Chapter 105: Social Brother Tang ~

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The ground is already damp and the rain falls on the ground to drown it.

As Tang Mo emerged from the row of bungalows, his hair quickly became wet with the foggy rain and clung slightly to his forehead. First he looked up at the petrol station across the road, but there was no sign of Fu Wenduo, and Fu Wensheng had disappeared too. He had probably gone into the petrol station to look for petrol together.

Tang Mo didn't think too much of it and walked to the other side of the road with a pile of snacks.

There is a newsagent there.

This is a crossroads, with the petrol station on the north-east corner. Directly opposite it are bungalows, diagonally across the intersection is an abandoned newsagent. Finally, there is a small, ramshackle restaurant, located on the north-west corner of the intersection, which has long since been emptied of its contents and obviously does not contain food.

Tang Mo took one step towards the dilapidated newsstand when he stepped into a puddle of water unawares. Tang Mo looked down with an odd expression on his face, but his eyes did not fall on his wet shoes, but on some hidden part.

Tang Mo coughed and continued on his way.

Tang Mo got a good look at the newsstand after crossing the road completely. All the snacks and water sold in the kiosk had been looted, leaving only a few newspapers and magazines that no one wanted. On the shelves were several thick stacks of newspapers with the date 15 November 2017 on the front page. Tang Mo takes one look at the stack and walks around to the back, intending to enter the newsstand through the small door and look for a map.

As he reached the back of the newsstand, his steps paused slightly and his eyes fell on a charred bookshelf.

This shelf is a small shelf on the outside of the newsagent, where many newsagents put their best-selling magazines and newspapers for people passing by to pick up. This shelf had previously been placed on the other side of the newsagent, Tang Mo, and could not be seen from either the petrol station or the bungalow. It was burnt black and the books that used to be on it were burnt to ashes on the ground.

The light rain falling on the charred bookshelf stood out from its surroundings. But Tang Mo takes one look at it and then looks away. He looks calm, puts his hands in his pockets and walks on into the newsstand. Tang Mo's silhouette disappears into the small newsstand. But the next moment he was inside ......


At the petrol station, Fu Wenduo stomps out of the door and rushes towards the small restaurant on the north-west corner of the crossroads. At the same moment, Tang Mo's silhouette rushes out of the newsagent and heads for the bungalow on the south-east corner. They moved so fast and so suddenly that none of the four men hiding behind the bungalow reacted as the giant match crashed through the wall, staring at Tang Mo in shock.

After a second, the middle-aged strong man at the head of the group turned red-eyed and said angrily, "F*ck! I'll fight you!!!"

Tang Mo, who hadn't expected four men, dodges a shot with his head sideways and rolls backwards to avoid the middle-aged man's fist. On the other side, Fu Wenduo had made sure the restaurant was clear. He turned his head and ran in the direction of Tang Mo, who was already fighting with the four men.

He moved quickly to dodge a bullet, and just as he stood firm, he immediately bent down again to avoid a flying knife shot.

Tang Mo raised a large match and held it behind himself. The red end of the match collided with a long, dark knife and both men took three steps backwards. A light white mark appeared on the match and Tang Mo looked warily at the man with the knife, noticing the hatred in his eyes. In the next moment, the man drew his knife and attacked him, and Tang Mo swung the match at him.

The four men were given a total of three seconds. Tang Mo dodged their attacks one after another and fought the man with the knife to a standstill. When Fu Wenduo arrived, the middle-aged, strong man at the head and a short man immediately rushed out to block Fu Wenduo.

The strong man yelled, "Lao Jiu, run!!!"

At those words, the lean man who had attacked Tang Mo with his flying head turned and ran. Tang Mo's eyes flashed and he rushed to catch him when a long black blade came straight at him, blocking his path. Tang Mo's palm flipped and a blazing flame flew out of his hand and smashed into the other man. The man sidestepped it with ease.

"Don't you fucking leave!"

Tang Mo's eyes narrowed as the large match and the long black blade continued to clash, sending sparks of metal flying. In a matter of twenty seconds, the two had already clashed several times. Tang Mo kept finding opportunities to use other powers to attack the man with the knife. But the man dodged the flame and checkmate powers one after another, and his attacks became more and more violent.

Suddenly, he seized an opportunity and kicked Tang Mo's leg from the side. Tang Mo had to dodge and he came at him with another slash from the other side: "Death to me!"


A huge stone suddenly appeared in front of the man, and he smashed it with his sword. The man's eyes widened in horror as he realised that Tang Mo had deliberately revealed a flaw in the stone, and by the time he had shattered it, Tang Mo was already several metres away, chasing after the fleeing Lao Jiu.

The man exclaimed, "No good, he's going to kill Lao Jiu!"

Hearing this, the middle-aged strong man was shaken to his core and kicked by Fu Wenduo. Not caring about his injuries, he fought his way after Tang Mo. On the other side, the man with the knife also caught up with him. The two men tried their best to chase Tang Mo, but it was too late. Lao Jiu was not fast enough and Tang Mo raised a large match and slashed straight at him.

At this moment, a full fifty-eight seconds have passed since Tang Mo walked out of the bungalow and stepped into a puddle of water.

The middle-aged man and the knife-wielding man's eyes widened in horror as they saw Tang Mo's match about to split Lao Jiu's skull. They roared "I'll kill you" and sped towards Tang Mo as they watched the giant match slowly smash into the old man's head.

Time ticks away, and Tang Mo's match splits a little.

Just as the match was about to touch Lao Jiu's hair, behind Tang Mo, the anxiously arriving middle-aged strong man and the man with the knife slowly curled their mouths into a sinister, expectant smile. Their small eyes burst with excitement, but the anger and fear on their faces hadn't quite faded. They looked like two creepy clowns, frightened and excited in a way that was beyond comical.

But just at the last second when Tang Mo's match was about to crack Lao Jiu's skull, the two blinked. When they opened their eyes again, a crisp cracking sound came from behind them. The bodies of the middle-aged strong man and the man with the knife froze together, and Lao Jiu, who had just been desperately trying to escape, stopped in his tracks and turned his body rigidly.

A hazy drizzle falls from the sky. Only in the middle of the crossroads Tang Mo raises a large match and cracks the head of the fourth man with a calm look on his face. As the strong middle-aged man and the man with the knife turn to save Lao Jiu, Fu Wenduo follows directly after him, except for this man, who quickly turns and flees. No one noticed his movement and he only fled backwards for three seconds.

A drop of rain rolls off the leaves of a large tree by the roadside and lands with a snap on the ground.

Until now, just under a minute.

Tang Mo was standing in the middle of the intersection, nearly a hundred metres from where he had appeared the previous second. Even Fu Wenduo didn't see how he got past, Tang Mo gripping the big match tightly and gasping for breath. The man whose skull he had cracked lay on the ground, blood and white brains dripping from the back of his head, mixing with the rain and flowing all over the floor.

He opened his mouth and blood bubbled out. He shuddered and looked at Tang Mo incredulously, spitting blood while struggling to get the words out of his mouth, "Why ...... am I?"

Tang Mo kept gasping for air. No one noticed that around the pupils of his eyes, a circle of white light flickered gently. Tang Mo lifted his head to look at Lao Jiu in the distance, and in his vision, a thick black aura of death crept up from the ground and gradually wrapped itself around Lao Jiu's body. Lao Jiu's face was white as he looked at Tang Mo and his dying companions on the ground, and soon the deadly aura completely blocked his face, and Tang Mo could no longer see his expression.

Tang Mo withdrew his gaze and looked at the man on the ground. His voice was calm: "Because, he wouldn't have died just now."

The man lying on the ground stared straight up, unable to understand to his dying breath what Tang Mo meant by that phrase.

What happened next became incredibly simple as the man died and the other three men rushed away in fear. They were clever enough to split up and run away. There were three directions in all, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo each chased one. The last middle-aged, strong man ran in the direction of the petrol station, where he found Fu Wensheng hiding.

With a twinkle in his eye, the middle-aged burly man ran towards the petrol station. He roared and rushed towards Fu Wensheng, when an icy voice rang out behind him.

The voice was so loud that it reached the middle-aged man's ears even from across the road. He turned his head to look behind him, only to see Fu Wenduo across the road in front of the newsstand, holding the hand of Tang Mo, who was holding a silver pistol, the muzzle of which was aimed at the middle-aged strong man's forehead.

Tang Mo said lightly, "On behalf of the stars to destroy you ......checkmate!"


A piercing shot rang out and a bullet exploded through the middle-aged strong man's head with a splash of blood.

There was a dull clap of thunder in the sky, and the moment the middle-aged man's body fell, the rain poured down. Tang Mo had no idea that it was still March and the spring rains in Beijing were so heavy. He and Fu Wenduo quickly split up and dragged the four men's bodies into the petrol station, but they were still drenched by the rain.

When Tang Mo looked up at the door, he saw Fu Wensheng looking at him and Fu Wenduo with his mouth wide open in horror.

Tang Mo was stunned, and thought that the child had suddenly become alarmed by the number of bodies. But Fu Wensheng had seen more dead bodies before, hadn't he? He didn't even feel scared during the rubbish removal game in Nanjing, so why did he react so badly now?

Tang Mo said, "Shall I drag them a little further away?" He thought the children were afraid of the four corpses now.

Fu Wensheng swallowed hard and looked at Tang Mo in surprise, then at his big brother. After a moment, he still turned his head to look at Tang Mo and spoke in an agitated tone, "What's going on, Brother Tang, what the hell is going on? Just now my brother suddenly rushed out. How did you know that there were people hiding outside and that they were trying to kill us? Why did you have to be the first to kill that man just now, what was so special about him? Brother Tang, what the hell is going on, what the hell is going on?!"

Fu Wenduo is dragging the corpse of a middle-aged burly man into the petrol station and raises an eyebrow at Fu Wensheng's fanboyish remark.

Fu Wensheng also realised that he had sounded too excited. The temperature of the four corpses in front of him had not yet cooled down, so it did not seem right for him to be so excited. Fu Wensheng coughed: "I'm just curious about what just happened. I didn't know anything about ...... when you two suddenly rushed out and killed four people. It looks like they've been ambushing us over there for a long time ......"

Fu Wenduo loosened his grip and the burly man's body hit the ground with a thud. He said calmly, "Ask you Brother Tang ."

...... children called Brother Tang is even better, you Fu Wenduo called what Brother Tang.

Tang Mo's mouth twitched at Fu Wenduo's phrase " Brother Tang" as he walked over to the first man killed and knelt down to examine him for a moment. Finally he looked up and said, "If I'm right, this man has a psychic ability ...... he can go back in time."


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