Chapter 146: I don't want to kill anyone, you're targeting me.

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Tang Mo's right hand was almost red with blood, the two had fought so fast and the blood had coagulated so long ago that Fu Wenduo had not seen it. Only now did he realise that Tang Mo's right hand was covered in dried blood and his index finger was almost severed, the new flesh growing slowly and probably taking hours to grow back.

After all this time, even Tang Mo had forgotten about the injury on her hand.

Fu Wenduo's brow is slightly furrowed and his face is expressionless as he pulls the chicken nest out of his pocket and takes out a bottle of Nongfu Shanquan. He placed Tang Mo's hand on the balcony fence, opened the bottle with one hand and slowly poured the water, while the other hand cleaned the blood from Tang Mo's right hand.

The cold water poured over the wound, and Tang Mo pursed his lips without saying a word.

When the bloody scars on his hands were cleared away, the broken wounds were exposed and even more shocking. Fu Wenduo whispered, "Did you just meet the Chosen One?"

Tang Mo immediately understood that he had misunderstood: "Not a Chosen, a Transparent." After a pause, he added, "89th on the time chart. His powers are quite powerful, but he thought I was a meat pig and didn't take me seriously, so he got careless for a moment." With that, Tang Mo reached out for a mineral water bottle, "I'll just do it myself."

Fu Wenduo poured the last bit of water on Tang Mo's wound, and Tang Mo's hand stopped in mid-air.

In the bright sunlight, the tall, black-clad man washed the wound carefully, moving with care. Tang Mo looks at Fu Wenduo, and slowly he curls his lips and withdraws his hand. Fu Wenduo raised his eyes to look at him, and their eyes met in the air, looking at each other in silence, neither of them speaking.

After a few moments, a voice rang out from the side, " Tang Mo Brother?"

Fu Wenduo's body lurches and Tang Mo immediately looks up, behind Fu Wenduo.

On the small balcony of the next room, the short-haired girl came out at some point and looked at them in surprise. When Fu Wenduo turned his head, Chen Shanshan said in surprise, " Mr. Fu School?"

Fu Wenduo was more surprised than Chen Shanshan.

The young girl at least knew that Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were teammates and that they had always worked together. Fu Wenduo had no idea that Chen Shanshan had travelled all the way from Shanghai. Taking this opportunity, Tang Mo pulled his hand back from Fu Wenduo's and they went into the study. Tang Mo had just entered when he saw the book of psychic powers on the floor, and he instantly sobered up, running over to pick it up and throw it back into the air.

From the beginning to the end Fu Wenduo did not notice his movements.

Tang Mo is relieved.

...... little bitch book just that note if seen, he really jumped into the yellow river to wash.

Five minutes later, Jackass returned from outside and the four of them met up at the cottage.

One thing Tang Mo was very concerned about, he asked Fu Wenduo: "Have you already cleared the third level of The black tower? If you've cleared hard mode, you should be the first in China, if not the world, to clear all three levels of The black tower hard mode. The first player to clear hard mode will have his clearance information secretly communicated in the minds of all players who have cleared that level. Tang Mo wondered, "...... I didn't hear the briefing on The black tower?"

Tang Mo doesn't feel he could have missed such important information. Even during the tense moments of the fight with Li Chaocheng, he would have been aware of it. But The black tower didn't say anything about it.

Fu Wenduo said, "We don't have a pass for the hard mode."

Tang Mo: "What?"

Fu Wenduo explains: "When we entered the copy this time, Fu Wensheng and I appeared directly in a dense primeval forest. There was a wooden hut behind us, accompanied by two other players, a man and a woman. They, like Whisper, were both The black tower level 1 players and this time the mission was to clear The black tower level 2 ......"

Fu Wenduo methodically tells the story of his four consecutive days of tower attack games this time.

Fu Wenduo often carries out secret missions in the primeval forest, and the trees, which he describes as "unusually tall", are indeed straight up into the sky. In such a vast forest, there is only one unoccupied hut. In fairy tales, such a hut is usually inhabited by a witch. Whatever was inside, it was not good to rush into the hut, so the four did not choose to enter.

Then they came across underground people who called themselves hunters and met a huge mountain of glass.

Fu Wensheng discovers the hunter's lies and attacks him to save himself. The trio's mission comes to a standstill (with one of their teammates already dead) and Fu Wensheng is forced to use the moonflower to see how to get through the game and eventually discovers that the hunter is the key to getting through the game.

Fu Wenduo: "Since The black tower didn't just declare our game a failure, there must be a way to get through the game."

Chen Shanshan said, "This method would be considered a difficult mode."

Fu Wenduo looked at the young girl and shook his head, "I thought that was the case too. But at the end of the main game, The black tower gave us two options. One is obviously hard mode, and the other is not quite normal, but not quite hard either. Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have challenged the hard mode," says Fu Wenduo, "no one wants to put themselves in danger, not even Fu Wenduo would be stupid enough to choose the hard mode, "so we went the other way and got through the three levels of The black tower in the afternoon."

Tang Mo pondered, "There are not necessarily only two ways to pass a game, there could be three. ......" The voice stopped and Tang Mo looked up at Fu Wenduo: "So. The black tower gives an extra bonus?"

The corner of Fu Wenduo's mouth quirked up as he asked rhetorically, "Why is there an added bonus?"

When Tang Mo saw his face, he realised that the man was deliberately trying to sell a story. But the situation was urgent and he didn't have time to flirt with the other man, so he gave Fu Wenduo a shove: "Come on, what's the reward?"

Tang Mo actually didn't intend to talk much further, and Fu Wenduo showed a look of regret. "There is an added bonus." But he didn't pull out any props.

Tang Mo gradually sensed that something was wrong: "This reward is not a prop?"

Chen Shanshan is quick thinking: "It's the chance to forfeit the game, similar to the King's Gold. Or is it something nebulous that will play a role later on, I wonder when?" She recalls Tang Mo's earlier reference to the Mosaic kiss.

Only Jackass remained confused as he scratched his head, "If it's not a prop, what could it be?"

"It's a message."

Tang Mo narrowed his eyes, "What's the message?"

Fu Wenduo's expression also grew serious as he said, word for word, "All surviving players on Earth, The black tower recommends ...... immediate raiding of the fourth floor of The black tower."

Ten minutes later, Fu Wenduo ushered Fu Xiaodi through the door.

If Fu Wenduo's identity was revealed, then Fu Wensheng's identity could not be hidden either. It was very easy for Chosen to find out where Fu Xiaodi's family lived. All he had to do was go to the government and look up Fu Xiaodi's father's personal details and he would know where he lived. So when Fu Wensheng came out of the tower attack game, he found a place to hide, and Fu Wenduo came in alone to see if there were any ambushes from Chosen. If there was an ambush, Fu Wenduo would be able to escape alone.

This is what led to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo fighting without saying a word.

During puberty, girls grow much faster than boys and develop earlier. When Fu Xiaodi stood next to Chen Shanshan, Tang Mo realised that the child was half a head shorter than Chen Shanshan.

I thought Shanshan was already short enough, but I didn't expect Fu Xiaodi to be even shorter.

Tang Mo looked longingly at the two children and suddenly felt that he had a long way to go. Even if the Earth is now online, the children must have enough nutrition to grow. He suddenly remembered the shelf of roast meat that Yu Zheng had kicked over, but unfortunately he could no longer find it.

The five men met and began to introduce themselves to each other.

When Jackass heard that Fu Xiaodi was actually Fu Wenduo's brother, he cast a concerned look at him, "Did you get told off a lot before meeting Mr. Fu's school because of your name?"

Fu Wensheng: "......"

The children turn their heads to look at their big brother, only to see Fu Wenduo leaning against the wall talking to Tang Mo, who doesn't seem to have heard the commotion.

Fu Wensheng sighed with relief and said righteously, "My big brother is so nice, how could anyone say anything about me." As he said this, the child puffed out his chest, as if he was really proud of having such a big brother.

It's a lie that even Jackass doesn't believe.

Jackass is very thick-headed and doesn't notice Fu Xiaodi's strong desire to live, so he keeps talking about Fu Wenduo. Fu Xiaodi was too disturbed to say "stop talking about my brother, I'm scared", so he kept on talking with him. Next to them, Chen Shanshan suddenly stands up and walks over to Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo.

Tang Mo is talking to Fu Wenduo about the news he has just received about the Transparent Man when they stop their voices and look at Chen Shanshan.

The ordinary-looking little girl tilted her head and her voice was calm.

"I've been thinking about it for a while and I think this is a better situation for ...... well, one by one."

China, Guangzhou .

As the sun sinks, a rolling sunset slowly creeps to the edge of the horizon. The orange-red beams of light shine in sparkling waves on the long, narrow Pearl River. The roads on both sides of the river are empty, and the wind rustles through the yellowing leaves on the ground.

Beneath the towering Guangzhou Tower, a black figure emerges from the air. First revealed were a pair of feet, followed by a body. It was as if she had crossed an invisible barrier and appeared out of thin air on the earth. She had kept her walking posture unchanged and showed no surprise upon her sudden appearance, as if unaware that she had appeared out of thin air.

This is a tall, long-haired woman with long, dark hair tied back in a ponytail behind her head. She wore a pair of leather boots and walked calmly forward with her hands in her pockets. Halfway through the walk, she muttered "It's hot in Ekagan" and unzipped her top black leather jacket.

Just as she reached the foot of the Guangzhou Tower and was about to walk to the ticket counter, suddenly a silvery light came from her right.

The long-haired woman raised an eyebrow as her body gave way to the right. The silver dart grazed her cheek without cutting a single hair on her face. The next moment, three figures leapt out from behind Guangzhou Tower, shouting angrily and rushing towards the long-haired woman.

One of them pressed his hands to the ground, and the earth beneath the woman's feet broke apart. She let out a laugh, stomped on the ground, and her whole body jumped more than ten metres. The three men were startled and rushed towards the woman together in three directions.

Two fists could not defeat four hands, and as long as she guarded one, she would definitely not be able to withstand the other two. As the three men approached, the woman flipped her right hand and a silver whip suddenly appeared in her hand. With a flip of her wrist, she was as nimble as a silver snake, and each whip struck the three men's bodies, as if they were possessed by her bones, and could not be evaded.

With a sudden cold gaze, she increased her strength and flung two of them from Guangzhou Tower to the bank of the Pearl River with a whip.

The last man turned and ran in terror as a long whip wrapped around his body and pulled him back.

The woman kicked the diminutive man in the chest, her leather boots stomping on his ribs. The man kept begging for mercy, his eyes darting now and then to the golden number hovering around the woman's neck. It was a three-digit number, 864, and the man was depressed, how could he be so strong when he had only 800 minutes, when this transparent man should not even be at the bottom of the time chart. Their organisation had killed the 81st-ranked transparent man three days ago, but they hadn't seen him this strong, they had no way to fight back.

In the next second, however, the long-haired woman turned her head slightly sideways and moved her muscles. As she twisted her head, the three numbers that had been hidden at the back of her neck were revealed.


In an instant, the man's eyes widened to their fullest extent as he looked in fear at the young woman who had trampled him underfoot. A name was on his lips, but he shuddered and couldn't get it out. Then he saw the woman bristle, poke him in the neck with her whip and laugh helplessly, "I don't want to kill anyone, you're targeting me."

The man had been so frightened that he could not even speak.

Mu Huixue frowned, "Well ...... is not a local and can't understand Cantonese?"

The man, still in a state of shock, did not reply.

Mu Huixue took his acquiescence and sounded helpless, "All right, I don't want to kill you survivors, get lost. Next time, I'll kill you."

Mu Huixue lifted her foot, and the man was first too scared to move. Only when he saw her turn away, after a few seconds, did he get up on his ass and run.

As the sun completely dips into the horizon, the three players from China 3 run frantically towards the Pearl River, while the tall, long-haired woman takes one step towards the Guangzhou Tower. When she reaches a distance of less than fifty metres from the Guangzhou Tower, as abruptly as she appeared, she slowly disappears into thin air again.

China, Beijing.

It is dark and Tang Mo draws the curtains. Jackass turns on a low wattage torch and the five sit at the table.

Chen Shanshan lowered his head and his voice, "It is now clear that the Transparent People are also unaware that the two worlds have merged and that their information is on par with ours. There is a fundamental reason that can cause this phenomenon, and that is that the world they live ...... or rather, rest in, is exactly the same as the Earth we live in."

Tang Mo: "Parallel worlds?"

Chen Shanshan nods: "That may be so, but I would prefer that The black tower creates a new Earth."

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