Chapter 44: The Undeliverable Delivery (III)

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You hesitate for just a moment, and then choose to jump over.

During your time as a soldier, you were always at the top of the "climbing over obstacles" training programme, and you have demonstrated this to new recruits on many occasions. You are very confident in your "climbing" ability, and you believe that this is not beyond your ability.

You instructed the old man to go downstairs and wait for the police, while you climbed agilely over the air conditioning frame of the balcony.

You have just climbed onto the other balcony when you see a middle-aged man also running towards the balcony carrying a rope and a bundle, as if to escape from the balcony.

You meet him straight away, he's dark and hostile, not a nice guy.

When you try to climb in through the balcony window, he immediately rushes towards you with a grimace. You were so upset that you tried to pass through the window immediately, but the man pushed you out of the window in a desperate attempt!

You feel the dizziness of weightlessness and the fear of a rapid fall.

Fear fuels your adrenaline and makes you concentrate so hard that in the nick of time, you grab onto the third floor balcony netting with your arm strength and reflexes and hang on for dear life.

You are hanging on the third floor balcony, looking around, trying to find a way to save yourself, with great concern for the safety of the girl upstairs.

Anyone who pushes someone off a building must be a vicious person.

Just then you feel a sound coming down from above your head and you look up to find the middle-aged man descending from the balcony by means of a rope.

By now your arm has been pushed to the point of pain and you dare not call out for help to the occupants on the third floor for fear that the evil men overhead will find you.

After just three or four minutes of holding it together, you see the bad guy stepping onto the third floor security fence and is about to continue down.

The other person meets your eyes again as they lower their head to find the path.

Seeing that your opponent is about to lift his foot and stomp on you, this time you choose to "pre-empt" him by releasing your right hand and pulling him viciously by the ankle, pulling him down hard.

Your opponent loses his balance and falls through the third floor security fence, and you dart after him with your quick eyes, hanging on to him.

Your opponent's safety rope saves your lives, you put your arms around the bad guy's body and both of you hang out of the first floor window.

At that moment the police finally arrived and you shouted for help. The police saw you hanging out of the first floor window, rescued you and subdued the dark-skinned bad guys.

You inform the police that you are the one who called the police, and your neighbour's old grandfather testifies for you. You fear for the safety of the girl upstairs and follow the police upstairs, where they call ahead and call a locksmith, who arrives not long afterwards and opens the security door.

The room was a mess, with signs of having been rummaged through, and you found the girl who had made the call on the sofa in the living room, dishevelled, with visible wounds and blood on her head, collapsed on the sofa, unconscious.

There is a dying cat lying under the sofa, and when it sees you coming, it opens its eyes with difficulty to look at you, and then closes them helplessly.

The girl was taken to hospital by the police and you went to the police station with the suspect to assist in the investigation and give evidence as a witness.

You call your master to report the incident, explaining that you may not be able to complete your courier duties today and ask him to take a shift for you and come by the police station to take your courier van.

Your master is worried about your safety and has said that the courier can be delivered tomorrow, so that you can assist the police in the case without worrying.

So you stayed at the police station until late afternoon.

As a "brave" and dedicated courier, you have been praised by the police, but also received a lot of criticism.

They dismissed your dangerous actions such as "jumping out of a window" or "jumping on the prisoner and going down the stairs with him" and believed that this could easily result in negligent injury and put your own life at risk.

After a police investigation, you learn that the bad guy who burgled the house is a former convicted rapist and murderer who has just been released from prison and who now makes a living as an air conditioner repairer and outside unit cleaner.

Before the incident, he was supposed to clean and repair the home downstairs, but ran the wrong floor.

The owner of this home opened the door to the air conditioning repairman without asking and mistook him for a cat litter delivery man. After finding the girl living alone, the offender had the idea to commit a crime and took advantage of the girl's relaxed vigilance to force his way into the house and prepare to commit the crime.

But he is soon surprised by you who happen to come to deliver the goods.

The girl struggles violently when she hears you knocking on the door, and in order not to let you at the door notice that something is wrong, he knocks the girl on the head with a hard object so that she loses consciousness and tries to use words to deter you from continuing with the crime.

In the process, the girl's cat attacked him and was kicked hard several times, seriously injuring him.

Realising that there was no way to escape from the door, the culprit raided the house for valuable items and then prepared to use his air conditioning skills to escape through the balcony, only to be intercepted by you who also tried to enter the room through the balcony and eventually fell into the net.

When you leave the police station, you know that the girl is still in a coma and that her family wants to meet you and thank you in person, you refuse the request and feel very guilty.

You think it was your willingness to deliver the litter to her door that made the little girl lose her guard and easily open the door for the stranger, and that you were too slow to deliver the litter early enough for her to get away with it.

You worry that your kicking at the door has irritated the culprit and blame yourself for not immediately choosing to jump out of the window from the house next door when you noticed something wrong, but instead trying to break down the door ......

With remorse, you drive the delivery truck back to the business location, only to find that the cold-faced team leader is not off duty and has been waiting for you.

The team leader personally counts your remaining parcels and, relieved to find that none are missing, states that today's circumstances are exceptional and that although your task was not completed, you may not have to pay a fine.

However, afterwards he politely reminds you that you have no work injury insurance since it is your first day at work, and that the company can theoretically not compensate you if you have an accident or are injured for this reason, so I hope you will not be impulsive or heroic next time.

You return to your rented basement in a depressed mood, the soreness in your arm and the tearing sensation in your back reminding you that you are still injured from the thrilling scene of the day.

But you don't have health insurance yet and have to put up with it alone.

You find some safflower oil, finish medicating the wound in solitude, endure the physical pain of soreness and close your eyes to end the tumultuous day.


As soon as you wake up the next day, you are once again full of blood.

Feeling the physical relief, you begin to realise that you may be starting to repeat yesterday all over again.

The date on your phone tells you that your guess is correct.

You've had such a thrilling day yesterday that it's only now that you suddenly remember that you actually forgot to check your lottery winnings from last night!

You're so distraught that you almost don't have the motivation to get out of bed, but the thought that you still have a chance to win the prize today makes you pull yourself together, get up and start washing up.

After breakfast, you bring breakfast to your colleagues at the courier point and are the first to arrive.

Your master is the second to arrive at the office and opens the door for you.

Taking your breakfast from you, he praises your first day's work and the way you identify with your colleagues, and brags to later colleagues about how "well behaved" his apprentice is.

You sort and load couriers as fast as you can, moving as if you've been working for a long time as a veteran.

Your master is worried that you can't complete so many tasks, but you say you can.

After buying cigarettes, breakfast and lollipops again, you give your breakfast to the old man on the street as usual, then go to the "programmer's street", pay the security guard with your cigarettes and finish delivering more than yesterday's delivery.

You climbed the stairs countless times to deliver as fast as you could some deliveries that would not have been delivered any later, and then went to the "little fat boy's" house and managed to get two buns in exchange for a lollipop.

For the rest of the day, you returned to the delivery point and helped the sorters at the operations point sort through the new arrivals and re-sort a new batch of deliveries for delivery.

The cold-faced team leader is so pleasant to you that he can't wait to hire more "hard-working" employees like you.

You have a quick bite to eat and refuse to delay for a moment, ready to set off with a new load of deliveries.

A new shipment arrives at the point of business, and among them is that Xiao Heyun's arrival. Your master calls and suggests that you come back and reload a little more of the new arrivals before you leave. You refuse his suggestion, telling you that you have already driven a long way out.

You are not going to deliver this afternoon's arrival, the owner of this delivery will either be at home taking a nap, not on like Xiao Heyun, or still at work, so please deliver in the evening.

" Qin Rourou? Your cat litter has arrived."

You rummage through the cat litter in your car and call the girl from yesterday.

You agreed to her request to deliver the cat litter and emphatically reminded her never to open the door to strangers and that you would call her when you arrived at the door.

The girl thanks you over the phone for your attentiveness and promises you will never just open the door.

You carry twenty pounds of cat litter upstairs as fast as you can, and after calling to confirm your identity, the girl opens the door for you.

Yesterday she was covered in blood and you didn't see it, but today you realise that this loli-voiced girl is not a little girl, but a mature woman with a pretty well-developed body, only with a younger voice.

You put the cat litter in the entryway where she asked for it and the other cat meows at you and rubs up against your feet.

"It's weird, I'm a very unkind cat ......"

Slightly surprised, this woman, Qin Rourou, knelt down and picked up her cat.

"Probably it threw in with you."

You don't know how a person is supposed to "bond" with a cat. After signing the delivery, you repeatedly tell her not to open the door when she is alone, even if it is a courier or a home appliance repairman, but to verify her identity and make sure there is no danger before opening the door.

The woman thanked you again and wanted to exchange a personal mobile phone number or micro signal with you so that when a delivery is made in the future, she can confirm that it is you in person?

You: ......????

Does this woman ask you to deliver cat litter every day?

Carrying 20 pounds upstairs every day will kill you, okay?

You are very firm in your request for your micro signal, and the other party sends you out the door disappointed.

After leaving the door, you do not leave immediately, but continue to call outside the building and ask other people in this block to come and pick up the delivery outside this building.

You dawdle around until two o'clock, watching the air-conditioning man from yesterday enter the building, and follow him in.

Once again, the air conditioner "finds the wrong" floor, and you keep a close eye on the situation on the next floor, relieved to find that the girl does not open the door for him.

But instead of leaving, you find this air conditioning man at the girl's door asking some questions about the need for air conditioning maintenance, so you rush up to the fifth floor and shout.

"What the hell! Why don't you leave in front of my house!"

You successfully scare off the air conditioning man, once again refusing the girl's request to open the door and invite you in for a seat, and see the air conditioning man off to the fourth floor where the air conditioning is being repaired.

You called the police and informed them that you had seen an air conditioning worker in the building "stepping out" in a suspicious manner, and after waiting for the police to send someone to the house to check, you left the block in your delivery truck.

You are very happy that no one was hurt this time, and you have pretty much done your job for the day.

At this point, you may choose to park your car in a safe place in the afternoon and go out on your own to "fish".

or they can choose to drive back to the courier point, load another load, make more money and win the approval of their colleagues and leaders in the process.

You begin to hesitate.

Author's Note: A little theater.

Beauty: Can I add you a WeChat?

You: (Rejected) You want to trick me into carrying kitty litter every day? No way!

Beauty: ......

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