Chapter 163: Odd Circus Leader~

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The black staff was in front of her, and Tang Mo leapt to avoid it. The staff spun out of the air and returned to the blond hybrid's hand, where Grea caught it and struck the ground with a clatter. His left hand pressed down on his bowler hat, its wide brim covering the upper half of his face, revealing a smiling lip.

The change was so sudden that neither Zhao Xiaofei nor Li Miaomiao reacted to it.

Grea gave a low chuckle, "Huh, I think I've been spotted ......" and the next second, he swished out and was in front of Tang Mo in a matter of moments.

The blue eyes were fixed on Tang Mo. The two men were so close that even though Tang Mo was prepared, he was caught off guard by a blow from the cane to his knee. He was knocked back three steps and staggered to the ground with one hand. On the other side, Fu Wenduo's eyes were cold as he attacked directly.

No one could have imagined that Grea would be able to survive the siege of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Dressed in a crimson dress, he swam like a nimble fish in the midst of the Tang Mo duo's attack. Fu Wenduo swept his right leg, forcing Grea to leap back a few steps; Tang Mo took the opportunity to take a large match from his wrist and, with a cry of anger, ignited a flame by rubbing it against the ground and smashed it against Grea's head.

There was a crisp crash and the short black staff was raised to deflect the huge match.

The scene was a bit comical, as the cane Grea was holding was so thin and short that Tang Mo threw the big, thick match as hard as he could, but it didn't budge and it held perfectly. But Tang Mo's aim had been achieved. He squinted his eyes and saw the flame from the big match touch Grea's cane. Just as the flame was about to ignite the staff, Tang Mo froze in shock and said, "It didn't ignite?"

A laugh rang out, " A big match from Mosaic? A good one indeed. Once lit by it, the laws of causality will surely burn out."

Tang Mo's face went cold.

Grea retracted her short staff and banged it heavily on the ground as she looked up, "My lady, Mosaic this little girl has a great match, and it roasts a great turkey really well. But it's only if it's lit, as long as it's not ......" The voice lengthened and the moment the words were spoken, Grea attacked again, "It's a piece of crap!"

Tang Mo snapped open his little parasol to block the blow, sending his entire body flying. Grea's laughter reverberated through the steel fortress, each blow seemingly slow and graceful, but judging by the performance of Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, each blow was terrifying.

Jumping to the platform in the middle of the stairs, Tang Mo finally has time to catch his breath. He looks grim and turns his head to look at Fu Wenduo.

The two men agreed that Glea Sykes was, by far, the most dangerous The black tower monster they had ever encountered.

Yes, not human, he's The black tower monster!

Inside the narrow steel fortress, Schrödinger and his cat have been hiding in a small room in the staircase. Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Grea are fighting, but Li Miaomiao and Zhao Xiaofei don't duck. Not because they didn't want to, or wanted to help, but because the terrifying air pressure hit their shoulders so hard that beads of sweat rolled down their foreheads and they couldn't even take a step to escape.

The short black staff pierced the steel wall and Grea hooked it with such force that a huge gap was made in the wall.

Fu Wenduo took the opportunity to stab Grea's left arm, the crimson gown was cut open and a trickle of blood seeped from Grea's arm. Grea looked at Fu Wenduo's arm, which had changed into a black weapon, with curiosity. He let out a laugh and was about to speak when a scream rang out, "Bastard Grea, if you want revenge, then revenge, why are you damaging my fortress!"

Grea drew her staff and turned her head to the little black cat: " Sir Schrödinger, it is your castle that is too small for me to use. If it had been a little bigger, perhaps I would have caught that cute little friend."

The little black cat exploded, "You bastard, even if you run into my fortress and do something wrong, you still blame me."

"They can still find you without me, I didn't say anything. On the contrary, you, Your Excellency Schrödinger, are the worst actor I have ever seen, ten thousand times worse than a wolf's grandmother."

Schrödinger: "You ......!"

In the dark corridor, the two female players' faces were white and their lips were trembling. Looking at Grea and Schrödinger arguing, Zhao Xiaofei could see that Grea was not a player at all, he was The black tower monster! She frantically wondered who this man was and why she had encountered so many horrible monsters when she was just participating in her own second level of The black tower game. The second level of The black tower shouldn't be this hard unless ......

Zhao Xiaofei jerked his head towards Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo wiped the blood from his lips and, while Grea was talking, he took out mineral water and poured it over the wound. What Zhao Xiaofei had guessed, Tang Mo had already guessed.

Grea is here for them, or rather, for him.

Grea seems to be teasing them; he is so strong that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo together could not get the better of him. But he was never in a hurry. He gives Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo a chance to catch their breath, and is left to tussle with Schrödinger. As Li Miaomiao tries to walk over and help Tang Mo heal, another short staff comes crashing through the air and into the wall in front of Li Miaomiao.

Li Miaomiao swallowed hard, not daring to move.

Schrödinger roared, "Bastard Grea, you break my walls again and I'll report your raggedy circus tax evasion to the King!"

Grea blinked innocently and muttered, "As if I'm afraid of him." At those words, Grea raised his hand to withdraw his staff and looked down at the Tang Mo duo at the bottom of the stairs. After a few moments of fixed attention, he curled his lips, "When did you find out, ladies?"

Tang Mo purses her lips.

After a few moments, Grea smiled. He turned his head to Li Miaomiao: "Your human intuition?" He remembers what Li Miaomiao once said.

Li Miaomiao's body is stiff and she can't even say a word.

Schrödinger licked his paws and said uncharitably, "It was The black tower that made the balance. It would really be unfair to these shameless humans to have you fit perfectly into their group."

Yes, from the very beginning, when the players see Grea, they feel a strange sense of disconnection. Apart from her particular look and mannerisms, there is also an indefinable sense of difference.

This is what The black tower offers to players.

Tang Mo doesn't know how Grea managed to get The black tower to mix him into the group of players for the tower attack game. But Grea is different.

But that was not the answer Grea wanted. He raised his staff and pointed at Tang Mo: "He's not because of The black tower."

Schrödinger was stunned: "Ah, it wasn't The black tower that did it?"

The middle-aged butler lifted his head in tandem, "Meow?"

Zhao Xiaofei's pupils trembled violently as she stood right behind Grea, extremely close to her. A question rushed frantically through her mind, she desperately wanted to know who this horrible underground man was, why he was here and what he was up to. But her throat was blocked and she could not open her mouth.

"A proper gentleman will answer all of a lady's questions." Grea took off his manners and turned to Zhao Xiaofei with a wink. He spotted Zhao Xiaofei's question, "My lady, you're wondering who I am."

Zhao Xiaofei's lips parted without a sound.

Grea: "I'm a poor man." His voice was resigned with a hint of sobbing, but his face was still smiling: "Six months ago, I caught three very interesting and big monsters. I shipped them back to the Kingdom of the Underlanders, did a lot of advertising, and was ready to start a night of amazement. The tickets were all sold out, but just before the night of wonder started, one of my monsters was stolen by some bad-hearted human and I lost a fortune and almost went bankrupt." Says Grea, wiping away a non-existent tear.

Schrödinger spat in a sweet voice from the sidelines, "What's the point of pretending to cry, you wouldn't have lost even a penny if Granny Wolf hadn't also gone to see your night of wonder."

Grea continued as if she hadn't heard: "Three months later, I caught the little one that had escaped again. This time I decided to dissect it on the spot in order to redeem myself. I hired two of the best detectives in the kingdom and paid them a fortune to watch over the little creature for me. But they actually let the little one go in front of me, in front of all the Underlanders, The black tower monsters."

Grea's voice was hoarse with distress: "Then I went broke."

Schrödinger: "It's clear that you won't pay for the tickets and deliberately filed for bankruptcy!"

Grea continued: "My heart is divided into three because three people have cost me money and bankruptcy. My lady, how could he be so cruel? I was so innocent, I just wanted to make a good living, to live my little life, to run The black tower, the best circus in the world. And he shattered my dreams and trampled on my money mercilessly ......"

Zhao Xiaofei thinks this latter reason is the key.

"You say, can I leave him alone?"

"Head of the Strange Circus ...... Glea Sykes ." Tang Mo's one-word voice rang out from behind Grea.

Grea turned around and looked at him. Halfway through, he laughed, "So ...... Tang Mo, when did you find out it was me. When I asked the truth clock how to make big bucks?"

Tang Mo shakes his head.

Grea mused, "When I said my heart was split into three, two for you and the last for The black tower, the world's most popular stowaway, Fu Wenduo?"


Grea narrowed her eyes, "When was that?"

Tang Mo gripped the small parasol in his hand and took a deep breath, "After The black tower releases the main quest."

This answer was not expected by anyone.

Schrödinger said straight away, "How is that possible!"

Indeed, how could it be.

The main quest, "Schrödinger's Game of Hide and Seek", didn't mention a word about the Circus of the Weird in the rules, so how could Tang Mo have guessed? Grea laughed, her voice extremely cold: "My lady, lying is not good behaviour for a child. Even Santa doesn't like lying children."

"Are you raiding the first floor of The black tower?" A low male voice rang out as Fu Wenduo looked at Zhao Xiaofei.

Zhao Xiaofei is stunned and nods stiffly.

Fu Wenduo looks at Grea calmly and without moving a muscle, he pulls out a small, plain-looking knife. She is on the first floor of The black tower and Li Miaomiao is on the third floor of The black tower," he said. There should be a difference between their main quests, and we don't know if she doesn't tell us. But we do know what Li Miaomiao's mission and game rules are."

Grea looks at Fu Wenduo.

Fu Wenduo: "After the rules were announced, I found Li Miaomiao privately and found out her rules and tasks for the game. It was exactly the same as ours."

Grea: "So what?"

Tang Mo: "The fourth and third floors of The black tower are exactly the same, which is not The black tower's style. I think Fu Wenduo and I have other difficulties."

Schrödinger: "Does this mean that Grea the bastard is the leader of the raggedy circus?"

"It's more than that. Firstly, Fu Wenduo and I are on the fourth floor of The black tower, which is the first difficulty. Secondly, we were teamed up for The Black Tower, which goes up another level. I couldn't imagine for a moment what this difficulty would be like. A teammate who doesn't look human, dresses weird and says weird things." Tang Mo says calmly, "He wants to make a lot of money, and his heart is divided into three parts, two for me and one for Fu Wenduo ......"

Tang Mo looked up: " There is only one person in the black tower world who would hate me so much."

Grea laughs.

Tang Mo looked at him coldly, "So, what do you want to do?"

Grea smiled and said, "I'm just trying to recoup my losses. my lady, you've put me out of business."

Schrödinger muttered in a low voice: "You're not broke at all."

Grea ignored it, "I've suffered so much these days, I was just going to grab one, but I didn't expect to buy one and get one free, so you all came together." Grea stroked the smooth handle of his staff, his face smiling, but there was no warmth in his smile. He looked coldly at Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo at the bottom of the stairs: "Two very strong human players, one of whom is also the most popular stowaway in The black tower, Fu Wenduo, if I sold you to the Banana Tavern and made banana wine... ...well, how much would it be worth?"

Tang Mo did not reply.

Grea started to think again, "Sell it to Monster World, those ugly monsters want to eat you so badly they'll pay a good price."

Tang Mo: "You just think we're bound to get caught by you?"

Grea smiled gently, "My lady, you know the answer, can you escape from my hands?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo combined are no match for Grea.

This is true.

The wound on his arm is slowly scarring and Tang Mo's hand is tightening up. Grea had that smile on his face, he was relaxed because he was telling the truth. Tang Mo could feel that Grea hadn't used his full strength. The leader of the strange circus was no less powerful than Granny Wolf or Father Christmas, and it was because of his strength that he was so arrogant and in no hurry to catch Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. But ......

"I'm stalling for time."

Grea raised an eyebrow, "I know. It's a pointless struggle."

Tang Mo: "Don't you want to know why I'm stalling?"

Grea laughed: "Before absolute strength, any method of stalling for time is useless. Unless ...... you've got Granny Wolf coming? Well, you have her little parasol, I see. But she must not be nosy, she really likes to eat humans oh especially the strong ones."

Fu Wenduo: "You're right, before absolute strength, any delay is just a matter of lingering. But we are not delaying in order to escape."

Grea said curiously, "That's for begging for mercy? Both of you, pay for all my losses and I will not spare you. You have disgraced me, even His Excellency Schrödinger knows about the fact that I have been teased twice exactly by two human players, and I was foolish enough to pay you silver coins to watch over that damned little monster."

Black cat: "Hey, hey, I'm the great Schrödinger, isn't it normal for me to know this kind of gossip."

Tang Mo's right hand grips the small parasol. It was as if a clock was ringing in his ears, a sound that was not the second hand of a real clock, nor a fake one. The sound was odd, for the second hand was supposed to keep moving, but it seemed to be broken, stopping where it was and swaying from side to side.

Suddenly, a crisp sound rang out and the second hand snapped forward to travel.

Tang Mo's eyes widened with joy. Schrödinger was tussling with Grea and in the middle of his sentence he stopped abruptly, the little black cat sat up straight and a second later, "How could she have come here?!"

Grea froze.

The next moment, without waiting for him to enquire about the situation, a violent kick at the door sounded.


The gates of the steel fortress were kicked open and the red and copper moonlight shone into this castle as a long shadow streamed in through the door. Looking upwards along the shadow, the crowd was all but stunned. It was a short, red-haired loli with her hands at her waist, wearing a beautiful dress, and her eyes glaring malevolently at everyone on the stairs, finally settling on Grea.

"Glea Sykes, you damned shameless thief and money grubber, give me back my jeweled moonflower!!!"

In the moonlight, a small, delicate crown is placed diagonally on the head of the redheaded loli.

Tang Mo takes out the infinite non-probability pocket watch. The pocket watch, which had never been able to take a second, actually started to take a second.

"Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo!"

Grea realised the truth at first, and looked down to see Tang Mo and the infinite non-probability pocket watch in his hand. The next second, with all his strength, he swished away like a rocket.

At the door of the Iron Fortress, Queen of Hearts also rushed up in anger. She was almost as fast as Grea, but the door was some distance from the stairs and Grea was already swinging her cane at Tang Mo's heart. An arm swiftly stepped in front of Tang Mo's body and the short staff was sharp enough to penetrate the black sharpshooter. Fu Wenduo grunted as the cane penetrated his arm and halfway into Tang Mo's chest.

Tang Mo's gaze went cold as he fought back the pain and opened the small parasol, knocking Grea out of the way.

Grea's short staff is waved with a cold, murderous look in his eyes.

Grea / Queen of Hearts: "I'll kill you!"

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