Chapter 131: Someone imitates my face, someone imitates my laugh ......

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Two days later, Tang Mo found a new base and continued to observe the movements of The black tower.

For two days they stayed hidden in a safe place, watching the changes in The black tower from afar. The numbers in the centre of The black tower began to fall steadily after the first day's frantic decline to 19 million in an hour. When the number had dropped to 13 million, the decline in population stabilised.

On the third day, the figure remained steady at 11 million, with little movement.

In three days, a number of players have returned to Earth. Hiding in a residential building, Tang Mo looked down through a second story window, only to see a young man covered in blood fall out of the air with a thud. The man grunted in pain, but he didn't have time to examine his injuries as he struggled to his feet and ran. In no time at all, his figure disappeared into the building opposite, apparently off to find a safe place to slowly heal his wounds.

One by one, the players who have cleared the tower game appear. Some of them were badly injured, others were unharmed. But without exception, as soon as they appeared on Earth, their eyes were sharp and they immediately scanned their surroundings. Something seemed different, and the players who emerged from the Tower Attack were more cautious and alert to all movements around them.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo waited for five days in this unoccupied house.

It was now a mandatory tower attack game and they didn't need to attack the tower, but the turn of events at The black tower made them decide to watch a little longer before deciding what to do next. For five days, only one successful attacker passed in front of them, and no one else.

Fu Wensheng filled a lot of mineral water, Fu Wenduo put it all into the chicken nest.

By coincidence, Tang Mo discovered that Fu Wensheng's mineral water was also available for drinking.

The mineral water in the Farmer's Spring bottle was cool and cold, not like water, but it was refreshing to drink. Tang Mo took another sip, pondered for a moment and said, "It seems to have more power and I feel that my eyesight has improved somewhat."

All three drank half a bottle of water.

Fu Wenduo did the test: "A sip of water has the same effect as a bottle of water, and improves physical fitness for about an hour. There was a fist-sized hole in the wall, which Fu Wenduo had just made during his experiment. "Speed is improved by ten percent, and there is also some improvement in eyesight and reflexes."

Tang Mo threw the empty bottle into the trash, "Keep your voice down, when I checked your powers earlier, it only said that your mineral water had healing properties." Pondering for a moment, Tang Mo suddenly thought, "Did you upgrade your supernatural powers?"

Fu Wensheng scratched his head, "I don't know."

"I'll take a look."

Without delay, Tang Mo took the child's hand and tested him again for his powers.

[Ability: Noble Hyakusan in Water]

[Owned by: Fu Wensheng].


[Grade: IV].


Sure enough, it's been upgraded!

This is a rare piece of good news.

Tang Mo has been speculating since before that players' powers can be upgraded, otherwise there would not be a description of "power level". However, once the power book is collected, it cannot be updated and everything remains as it is. So Tang Mo has no way of knowing the level of an ability from the ability book.

Tang Mo settled down and looked at Fu Wenduo. He now wondered about the status of Fu Wenduo's powers. However, after only a short while, Tang Mo looked away. He could only test people's powers once every three days, and he could not look at Fu Wenduo's powers for another three days, so he had to leave it at that.

"Let's see my powers again in three days."

Tang Mo froze abruptly and looked up at Fu Wenduo again.

Fu Wenduo curled his lips impassively, "Perhaps my powers have been upgraded as well? It's better to confirm both sides to come to a better conclusion."

Tang Mo looked at him steadily for a moment, then smiled and nodded. However, before he could open his mouth to speak, Tang Mo suddenly changed his expression. Fu Wenduo's gaze also froze, and he turned his head to look behind him. Almost instantly, a black shadow broke through the window and the glass shattered with a crash. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo squinted unconsciously as the sunlight reflected off the shards of glass on the floor.

"Head! Gotcha!"

Before his eyes were fully open, Fu Wenduo's feet kicked in and his body rocketed out with a whoosh. His right arm turned black and sharp as he shot out, the cold, horrific blade cutting through his opponent's right leg and exposing the white bone. The man grabbed Fu Wensheng by the collar and flung the child out of the window with great force. Fu Wenduo's blade came down and he let out a grunt of pain as he flew backwards and smashed into the wall.

It all happened in just three seconds.

From the moment the man flies into the room to the moment he grabs Fu Wensheng and throws him out of the window. Things were moving so fast that even Fu Wenduo couldn't save Fu Wensheng and had to watch him being taken away. He and Tang Mo look at each other and they nod gently. Fu Wenduo quickly rushes towards the man who has fallen inside the house, while Tang Mo flies out of the window and goes after Fu Wensheng.

The moment Tang Mo's body left the window, an emotionless voice rang out coldly -

"You're in the air now."

Tang Mo's heart fluttered, and before he could hit the ground, a powerful force of gravity slammed down on his shoulders, crushing him to the ground. The concrete was crushed into two small craters and Tang Mo looked straight ahead. Practising Yu Zheng attacked him from the left and Ruan Wangshu attacked him from the right. Directly in front of him, the female doctor grasped Fu Wensheng's arm and smiled towards Tang Mo, "Ready?"

The next moment, she didn't even give Tang Mo time to prepare, pulling out her knife and stabbing herself in the right hand.

The knife pierced the doctor's palm, quickly staining her white coat red. She seemed to feel no pain, but Tang Mo's right hand went numb straight away. Tang Mo bends down to avoid the attack by Yu Zheng, and in the next second Ruan Wangshu attacks again. The former kept attacking Tang Mo's lower body, forcing him off the ground. As soon as he leaves the ground, Ruan Wangshu unleashes his powers and presses Tang Mo with gravity.

Meanwhile, there were female doctors playing self-harm with a slash on the side.

Tang Mo has not a drop of blood on his body, but he has been stabbed four times. Tang Mo's fingers trembled as he fought back, but Fu Wenduo and Qi Heng had not yet decided on a winner. Yu Zheng caught Tang Mo's mistake and stomped his left foot to the ground, his right leg made a circular arc in the air and slashed at Tang Mo's head.

Tang Mo was about to dodge when the female doctor stabbed herself through the right leg without blinking. Tang Mo stumbled and failed to dodge. As Yu Zheng was about to bring his leg down, an ear-splitting shot rang out. In an instant, all pain was gone from Tang Mo's body and he quickly dodged the blow.

On the other side, the female doctor had a hideous wound from a bullet grazing her head. She turned her head slowly and looked in horror at the young boy she was carrying in her hands.

Fu Wensheng purses his lips, raises his gun in one hand and fires a shot without blinking.

Li Miaomiao: "You ......"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With three shots in a row, Fu Wensheng barely had to aim, as his shot was always aimed at Li Miaomiao's brow. The moment his bullets leave the chamber, fire erupts and the bullets sweep up in flames towards Li Miaomiao. Li Miaomiao had to keep dodging. She tried to fight back, but the child was too small to dodge as fast as she could. She tried to use her powers, but Fu Wensheng's bullets never stopped, so she couldn't stop.

"Damn you, you bear of a boy! I'm going to skin you when my sister catches you!!!"

Without the help of Li Miaomiao, Tang Mo had a much easier time. However, when Yu Zheng and Ruan Wangshu joined forces, Tang Mo had a hard time dealing with them as well. He used his flame powers to block his opponent's deadly moves time and time again. Suddenly Tang Mo remembered that the last time he fought Ruan Wangshu, the boy seemed to have a limp in his right leg.

It should have been a serious injury to the right leg!

Tang Mo wasted no time in swinging his small parasol at Ruan Wangshu's right leg.

There was a dull thud and Ruan Wangshu was knocked to one knee by the umbrella. When Yu Zheng came to his rescue, Tang Mo snapped open his parasol and met him again. The battle was a close one and both men were wounded. Tang Mo quickly pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Ruan Wangshu's head.

An ordinary bullet, which Ruan Wangshu would have dodged, was not taken seriously by Yu Zheng.

Tang Mo opens his mouth and prepares to utter the incantation. At that moment, a soft laughter came out of the community garden and at the same time, a black shadow slammed into Tang Mo's gun hand. Tang Mo quickly dodged it and realised it was a small, ordinary stone.

"I wouldn't take that shot from him if I were you." Ruan Wangshu's eyes flinched and he turned his head to look behind him. An eerie, strange laugh rang softly through the dense undergrowth, the man's laughter so strange that it made Practising Yu Zheng frown. "You're bound to die when he shoots this one out. It's a great prop ...... hee hee hee, or is it an alien power?"

At the sound of this laugh, Tang Mo's body stiffens.

...... A doll's face popped into his head.

Tang Mo's heart swelled with a sense of foreboding when Fu Wenduo kicked Qi Heng out of the window and he fell from the first floor. Fu Wenduo's body was covered in colour and Qi Heng was even more bruised. He didn't feel any pain when he fell, but looked expectantly at his boss and his teammates.

Suddenly he saw a strange baby-faced young man and Qi Heng gave a strange "eek".

In the bright sunlight, a baby-faced young man in a white jacket emerges from the bushes with his hands in his pockets and a smile on his face. As he walked, his eyes were fixed on Tang Mo's body. After walking to the square in the middle of the block, he stood in the shade with a slight sideways glance: "Someone imitates my face, someone imitates my smile, but he's not me ......"

Bai Ruoyao winked: " Tangtang, I heard one thing. There was a man called Mr. B ...... who sounded like me and had a personality like mine. That Mr. B did many, many bad things and they all said I did it and beat me up."

As he says this, Bai Ruoyao deliberately pulls his right hand out of his pocket. He twisted his wrist, looking relieved, and his sharp gaze swept warily from Fu Wenduo to Ruan Wangshu and the others, before finally returning to Tang Mo once more.

"Hee hee, Tangtang, who do you think does bad things like ......?"


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