Chapter 104: My ability is called "Seeking hammer to get hammer".

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Ruan Wangshu, the name is not well known, but Yu Zheng was one of the hottest female singers in China before the launch of Earth, and is well known abroad.

One minute ago, Tang Mo had just speculated whether the leader of the Chosen was one of the two players who had attempted to clear the third floor of The black tower, and one minute later The black tower told him bluntly: my friend, you think too much.

After a moment of contemplation, Tang Mo looked up at Fu Wensheng: "Didn't you hear what The black tower just told you?"

Fu Wensheng nodded: "Yes, I didn't hear anything."

Tang Mo: " Ruan Wangshu, practising Yu Zheng. These two people cleared The black tower level 2 hard mode at the same time, so they should have teamed up and played the tower attack. The black tower informed you of this, but you didn't hear about it." Tang Mo tapped a stone on the ground, and narrowed his eyes, "...... Only The black tower level 2 players could hear about this?"

Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo are second level players on The black tower, while Fu Wensheng has only cleared the first level of The black tower. If there is a difference between them, it is this.

Three months ago, when Tang Mo cleared the first level of The black tower difficulty mode, only Fu Wenduo heard the news about The black tower, Luo Fengcheng and the others had no idea. At the time, Fu Wenduo guessed that only players who had cleared The Black Tower would hear the news, but now Tang Mo has come to the conclusion that "only players who have cleared the hard mode can hear the news if they have cleared the corresponding level."

All three men agreed on this point.

Since the challenge on the third floor of The black tower had nothing to do with the mysterious and powerful Chosen Organisation, the three of them did not discuss the subject any further.

Next, Fu Wenduo gave Tang Mo a more detailed account of the situation in Beijing today.

"Most of the players in Beijing are independent and do not have many organisations. The strongest group is the stowaway group, Chosen. When I left Beijing four months ago, no official players had joined them, and they were all stowaways. Fu Wenduo whispers.

After hearing his words, Tang Mo thought for a moment and said, "Practising Yu Zheng is an official player, not a stowaway."

At the end of the sentence, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo looked at each other and understood each other's meaning at the same time -

In the past four months, the Chosen has grown extremely fast. Perhaps it has ceased to be a mere stowaway organisation.

In the dark silence of the underground car park, Tang Mo uses the crude map of Beijing, drawn in petrol, to tentatively set out the team's future plans. They weren't going to go head-to-head with the Chosen, Beijing was very big and Fu Wenduo had come back here to find some new clues about The black tower from inside the country. Tang Mo is looking for his friend.

After settling on a plan for the next few days, the three rested briefly and drove out of Handan early the next morning.

The black jeep drove fast along the motorway, the sky becoming darker the further north it travelled. As the trio approached Beijing, a thick, dark cloud covered the sky, almost obscuring the entirety of it. As they entered the Seventh Ring Road, the rain, which had been brewing for a long time, poured down.

The rain clatters against the roof lid of the car with a thumping sound of stones falling to the ground.

Fu Wenduo turned on the wipers, but the rain poured down like a waterfall. The whole world is shrouded in a thick layer of rain and fog, and visibility is only a hundred metres. Fu Wenduo jerked the steering wheel to the left and the car lurched across the road and into a souvenir supermarket.

Fu Wenduo: "First, a shelter from the rain?"

With the weather conditions not really suitable for driving into Beijing, Tang Mo nodded, "Well, let's wait until the rain is over."

The three of them stop at the souvenir supermarket.

It is said to be a souvenir supermarket, but in fact all the foodstuffs inside have been snapped up. The empty counters were scattered with porcelain statues and jade that no one wanted. Food and water are the things people need most than these expensive luxury items from before the Earth came online.

After waiting for two hours, the rain gradually subsided. Finally, the rain stopped and the three of them got back in the car and drove to Beijing.

The car drove two blocks and Fu Wenduo pulled into a petrol station. Tang Mo gets out of the car and sees Fu Wenduo walking inside the station, looking for petrol. In his spare glance he catches sight of an abandoned newsagent across the road and sees another row of short bungalows next to the newsagent.

Tang Mo said loudly, "I'll go and see if there's any food. We're running out of food, and maybe there's a more detailed map of Beijing in that newsstand."

Fu Wenduo was already walking into the gas station when he looked up through the glass and said, "Good."

Fu Wensheng sat in the back seat of the car and watched Tang Mo walk out of the petrol station, across the road and into a small bungalow.

Tang Mo entered the house and searched carefully for a while, and as he suspected, there were some biscuits and snacks in a storage box in the bedroom. At this time of the year, I'm afraid that food is no longer available in kiosks or supermarkets, but only in residential areas like this. Tang Mo searched every room and eventually found a lot of bread, biscuits and a bar of chocolate.

Tang Mo thinks about it, puts the chocolate in his pocket and walks out of the bungalow. When he reached the road, he looked up and noticed that, in the distance, Fu Wenduo was still looking for petrol, and Fu Wensheng had also entered the petrol station to help him find a barrel of petrol. The two men had gone off to some unknown destination.

Tang Mo crossed the road again with the food in her arms and walked to the abandoned newsagent. It was drizzling again.

The rain soon drenched Tang Mo's hair as he walked step by step towards the newsagent, his mind trying to remember his best friend's home address.

On his previous visit to Beijing, he was led around the city for a few days by his best friend, not taking any notes on addresses or streets.

"I think there's a Walmart in front of his house? There's also a plaza nearby ......" Tang Mo thought darkly.

For some reason, Tang Mo's body suddenly felt a little hot and a surge of heat went straight down his body. Tang Mo's eyes went odd and he looked at some odd part of himself for some reason. It was still flat and nothing unusual.

...... What the hell!

Tang Mo coughed and tried to calm down the unexplained evil fire. At that moment, his foot suddenly stepped into a puddle of water. Tang Mo froze and looked down to see that his shoes were completely wet. He frowned and was about to pull his foot out of the puddle when the next moment, his body froze.

Tang Mo sidestepped quickly as a small silver knife flew quickly past his eyes.

"Fuck, how did he find out again. There's no time, kill him!"

Tang Mo's eyes widened as he sensed a hint of something wrong.

However, his opponent didn't give him time to think, whoosh!

Another knife came from behind. The sharp blade broke the air and cut Tang Mo's eyelashes with ease as he leaned back, bracing himself on one hand, and fell backwards in three strokes, his back pressed against the newsstand, ready to strike back. But it all happened too quickly. Just after the two slashes, a black shadow burst up behind him at a speed invisible to the naked eye.

Tang Mo subconsciously tried to open his parasol as a defence, but he reached for his waist and realised that he had left it in the car.

...... Shit!

The black figure had rushed in front of him and Tang Mo raised his hands to block his head as a ferocious fist slammed into his elbow.

Tang Mo grunted and his entire body was sent flying three metres. Before he could look up and get a good look at his enemy, another figure came out from the back of the bungalow. A long, sharp knife slashed straight at Tang Mo's head, and Tang Mo flipped his hand and took out a large match. The head of the match struck the long black blade and a white mark was visible.

Tang Mo's heart flutters and he looks warily at his opponent.

The next moment, two more figures came out from the back of the bungalow at the same time. There were four men in total, attacking Tang Mo from four directions. One of them raised his pistol, aimed at Tang Mo's eyebrow and fired a bang. The loud gunshot echoed across the open road and Fu Wenduo immediately looked up from the petrol station, looking into the distance.

Fu Wensheng was horrified: "What's going on!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Fu Wenduo's feet kicked in and, like a bolt of lightning, he was already rushing out.

The four men were stronger than Tang Mo could have imagined. The middle-aged man at the head of the group was strong and his fists rattled with every blow, forcing Tang Mo to dodge. Another man was on hand to assist, using a long knife to block Tang Mo's position again and again, forcing him into a dead end. Another attacked with a flying knife. Only a young, thin man hid carefully at a distance, occasionally firing cold shots.

Each of the four hit Tang Mo's nail on the head with every move. It was as if they knew Tang Mo's movements, and whenever Tang Mo found an opportunity to counter, he would quickly dodge.

The strong man at the head of the group shouted, " Fu Wenduo is coming. Let's go and stop him, Old Six, it's all yours!"

At these words, Tang Mo's eyelids fluttered. As the three men turned to meet Fu Wenduo, he moved his right hand and, while they were distracted, a blazing flame flew out of his palm and smashed into the nearest man called Lao Liu. The nearest man, Old Six, knew what he was doing and dodged the blow with a kick to Tang Mo's shoulder.

Tang Mo's entire body flew backwards and his back smashed into the wall of the newsstand.

The ugly-looking Old Six looked at Tang Mo sarcastically, an odd smile on his ugly face. His companions directly stalled Fu Wenduo, who had rushed to his rescue, and Old Six wasted no time in raising his long knife to attack Tang Mo as he sneered, "What else do you have up your sleeve!"

Tang Mo is blocked in at a dead end and looks like there is no way back.

Old Six's knife was already about to slash down, only ten centimetres from Tang Mo's head. At that moment, however, an icy voice rang in his ears. Lao Liu's body stiffened, his long knife stopped, and a coldness quickly crept up his head from his tailbone.

Tang Mo lay on the ground and hooked his mouth, "On behalf of the stars destroy you ......checkmate!"

Old Six's scalp suddenly tingled as his eyes shifted down to see a silver pistol suddenly in Tang Mo's hand at some point. The gun roared and the bullet had been fired. Old Six was so physically fit that he dodged the bullet sideways even at such a close distance, but he never expected that the bullet had grown eyes and turned to shoot at his brow again.



Fu Wenduo was fighting the three men when he looked up at the sound of gunfire, just in time to see a man fall to the ground on his back. On his forehead was a blackened bullet hole, his eyes staring up at the sky as if he couldn't understand how Tang Mo could still have a back up. Blood was soon flowing everywhere. Tang Mo rose from the ground and, without resting, turned his head and rushed up to help.

The middle-aged strong man cursed angrily, "What the fuck is this psychic power again!"

"Only three last chances left!"

Tang Mo had by now rushed in front of the trio and Fu Wenduo saw him coming and kicked the burly man in the chest, sending him into Tang Mo's path. Tang Mo tacitly raised a large match, the head of which rubbed violently against the ground, sending a spark. But just as the tip of his match was about to touch the burly man's body, time suddenly stopped.

In the sky, the rain stopped in mid-air.

The air was still and the blood that had flowed from Old Six's forehead solidified on the ground.

In the vast, deserted streets, everything comes to a halt. It was as if someone had pressed the pause button and the world was frozen into a picture of rain-coloured emptiness.

Three seconds later, Tang Mo emerged from the bungalow holding a pile of snacks and biscuits. He felt the chocolates in his pocket and decided to reward himself with a chocolate later, as he hadn't had a sweet treat in a long time. Remembering that there was a twelve-year-old in the car, Tang Mo thought about it and decided that if Fu Wensheng really wanted it, he would give a third of it to him.

As he walked, Tang Mo recalled his best friend's neighborhood address, "I think there's a Walmart in front of his house? There's also a plaza nearby ......"

Suddenly, Tang Mo paused in his steps. With an odd look on his face, he looks down at his flat bottom. After a second of looking, Tang Mo coughs and moves on. His right foot hits a small puddle and Tang Mo frowns and is about to pull his foot out of the puddle when the next second he abruptly stops moving and turns sideways to avoid it.


A bullet grazed Tang Mo's cheek and went straight through the newsagent's window.

"Old Six, Old Nine, just kill him!!!"


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