Chapter 45: The Undeliverable Delivery (IV)

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You are a very tolerant person, you don't get tired of repeating something over and over again, and you have good stamina, and delivering deliveries up and down the stairs doesn't take as much out of you as pulling up and down.

But you start to worry that if you go over the top on your first day, there will be more tasks to come.

So you think about it and decide to park the car in a reliable place, and go out for a wander.

With the car locked, you start to think about what you could do with half a day.

You've been living frugally for the past few months in order to save money on living in the big city, and now you think that since time repeats itself, you might as well splurge and eat some good food.

You take out the cash in your pocket, which amounts to five hundred and twenty dollars.

You have over two thousand dollars in your Alipay and WeChat wallets, your basic salary from your internship, and you look at your entire savings and suddenly feel confident that you can eat a "good meal".

You take out your phone and start using the software to search for fine local food.

Ten minutes later, you look at the price recommendations of "200 per person" and "300 per person" and fall silent, then you close the "fine dining" recommendations and search for You turn off the "fine dining" recommendations and search for "speciality snacks".

"It's a waste of a mountain of food for one person, so let's have a snack."

You say this to yourself.

You arrived at the famous local "snack street" and ate happily.

Garlic crayfish, spicy crab, teppanyaki, beef noodles, red bean paste ...... You order all the snacks you normally can't spare and eat a rounded tummy.

Probably haven't seen this point of running to the snack street to eat a lot of special delivery boy_brother, there are quite a few people secretly pointing at you.

You're sitting on a chair in the snack stall in your company courier uniform, receiving strange looks from others and feeling like you should go and change.

You usually wear a uniform to work, and it turns out that you were used to wearing a uniform in the army, and you didn't bring many clothes of your own, only when you were on holiday.

Now that the weather is getting cooler, you haven't had time to get yourself some new clothes and you're afraid to go into random shops for fear of accidentally spending half your month's living expenses.

But now it's different, when you buy a lottery ticket, you might have hundreds of millions hahaha!

So you go to a very famous local mall and head straight to the third floor where the high-end men's clothing is located.

The windows of the mall are filled with the new autumn/winter menswear, each one looking particularly grand and quality, and you look left and right with a satisfied expression as if you could buy the whole mall.

You've spotted a handsome aviator leather jacket and step into the shop, only to find no one to greet you.

You couldn't find where the leather jacket was in the shop, so you had to approach a receptionist's counter and ask where the one in the window by the door was.

It turns out that the teller doesn't even raise her eyes or answer your questions, except to say that you don't fit into that leather jacket and advise you to go to the fifth floor to have a look.

The fifth floor is the floor where the sports brands are located and you ask in wonder why.

"This is imported sheepskin from Italy, you deliver it by courier, right? Sheepskin is delicate and the leather is easily worn, not suitable for you to wear." The teller says so, looking you up and down. "And this one costs eight thousand eight hundred, even after discounting ......"

After hearing the price, you suddenly think the leather jacket doesn't look that good anymore and leave the shop in a huff.

When you leave the shop, you begin to reflect on why you were "cowed".

You think it's still the number of bills in your wallet that limits your thinking, the hundreds of millions that haven't reached you yet after all and you can't afford to spend them.

And no money to spend.

So you thumped up to the fifth floor in your courier's uniform, following the advice of that teller.

You are greeted warmly by the shop assistants on the fifth floor who sell sports brands and recommend a variety of hard-wearing, cold-weather products. Feeling the warmth of their welcome and recalling their previous dismissive attitude, you bite the bullet and buy yourself a cold-weather jacket and a new pair of sneakers.

You were too lazy to go to the fitting room, so you tried on your jacket in the lobby, only to have several shop assistants start complimenting you on your figure and praising you for your very toned body.

You know it's a clothes sales pitch, and you resist the "sugar-coated" offer to try on two more pairs of trousers.

The pretty teller girl sweeps her disappointed gaze over your waist and your legs and persuades you a few more times, but you still refuse with a stern face.

"No, I'm not wearing a shirt, I'm having trouble changing in the fitting room!"

You are so afraid of the heat that you wear only one pair of trousers in winter.

It's hot and stuffy in the fitting room, and changing trousers is not like changing jackets and shoes - you have to pay attention to your hips and waistline, and measure the length of your trousers.

Hearing your words, the pretty lady's gaze became even more disappointed.

You pay for your new shoes and jacket and watch the balance in your paypal dwindle rapidly.

Whoops, I should have known better than to eat so much meat.

It's not like you can wear spicy crab or crayfish on your body!

After paying, the lady who has just persuaded you to buy the trousers politely asks if you can add your contact details, but you look at her warily and flatly refuse.

Are you kidding, you'll be sold new arrivals every day after you add them?

As a man in uniform, you don't need that many new clothes!

You go back to where you stored your car and make a trip home in the delivery van, putting away your new dress trousers and deciding to wear him on your shift this week.

When you look at the time, it is already six o'clock. You drive the delivery truck back to the delivery point and buy some brussel sprouts for your colleagues as you pass a brussel sprout stall to add to your meal.

Back at the delivery point, you check through the deliveries that have not been delivered today and find that the "Xiao Heyun" delivery is still in the point, and are glad that you did not pick it up yourself today. Your master looks at the small carriage that you have basically delivered empty and expresses extreme praise for your ability to do your job.

You get out the brussel sprouts you bought and ask the master to add a meal for your colleagues. The master, happy to see that there is brussel sprouts, takes out a few bottles of beer and decides to enjoy some good wine and food in the evening.

At this point, you tentatively ask the master and the cold-face team leader if you can get off work first, saying that you have some business in the evening.

In view of the fact that you have completed your work for the day and brought good food, the cold noodle team leader has opened the door and allowed you to leave work early.

As your colleagues happily pull away from the small tables to eat, you hear people praising you for "being frugal but not stingy", and others pitying you for not being able to enjoy the good wine and food tonight.

You smell the meat and walk out of the office, unable to resist a belch.

I ate too much in the afternoon and even my burps tasted spicy.

On your way home, you look at the time and realise that you still have a few hours before the lottery draw.

You've been busy for months and you've just put down roots in this big city, and it's the first time you've left work so early. Looking down the road at the early lights, you don't even know where you have to go and who you can talk to.

The city is so big and you go about your daily business of surviving in it, but none of its joys and prosperity seem to belong to you.

You won't know what you have to accomplish tomorrow as soon as your eyes open, you won't want to try to outdo yourself every day, and you won't have your fellow soldiers sleeping around who will be disciplined together.

You start to miss your unit a little and the brothers who slept in your bunk, even if eight out of ten of them had stinky feet.

Emotionally depressed, you go back to your rented place and look at your new clothes on the bed, you decide to be extravagant ......

--To the big baths for a bath.

The basement you live in is a converted garage with no bathroom, just a sink where you can simply wash your car, originally for the convenience of washing it.

In the summer it was possible to scrub in, but now that the weather is cooler, bathing becomes a problem.

You haven't had a proper bath in two months, so you don't have much of a struggle at all and decide to go to the legendary "everything" bathhouse and spend some money.

You take your toiletries with you and follow the directions on your mobile phone map and drive the express car to the nearest bath house " HuaQingChi ".

The porter takes you for a delivery and directs you to the back door.

You dazedly parked at the back door, entered and crossed into the lobby of the luxurious bathhouse.

The lobby is furnished with European-style sofas and coffee tables, lit with aromatherapy you can't quite put your finger on, and you have thick shag carpets under your feet that are so soft and soft that you don't feel like you're on the ground at all.

You look up and are stunned by the numerous nude portraits in the style of Western oil paintings on the dome.

The last time you saw such an exaggerated dome was when you followed your master on a delivery to some pompous five-star hotel. But the angels in that dome were wearing clothes.

You think that this is probably some sort of feature of the baths and go to the front desk somewhat less comfortably.

"Send a delivery to the back ......"

The smiling receptionist in the suit said to him, "It's not a good idea to pick up the delivery at the front."

"I'm here to take a shower."

You say that.

At your words, the smiling waiter next to you immediately brings you a cup of floral tea.

You happen to be a little thirsty and drink up the cup of jasmine tea in one gulp.

"Would you like a bath, wet steam, dry steam, hydrotherapy, or a wellness combination?"

The receptionist asked politely.


All of a sudden, you think the person is going to make a dish out of you and is asking how many ways you can eat it, so you are a little confused.

"Just ...... take a bath."

You say hesitantly.

"Want to dine?"

The receptionist asked again, "We have dinner here."

When you hear that there's food, you think to yourself that the baths are just like the legend, "they have everything", and say that you don't need dinner.

You still have a lot of undigested snacks in your tummy.

"It's one hundred and fifty-eight dollars in total without meals and without any items. The lounge area, gym and various baths are free, the third floor is a rest area where you can take a nap, and the ground floor has a restaurant with a waiter who will direct you in to deposit your belongings."

The receptionist did your registration and handed you a pass.

You hear that a bath costs one hundred and fifty-eight dollars and feel that you have entered a shady shop.

Looking at the smiling face of the other person, you painfully take out your mobile phone and pay for your "shower".

After storing your things with the staff and changing into your bathrobe and slippers, you decide that you want to take back the one hundred and fifty-eight dollars and have a good time.

Better sleep here tonight!

You went to the shower area to rinse off briefly before heading to the large bath for a good soak.

The moment you bury your body in the hot tub, you let out a long, comfortable sigh, as if even the tiredness in your pores has been taken away.

After the bath, you explored all the free areas like a child.

You go to the lounge area and watch a half day gunfight movie, then go to the gym and lift iron.

Watching you effortlessly lift a gym barbell, a few other lanky lads take an interest in you and come around to ask you to "compete" with them.

You find the familiarity of being 'named' in the army and readily agree to the ensuing competition.

You take off your bathrobe, you go topless and start "lifting iron".

Your barbells start to go up a little bit and the crowd around you grows.

When you reach the fifth level, several of the boys you are competing with express their lack of stamina and you grab the barbell that has been added to the fifth level and do a few squats with standard form.

It was a contest that you won, and although you didn't win any prizes, you were still happy.

People around you start to take an interest in your muscles and ask what gym you train at or where you keep fit.

You tell them you're not a fitness instructor, just a courier ......

"So he's a hard labourer, no wonder he's so strong."

You heard that from one of the lads who lost.

"You must carry quite a lot of goods every day, don't you?"

"I used to be a military ......"

The second half of what you are about to say is choked into your mouth by the contemptuous glare from the other side.

Looking around you at the "surprise" looks you get at your answers, you suddenly lose interest in the game.

You grabbed your own bathrobe, casually draped it over you and left the gym.

A little tired from the iron lifting you've just done, you return to the bath to soak and relieve your tense muscles, then get up again and decide to go to the rest area to squint and relax for a while.

You arrive at the lounge area and look at the time on the lounge wall clock, it's half past eight.

Slumped in your recliner, you hope that the older man watching TV next door will wake you up at 9.15am, and after receiving an affirmative answer from the other side, you slowly close your eyes.

Not long after, you are shaken awake and you think it's the grandfather calling you up, but instead you find a wiry young man crouching furtively in front of your recliner.

"What is it?"

You frown and turn your head to find that the oldest man who had only just promised to wake you up has disappeared.

"Sir, our place is so luxurious and full of services, you are at a disadvantage if you don't enjoy any package! I see that you are a bit lonely to come alone, do you want to ......"

The young man looks at you with a slightly lewd smile.

"Have a Big Boogie?"

Author's Note: Mini-theatre.

You look down the road at the early lights and wonder where you have to go and who you can talk to.

Cat Litter Lady: ......

The lady who sells clothes: ......

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