Chapter 111: You have a boyfriend?

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A year ago, tens of thousands of virtual The black towers suddenly appeared around the world. Countries and organisations around the world immediately created research teams to study these mysterious and bizarre black towers. While the public panicked, The black tower remained calm. For six months, it remained in a virtual state over the Earth.

Because they could not touch The black tower, the researchers were unable to extract material related to The black tower. Neither by optical nor acoustic means could they find any concrete evidence of The black tower's existence. It is like a holographic projection that humans can only see with their eyes, but cannot touch it, cannot be touched, and has no physical presence.

But this does not mean that during those six months, humans did not try and study.

"Most people on the internet think that The black tower is an alien spacecraft, while a small group of people think it is a conspiracy by a major power. First of all, we can already discard the latter possibility." Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo, who did not refute him, and apparently acquiesced. Tang Mo continued, "Then, only alien products remain."

The black tower and aliens, a theory that has been in the mainstream since before Earth came online. But no one has been able to produce reasonable evidence.

Tang Mo said this and then stopped talking, turning his attention to Fu Wenduo.

In the silence of the petrol station, there was not a sound. Only the evening breeze strikes the glass, making a whistling sound as the wind blows against the windows.

"The last player to have this ability", that's a lot of information. Not only does it mean that there was a player who also had this ability, but the note doesn't show what happened to the last player. Did he die, or did he clear The black tower? Or did he do something else special.

After a long silence, Fu Wensheng could not resist speaking up, breaking the silence: "What if it's really related to aliens ......?"

As he says this, the child tries to look as calm as possible, but he can't help but turn around and look through the window at The black tower hovering over Beijing in the distance. No matter how he looked at it, the tower stood there silently, unchanged.

"It's not great."

A low male voice rang out and Fu Wensheng immediately looked back at his big brother.

Fu Wenduo looked calm and said indifferently, "Whether The black tower is related to aliens or not, and where it came from. The most important thing for now is to survive. Survive, attack the tower and pass the level. That's how we'll find more clues to its true purpose once we've cleared it."

Fu Wensheng's throat tightened and he looked at Tang Mo again. He expected Tang Mo to say something else, but instead Tang Mo's lips curled slowly. He walked over to the window and also looked at The black tower. He said the same thing as Fu Wenduo: "It's really not very good. If The black tower is really something that the aliens have put on Earth, the Earth is a game because The black tower is on the line. All we can do is win the game and survive."

Fu Wensheng's lips twitched, but he finally closed his mouth.

Yes, with the information they had, even the speculation that The black tower might have something to do with an alien civilization was only a speculation and could not be confirmed. What was more important to them was to get through more games, get through The black tower and stay alive.

Fu Wensheng was a little tired from the two days of rushing to Beijing, so he lay down on the floor and quickly fell asleep.

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo, however, did not sleep.

Although he told the children that "the truth about The black tower is not important", Tang Mo kept his brow furrowed as he pondered all the information he had. He had a vague feeling that the truth about The black tower might be more than just aliens, and if it was, then why would they want to drop The black tower on Earth? What good would it do them?

If they wanted to take over the Earth, they could have just killed the human race. If they could make something as mysterious as The black tower, the aliens would have the power to exterminate the human race. But they didn't do it, instead they used The black tower and had the trouble of waiting for the humans to die one by one because they failed to pass the game.

"...... can't really be as funny as those movies that show you watching humans playing games and killing each other?" Tang Mo couldn't help but spit out.

"Do you think it's funny?"

Tang Mo looks to the side.

Fu Wenduo pulled out a chair and sat down next to him. The two sit in a small office on the inside of the petrol station, separated by a door so that talking does not disturb the children's sleep.

Tang Mo: "It's not interesting, it's boring."

Hearing this answer, Fu Wenduo raised one eyebrow.

Tang Mo does not want to continue on this topic. They didn't know the truth about The black tower, it was just speculation. He changed the subject and said, "But there is still good news from this check of your powers. Your power level is seven." Tang Mo recalled, "Of the twenty or so powers I have collected, yours is the only one that is level seven, the others are only level five at the highest."

Players should be able to level up their powers, but once a power is collected in a power book, it cannot be upgraded. The highest-ranking ability Tang Mo has collected so far is Bai Ruoyao's, Mortal Death, level 5.

"Have you ever seen one of those movies?"

Tang Mo froze, and after a moment he said, "You mean, watching movies where humans play games and kill each other? I've seen a few, the most famous one, Saw, you've never seen it?"

"I've heard of it."

"That movie is about a very special villain who devises a lot of games ......"

Time passed. Tang Mo didn't expect Fu Wenduo to have seen so few films, he hadn't seen Saw or any other film in the same genre. In fact, Tang Mo has seen very few films of this kind, and prefers to read books rather than movies.

Tang Mo patiently told Fu Wenduo about several similar movies, and at the end Fu Wenduo said in a calm tone, "If that's the case, The black tower is just a game that the aliens put on Earth. According to the end of those movies, the human race would have been wiped out in the end."

At that, Tang Mo laughed: you really know how to apply what you've learnt, how quickly you've learnt the Hollywood film formula?

"Mr. Fu School, how many floors have you raided The black tower?"

Fu Wenduo looked at Tang Mo curiously: "Two layers."

Tang Mo nodded meaningfully, "So that's how it is. Seeing that you have reasoned out the final end of humanity, I thought you had already cleared the seventh level."

Fu Wenduo was silent for a moment and asked, "Is this a retort to my earlier comment about you being naive?"

Tang Mo hadn't thought of this aspect at all. He was stunned by his opponent's wild thinking, and then immediately recalled what had happened in the small warehouse. It was good to think about it, but when he did, he was embarrassed. Tang Mo coughed and turned away from the conversation.

Fu Wenduo, however, seemed to sense his thoughts, and the corner of his mouth quirked up as he deliberately said, "I do like men."

"Cough cough cough ......" Tang Mo almost choked on his own saliva. He turned to look at Fu Wenduo .

Fu Wenduo was very calm and did not see anything wrong with what he had just said. His dark eyes were fixed on Tang Mo's: "If it's gay to say that you like someone who is a man ...... well, then it seems like I am." The look in his eyes was unmistakably sincere, and it was clear that he was telling the truth.

Tang Mo was stunned at first, but gradually his heart calmed down as he looked at him in such a calm and sincere manner. Looking at this frank man in front of him, he extended his hand after a moment. When Fu Wenduo saw Tang Mo suddenly extend his hand, he didn't understand what he wanted. Then he saw this handsome young man smile slightly and say, "What a coincidence, so do I."

Fu Wenduo's heart suddenly gave a violent twitch.

After a long time, Fu Wenduo also extends his hand. The two men's hands are clasped together.

After a long time, Tang Mo thought, "By the way, let's not talk to Whisper about this. It was hard to explain to him just now that the two of us were replicating our powers. Besides, lest he gets the wrong idea."

Fu Wenduo didn't want his brother to know that much: "Well, there's no need to tell him."

Fu Wensheng, who is sleeping outside: "......"

Tang Mo is not a man who likes to talk about his personal affairs. In the three months he and Fu Wenduo have been together, they have only spoken from the heart twice. Once he gave up his bottom and once he made his sexual orientation public. The latter was because Fu Wenduo had already been honest with him and he wasn't going to hide it. But after that, Tang Mo didn't want to say anything else. Fu Wenduo was still interested in his private affairs.

"You've got a boyfriend?"

Tang Mo: "......" This is exactly the same thing his parents asked him when he first came out of the closet!

Tang Mo calmly counters, "You did?"

Fu Wenduo: "......"

Why do two single dogs have to hurt each other!

From the reaction of Fu Wenduo, a single dog, Tang Mo could tell that this man really didn't seem to have a boyfriend, and probably hadn't even been in a relationship. He remembered a famous online story. It says that if a man is still a virgin after the age of twenty-five, he will become a wizard and can have magic powers and cast spells.

He is only twenty-three years old, Fu Wenduo is twenty-six. He's not a wizard yet, Fu Wenduo must be.

With this in mind, Tang Mo looked at Fu Wenduo with a look of "Comrade, you've worked hard". Fu Wenduo just thought he was still thinking about what happened in the small warehouse, and he said, "Sorry."

Tang Mo froze: "?" Why was the Wizard apologizing to him.

Fu Wenduo's tone was sincere: "Top to you."

Did it hit you?

What did it hit, did something hit him?

Tang Mo took half a day to understand what this meant, and then his face flushed and he stood up with a flourish: "I'll go and rest for a while too." Without giving Fu Wenduo a chance to react, he turned around and opened the door, walked out of the office, and found a random table to lie down on to rest.

Fu Wenduo froze for a moment, and when he looked back, Tang Mo was gone. The corners of his mouth lifted as he looked out of the office at the young man lying upright on his desk. His long fingers gently stroked his chin as Fu Wenduo looked thoughtfully at Tang Mo's figure, repeating two words over and over again: " Tang Mo, Tang Mo, Tang Mo ......".

"...... grinds sugar."

"Is that you?"

Tang Mo also didn't expect that she just wanted to avoid Fu Wenduo and find an excuse to rest. He actually fell asleep.

The next morning, the rain stopped and Tang Mo and Fu Wensheng woke up. The two men did not see Fu Wenduo at the petrol station, after Tang Mo found the small warehouse. When Fu Wenduo saw him, he calmly threw the cigarette in his fingers to the ground and stamped out the sparks with his foot.

The three of them were on their way again.

According to Fu Wenduo's previous plan, the Chosen's headquarters was in the Chaoyang District, and to get to the East Side, they had to take a detour from the West Side to avoid the Chaoyang District. Fu Wenduo drove onto the elevated ring road. Some cars crashed together and blocked the road. Tang Mo got out of his car and pushed the abandoned cars out of the way. After driving for about five hours, shortly after getting off the elevated road, Fu Wenduo was about to make a U-turn and drive into the Western District when Tang Mo pressed the steering wheel: "Wait!"

Fu Wenduo's eyes went cold as he observed the movement around him, "What's going on?"

In the passenger seat, Tang Mo looks around carefully. Fu Wensheng in the back seat also straightens up nervously and stares cautiously out of the window. The car is still driving, but at a much slower pace. As the car passes a Wal-Mart, Tang Mo's eyes fix on the huge blue billboard and he suddenly says, "I've found it! It's here!"

Fu Wenduo was stunned for a moment, then he immediately understood. He quickly slammed on the brakes, and after a harsh braking sound, the car came to a steady stop in front of the Wal-Mart supermarket.

Tang Mo got out of the car and looked at the shops on both sides of the road and the underground exit. He closes his eyes and searches his brain for any remaining memories. The next moment, he opens his eyes and looks to the south. After standing still for a while, Tang Mo gets on the train again.

Fu Wenduo asked, "Did you find your friend's home?" It's true, the three came to Beijing for their own reasons. Fu Wenduo was looking for clues about The black tower and Fu Xiaodi wanted to go home.

Fu Wenduo always remembers that Tang Mo came all the way to Beijing to find a friend.

Tang Mo breathed a soft sigh of relief and nodded, "Well, I found it, I think it's around here. I've been here before."


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