Chapter 112: Run! Mosaic is setting fire to the meadow again. Help!

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Tang Mo came to Beijing two years ago. He had just graduated from university, and two of his best friends from his dorm room went to Shanghai and Beijing. Mr. Wang went to Beijing. On National Day that year, Tang Mo and Hao Zi came to Beijing to visit Mr. Wang and stayed with the old Wang family.

The black SUV drives slowly down the empty road.

Tang Mo's eyes are glued to the billboards and shop names along the road as he tries to remember every scene he saw two years ago. Although he was now in better health and had a better memory, it had been too long since he had last been in Beijing, and he hadn't been concentrating on remembering the way. So the car turned another corner and walked a few dozen metres before Tang Mo said, "...... doesn't seem to be it, I should have turned left just now."

Fu Wenduo turned the car around and headed back.

While observing his surroundings, Tang Mo looks at the Beijing map he has at hand. It is not possible to mark the names and locations of every neighbourhood in Beijing, but it does mark some of the more important large shopping centres and factories. By elimination, Tang Mo has eliminated many routes that are unlikely to be in residential areas.

An hour later, the car pulls up to the entrance of an old-fashioned neighbourhood.

"Found it."

The neighbourhood is not large, the houses are small, six-storey buildings that look quite old. A huge rusty iron gate is slightly concealed and the neighbourhood is silent, without a sound.

Fu Wenduo parked the car in front of the block and the three of them got out.

Tang Mo walks up to the iron door and reaches out to push it open. There was a creak, and Tang Mo lifted his fingers to find a faint layer of black smeared on them. It had obviously been a long time since anyone had been here, and the door was covered in dust.

Having found the neighbourhood, it was much easier to find my friend's house. After ten minutes of searching, Tang Mo found a grey building at the far end of the block. The security door downstairs was locked, so Fu Wenduo took a knife out of his backpack and easily picked the lock. When the door is opened, a musty, sour smell hits the room, as if no wind has passed through it for a long time.

Fu Wensheng frowned and coughed twice.

Tang Mo covers his nose as he cocks his head and glances at Fu Wenduo. They nod in unison and Tang Mo is the first to enter the small building.

The sound of clattering footsteps resounded in the hallway. Tang Mo covered his nose and took one step to the fourth floor. The doors of every house were dead shut and there was no sound from inside. It was likely that everyone in the building had disappeared by the time the Earth came online. Tang Mo smelt a stench of decay as he reached the fifth floor. He turned suspiciously to Fu Wenduo, who instantly understood what he meant and shook his head, "It's not a corpse, it should be meat and food rotting."

The three of them walked up to the top floor step by step.

Tang Mo comes to a halt in front of an old iron door. With a knife in hand, he is about to pick the lock when suddenly his movements stop. Behind him, Fu Wenduo's gaze also flinches. In the silence of the hallway, Fu Wensheng was the only one who watched Tang Mo's hand honestly, waiting for him to pick the lock. The next moment, however, Tang Mo twists around and flings the knife out of his hand.


The knife was extremely fast and sharpened like iron, piercing straight through the cat's eye of the opposite door and shooting into it, shooting a hole in the door.

Fu Xiaodi's eyes widened and before he could ask, Fu Wenduo pulled him by the collar and threw him downstairs with great force.


Fu Wensheng's stance is not as good as his elder brother's, but he has improved his physique. Before his body was about to fall to the ground, he braced himself with his right hand and landed steadily. Then he ran straight down the stairs without looking up, and above his head there was a rumble as an iron door slammed to the ground.

"Grab that kid as a hostage!"

Fu Wenduo's eyes narrowed and he kicked at the young man who had bolted from the door. Qi Heng quickly stretched out his arms to defend himself from Fu Wenduo's powerful kick, which knocked him back into the house and into the wall. Without giving him a chance to react, Fu Wenduo stomped into the ground and sprang in, slamming his right hand into his head. Qi Heng rolled on the floor to avoid it.

At the same time, a slender white figure scurries out the other side of the door and quickly runs down the stairs.

Tang Mo had been prepared for this. A rubber cord was rolled up the man's arm with great speed. The doctor had just reached the fifth floor when the rubber rope wrapped around her wrist and pulled her up with great force. By this time Fu Wensheng had already run to the first floor and the doctor looked up in surprise, standing between the fifth and sixth floors and looking at Tang Mo, who tried to tear the rubber rope from her arms but could not.

Finally, the female doctor smiled strangely, "So that's your psychic ability, Tang Mo."

When she heard the word "Tang Mo", Tang Mo's heart fluttered. The next moment, the female doctor shouted angrily, grabbed the rubber rope with her backhand and yanked Tang Mo down. Tang Mo's body leapt through the air, and he seized a moment to step on the wall with one foot and on the handrail of the stairs with the other to steady himself and confront the female doctor.

In another room on the sixth floor, Fu Wenduo and Qi Heng have been fighting for several rounds. The sound of metal clashing continues to ring out. In the hallway, the time for the rubber rope powers to work passed and the female doctor's wrists were untied as she sidestepped the small parasol. Bang! Tang Mo immediately pulls it out and thrusts it through again.

The female doctor rolled her body to avoid it, and Tang Mo attacked again and again with a small parasol in the air.

Bang, bang, bang!

The wall was soon pierced with circular holes and the doctor was cornered by Tang Mo. She turned to escape, but Tang Mo snapped open her parasol and blocked her path. Tang Mo then retracted the parasol and stabbed her in the chest. The woman doctor's face changed, and this time she could hardly avoid it, only to see her take a knife out of her pocket.

Tang Mo saw the knife, predicted the direction of the other party's attack, and sidestepped to avoid it. However, he never expected that the female doctor would take the knife and the next second, the tip of the knife turned ...... to her own right hand and stabbed it so hard that blood gurgled down!

"You damn well made me do it!"

Tang Mo's eyes widened as he subconsciously said something was wrong, his mind running fast. Before he could figure out why he was suddenly committing this act of self-harm, there was a sudden pain in his right hand. The intense pain slowed Tang Mo's movements and the female doctor took the opportunity to flee upstairs to join her companions.

"Go!" Qi Heng and the female doctor looked at each other and said quickly.

The two men turned their heads and ran towards the balcony, trying to jump out of the window. But Fu Wenduo didn't give them a chance to leave. A slender rope wrapped around Qi Heng's arm from behind and he tried to shake it off, but it was wrapped around him. He said angrily, "Fu Wenduo, we don't want to fight you now!"

Fu Wenduo said coldly, "Then what are you doing here in ambush."

The female doctor tried hard to untie her companion, but was still unable to do so. She cursed and looked up to see Tang Mo coming through the door. Tang Mo's right hand hung unnaturally low, his fingers trembling slightly. There was no wound on his right hand, but the pain was too sharp to ignore.

Fu Wenduo glanced down and noticed the situation, "What's wrong?"

Tang Mo pointed to the female doctor's bleeding right hand: "She stabbed herself in the same spot and I felt the pain."

Fu Wenduo's eyes went cold.

Within seconds the blood began to clot and the wound on her right hand was healing at a rate visible to the eye. As her wounds healed, the pain in Tang Mo's right hand diminished.

Fu Wenduo's rope was still wrapped around Qi Heng, making it impossible for both the female doctor and Qi Heng to leave.

The four men are five metres apart, facing each other in this room.

Fu Wenduo: "What the hell do you want."

Qi Heng sneered, "It's none of your business, can't we just pass by? Beijing is your home, you don't allow us to wander around?"

"Why do you know my name."

At these words, Qi Heng and the female doctor turned their heads together and looked at Tang Mo.

Qi Heng's face flashed with shock and the next moment he immediately turned his head, "You fucking said his name?"

Female doctor: "...... It was a very urgent situation and I accidentally slipped up."


There is a wonderful balance between the four of them. Fu Wenduo's rope is tied around Qi Heng's arm, and the female doctor and Qi Heng keep trying to untie it. Qi Heng reprimanded the female doctor, and the tension seemed to have eased. Just as Qi Heng says, "I'll kill you when I get back to practising Yu Zheng", suddenly he and the female doctor both step forward and attack Tang Mo with one foot on the ground.

However, Tang Mo has not let his guard down at all.

He twisted to dodge Qi Heng's metal club and was about to strike back when, suddenly, a pain shot through his head. Tang Mo grunted. Not far away, the female doctor sneered and cut a bloody gash on her head with her knife. There was no blood on Tang Mo's head, but the pain of the cut in his scalp felt like a thin needle piercing his heart.

Fu Wenduo rushed straight at the female doctor, who continued to cut herself with the knife as she fled. Her recovery speed is amazing, no matter where she cuts herself, she heals within five seconds. But that was enough. Qi Heng rushes at Tang Mo again and again, and every time Tang Mo tries to fight back, the sudden pain slows him down and he has to keep defending himself.

Fu Wenduo flung his right hand and the black metal sharpshooter pierced the wall with a stabbing sound. The female doctor was finally cornered by him.

A white light flashed in the doctor's eyes and the next moment she stabbed herself in the shoulder. Fu Wenduo's movement was halted, but the three-pronged cone pierced the doctor's abdomen and she spat out a mouthful of blood.

The female doctor hurriedly made a dozen cuts in quick succession on her own body and finally simply cut off her right hand with a single stroke, but Fu Wenduo's speed did not slow down.

The female doctor was horrified, "Are you still fucking human!!!"

She was answered by Fu Wenduo's thrust at her chest. The doctor sidesteps the attack, but the next moment a black dagger appears in Fu Wenduo's left hand. He swung the weapon with his right hand, forcing the doctor to dodge to her left, exposing her doorstep. The sharp dagger was like a black lightning bolt, and it plunged into the doctor's heart with a thud.

The female doctor's eyes widened as she looked at the man in front of her. Blood was spurting from her mouth, and Fu Wenduo felt the same pain that had penetrated his heart. The pain caused him to purse his lips and not make a sound. The female doctor's eyes flashed with a variety of complicated expressions, and finally, she suddenly stomped on the ground and leapt backwards, flying out of the room and smashing into the opposite door.

"Qi Heng, come and fucking help me, I'm dying!"

Once the female doctor's powers were transferred to Fu Wenduo, the situation on Tang Mo's side became less precarious. Fu Wenduo had said that he knew the powers of Ruan Wangshu and Qi Heng of the Chosen Organisation. Ruan Wangshu's ability was gravity control, while Qi Heng's was a form of visual interference. Whenever he attacked, two of him would appear in his vision. One is the real Qi Heng and the other is a shadow.

The female doctor's cry for help seemed mid-sentence, but her voice was actually shaky and her coda was about to dissipate.

When Qi Heng heard the sound, he cursed and then rushed across the street without looking back. Tang Mo seized this opportunity and waved his small parasol at the back of Qi Heng's chest. Qi Heng's figure was then transformed into two, and he roared back at Tang Mo, who dodged the metal club in his right hand, while the parasol pierced the real Qi Heng's chest.

At the same moment, Qi Heng's left hand, which he had been keeping behind him, suddenly came up. In his hand was a black strip of paper, like a sticker, and he thumped it against Tang Mo's forehead. Tang Mo reacted quickly and avoided the blow. But the paper was still ten centimetres away from his head, and as if it had suddenly grown eyes, it flew to his head with a swish and stuck to his forehead.

Qi Heng shouted, "Mummy Mummy coax, The black tower is my daddy!"

With these words, Qi Heng stomped on the wall and used his strength to fly to the opposite house. He grabbed the female doctor and originally wanted to jump with her to escape, but he had just entered the room when a clear child's voice rang out throughout the building -

"Dingdong! Player Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao have triggered the side quest 'More than two people step into Wang Zexin's house' and have officially entered the reality copy of 'The day before official player Wang Zexin died'. Location: Wang Zexin's house. Game time: one day. Note: Leaving the game location is considered as abandoning the game, with very serious consequences. Please participate actively and enjoy the game!"

Qi Heng's foot, which had just stepped out onto the balcony, froze in mid-air. The female doctor spat out another mouthful of blood, whether from anger or from the wound on her heart.

Qi Heng tugged at the female doctor's collar, his face a palette of colours tipped over, his expressions rich. Finally he cursed a series of swear words and dragged the doctor back into the house with a grimace on his face. When he looked up, he found Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo standing in the opposite room. Seeing Tang Mo's pale face, he thought Tang Mo was scared because of the black note he had just put on his forehead, and he sneered, "Oh, Tang, it's not that I can't beat you, it's that there's too little space here and I have limited room to play. You wait for me, you will know what that is."

Fu Wenduo lowered his head and looked at Tang Mo after The black tower had said the name of this copy of reality.

Tang Mo's face is bloodless as he looks across the room with no expression. The door opposite had been physically smashed by the female doctor, and the door to their room had been kicked in by Qi Heng. At this moment, the four of them are standing in two rooms, the doors open, looking at each other.

Only ten metres or so away, but as if separated by a distance of life and death.

If Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo hadn't spotted Qi Heng and the female doctor hiding behind another door, watching them through a cat's eye, before they pried open their friend's door, they would have been the ones to enter the room. But there are no what-ifs. As The black tower says, the name of this copy is the day before the death of official player Wang Zexin.

Tang Mo looked calmly across the room, and after three seconds, he said, "Go."

Fu Wenduo looked at him for a moment: "Good."

It is dangerous to walk through the hallway. Other players will not be able to enter the opened copy of reality, and Qi Heng and the female doctor will not come out. But it is likely that they will be able to use props to sneak up on Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo. Tang Mo walks up to the balcony of this room, props himself up with his right hand and tumbles down.

The two men disappeared into the room. Shortly after their departure, the curses of Qi Heng and the female doctor echoed in the hallway.

"It's your fault, I said not to follow so closely, and now well, shit another inexplicable copy of reality triggered."

"Can you blame me? Didn't you say that time was limited, there were only seven days left, the head hadn't woken up yet, and Yu Zheng couldn't come over for practice, so we had to hurry and see what we could do?"

"Fuck, when I say I blame you, I mean I blame you."

"Damn you ......"

Suddenly, the two men's voices stopped abruptly and they turned their heads in unison to look at the door of the room.

There should have been no door there because it had been smashed by the female doctor. But now, a brand new door appeared in its place. There was a rustling sound from the keyhole and the door was opened. There was no one behind the door.

Qi Heng and the female doctor stopped arguing and they looked at the entrance to the room with icy expressions. Suddenly, a foot appeared in the empty space. It was really just a foot. At the door of the room, as if there was an invisible boundary, a man walked in from outside the room, and as he entered, his body appeared in the air a little.

When his entire body was fully inside the house, he emerged in its entirety.

It was a tall, flat-headed young man who was covered in blood and had a hideous gash on his face. He stumbled into the house and then hurried to the bedroom. He seemed unable to see Qi Heng and the female doctor standing in the living room, and as he ran into the bedroom, he said in a trembling voice: "The phone, the phone ...... has to tell Hao Zi and Ah Tang about this. Yes, tell, tell them, make sure you remind them, The black tower game, The black tower game ......"

With a creak, the door closes.

"Dingdong! Reality copy 'The day before the death of official player Wang Zexin' is officially opened!"

Downstairs, in the community garden.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo tumbled down from the sixth floor and searched the neighbourhood for a while before finally finding Fu Wensheng hiding in a hidden corner. The boy was so well hidden that Tang Mo couldn't see where he was. It was Fu Wenduo, with his strong anti-surveillance skills, who found the child hiding in the grass with a lot of weeds stuck in his head.

Fu Wensheng saw the two men and quickly spotted the wounds on his elder brother and Tang Mo's body. He hurriedly took a bottle of mineral water out of his bag. Fu Wenduo took it, poured water over his own wounds and then handed it to Tang Mo.

Tang Mo calmly accepts the mineral water.

Fu Wenduo's eyes were fixed on him.

After treating their wounds, the trio got into their car and drove away from the neighbourhood, finding a safe place to stop. Fu Wenduo made sure no one was following behind him and locked the door behind him.

This is a small, dark warehouse where a sports brand shop keeps its clothes. Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo were not seriously injured after the battle, but their clothes were in tatters.

Fu Wenduo took a white tracksuit and handed it to Tang Mo, who took it.

The two men changed their clothes in the dimly lit warehouse, and it was then that they began to discuss what had happened earlier. The most important thing was this black note taped to Tang Mo's forehead.

Fu Wenduo turns on his torch and he shines the light on Tang Mo's forehead, looking closely at the note. "It was three centimetres long and one centimetre wide. There were no words on it. It didn't feel any different from ordinary paper either. But ...... couldn't rip it off." Fu Wenduo tried to pull it, but the black strip of paper seemed to be growing on Tang Mo's body. When he pulled the strip, Tang Mo's skin tugged with it.

Fu Wensheng: "Are the enemies who were ambushed there dead?"

Fu Wenduo shook his head, "No, one of them was seriously injured. Two men entered a copy of reality."

"There are copies of reality in that building?" Fu Xiaodi said in surprise.

Tang Mo's calm voice rang out, "There is. It's the room we were originally going to enter, and once more than two people enter that room, a copy of the reality will be triggered with the name of the day before the owner of the house died."

Fu Wensheng didn't react at first, but when he remembered that the owner of the house was a close friend of Tang Mo's, he looked at him in disbelief.

Tang Mo reached out and tugged at the note on his forehead: "It's true that I couldn't tear it off. When I was fighting with Qi Heng just now, the note was not really stuck to my head. But when it was ten centimetres from my forehead, it suddenly left Qi Heng's hand and came up of its own accord." Tang Mo affirmed, "It was a prop."

With such a magical note, it is clear that it is a prop.

"Qi Heng said ...... mummy mummy coax, The black tower is my dad." Tang Mo repeated the phrase and he pondered for a moment, "This is supposed to be the spell. It's a The black tower prop and he said I'd find out what the prop does soon. It looks like this prop should show its effects in a very short time. Worst case scenario ...... it is close enough to my brain that it will damage it."

Fu Wenduo: "If it really had such an effect, he would have used it on me a long time ago, when I was fighting him."

Tang Mo looked up at him, "So that's just the worst that can happen."

The two men's eyes met in the air.

The black note is too mysterious for anyone to uncover it. It hangs between Tang Mo's eyebrows and floats just above his nose. Tang Mo fiddled with the odd note, and instead of dwelling on it, he turned his head to look at Fu Wenduo: "Obviously, as we predicted, the Chosen One does know where my coordinates are. The four stowaways knew it before, and so do Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao this time."

Fu Wenduo: "Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao were both among the seven original Chosen stowaways. Li Miaomiao often wears a white lab coat, and it seems that she was a doctor before she came online on Earth, and now she also plays the role of a doctor in the Chosen organization. Originally I thought it might have something to do with her previous occupation, but now it seems that it might also have something to do with her psychic abilities."

The two men looked at each other.

Tang Mo: "Her psychic ability is very peculiar. After she mutilated herself, she seemed to feel no pain, but others could feel it. But the effect should be limited to one person. When she transferred the pain to you, I didn't feel it." After a pause, Tang Mo's eyes widened as he suddenly thought, "When you pierced her heart just now ......"

Fu Wenduo nodded, "Well, the pain is on me."

Tang Mo: "Does it still hurt?"

"She took her powers away after she flew to the other room."

Tang Mo looked steadily at Fu Wenduo. He seemed to remember that the female doctor had fled to Mr. Wang's house with her right hand empty under her wrist. She had cut off her right hand with her own hands, so for Fu Wenduo ...... the pain was his to bear as well.

Tang Mo stared at Fu Wenduo for a moment before Fu Wenduo raised an eyebrow at him: What's wrong?

Tang Mo shook his head as he said, " The fact that Qi Heng and the female doctor were able to find us means that they do have my coordinates. At the same time, the woman doctor called out my name. She knew my name was Tang Mo. There are only two possibilities. First, they had found someone who knew me. I was an ordinary person, not a big star like Yu Zheng, and I had no friends in Beijing, except Mr. Wang. But The black tower clearly says that Mr. Wang is dead, and judging by Qi Heng's reaction when the reality copy was triggered, they don't know Mr. Wang either." Tang Mo is calm as he continues, "So, that's not a possibility. Only the second possibility is that ...... The black tower told them my name as well."

Fu Wenduo kept an eye on Tang Mo's expression: " Qi Heng and the female doctor did it together, which means that the killing of you was very important to them. But Ruan Wangshu didn't come ......"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo said together, "He's hurt."

Fu Wenduo curled his lips, "Well, Ruan Wangshu must have been injured, and it's a serious injury. Otherwise Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao would not have appeared together. They really didn't intend to do anything today, they just came to see what was going on. But we found out."

Tang Mo pondered, " Ruan Wangshu, Ruan Wangshu ......" He suddenly looked up, "Three days ago, Ruan Wangshu and practice Yu Zheng cleared the second level of The black tower in hard mode!"

Fu Xiaodi: "Was it because of that that The black tower told them about Brother Tang?"

The answer to this is anyone's guess.

Tang Mo can't think of a single reason why The black tower would give one player's information to another player unconditionally. He has done nothing wrong to The black tower, he is really sitting in a car and the pot is coming from the sky. The black tower inexplicably gave out his coordinates and name to someone else and asked them to kill him.

But anyway ......

"There is a time limit." Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo, "There must be a time limit for The Black Tower to tell them my message. Otherwise Ruan Wangshu would not have been able to come here with his wounds, and Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao would not have been in such a hurry to ambush us before he could recover. The time limit must be very short, so short that Ruan Wangshu might not have had time to recover before it was over. Ten days at the most, or even less."

Fu Wenduo agrees: "He must have been seriously injured while clearing the second level of The black tower on hard mode."

Tang Mo lowers his head and falls silent.

After a moment, he looked up again, gazing firmly at Fu Wenduo and Fu Wensheng, his voice calm: "Since that's the case, if it really comes to that ...... time perhaps I can avoid their sneak attack by entering the tower attack game."

Fu Wensheng exclaimed, "Into the tower attack game?!"

Tang Mo nodded: "Yes, into the tower attack game. The black tower gives them a time-limited message, so if I actively enter a The black tower game, they can't track me. Once the time has passed, I'll be completely safe. This time it was only Qi Heng and Li Miaomiao, and it was clear that Qi Heng was the only one with offensive powers, while Li Miaomiao was more of a support player and not very strong. If Ruan Wangshu and Lian Yuzheng, who next time pass The black tower second level difficulty mode, come together, then ...... entering the attacking tower game is the best way to avoid them."

It had been two months since Tang Mo had last raided The black tower. He felt that with his current strength, the third floor of The black tower was not that scary. Besides, he still had a King's Gold coin.

If the Chosen Organisation really came out in force, it would be very difficult for him and Fu Wenduo to resist hard with their strength. The king's gold could not be used in the real world, and neither could the fire eggs. But having entered the game, he instead has hope of surviving.

It really comes down to the most critical juncture ...... he will choose to enter the tower attack game.

The three of them rested in the small warehouse and in the evening they drove away from the area.

In the evening, the three of them rested in a small restaurant. Fu Xiaodi finds a number of empty water bottles from the kitchen of the small restaurant and goes back to filling them with mineral water. Tang Mo, with his hands in his pockets, fingered the ruby in his pocket and was about to leave the house. Fu Wenduo suddenly called out to him: " Tang Mo ."

Tang Mo stops and turns to look at him.

The restaurant is very small and Fu Wenduo sits at the kitchen table with blackened frying pans and messy dishes behind him. The setting is out of place for Fu Wenduo, who looks at Tang Mo in silence, his gaze deep. After a long moment, he whispers, "Do you have any friends or family?"

With a slight tremor in his pocket, Tang Mo said lightly, "No, I don't have any more. My parents died in a car accident a few years ago, and two of my friends, one in Shanghai and one in Beijing, are gone. They're both gone now."

The air is quiet as the moonlight shines through the window into the kitchen.

Fu Wenduo jumps off the table and steps in front of Tang Mo.

Tang Mo looked up at him, not understanding what he was trying to do.

Fu Wenduo looked at him seriously, and after a long time he said, word for word, "Then there is us."

Tang Mo's eyes slowly widened as he tilted his head to look at the man in front of him. Suddenly he realised that he seemed half a head shorter than Fu Wenduo. This distance allowed Fu Wenduo to see the moonlight reflected in Tang Mo's clear eyes, and he too gazed into Fu Wenduo's dark eyes, and slowly, his heart went still.

Tang Mo's heart swells with emotions, and he thinks of many classic books. When the protagonist faces a huge setback in life and is comforted by others, the protagonist's heart swells with all kinds of emotions. Many writers have used one word to describe this -

A hundred mixed feelings.

But all the mixed feelings came to him, and Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo's deep, handsome face. A moment later, he burst out laughing.

Fu Wenduo looked at him strangely, "?" Hmm? This script doesn't seem right.

Tang Mo pointed to his forehead, "I just saw this note through your eyes. You didn't feel awkward seeing it when you were talking to me?"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

After a moment, "You want to hear the truth and the lie?"

Tang Mo said seriously, "The truth."

Fu Wenduo said calmly, "It's very awkward. It's very zombie-like, the kind you see in Hong Kong zombie movies, with a piece of paper on your head. I tried very deliberately to ignore it, but it was hard. Maybe ......" Fu Wenduo suddenly raised his hand and covered Tang Mo's forehead. He curled his lips, "It will be smoother this way."

Tang Mo didn't expect him to make such a sudden move and he froze abruptly.

Tang Mo's eyelashes fluttered slightly as he stared at Fu Wenduo in awe. Fu Wenduo looks at him too.

Neither of them spoke.

The temperature grew hotter and hotter, and Tang Mo felt as if his breath was burning hot. It was a strange sensation, the heat was so unnatural that his heart was beating faster and faster with it.

The next moment, Tang Mo took Fu Wenduo's hand in his.

Tang Mo quickly removed Fu Wenduo's hand from his forehead, and Fu Wenduo's gaze was grave: "It's turning red!"

On Tang Mo's forehead, the black slip of paper suddenly turned red. It was glowing and Tang Mo touched his forehead as the temperature of this note grew hotter and hotter. Both of their faces sank, and when the temperature of this note reached a certain level, suddenly a loud child's voice rang out in the room -

"Ding dong! The 'I love The black tower and I want to attack the tower' charm has been detected. Player Tang Mo has successfully triggered the tower attack game, after one minute, open the tower attack game, successfully pass the game to get 'I love The black tower I want to attack the tower' extra reward."

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo blushed.

Fu Wensheng came through the door at that moment, and seeing the two men's ironic expressions, he wondered, "What's wrong?"

Tang Mo's eyes rolled and within three seconds he made a decision: "I'll attack the tower."

Fu Wensheng was shocked: "What?

Brother Tang just said he had the option to attack the tower during the day, and now he's attacking it? How can you be so quick and fast?

Fu Wenduo understands what Tang Mo is saying. Whether it was using the tower attack game to avoid the Chosen Group or getting this extra bonus for attacking the tower, it was very attractive. He said, "Good. I don't know when you'll be back, but there's a house 300 metres south of the Donghua Gate. It looks like an ordinary courtyard from the outside, with a pot of moonflowers at the entrance. Whisper and I will wait for you inside, for ten days. If you're not back in ten days, we'll contact you with fire eggs."

Tang Mo nodded, "Good."

One minute was up and the red note on Tang Mo's forehead slowly dissipated into the air. At the same time, a clear child's voice rang out in his head -

"Ding Dong! Player Tang Mo has been detected with the 'SURPRISE' badge, which can exempt him from one mandatory tower attack game. Do you wish to use it?"

Tang Mo mentally said, "No."

"Dingdong! The third level of The black tower (normal mode) is officially open and the single player game is starting to load ......"

"Sandbox Generation ......"

"Data loading complete ......"

"Welcome to the Elven Savannah!"

In the blink of an eye, Tang Mo's silhouette disappeared into the dimly lit kitchen. Less than a minute had passed since Fu Xiaodi returned to the kitchen, and Fu Wensheng watched in horror as Tang Mo's silhouette disappeared.

Fu Wenduo swept him away lightly, "Stupid."

Fu Wensheng: "......??"

The black tower, third floor, Elven Savannah.

When Tang Mo opened his eyes, before he could see what was in front of him, a fearful voice rang out from behind him. It was as if someone was shouting at the top of their lungs, shouting as loudly as they could. It was followed by the sound of numerous chaotic footsteps. The earth shook violently, as if a herd of elephants had run across the grassland, the ground shook and Tang Mo's body was shaken up and down.

Seconds later, the shouting man ran closer and closer and so did the horrific vibrations.

Finally, Tang Mo heard him. Then the next second he heard it, he paled and scurried away. What the man shouted was...

"Run for your lives! Mosaic is setting fire to the meadow again, help!!!"


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Mr. Fu: Whenever I try to flirt with my daughter-in-law, she reacts in various ways.

Tangtang: You've got it.

Published at: 05/30/2022 21:04