair.

Grea, seeing that there was hope for a truce, said, "That one is Fu Wenduo, you know, the most popular stowaway in the Underlander Kingdom, always at the top of the list of 'human players I want to eat the most'. That one over there is also a powerful human, and eating them will give us both a boost."

Queen of Hearts licked her little tiger teeth, "You seem to be making some sense."

Li Miaomiao tensed up and whispered, "No way, isn't it already okay ......" She thought Tang Mo was stalling just to wait for Queen of Hearts to help.

However, the fact is that Tang Mo doesn't know Queen of Hearts and he doesn't even know what the solution is.

After realising that Li Miaomiao's main quest was no different from his own, Tang Mo used an infinite non-probability pocket watch to check his chances of passing the tower attack game. The answer was infinitely close to zero. This is one of the reasons why Tang Mo was suspicious of Grea's identity.

Since then, Tang Mo has been trying to use the infinite non-probability pocket watch in the hope of finding a way through this odd and disobedient pocket watch. Luckily, his luck was not so bad this time, as the infinite non-probability pocket watch was triggered by the "draw a circle and curse you" ability, and Queen of Hearts suddenly appeared to confront Grea.

But now, it seems that Queen of Hearts is uniting with Grea.

Tang Mo's mind raced, his thoughts running through his mind while remaining calm on the surface.

This is not correct, the event triggered by the infinite non-probability pocket watch is " Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo can pass the level without any problems". This event has already been triggered and no surprises should be found. Is there another The black tower monster that will appear?

Tang Mo couldn't have imagined that any of The black tower monsters would come to his aid.

But in the next second, Queen of Hearts gave him his answer. The red-haired loli smoothed out her Grea-ruffled hair and grunted, "I do get stronger by eating them, but ...... trash Grea, why should I listen to you."

Grea narrowed her eyes, "You don't want to eat them? It doesn't affect the feud between you and me."

Queen of Hearts suddenly reached out and pointed to Tang Mo: "He smells of three things."

Everyone in the room, even Schrödinger, who thinks he knows everything about The black tower world, froze for a moment at these words. The little black cat's nose twitched: "What's that smell, I don't smell it."

Queen of Hearts: "Firstly, he smells like Mosaic. My good friend Mosaic, and I go on an autumn trip together every year during the beautiful mating season of the faerie savannah animals. She sets the fire, I eat the barbecue, we are best friends. He smells like Mosaic's kisses and he's Mosaic's friend, which means he's my friend."

Tang Mo had no idea that the inexplicable Mosaic kiss would work at such a time.

But then, Queen of Hearts' gaze turned vicious and she glared at Tang Mo: "But! He smells like my Jewel Moonflower too! You're a bloody thief too, stealing my Jewel Moonflower. I'll let that go because you're Mosaic's friend, but don't expect me to help you, you're no friend of mine, you shameless thief!"

While Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei immediately became nervous, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo remained calm. They knew that Queen of Hearts had not finished.

Tang Mo: "What about the third flavour?"

A suspicious blush rose on the redhead's face as she wrapped her arms around her chest. She coughed hard and rasped her voice, "As the noble Queen of Hearts, owner of the Jewel Castle, I kick Grea and punch Granny Wolf, even Father Christmas has to say noble Queen of Hearts when he sees me ...... "

Schrödinger muttered in a whisper, "How shameful."

Queen of Hearts is getting red in the face: "I'm not a kid, I'm so noble, so I would never, never, never, never like candy! I hate candy, I don't like it at all. It's impossible to eat sugar, not in this lifetime."

Hearing this, all those present were dumbfounded.

For the first time, Schrödinger wondered about his intelligence network, not knowing that Queen of Hearts liked sweets. Grea's face also changed slightly as he sensed something was wrong. On the other hand, Tang Mo understands what Queen of Hearts means, and he remembers what he smells like that makes Queen of Hearts say that.

The next moment, his eyes widened and with a strange expression, he pulled a plain golden candy out of his pocket.

Queen of Hearts saw the candy and immediately gave her head a twist: "I, I'm not going to like candy, huh?"

Tang Mo: "......"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Grea: "......"

Schrödinger: "......"

Two female players: "......"

[Props: a very ordinary golden candy]

[Owned by: Tang Mo].

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Grade: Level 1].

[Function: A candy that has been treasured by Mr. Rabbit for thirty-six years, perhaps anyone who would enjoy eating it? Of course it's more likely to have gone mouldy long ago.]

[Restrictions: None. One candy and you can't kill with it.]

[Remark: Tang Mo thought he had earned it, he never thought that your rabbit father would still be your rabbit father].

Thanks to Papa Rabbit!

Mr. Bunny: "......" I bah!


Author's Comment.

Queen of Hearts--

I, Queen of Hearts, would starve to death or turn into a Hearts poker, but I will never eat a single candy!

How sweet!

Mr. Bunny: ...... Why does this bad human get to meet my most noble Queen of Hearts aaaaaaaaaaaaaa QAQ!!!

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