Chapter 59: The Undeliverable Delivery (XVI)

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You are sitting on the floor, with only one thought in your head.

[The car, why doesn't it stop?

You are not familiar with the accident, so you do not understand whether the car never stopped in the first place, or whether something happened in the process.

Before you know it, however, the bus on the bridge explodes.

Boom - !!!

The loud, earth-shattering noise startles you so much that you don't even hold the delivery in your hands and fling it out of your hands at once.

The bridge, rickety.

Flames, breaking through the canopy.

But you are not the one who is most out of shape.

Cars trying to get onto the bridge braked at the sound of the bang, with cars tailgating and colliding with each other, while others tried to turn around but were stuck in the traffic, unable to move forward or backward.

More and more drivers opened their doors and got out of their cars to look in the direction of the bridge, to find out what was going on.

From the direction of the bridge, there were occasional bloodstained people covering their heads and running wildly from the other side of the bridge, with a dust storm of smoke in the background.

Many kind-hearted drivers and passers-by greeted the man who ran out, holding him up and inquiring curiously what was going on up ahead.

"There's a bus explosion!"

An old man with glass sticking out of his face screamed, "It's horrible, all the glass in my car is broken, it's sticking out of my face! I was afraid there would be an explosion behind me, so I left my car and ran out!"

"There was, there was a bus that suddenly didn't open halfway, blocking the road, I saw someone get off to see what was going on, and just as they got to the door of the bus, it blew up, blew up into the sky, it was so tragic!"

Another young man was shaking like a sieve, probably frightened by the fragmented scene, "My car was blocked in and I was so scared I lost it and left first."

With an accident of this magnitude on the bridge, traffic would have been even more chaotic than at the bridge, not to mention the fact that no one knew if there would be only one explosion, and it was only natural that people would choose to abandon their cars in fear.

Gradually, more and more people ran down from the direction of the river crossing bridge, most of them were not injured, after all, those who could get out first, were stuck behind.

But those who ran out behind them, assisted or carried, were mostly in ghastly shape.

At this point, your mind goes blank.

The roar from the explosion still buzzes in your ears, accompanied by the harsh cries and wails of pain from the crowd, and all those bravadoes that tried to help before getting on board are shaken before the appalling flames and smoke.

You've already had the expectation that if you don't stop it, you'll go down with it, but even so, the bloody reality of what's happening in front of you now shocks you to your core.

There has never been a moment when you have been so clear about what this bombing, which is an "everyday" occurrence for you, really means.

If you had just gotten into the car, maybe one of those fragmented limbs would have been part of you.

"Somebody help! This man has been impaled by an explosive!"

There was a tall young man who had been running around the bridge, the sleeves of his shirt pulled up to his arms, checking the injuries of those being carried out from time to time, seemingly like a doctor.

His eyes sweep over the idle people standing at the bridge, and with a glance he sees you sitting by the pier and points with his hand.

"That big guy over there, come and give me a hand! This man needs to be moved out immediately, the place is blocked like this, the ambulance can't get through later!"

You are in a trance and continue to wander off until someone next to you taps you on the shoulder.

You look up and find a woman with long, cascading hair.

"The man is calling for you."

She gestures for you to look the other way.

"Please help too!"

When you hear the man shouting something, you wake up like a dream and rush over to help.

The bus explosion brought the entire bridge area traffic to a standstill. Ambulances and ambulance and police cars were deployed particularly quickly, but the traffic situation was so bad that most vehicles were blocked on the periphery and could not get in to effect a rescue.

At this point, under the leadership of the tall young man, drivers and passers-by at the bridge formed a "makeshift rescue team", working together with medical staff to move the most seriously injured out of the traffic jam, either by lifting or carrying them.

You are part of this "temporary rescue team".

You are young, strong, conscientious and attentive, and have participated in many rescues with the army, so you have experience in how to move the wounded.

Most importantly, you were neither afraid of the tragedy of the explosion scene nor did you mind the blood-soaked wounded. Your composure and calmness infected the others present, causing those who helped along to become more and more skilled under your influence.

It soon became apparent that you were the most hard-working and useful of all the helpers, and both the tall young man and the medical aid workers who entered the scene later were constantly "calling on" you.

But you have no complaints, you just want to do your bit to save a few more people.

The busy and urgent scene of the rescue dilutes your fears and worries about the bombing, and your attention gradually shifts from "Xiao Heyun", the

He was distracted by things like "delivery" and devoted himself to saving lives.

Soon after, the traffic police took over the area to disperse traffic, ambulances and fire engines also managed to drive into the bridgehead area, and you "temporary rescue teams" played a role gradually replaced by the "regular army", so you could finally take a breath.

Putting the last burn victim into the ambulance, the tall young man taps you on the shoulder, reminding you that you don't have to carry any more and hands you a bottle of mineral water.

You wipe the sweat from your head and follow him to a slightly cleaner place to sit down, only to find that your back aches and your legs, which have been shaking slightly from the effort you have been putting in.

The young man was no better, covered in stained blood.

You are all oblivious to the dirt on your bodies, tiredness makes you think only of rest now.

"With an accident of this magnitude, I wonder how many casualties were caused."

The sparsely scowled youth leans against the wall, frowning tightly as he chills with you, "I heard that someone planted a bomb on the bus, it seems to have been discovered by the passengers on board but didn't have time to send it out ......"

"There are too many people and traffic on the bridge."

He sighed.

You don't say a word, you just drink in silence.

You had no way of telling him that you managed to call the police before coming.

But I don't know if it was too late, or if the information you gave was too vague, but things have come to this point of no return.

You, on the other hand, really only want to deliver a courier.

Speaking of deliveries, it is only then that you remember, as an afterthought, that the one you were going to deliver is missing.

When the explosion suddenly happened, you were shocked by the violent sound and the courier fell out of your hand. Later on, the situation was so chaotic that you were concerned about saving people and you never remembered to pick up that courier.

But who cares about express delivery these days.

You wipe your face and smile bitterly.

"I see you lift the stretcher very professionally, have you worked in a hospital before?"

Probably because he felt the atmosphere was too stagnant, the young man found a topic of conversation.

"No. But I've been a soldier before and was involved in the earthquake rescue in xx city and the transfer of the wounded after the flash flood in xx city."

You are modest, "I wouldn't dare to be professional, after all, I've done something like this before."

"So you're working as a courier now? That's a waste, isn't it?"

The other person asked curiously.

"What's a waste or a waste if you can feed yourself."

You know the other person is recognising the courier uniform you are wearing and shake your head and laugh to yourself.

"Are you interested in coming to work at the city's medical emergency centre? We are busy there, but the pay is not bad and we need people like you. The centre is now recruiting logisticians and medical auxiliaries for the social emergency section, it's okay if you don't have experience, we have special training."

The youth surveyed the stocky you and suddenly began to dig in.


You're confused.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, I'm an ambulance driver for the medical emergency centre, my name is Feng Rui."

Feng Rui taps his head and says to you.

"You're a driver? I thought you were a doctor!"

Your eyes widen in surprise.

The young man's manner and gesture in distinguishing the level of injury and emergency treatment was so professional that you kept thinking he was a doctor who just happened to be on leave.

"I did used to be a doctor, but for some things ......"

He was slightly dazed for a moment, but quickly regained his spirits, "You might consider the job I mentioned, I think you have the potential and the ability to do well in it."

The ambulance driver, Feng Rui, is a cheerful and humorous person, and now, once you leave the tense atmosphere, you are laughing several times as he bursts out with funny sentences.

"Hey, it's hard to take a day off and it's more tiring than going to work."

As he spoke, he seemed to see something and suddenly rose to his feet.

"I'll be in touch later, I see an acquaintance, excuse me for a moment."

You watch him leave and notice that he is walking towards a tired female traffic cop who is knocking her arm straight.

You just had a good conversation with him, and he insisted on pulling you to exchange WeChat and phone numbers, and pushed you a bunch of information about emergency centre jobs.

You don't want to back out of someone's kindness, you smile and add a friend, accepting a job recommendation, but you know in your heart that even if you and the person are very close today, once the day is over, you and the new friend will just pass each other on the road, even if you meet them.

Unless you choose to work in emergency services in order to make this friend ......

Shaking your head off, you remember the police academy Qin Rourou accompanied you to learn about and squash the thought.

You stand up melancholy, only to realise that it is getting dark, and pull out your personal mobile phone to see that it is after six o'clock.

You have an appointment with Qin Rourou to meet at the creamery at 5.30 if things go well and you take the delivery van and delivery back.

If things don't go well, she waits until six o'clock when she doesn't see anyone back and drives the car back to the delivery point.

There are a number of missed calls on your phone, from Qin Rourou and from your master.

The rescue is chaotic, the noise is loud and there are many casualties, and your phone keeps vibrating in your trouser pocket interfering with your rescue, so you switch it to silent mode.

Now that you're free, you finally have a chance to call back.

Qin Rourou's phone was picked up after only two rings.

"Thank goodness you finally answered the phone!"

Qin Rourou's tone was a bit of a grumble, "I drove the car to the courier station like you told me to, and the master you told me about detained me and had to find you before he let me go back.

"I'm sorry, I'm really sorry!"

You understood that the result would probably be the loss of your job in this timeline, but you had to do it at the time in order to protect Qin Rourou's safety and reduce the company's losses.

"Don't talk so much, come back! I was so worried when I saw you didn't come back, I was on tenterhooks all the time, I was afraid something would happen to you!"

Qin Rourou is on the other end of the line, urging.

"I did everything you ordered, I went to that cell, and the baby is fine."

"Bastard, you hurry back, you're breaking the rules and discipline, and running around outside with a courier with valuables written on it, the team leader is going to call the police, I'm the one who pressed the issue, if you don't give us a proper reason, you'll be waiting for bad luck!"

On the other end of the phone, Master, who has grabbed the phone, yells at you in anger.

You promised to come back immediately and hung up the phone.

Now in this situation, you can't get a taxi. Luckily, a kind man who was carrying the stretcher with you just drove by you in his car, knowing that you were going back to the office, and enthusiastically let you get into the car and gave you a ride back.

By the time you get back to the delivery point, the atmosphere is awful.

Qin Rourou is sitting on a small round stool with his hands in front of his knees, looking shakily at the door and beaming when he sees you finally return.

The colleagues who are eating see you enter, look up at you and instead of greeting you and joining them, they go back to eating their food with their heads down.

The cold-faced team leader looked at you coldly from the moment you entered, as if you were a "fugitive" of bad character, while your master stood in the corner of the room, smoking a cigarette, and when he saw you coming back, he threw it on the floor and stomped on it hard.

"And you know to come back?"

He stamps out his cigarette with an expression like he's dying to come up and beat you up.

"You're amazing, running out into the wild on your first official day of work and leaving the delivery to someone else? How do you count if you lose a piece? What if something happens on the way?"

You accept the scolding in a sincere manner and say that you are willing to take all the consequences, even if you are resigned for it.

Yet your attitude has angered the Master.

"Is it a question of taking responsibility or not? It's a big deal if you say you're not going to do it? Who are you threatening? I've worked so hard to bring you up for two months, and I think so highly of you, you're slapping me in the face do you know that?!"

Your master is knotted in anger and glares at you.

"And that delivery? Where did it go?!"

"Lost it."

You lower your head and mumble.

It is indeed lost, I don't even know where it is.

"Either you pay for all the damage to the client or we'll call the police."

The cold-faced team leader had already checked what was in that piece before and had no more tolerance for you.

"We have contacted the customer who sent the courier, that package contained a 90% new SLR lens worth $12,000 and he was able to provide proof of the relevant bills. This customer has chosen to insure the price, and you will have to pay the full amount."

Your face goes white all of a sudden.

Twelve thousand dollars, put together all the money you have on you and it's not that much.

"Also, you missed half a day of work today and gave work to someone outside the company, which is a serious violation and we can't keep you here any longer."

The cold-faced team leader said, "Resign yourself after you have compensated the client for the loss; if you are fired, your reputation and file will be bad."

"What the hell did you do this afternoon? We don't know when you left or what you were doing, and we can't hold people forever! If you hadn't lost that one delivery, she would have been involved with you!"

Your master's heart is tired of making it look like you've stumbled upon a pair of male and female thieves.

"I'm not his girlfriend."

"She's not my girlfriend."

You and Qin Rourou speak in unison.

"Is that the point?"

Your master glares at you with hatred, "Are you out of your mind doing this?"

Qin Rourou looks over at you worriedly, just as you look over at her worriedly because you've dragged her along with you, and your eyes look at each other and then look away, each with a slightly unnatural gaze.

"Holy shit, you guys are having a deep stare now!"

The Master was frantic.

"Hey guys, look, is this Song Bodao?!"

A certain colleague who was eating reached for his mobile phone and asked the person next to him.

"What's this? Why did he go over to the bridge this afternoon?!"

Seeing everyone else looking over, the colleague who had been playing on his phone during dinner turned up the sound of the video.

As it turns out, when you followed Feng Rui and the others to rescue the injured this afternoon, some media professionals present recorded the scene, plus a number of passers-by and parties at the scene also took a lot of videos with their mobile phones, and your group of rescuers soon rubbed off on the hot topic of the bombing.

Among them, you, the courier, are particularly striking because you are wearing the company's uniform.

Everyone was silent when they saw the video of you sweating as you carried the stretcher back and forth, your arms and thighs trembling with exhaustion, but still clenching your teeth.

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