Chapter 132: World peace depends on Bai Ruoyao .

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The cold wind blew through the leaves, making a rattling sound as thick clouds came from the west and gradually blocked out the sun. Tang Mo stares coldly at the baby-faced youth, Bai Ruoyao's face a wry smile. The eight men are divided into three camps and the atmosphere is frozen, each maintaining its own motionlessness.

Bai Ruoyao cocked his head and looked at Tang Mo with a smile.

The next moment, Tang Mo suddenly reversed his gaze, stomped on the ground and charged towards Ruan Wangshu. Fu Wenduo also sprinted out at the same time. The two men attacked in silence, one stopping Qi Heng and practising Yu Zheng, the other heading straight for Ruan Wangshu. After Bai Ruoyao's reminder, Ruan Wangshu was no longer careless, his eyes were fixed on the ground for half a second as Tang Mo ran. He reacted quickly and pressed his hands to the ground, and the pressure came straight down.

A round white shield appears in Ruan Wangshu's hand, blocking the parasol.

Tang Mo narrows his eyes and, without hesitation, continues to bully the children. Ruan Wangshu is fourteen years old and is indeed a child compared to Tang Mo. With Fu Wenduo holding off the other three, and Ruan Wangshu's right leg being somewhat limited, he was gradually losing ground. A black dagger was thrust at Tang Mo, who rolled backwards to avoid it.

Bai Ruoyao curled her lips and winked, "Tangtang, you can't bully children."

Tang Mo, not caring, attacked Ruan Wangshu again. Bai Ruoyao gave a cheeky laugh and joined in the fray. When Tang Mo pinned Ruan Wangshu down, he helped Ruan Wangshu so that he would not be too passive. When Ruan Wangshu attacked back, he helped Tang Mo. This man was like a shit-stirrer, as Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu were so intent on attacking each other that they didn't bother with Bai Ruoyao. When Bai Ruoyao acted as a shit-stirrer again, he helped Bai Ruoyao to deflect Tang Mo's big match and said with a cheeky smile, "This fire will kill you if it gets on you". Tang Mo's eyes went cold and he turned to attack Bai Ruoyao, but Ruan Wangshu sneered first, "You'll die first."

The next moment, Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu joined forces, both attacking Bai Ruoyao together.

Bai Ruoyao was surprised for a moment, and then his smile widened. Tang Mo's face sank the moment they actually fought. Bai Ruoyao was even more powerful than he had been four months ago, his powers were weak, but his strength was terrifying. Under the siege of Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu, Bai Ruoyao was gradually at a disadvantage, but was never taken down.

A black light flashed from Ruan Wangshu's hand, and Bai Ruoyao was caught off guard and slowed down by his stab wound to the arm. Tang Mo took the opportunity to attack with his parasol, but just as it was about to hit Bai Ruoyao's head, his silhouette suddenly disappeared into thin air.

Ruan Wangshu's heart is in awe.

Bai Ruoyao, however, looks at Ruan Wangshu with a smile, as if he has seen something interesting.

One minute Tang Mo's parasol is on the verge of hitting Bai Ruoyao, the next minute it is in front of Ruan Wangshu. The round tip of the umbrella hovers in front of Ruan Wangshu's forehead, just three centimetres away. Ruan Wangshu subconsciously retreated backwards to avoid the blow, but Tang Mo was too fast for him. This time, Tang Mo's silhouette appears behind Ruan Wangshu.

The sound of a sharp instrument piercing flesh and blood rang out as a small parasol pierced Ruan Wangshu's brow from back to front. The young man's eyes widened in disbelief, as did those of Yu Zheng and Qi Heng, who were practising not far away.

The female doctor saw this and rushed over, seemingly trying to save the day.

Bai Ruoyao laughed, "With such a heavy aura of death on him, one look at him tells me that Tangtang is not trying to kill me, but to kill him. Tangtang doesn't want to kill me, does he."

Neither Tang Mo nor Ruan Wangshu's main objective was to attack Bai Ruoyao, their only goal was each other. Ruan Wangshu was on guard against Tang Mo when he attacked Bai Ruoyao, but he never expected that Tang Mo would have the power of "a very fast man".

Tang Mo calmly pulls out her small parasol as Li Miaomiao arrives. She presses her hand to Ruan Wangshu's bleeding forehead, whose eyes are wide open, but he is not breathing. Tang Mo takes the umbrella and prepares to help Fu Wenduo, but before he can take two steps, a crisp gold coin rings out from behind him.

Tang Mo's body stiffens and he quickly turns his head to look as a silver dart brushes past Tang Mo's cheek.

The teenager being held by the female doctor reached out and caught the dart. Ruan Wangshu stares coldly at Tang Mo as the bloody hole in his forehead slowly heals.

Bai Ruoyao raises an eyebrow at the sight and Tang Mo holds on to his parasol.

Ruan Wangshu takes a golden quarter out of his pocket. The coin shone with a golden light, and slowly it disappeared into the air as countless golden dots of light. Tang Mo's eyes shrank ...... Ruan Wangshu must have died a moment ago, but he was now actually revived. This was an extremely powerful prop, more so than the King's gold coin I'm afraid!

Ruan Wangshu stood up and the female doctor skimmed indignantly.

This time neither of them made another move, Tang Mo and Ruan Wangshu stood five meters apart. Tang Mo looked down at the teenager, and after a moment, he asked coldly, "Four members dead, using up such an important prop, and still not dead ...... The black tower What mission did The black tower actually send you guys to make sure you came to get me. "

Once she heard this, Ruan Wangshu didn't reply, but the female doctor couldn't help herself: "What do you mean by "dead heart"? Surnamed Tang, you have taken the reward that belongs to us, and we still can't snatch it back?"

The answer was not what Tang Mo expected. "What props?"

When no one answered Tang Mo's words, Ruan Wangshu said, "We didn't send those four men, they were the ones who overheard Qi Heng and Lian Yuzheng and wanted to run over to kill you, steal the props, and come back to claim credit." After a pause, he added, "The four of them were just fringe members of the organisation. Not counting that time, this is now the third time."

Tang Mo sensed that he seemed to be trying to say something: "Third time ...... so?"

The sickly white teenager looked up at Tang Mo and said indifferently, "It's only three things, my rule."

At these words, Ruan Wangshu gave Tang Mo a serious look before turning around and walking away. Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao both yelled in displeasure, "Chief, we still have props to use, and Ji and Guang are still in the copy, when they come out we will kill this kid!

When Yu Zheng heard these words from Ruan Wangshu, he simply grunted, collected his hands and followed him away.

Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao were furious and angry, but in the end they had to follow their boss and leave. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo watched the four men leave together, wary of any further action. The four Chosen men did seem to have no desire to strike again as they walked step by step to the entrance of the block. Before they could fully leave, Fu Wenduo suddenly tightened his gaze and turned to rush outside the cell.

Tang Mo was a step behind him. The Chosen Four were the closest, and like Fu Wenduo, they rushed to the junction.

When everyone arrived at the junction, all they saw was a middle-aged woman stabbing a young man through the chest. The man appeared to be fresh out of a tower-attacking game and was already wounded. The middle-aged woman noticed the arrival of several of Tang Mo's men and she stared at them with numb eyes, surprisingly without the slightest hint of fear, but looking at them with a look of prey.

The young man died instantly and the middle-aged woman grinned, revealing yellowing teeth. She counted hoarsely: "One, two, three ...... eight meat pigs. Eighty minutes of rest. ......" The next moment, she stomped her feet to the ground and charged straight at Ruan Wangshu, surprisingly thinking he was the weakest and would be the first to go after him.

Ruan Wangshu sneers and presses his hands to the ground.


The middle-aged woman's body slammed straight to the ground. A look of shock crossed her face and she tilted her head, wondering, "Who are you?!"

Ruan Wangshu did not answer, and practising Yu Zheng, with a flash of silver in his hand, came straight up ready to take the woman's life.

When the middle-aged woman saw the face of Lian Yu Zheng, she exclaimed, "Lian Yu Zheng? What are you doing here?"

The middle-aged woman is crushed by gravity as Nian Yu Zheng's blade is about to fall, but a faint red light flashes across her body and her body changes into a red piece of paper, floating into the air to evade Nian Yu Zheng's attack. Seeing this, she turned her head in her paper form and fled. Bai Ruoyao is excited to see a strange paper figure and rushes up to catch the woman.

Just as Bai Ruoyao's hand was about to grasp the paper, there was a flash of white light. Bai Ruoyao's grip was empty and the middle-aged woman disappeared into thin air.

The smile on Bai Ruoyao's lips dissipates.

Tang Mo stared at the scene in disbelief as several images darted through his mind. Then he caught a glimpse of Ruan Wangshu's thoughtful expression and he immediately understood: "You know what this is about?"

Ruan Wangshu looked up at him without speaking and led his teammates away.

Lian Yuzheng's cold voice rang out, "The matter is only three, we are incapable of grabbing back the props, so let's leave it at that. Information sharing is not possible unless you join Chosen, whose intelligence network can be shared with you."

The four Chosen men left the scene and Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo examined the body of the young man.

The man was indeed killed by the middle-aged woman from earlier, long dead.

Tang Mo said calmly, "The woman just disappeared out of thin air, and if she had disappeared any earlier, or if we had arrived any later, this time it would have amounted to another transparent person killing someone."

Fu Wenduo: "Her psychic ability should be that paper person, nothing to do with the body disappearing, unless she used some kind of prop."

Tang Mo nodded: "Chosen should know something. Chosen has a lot of power in Beijing and collects a lot of information, so they might have found out something." After a pause, Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo: "...... They said I stole their props?"

Fu Wenduo was about to speak when he suddenly looked cold and waved his right hand upwards, changing it into a black weapon to block the doll-faced youth's body. Bai Ruoyao was about to come over to check on the body when Fu Wenduo stopped him and threw his hands up innocently, "Wow, Mr. Fu, I'm a friend of Tangtang's and I know this little friend too."

Tang Mo said coldly, "I don't know him."

Fu Wensheng also rushed to say, "I don't know this psycho either."

Bai Ruoyao smiled cheekily, "You've already called me a psycho, little friend, and you still say you don't know big brother?"

Fu Wensheng shivered at the sound of his laughter and shrank back from Tang Mo, clearly still having second thoughts about Bai Ruoyao.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo do not seem to take Bai Ruoyao seriously, but in fact they are always on guard against him. If he dared to approach, they would not hesitate to strike. Bai Ruoyao hovered around for half a day, but the two men would not let him get close. After five minutes, he crossed his arms and said loudly, "What if I said that I knew what was going on with that transparent man?"

Tang Mo didn't even look at him, and Fu Wensheng whispered, "You can't even be trusted with a single punctuation mark."

Bai Ruoyao with excellent listening skills: "......"

The next moment, the doll-faced youth slightly curled his mouth and said in a careless tone, "Time leaderboard, ten minutes rest for killing one person, never ending The black tower game. Oh yeah, and the number one player on the time leaderboard ...... wow, number one there. Tangtang, do you know the name of that guy?"

Tang Mo looked up warily at Bai Ruoyao as soon as he uttered the strange term 'time chart'.

Bai Ruoyao looked at him with a smile and then at Fu Wensheng. He laughed and said, "Her name is Mu Huixue."


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