Chapter 97: Doing the best you can

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Lu Jiayan's birthday is coming up.

The last time I teased Sheng Mingzhi in bed, it caused her to sulk for a few days and it took a long time to get her to settle down.

Anyway, Sheng Mingzhi will never trust this old man's words again.

Not a word of truth comes out of his mouth!

However, the closer Lu Jiayan's birthday came, the more torn Sheng Mingzhi became.

He has not yet decided what to get Lu Jiayan for her birthday.

Every year for his birthday, Lu Jiayan gave him something that was basically an expensive luxury beyond the means of ordinary people.

Yachts, luxury cars and watches are all things that Sheng Mingzhi has grown tired of collecting.

But Lu Jiayan has nothing to lose.

It should be said that Lu Jiayan himself has everything that can be bought with money, so he probably won't be able to give anything new to the other party.

And if it did, it must have been faked!

Mr. Sheng Jr. has already seen Lu Jiayan's acting skills.

And, for sure, you can't ask Lu Jiayan on your own initiative.

He knew with his toes what this man would say, probably that he would look at himself with those flirtatious peach blossom eyes and say cheaply "Little Mr. Sheng can give himself to me as a gift".

...... dirt death to him.

Shen Ling replied to him in a WeChat message.

[Why are you still obsessing about this?

[Isn't there that original composition already (facepalm)]


Of course I know that.

Shen Ling said the original composition was the half of Sheng Mingzhi's love song that he didn't finish writing in high school.

But wouldn't it be a bit shabby with just love songs?

Sheng Mingzhi thought to herself, "Haven't you always believed that love without material things is a scattering of sand? But it doesn't work with him!

He has few friends, and apart from Shen Ling, he can't find anyone to talk to for a while.

The small friendship group of three has fallen silent again since Jiang Bie left the country.

Sheng Mingzhi originally wanted to ask Jiang Bie, a man with a lot of ideas, for advice.

But when you pull up the chat log, the conversation is still on the same page as last year's New Year's message.

Jiang Bie sent him a message wishing him a happy new year, and he politely replied.

Then, there was no more then.

...... is too plastic!

Sheng Mingzhi An embarrassed scalp.

Dealing with this kind of friendship, which only gets familiar when you meet, is slightly tricky for him.

Sheng Mingzhi has never been one to actively seek out contact, and in a relationship, be it love or friendship, he will only be reckless and unscrupulous when he is absolutely sure.

When we met back in China, we felt that our relationship with Jiang Bie was almost back to the high school days.

Once abroad, he disappears again, unsure of how much friendship he holds in his heart, preventing Sheng Mingzhi from taking the first step to find him.

What if he reaches out to him and Jiang Bie doesn't answer him?

Wouldn't he be a disgrace then!

Forget it.

Little Mr. Sheng... better figure it out for yourself! -

On the eve of Lu Jiayan's birthday, Sheng Mingzhi spent a week in the piano room, finally completing the entire composition.

Due to the long interval between compositions, there is a very noticeable change in the style of the pieces.

The first half of the song is subtle and restrained, full of the caution of a secret love, while the second half is focused and passionate, clearly in love.

He played it himself and thought it sounded good, so he went to the studio and recorded the whole thing for Lu Jiayan's birthday.

In addition, Sheng Mingzhi has also created a bespoke couple's watch, one for Lu Jiayan and the other for himself.

As long as he doesn't wear it in front of Lu Jiayan, Lu Jiayan won't know he has one anyway.jpg

The birthday coincided with the airing of the second episode of the main series of All Those Years.

It was recorded over a two-day break and was split into two parts, so Sheng Mingzhi was a bit sad to see that this one would be gone after the broadcast.

He himself has secretly watched the source of the first episode of the main film several times.

Thought I was the only one who couldn't part with it.

As a result, after the official blog of "All Those Years" released a teaser of the main movie's online time tonight, the netizens in the comments were even more upset than he was.

"I cried, the thought of this being the last episode made me start going crazy, I've never been so aggravated in my life!!!"

"Start a crowdfunding campaign, will your show run for days and days?"

"If I can't see chilli oil and sandwiches doi, some of my, that is, like my looks my figure, and my social graces, and good morals, good character and even my soul will be ruined ......"

"Pinch mum ...... rushed hard when it didn't air ...... when it did I couldn't be bothered to watch it again TvT"

"Can you pay to put a live camera in the boss's bedroom? Do you know how I get by without drugs?"

"Is there still a live stream tonight, haven't seen my wife for a while and kind of miss it (light a cigarette.jpg)"

"I really need the chilli oil and sandwiches, how am I going to live without them ...... (on my knees)"

"You pissed off the boss's wife so badly last time you went live, didn't you boss get fired yet?"


The live stream of "All Those Years" proper went live creating a ridiculously high level of conversation and buzz, and it's clear the showrunners have taken this to the extreme. A dozen hot searches were made that night, with Sheng Mingzhi's simply riding high.

In order to continue the brilliant buzz of the first episode and to follow through on the show's aim of making things happen, a second live episode was of course scheduled.

So the official blog went straight down to the comments and replied.

"Don't worry. We're not afraid of offending the boss's wife (dog head)"

Not only that, but the show's team has already offended Sheng Mingzhi once because of the death of the live streaming community.

Why not just break the pot and offend the "boss's wife" even more?

So, after reaching out to HeMu, the crew pulled off an even bigger job in the second episode!

Add a fifteen-minute quick-fire question-and-answer live interview to the original live interaction!

Moreover, the questions for the live interviews are selected directly from the audience questions in the live stream.

Let's play big!

--but not really no control at all.

After all, cp fans some questions asked, if you dare to answer, the live room is the extent of the direct will be blocked.jpg

So the programme team will also have a water force to bring the questions prepared in advance to the live broadcast.

Pick 4-5 to use for field control.

The proposal was unanimously approved as soon as it came out.

The director's team contacted the guests, got the go-ahead, and then threw down the gauntlet once again after releasing the official live channel in the evening!

@AllThoseYearsTogether: All Those Years ...... Is there anything you'd like to ask your cp? -- Lock in to the Those Years Together online live stream tonight at 7:30 p.m. as Xiao Na brings you a new immersive and interactive stoner experience! [Live channel link ......]

Comments spike instantly on.


"woc me DouBan eat the melon for real, is there really a live interview tonight?"

"True you guys, looks like you've found your next company (dog head)"

"Shit, my favorite live interview is here! Is it true that the Q&A is chosen in the pop-ups, it's really important to me!!!"

"I really want to know if my cp did a hard doi last night, can you guys ask for me please?"


There has never been a variety show that has played this big.

So as soon as the live interview format of those years came out, the topic of the second live episode of the main film was swept up in the news.

When there is heat, the battlefield begins.

As well as looking forward to tonight's second episode, major websites are starting to rehash the first episode.

After all, it's the variety show that sells marriage.

Some of the passers-by who are not high on cp love to do nothing more than analyse the feelings of a few pairs of guests.

After the broadcast, Sheng Mingzhi was the most analyzed and discussed on the forum.

Not only did he dispel the rumours of a business marriage, but it seems that he and Lu Jiayan are the sweetest couple in the "Cyber Divorce" variety show "All Those Years"!

In contrast, the pair of Lu Jin and Pei Lexuan are analysed for many inconsistencies.

Including a lack of tolerance in everyday life, Lu Jin always has a superior and commanding attitude towards Pei Lexuan, and the disparity in family background is so great that their class relationship carries over into their marriage.

Rather than a 'boss' and a 'wife', Lu Jin has found himself a male nanny.

The two sets of discussions on the internet have been tearing it up like crazy.

As soon as the trailer for the second episode went live, netizens went from the forums to Twitter commenting on.

"Those who say Brother Lu and Le Xuan are bad, what are you proper owners?"

"Anyway, from appearance to education and family background, they all match haha (soybean smile)."

"Can you please not pull the pedal to the metal? Le Xuan wasn't meant to be flamboyant, not everyone is a masterpiece."

"Laughable, 2025 and still using introversion as a cover? Do you think the audience is blind and can't see that Lu Jin treats Pei Lexuan as a male nanny? Sorry haha, only the favoured ones are emboldened to treat it like a sperm.jpg"

"Don't you think Brother Lu gets better stoned with Le Xuan, that S.M. sense of command and obedience?"

"I'm literally going to scream for help ...... Lu Jin Not an order is greasy, understand? Your dad I can't appreciate this kind of unreciprocated love, real life marriage is about tolerance, OK?"


There were also comments from real road users that

-- "How desperate are you to tear into Sheng Mingzhi's fans?"

Is there anyone in the entertainment industry who doesn't know that his fans are taught by Sheng Mingzhi's hands to be mouthy.jpg-

Sheng Mingzhi When I saw the live interview, I knew the crew was up to something again.

The programme team has no idea what kind of questions the netizens can ask?

If he dares to answer, may I ask if your programme team dares to broadcast it?

Sheng Mingzhi, who has been fighting anti-fans for years, is certainly not afraid of their questions.

I was just worried that Lu Jiayan might not be able to adapt.

So when it came to styling, Sheng Mingzhi turned to Lu Jiayan: "Jiayan."

Lu Jiayan looked up and Sheng Mingzhi hesitated for a moment: "During the live interview later, if you don't want to answer some questions, you don't have to."

The man didn't say anything, but his expression gave it all away.

It's like "what if I don't answer?".

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

You won't go broke if you don't answer Sheng Jia.

On second thought, however, Sheng Mingzhi thought he was overthinking things.

Lu Jiayan can hold all of Sheng Jia's power in his hands completely by himself, and still can't handle a few netizens?

Sheng Mingzhi put his mind at ease, thinking there was nothing seriously wrong.

Then it became clear that he had been reassured too soon.

The live interview starts at 7.30.

It says it's an interview, but it's really just one more host interacting with the pop-ups and picking some questions for the guests to answer.

Before the interview began, Sheng Mingzhi's right eye "popped".

Like most Chinese, Sheng Mingzhi is rich, but also has a combination of atheistic and superstitious beliefs.

For example, if one's left eye is filled with wealth, one is sure to get rich recently.

For example, the right eye jumping for disaster is a superstitious statement that should not be believed.

Sheng Mingzhi reminds us of Lu Jiayan's unbridled style of speech, talking to everyone as if they were flirting, with no control over their mouths.

Even before the live broadcast, he admonished, " Lu Jiayan you wait and don't talk nonsense, look at my face!"

Even " Lu Jiayan" is called.

The matter is more serious.

As a result the live stream opened the moment Sheng Mingzhi opened his mouth.

The internet instantly poured in, hearing in passing this warning from him.


"Unfilial son, as soon as I came in I heard you had secrets to hide from your father."

"What can we say that we paying subscribers can't hear?"

"Go ahead, boss, we take full responsibility if something goes wrong."

"@Sheng Mingzhi, I called the CC to report you for false broadcasting, you're on your own."

"Who @ the National Anti-Fraud Centre? Little trash pure and simple scamming us out of our money."

"Good. Opening with a social death, I like it, keep it up."

"Look at Sheng Mingzhi's face, right? I've learnt that his face is super red now."


I had no idea that the "disaster" of the left eye jumping would come so quickly.

Sheng Mingzhi disliked it with a stiff upper lip: "Who is the fraud? Don't you have to be my father, what's wrong with taking some money from you?"



"Now you're admitting your father? Why don't I usually see you shouting twice?"

Sheng Mingzhi's philosophy of "not arguing with idiots" ignored the arrogant pop-ups from netizens.

At the same time, other live interviews had already started.

There are about 5-6 pre-prepared questions, basically revolving around pre-marital love and post-marital life, which, to use a pop-up phrase, is a disguised upgraded version of the 100 Questions on Couples' Sexuality - the kind without the restricted 50 questions that follow.

All the other live interviews went well.

After all, they're all Variety Old Yi greasers and know how to answer with sugar and conversation.

And the pop-ups are painted in a harmonious style, asking rather cherubic questions.

The other three hosts of the show also chose their pop-up questions in order, and the host in charge of Sheng Mingzhi's live studio saw this and thought to himself that it wasn't that hard!

I don't even know why the other three peers gave me that "get over yourself" look when they heard I was assigned to interview Sheng Mingzhi.

Even Director Cui patted her on the shoulder and said, "You've worked hard".

Thanks to the director's team who also prepared some alternate questions, it was quite normal to see people asking questions on the pop-ups in the live stream.

All of them are.

"Where was the first date?"

"What gift would you like the person to give themselves?"

Other than that, she just couldn't believe what else the internet could ask!

It was good that the presenter suddenly felt confident about his career.

The nerves of having to visit the owner and his wife were calmed!

With her peers lining the room, she looked confidently at the pop-up and prepared to read out a few normal questions.

Until his eyes fell on the live stream's pop-ups, the host's voice came to a screeching halt and even his smile froze on his face -

"How many times did you do it last night? Tell me about it?"

"Hello, may I join your family, please? I'll be a daughter."

"May I ask Sheng Mingzhi to be my wife? If not I can be his wife."

"Boss, how do you feel about the boss man bringing songs written for White Moonlight to perfume you? I suggest to supermarket him hard and teach him a lesson!"

"What was the last time the crew silenced you two, I really want to know and have added it to the bucket list."

"Can I please have a kiss on the spot? The child is terminally ill and has one last wish before he dies."

"According to the national law of monogamy, I can legally have Sheng Mingzhi as my wife and Lu Jiayan as my husband, who objects?"

"Wife is so hot, I want to grass too, can I? (soy coloring)"



There's absolutely no question of any of this passing muster!!!

The presenter was in tears.

Finally, I know why my peers look at themselves with that look!

Finally, we know why the director prepared the alternate questions!

Not bad for you.

Director Cui!

Sheng Mingzhi Looking at these messy pop-ups, the idea of pulling the plug on the net was silly.

Lu Jiayan raised his eyebrows when he saw the line "Boss, how do you think the boss's wife used the one she wrote to Bai Yueguang as a perfunctory response to you".

"A song written for White Moonlight?"

Little did he know that Lu Jiayan would see this one out of the thousands of pop-ups.

Sheng Mingzhi is a bit suspicious that this dog man is doing it on purpose!

There was a brief pause for a second before the pop-ups went "holy shit".

"Thule, I love it!"

"The scene we've been waiting for since the preview finally happened!"

"I'm a passerby who can't even stand to watch, boss this you can stand? Now press the little punk against the wall and supermarket him hard!"

"I'm an adult, I can watch (scream)"


The presenter saw this and rushed to save the day.

The netizens don't know that Sheng Mingzhi's White Moonlight is him, but their programme team does!

The preview was finally going to be a big reveal and he hurriedly cued, "Did the boss know that Mr. Sheng had a white moon when he was reading?"

Lu Jiayan gives a long, meaningful look at Sheng Mingzhi, who: ......

The man said slowly, "I know."

The pop-ups got excited.

Lu Jiayan said quietly, "I guess he's a very good man to be the white moonlight of little Mr. Sheng."

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Fuck you.

Shame on you.



"How come it's not the same as I expected from the Thule?"

"Chilli oil, you've changed, you used to be so petty (squeeze fist)"


The presenter added: " Mr. Sheng, what do you think of what Mr. Lu said?"

Sheng Mingzhi sneered, "Neither, I guess."

After a pause, he said sincerely, "I think it's still a far cry from Jiayan's first love."

Lu Jiayan: "......"



"? The boss has a first love?"

"WOC I don't believe it, this b can actually admit his husband's first love so openly? This mustn't be a cry?"


Lu Jiayan nodded, "Well. That's true, it's really a lot worse than my first love."

After saying this, he looked at Sheng Mingzhi with a smirk.

The host was curious, "What kind of person was Mr. Lu's first love?"

Lu Jiayan pondered for a moment, his peach blossom eyes smiling with emotion: "Very introverted?"

The host then asked Sheng Mingzhi: "What about Mr. Sheng's white moonlight?"

Sheng Mingzhi is unmoved: "Very gentle."

The eyes cannot be faked.

Both of them clearly have a long-standing love for their first love and their "white moonlight".

Pop-ups giggle at.

"Leak!!! We are the leak!!! Leak!!!"

"I don't believe it, tell me it's a fake!!!"

"Good, now it's my turn to cry hard and hang myself."

"Fuck, why is getting real rps still so sad??"

"I collapsed the room? I grass I really can't stand the kind of marriage after the heart and white moonlight and first love, chili oil you give me repeat!!!"


This is where the live interview comes to an abrupt end.

I thought I'd get a bit of sugar, but I was fed a mouthful of glass cutters, causing the netizens' pop-ups to break down their defences.

As a result, I didn't expect to see a reversal less than ten minutes after the defence was broken.

Not even until the anti-fans next door rush over to mock their plastic husband and wife.

After the interview, the second episode of the main film begins and picks up with a single pa from the Rose Campus.

The images were shot in a heartwarming way, and it just so happens that the first one is an interview with Sheng Mingzhi.

The host also cued Sheng Mingzhi's opinion on Lu Jiayan in the main film.

Sheng Mingzhi's answer overlapped with the on-air one: "He is very gentle."

At the same time, the scene switches to Lu Jiayan's impression of Sheng Mingzhi.

The man said warmly, "Very introverted."

There is something subtly wrong.

The pop-ups gradually reacted a little: the

"...... Why do I feel this response is déjà vu."

"Very Gentle", "Very Introverted"

"Did you two husband and wife go to the same Taobao shop to buy your filters, give me a link so I can buy the same one."

"No. Am I the only one who finds it odd how it's the same character as both their white moon and their first love??"

"Is it possible, I mean hypothetical, to assume that the white moonlight of the sandwich is the chilli oil, and by the same token it follows that the first love of the chilli oil is the sandwich."

"No way ...... I'm already happy enough to be high in my life to get a bully as a sperm, how could I possibly have this blessing to get a two-way crush??"

"Don't lie to me, I'll fall for it (puppies hugging their legs and shedding tears)"

"Who was it that moved the dna of marriage before love, I mean it turned out to be me."

"It can't be ...... this persona is too original delayed ...... am I really the npc pop-up (dog head) inside the original delayed novel"

"I think I'm a bit too happy, who woke me up?"

"Holy shit, they paid me back for my two-way crush on my previous loan to get high?"


Then a pop-up screen appeared.

"Sisters, I come from the back of the progress bar, can responsibly tell you, rest assured high first marriage, two-way crush, year on year raising, and I white moonlight is actually my own sugar, not really I live eat keyboard ......"

Then another pop-up appeared.

"Let's just say, family members, our blessings are behind us ......"

After a short ten minute progress bar, the scene switches to Sheng Mingzhi's single pa.

Just in time to record his line, "I always liked him when I was a student, when I thought he was like a god coming down from the altar."

In particular, the showrunners are trying to create explosions and move the audience's emotions.

It was also edited together with footage of Lu Jiayan from the show, back to back with Lu Jiayan's single interview: " Mingzhi for me is a gift of life to me."

Set to the episode of the film 'Love Letters' The Flight.

Without the show's script, the two men's shockingly consistent statements had all of the pop-ups stoned silly.

"...... Holy shit, I was just so high I couldn't breathe!!!"

"So, Sheng Mingzhi's love interest is Lu Jiayan? Sheng Mingzhi has had a crush on Lu Jiayan since junior high school? Lu Jiayan's first love is Sheng Mingzhi?"?

"I've watched this bit over and over twenty times my roommate says I'm dancing around like a madman now ......"

"Who's crazy if I'm not crazy who's crazy if I'm not crazy!!!"

"Okay, I declare you guys a divine cp that God has rewarded me with as well."

"Fuck me, I didn't save the galaxy in my last life I don't believe it ......"

"It's a bit too much happiness now family, do we mean we'll be lucky enough to get such a real cp in the future ......"

"I really didn't think the two-way crush from the previous loan mouth hi was even real ...... The last time I was high on such a real cp was when I was a paperweight!!!"


As soon as this positive clip was released, it was spun mad by the marketing numbers.

The real-life version of a marriage between a wealthy family who married first and then fell in love, but now it's been discovered that it's a two-way crush, a year-on-year upbringing, who can stand it?

Although he had already heard Lu Jiayan say it once, Sheng Mingzhi could not contain his joy when he saw it in the main film.

It took half a day of madness before someone in the pop-up reacted.

"So I just got another hard show of affection from this evil husband and wife?"

"So the white moonlight is yourself ah chili oil, cool who is cool, it turns out to be cool I (light a cigarette)"

"OK I get it, sandwiches and chilli oil means they can replace all the loans if we're bold!"

"Got it. Now the loan sandwich has a lover's sandwich."

"If I don't have a grandchild in ten months I'll report you and your husband to the National Anti-Fraud Centre, see for yourself."


Sheng Mingzhi scanned through and saw the last two items, embarrassed to the point of blushing.

...... Don't carry a model like this that is beyond the limits of human science, okay? He can give birth to a ghost!

Netizens looked like they had lost their minds and swiped the last two pop-ups to the max.

Lu Jiayan could hardly have failed to notice and said, "It's impossible to do such a thing."

Sheng Mingzhi nodded hastily, "It would have been."

Nice, a rare human word from a dog man!

In the next moment, Lu Jiayan continues with a sense of humility, "But I can do my best."

Sheng Mingzhi nodded without even thinking: "Yes-"

He froze and seemed to react, looking slightly dumbfounded.

The pop-ups also stalled.

Sheng Mingzhi was so shocked that he broke into tones and his ears were red and dripping blood: "You're doing your best to-"

You try your best in what? Do your best in bed?

Lu Jiayan seems to have sensed what Sheng Mingzhi was thinking, curving his lips to tease, "Doing something that's not going to pass muster."

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