Chapter 60: The Undeliverable Delivery (XVII)

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Today's bombing has become the hottest news on the internet, but you didn't care before because you were bored with the delivery and didn't have time to stop and swipe your phone.

The bombing took a heavy toll, but it also highlighted a number of heroes who were not afraid of danger, such as Feng Rui, the ambulance driver who calmly directed the evacuation of the injured at the scene of the explosion.

The organisers who took the lead are respectable, but those like you who stayed at the scene despite the danger and kept an eye on the situation and saved lives should not be taken for granted, after all, no one knows if an explosion only happens once and those who can bravely stay at the scene are considered heroes.

"If you were there to do a good deed, why didn't you say so just now?"

After watching the video, the cold-faced team leader was also a bit uncomfortable, and said with a grumble, "And even if you were going to save someone, you shouldn't have handed over the delivery truck to someone else."

At this point, the team leader didn't say anything more about taking packages away on their own being considered theft or anything like that.

You know that the team leader has misunderstood and want to explain that you didn't entrust the delivery truck to Qin Rourou to save lives, but before you can say anything, you see Qin Rourou giving you a desperate wink and you don't have time to explain.

Rather, your master sensed that something was wrong.

"It's not like your delivery area is over the bridge, so how did you get over there this afternoon?"

Your master is scared afterwards, "Run around and run around, what if it blows you up!"

At this time, your master's first concern is for your safety, and this makes you feel a warmth flowing through you.

"He said he had a delivery that was particularly troublesome and people were still waiting for him over the bridge to deliver it, and there was no way to sign for it, so he went over there!"

Qin Rourou thought of the explanation you gave him today and, fearing that you might not be able to say it properly, hastened to explain for you, "He was worried that delivering that one would delay the delivery of the other parcels, so he asked me to watch the delivery truck and take the parcels there himself!"

You didn't expect Qin Rourou to speak up for you and look over gratefully.

"There's no point in accommodating such nonsensical customers, not to mention that the parcel has a large insured value, so who knows if they're blackmailing the insurance premiums?"

Your master frowns and teaches you.

"There are so many scammers these days, some of them send a broken valuable item and then guarantee a high price, only to open the box and say it was broken during delivery, trying to scam the money quoted. We've been in this business long enough to have seen it all. I know you're nice, but you can't be a little defensive!"

You can't say you weren't tricked, and that " Mr. Xiao" didn't mean to force you to deliver something over the bridge.

At this point in time, Mr. Xiao, in this timeline, should be in distress once again.

"Next time you meet such a difficult customer, don't deliver to him. If the recipient wants to refuse to sign for the package or is unable to sign for it, if there is a conflict in communication, or if the recipient's package is repeatedly delivered and cannot be delivered, it can be returned to the sender, and the company has rules about this."

The cold-faced team leader follows suit and teaches you, "This is what companies do to protect themselves and their employees, and although we are in the service industry, we don't have to unconditionally obey our customers' requests. The courier you lost, was that the one that was to be sent over the bridge?"

"Yes, the Mr Xiao Heyun I was to deliver was on the bus that exploded. I was going to drop him off at the stop closest to the bridge ......"

You get a bit down when you mention that Mr. Xiao.

"As a result, I didn't catch up with the car, it exploded, and then the bridge was barricaded and the courier was lost."

Hearing that the recipient of the courier was on the bus, the crowd in the courier spot was once again silent.

Everyone knew that there was no way anyone could survive a bombing of that magnitude and that the delivery was not destined to be delivered.

"Hey, I'll contact the sender and explain to him the circumstances of this, so hopefully the other party will understand and hopefully pay a little less for the damage."

The cold-faced team leader is really cold-faced and finally relented and thought of something for you.

"But if the other side can't understand, then you'll just have to pay the 10,000 or so, and if you don't have the money, you can pay it back in instalments."

"I see, thank you team leader."

You know that 80% will have to cycle through time again, the 10,000+ debt doesn't immediately crush you, the emotions don't change too much.

But now that you know that the package contains a lens worth up to $10,000, you can't just leave it lying around anyway, so next time you must be careful and careful again.

Don't let the time loop stop and dump your family for a parcel.

The cold-faced team leader calls the number of the sender in your presence, but there is no answer. After a few calls, a woman's voice comes over the speakerphone.

"Hello, are you the family of Mr. Jiang?"

Probably not expecting a woman to answer the phone, the cold-faced team leader asked curiously.

"Dr. Kang had an incident and can't answer the phone right now, so if there's anything, could you please call back in a few days?"

The woman said with a choked voice, "I'm a colleague of his."

The cold-faced team leader naturally could not pursue anything further as the person had said so, and could only hang up the phone.

"Something's wrong? What could have happened?"

Your master peeks over curiously to see where the computer shows the delivery location.

"The orthopaedic department of the First People's Hospital of XX City? This sender is a doctor, huh?"


The cold-faced team leader gives you a look.

"You're lucky that the other party didn't have the time to immediately pursue you for the damage you caused him, so you have a few more days to resolve the matter. But don't take any chances, next time you encounter something like this, contact the sender as soon as possible and see if you can return the item to avoid causing damage to yourself and your company."

"I got it ......"

You reply with a bitter smile, unable to say that you don't have "a few days" and don't need "a few days" to solve it.

Wait a minute -!

Just then, a thought flashes through your mind like a lightning bolt.

If the recipient is unable to sign for the delivery or refuses to sign for the delivery, or if the delivery is repeatedly undeliverable, it can be returned to the sender at ......

So if you don't deliver a valuable item during the day, can you take advantage of the sender's love of the item and ask for it to be returned to the delivery office?

At most, you'll be responsible for the cost of the return!

If that's possible, then it's not like you can't have all your deliveries delivered successfully!

This hypothetical possibility gets you all worked up and your mind is filled with plans for how you will deliver every single delivery tomorrow. So excited that you don't want to waste any more time, you just want to get back to sleep and hurry up to deliver the next day.

Unfortunately, things in this world are always the opposite of what you want them to be.

Just as you are about to confess your "willingness to take full responsibility" to the cold-face leader and take Qin Rourou away, the cold-face leader suddenly takes a phone call.

"Hello? Hmm. This is Marriott Express Point, off duty? None of us are off duty, yes, everyone is, no one is off today. Little Song you ask? Little Song is here too."

The cold-faced team leader hmms and haws through the call, looking at you with an odd look as he looks up.

"The people from the provincial TV station want to interview you, and the higher-ups say that this is a good opportunity to show the positive social energy of the company's employees, so they hope you can cooperate in the interview and not go back for the time being. The company says that you have performed well this time and will be rewarded with a bonus from the staff encouragement fund, and hopes that you can focus on mentioning the sense of social responsibility that the company has always upheld in the interview."

He seemed to think you had had a "rich" day, too, and couldn't help but lament.

"You boy, the time has come."

"So, do I not have to resign?"

You haven't yet understood what the cold-faced team leader meant by his long list of words, but the references to "you've done well" and "you'll get a bonus" are there, so it can't be a bad thing.

"Quit what! You're going to be famous because of this!"

Your master said without good humour.

"It's messed up that there's going to be money for compensation shots!"

"Well, stop gossiping, the TV people are on their way, let's hurry up and clean up the delivery point so we don't have a messy workplace to photograph when people come over later."

The cold-faced team leader had no time for further pleasantries, urging the entire staff in the business location to move.

When he sees Qin Rourou still sitting on the wall with curious eyes, he hastens to nuzzle you.

"Someone is coming for an interview later and it's not appropriate for your girlfriend to be here, so you can tell her to go back first or wait in the back for a while."

"She's not me. ......"

You see the cold-faced team leader walking away, so you have to go and apologise to Qin Rourou with a red face, "I'm sorry, they misunderstood."

"It's fine, it's fine."

The young lady in this timeline doesn't take offense, shaking her head with a smile and coming up to your ear again to ask quietly, "You said you were going to do something very important this afternoon, were you trying to stop that bombing?"

Her eyes were radiant with a vague admiration, and you knew she had deliberately misunderstood because of this chain of coincidences and hastily waved your hand.

"No, no, I'm really a courier, I just didn't deliver it to the car!"

"I know it's not easy for you to explain, I won't ask more questions."

Qin Rourou gives a smiling 'I get it' look and winks at you again, "If you need any more help tomorrow when you're on a time loop, just come to me. I didn't find it too difficult to help you with your delivery today, so I should be able to handle tomorrow's as well."

You know she won't believe it's really a coincidence even if you explain, so you have to sigh and try to send her out.

"No need to send me off, I haven't seen anyone interviewed yet and this is kind of a take. I'll just pretend to be an employee of your company and wait in the workroom at the back."

Qin Rourou smiles, says hello to your master and dives off to the back of the workroom.

"And you say it's not your girlfriend, talking and laughing and just getting that close!"

Your master passes by you with the tidy boxes and sees you staring at Qin Rourou's back and elbows you hard, "What are you looking at, you brat! Why don't you come and help?"

"Huh? Ohhhh, okay!"

You wake up as if from a dream and rush to roll up your sleeves to help.

Closer, your master realises that your black company uniform is speckled with brown stains, apparently all blood stains from the afternoon, which are just not visible because of the dark colour of the uniform.

Thinking about what you've been up to all afternoon, it's clear that the master has become more agreeable to you in his mind and is treating you more and more kindly.

But for you, what happens next is more exhausting than if you had been carrying the injured all afternoon.

You've never been interviewed before, you don't know what to say to demonstrate your company's "social responsibility", and you're too dumb to be able to speak intelligently.

It's after hours and the publicity department of your courier company has sent you an urgent interview that might be of use, but before you've finished reading your script, the reporters and photographers covering the interview are already pouring into the courier site.

Faced with question after question from the journalists, you were stuck from time to time, so clumsy that your master and the cold-faced team leader couldn't even look at you, and even the journalists thought it was going to turn into an "interview accident".

When the interviewer asks "Why were you there?", the cold-faced team leader and the master look at you nervously, worried that you will say something about neglecting your duties this afternoon.

"I have a very important courier to deliver. The courier says, 'This man is a pillar of the nation, please make sure it is delivered with priority' ......"

Several TV crews laughed when you opened your mouth.

This routine can often be seen on the courier parcel, sometimes written "pillar of the nation", sometimes written "future stars", purely in this way to attract the attention of the courier, to make the recipient and the courier happy with a smile, who will not When it is true.

Only you know what an amazing person this Mr Xiao Heyun is.

The officer, Zhang, said that Xiao Heyun found a bomb in the car, called the police and intervened with the assailants.

Instead, he, despite being an ex-soldier, simply did not have the courage to give up on life and face the blast head on.

"It was a valuable package that carried so much."

It is full of the sender's hopes, the recipient's expectations and, above all, his vision of escaping the shackles.

"I wanted to get that package delivered early. I knew the owner of the delivery got on a 45 bus so I went to the nearest bus stop to get it to him, who knew his car had exploded ......"

At your words, the smiles on the faces of those interviewing slowly narrowed.

Who would have thought that there would be such a harrowing story behind the reason you went to the scene.


After being interviewed by the TV station, the cold-faced team leader sent the TV crew away, while you took Qin Rourou home yourself after that interview.

You don't have any transport to take you, but as the delivery point is not too far from Qin Rourou's house, a 20-minute walk away, Qin Rourou declines your offer to find a taxi and walks back with you.

On the way back, she asks for details of your previous time with her from other timelines.

The cool night breeze blowing along the quiet path, the gentle girl standing alongside you in the dim light of the road, all these scenes together seem to be filled with a magic that soothes your tired and restless heart after a long day.

You enjoy the quietness and slowly slow down your pace.

You take Qin Rourou all the way to the door and see her in.

She stood at the door and told it was getting late and you could rest at her house, but you declined.

"Remember to come and see me tomorrow."

As you leave, she smiles and says to you, "I'm no great hero, but I'm happy to help with things like helping heroes."

You expressed your gratitude to her and made sure to come to her.

She knew from your answer that you must have to deliver that delivery tomorrow, and with an expression of admiration on her face, she suddenly stood on tiptoe and gave you a kiss.

You are confused and foolishly cover your face.

"If you're done tomorrow night, we can go on a date."

She looks at your dumbfounded expression, smirks and drops this.

Then sheepishly, she closed the door.

You giggle and go back to the rental house.

You haven't washed your face today, and as you lie in bed, the intense anticipation that rises in your chest prevents you from falling asleep as you would like, tossing and turning.

You simply sit up and search the internet for details of the bombing that happened today.

It takes a long toss before your head starts to drift back up, but the flash of aura you produced in the courier spot doesn't go away as a result.

"Tomorrow, tomorrow I must deliver all the deliveries!"

You close your eyes and say to yourself.

"I'm going to end it all ......"

Then go on a date!

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