Chapter 147: The luckiest prepper.

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"The surviving players didn't notice the Transparent People at first, because they didn't look any different from the normal players and appeared so suddenly that the surviving players were already killed by them when they left." Even Tang Mo didn't think the answer to the question "The Transparent are the six billion humans who have disappeared", so it's understandable that the survivors didn't know. Chen Shanshan continues, "But the Transparent Ones, as they call themselves, are the Returnees. The fact that they didn't see the two worlds merging only proves that the world they lived on was exactly the same as Earth."

The little girl draws two circles on the paper and writes 'Earth A' and 'Earth B'.

"There are two activities for the Transparent People before the time charts appear. The first is to play The black tower game and the second is to rest. For every game of The black tower they complete, they get a ten minute break. They could choose to go straight to the next game without resting, but I think all of them would choose to rest, to refresh themselves. And the place where they rested, it must have looked exactly like Earth."

Tang Mo nodded: "Even after the emergence of the Time Chart, there are only two places where the Transparent Man can operate. One is the copy of The black tower and the other is this resting place."

The two men look at each other and conclude, "That place is exactly the same as Earth."

If not identical, the Transparent would have noticed the change in their surroundings when they entered Earth. But none of the Transparent People Tang Mo encountered, whether they were the weaker ones or Li Chaocheng, who was 89th on the time chart, noticed the truth that the two worlds were merging and that they had arrived on Earth.

Tang Mo thought for a moment: "That's why Mu Huixue was called a China 3 player by The black tower, and that Djan Galawa, who started the time chart, was a South Asia 1 player."

Fu Wenduo says: "Dejan Garawa is probably an Indian name, and South Asia 1 probably refers to New Delhi, the capital of India. China 3 is likely to be Guangzhou and Shenzhen."

Tang Mo follows Fu Wenduo's words: "One is an Indian player and one is a Chinese player. Apparently, even in the Transparent World, The black tower has a clear geographical division of players, and it's very interesting that this geographical division is exactly the same as the current global one. So ......"

"So they live on Earth too?!" This time even Jackass understood what the trio meant.

Chen Shanshan first shakes his head and then nods: "I don't know. Maybe there isn't a new Earth at all, and transparent people are living all around us right now. To my right, for example, there is a transparent man sleeping here. But the two worlds haven't merged, so I can't see him and he can't see me. Or perhaps The black tower has really created another Earth on which the Transparent People play. They work their way through the tower, pass the fourth level of The black tower, and they can return to Earth." After a pause, Chen Shanshan said, "I didn't say that, The black tower told them - return to Earth."

All of a sudden things are at a standstill again.

But for the moment it doesn't matter to the surviving players where the Transparent People actually live or whether a second Earth really exists.

"The most important thing now is two things. Firstly, Fu Wenduo has just cleared level three of The black tower, which offers an extra bonus as it is more difficult than normal mode. The black tower advises surviving players to clear the fourth level of The black tower as soon as possible." Tang Mo looked at the other four people in the room and said, word for word, "Second ...... is one by one."

Fu Wenduo: "The fourth floor of The black tower will be ready to be attempted in a few days. With the difficulty of the third floor of The black tower, it's not impossible to go through the fourth floor of The black tower if you have to, you need to be careful, we have a chance to pass."

Jackass: "What is a blow by blow?"

Tang Mo did not answer as he looked down at the little girl sitting in the chair.

Chen Shanshan, with her hair in a messy state and seemingly unkempt, pins it behind her ear and reveals her plan: "There is no denying that there are people among the Transparent who have discovered the truth that the two worlds are merging. If the survivors can discover it, they must be able to discover it too. But what is even more undeniable is that the vast majority of the Transparent don't know about it. When it comes to the surviving players on Earth, they will think they are meat pigs because there are no numbers around their necks, and thus they will be gullible enough to think they can just kill each other." The voice stopped and Chen Shanshan sounded a little happy: "This is our chance."

Fu Wensheng listened for a long time, and he immediately understood: "We're going to kill them while they're defenceless?"

This is a straightforward statement without a hint of a problem.

But as soon as the words were clear, the room fell silent. After a few moments, Fu Xiaodi said in a small voice with a sullen face, "I know what you guys mean, big brother. The Transparent People all seem to appear alone and are still defenceless against us. If we kill them, every time we kill one of them, we will have one less enemy. If we go on like this, assuming the two worlds do merge, the situation will be much better for us. But there's clearly no deep hatred between us either ......"

There are rewards for killing players on the time chart, and all the transparent people might try hard to kill them. But the surviving players on Earth can't even participate in this list, and Tang Mo killed Li Chaocheng without seeing a golden number appear around his neck. So why would humans from both camps want to kill each other?

How nice it would be if everyone could live together in peace.

There was one thing Fu Wensheng didn't say, but in fact he was thinking that maybe after the two worlds merged, the Transparent People would live in the same conditions as the survivors, and wouldn't need to kill for rest time. That way they would have even less need to go to war.

Fu Wenduo looked down at his younger brother, Fu Xiaodi was so flustered by his look that he couldn't hold it in for half a day: "...... Big brother, what are you looking at me for?"

Fu Wenduo said indifferently, "Look how this person's surname is Fu."

Fu Wensheng was stunned: "Huh?"

After a few moments, the child came back to his senses and his whole face turned pig's liver: dare he be so stupid that he was no longer entitled to the name Fu!

Fu Wensheng was so aggrieved, but he was afraid to resist because of the threat.

Tang Mo sighed and prepared to speak, but just as he opened his mouth, Chen Shanshan's calm voice rang out: "The scenario that Whisper is talking about is not unheard of, but it is extremely unlikely. The probability ...... is, according to my speculation, no more than 10%. You did not meet Li Chaocheng, the transparent man at number 89 on the time chart, who thought he was well disguised, but both Brother Tang Mo and I could see that he held an unconcealed animosity towards the 400 million surviving humanoids."

Chen Shanshan recounts the facts in calm words: "He wanted to kill those four hundred million people. Or rather, they transparent people, every transparent person who is not a meat pig, can no longer be judged by the usual human triviality. To be fair, Whisper, if you were suddenly thrown into an endless game of survival, you would have only ten minutes to rest each time you pass the game. You don't have time to eat or sleep, you're mentally stretched all the time, and you spend three months like that ...... What would be your mindset?", ,

Fu Wensheng opened his mouth, but no words came out.

He didn't think he would survive three months, and even if he did, he would probably have gone mad long ago.

Chen Shanshan: "That's one thing. Secondly, the time chart is open. If it was me, I would have gone really mad the moment The black tower announced the system. I'd want to live, I'd want to rest, and I'd choose to kill." Hearing this, Tang Mo gave Chen Shanshan an impassive look; the short-haired girl looked serious and did not mean to lie.

When pushed to that moment, she is literally capable of murder.

To keep herself alive, she would kill. Maybe not indiscriminately, but everyone who tried to kill her, she would kill back without blinking an eye. Because she wants to live.

The three days when the time charts first opened were perhaps the dimmest three days of the Transparent World.

If you don't kill people, more people come to kill you. Some have the gold numbers around their necks soaring, others die on the first day. They hadn't had a break in three months, exhausted by the endless game of The black tower, and this time they were literally resting forever.

And they go through such hell on earth and suffer such cruelty. The reason is surprisingly just -

Too much bad luck.

The black tower says that luck is also a form of strength.

They didn't make it online, and that's the price they need to pay.

Tang Mo suddenly said, "There are three types of surviving players, full players, reserves, and stowaways, who do you think the Transparent hates the most?"

Jackass scratches his head: "...... stowaways?" The black tower hates stowaways.

Tang Mo looks again at Fu Wensheng, who is silent with his head down.

Fu Wenduo's low voice rang out, "Reserves." After a pause, he added, "Then the full players, and finally the stowaways."

Jackass froze for a moment, slowly came back to his senses and whispered, "Yeah, it's the reserves ah ......"

It's true, what Transparent hates most is preppers.

The stowaways got into the game because they killed people and were made to suffer a lot by The black tower after they went online on Earth. The regular players were also the lucky ones who triggered The black tower game on those three days and managed to get through it. But the luckiest of all were the reserves. The reserves, who make up the largest population of survivors, some of whom somehow became reserves without even knowing what they had done. They survived.

No need to play The black tower game, which has no end.

No need to be disgusted by The black tower.

Once you have passed one level, you will be able to gain powers.

Perhaps there are calm Transparent people who don't want to clash with the surviving players, who just want to live well after the two worlds merge. But there are many more Transparent who have an irrepressible animosity towards the survivors. Even more deadly, they are so much more powerful than the surviving players that most of them are no different from meat pigs in their eyes.

Once the world has merged, conflict between the two camps is inevitable.

Jackass, who was in a bit of a pickle, thought for half a second and said, "Isn't there any way ......"

Suddenly, Tang Mo's eyes went cold and he turned his head to look out of the window. Fu Wenduo was quicker than he was, standing close to the balcony, and with a stomp of his foot, he flew out with a whoosh like lightning. The next moment, there was a sharp metallic clash as the black weapon collided with a small knife. Fu Wenduo braced himself on one hand and landed in the courtyard. A slender figure took three steps backwards to steady itself.

The crowd immediately came into the courtyard, and Tang Mo's face immediately sank when he saw the visitors. He gripped the handle of his small parasol and looked around him with a cold gaze, alert to the possibility of a surprise attack. On the other side, Fu Wensheng's face also changed and the child drew his pistol and approached Chen Shanshan. If the enemy really attacked, he would have to take Chen Shanshan with him, as they were the weakest of the two.

Jackass's eyes widened in surprise when he saw who was there.

Chen Shanshan wondered, "...... Practice Yu Zheng ?"

In the darkness of the night, the long-haired woman in the trench coat is none other than Yu Zheng, one of China's most famous female singers. Her beautiful face is lightly scarred with blood and her trousers are slashed to reveal her knees. Tang Mo sensed something was wrong and quickly looked at the black weapon in Fu Wenduo's right hand, but when he saw that there was no blood on the sharp weapon, Tang Mo was struck by the realization.

Fu Wenduo raises his eyes and looks indifferently at the young woman not far away. He looks calm, but his body is tense and focused on his surroundings.

Three seconds later, Fu Wenduo's tone was calm: "Just you."

Practice Yu Zheng was silent for a long time: "Yes."

Tang Mo stepped forward: "It's only three?"

"Nothing to do with that. I decided to find you guys this time on my own, and the head they didn't know about it. But by now they should know."

Tang Mo's mind is racing and he already has an answer in mind. He turns his head to Fu Wenduo, who nods at him. Chen Shanshan also feels that something is wrong, but she doesn't know anything about the Chosen Organisation and Tang Mo's involvement, so she can't guess the truth.

She took a deep breath and let it out slowly, she said very calmly: " Qi Heng is dead, killed by a transparent person. The opponent had over 3,000 minutes of rest and should have been on the Time Rankings. You should know what the Time Rankings are and understand what I mean by what I say. I have come to you today to ask for cooperation."

The voice stops abruptly, and Yu Zheng's face is expressionless, and her tone of voice does not rise or fall. But it was obvious to anyone that she seemed upset. She said, expressionlessly, "I want to kill that transparent person."

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