Chapter 37: It's the heart that moves

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Sheng Mingzhi's CV was moderately well written, and after all, Little Wang couldn't find any good templates for him to download.

Plus, celebrities' work experience is generally only within the entertainment industry, and Sheng Mingzhi really has nothing to show for his three years in the industry.

The minutes are ticking by.

Sheng Mingzhi looked at Lu Jiayan, then at his own CV, and suddenly felt a little uncomfortable.

He didn't feel ashamed of the paste when he was in the entertainment industry.

And whether it's red or pasty, he doesn't care. Sheng Mingzhi purely doesn't want to waste his beauty and genuinely believes that Chinese people around the world and compatriots on both sides of the strait should come and admire his face.

There's one more thing that people won't believe - he actually, quite likes the stage.

Sheng Mingzhi still remembers the first time he stepped on stage.

The stage was so big, three or four times bigger than the one at their school.

The light was so bright that it almost burned his eyes.

But at the same time, it made his blood boil, as if he was answering the call of the stage.

It's as if he was born to stand on stage, to live in the spotlight, to receive all the adulation and worship of millions of people.

Lost in thought, he froze for a moment.

But acting is different from the stage.

Sheng Mingzhi was slightly interested but never quite got up to it.

So they treat the entertainment industry like a retirement job, clocking in and out of work from 9 to 5.

A day is a day, it's not like he's making a living out of it anyway.

What's more, Sheng Mingzhi takes his job very seriously, in his own mind.

Of course, it is Sheng Mingzhi's character to take responsibility for a job, whether it is a job or not, and this has been the case since she was a child.

It's just that the feedback is not very good.

He didn't used to care much.

But now Lu Jiayan is so formally perusing his years of uneventful work experience.

A bit, shame.

Why did he just ask Lu Jiayan to revise his CV on a whim?

The dog man is not secretly mocking himself now, is he?

Lu Jiayan's life history is indeed glorious when you think about it. He was the number one student in his grade from high school, a top 100 university in China, and later went abroad to study for a master's degree at a top 1 university in the world. A few days ago, Sheng Mingzhi was featured in the financial search, and I heard that one of Sheng Jia's apps had been downloaded more than 1 billion times overseas.

With a global population of 7 billion, that's one in seven people who have downloaded a Sheng Jia product.



Mr. Sheng Jr. was willing to be ridiculed even if he was.

But to Sheng Mingzhi's surprise, Lu Jiayan didn't make a mockery of it.

He was waiting for the venom, but Lu Jiayan just spoke patiently, "The purpose of a CV is to get you a job, so you have to know exactly what your strengths are compared to your competitors. An HR officer only has about 10 seconds to read a CV, but yours is too fragmented and unfocused."

He has a great voice.

When not mocking and talking seriously, he is gentle like an eloquent university professor.

Sheng Mingzhi listened and inexplicably blushed a little.

"Oh." He muttered, "So how do you change it."

Lu Jiayan muses, "Personal information and professional skills put together, as well as any certificates of merit you have received."

He reached out and tapped the screen, "And here, for a change ......"

Half an hour later, an ordinary CV was transformed into a gold-plated template of perfection in just a few words from Lu Jiayan.

Sheng Mingzhi was the first to learn what packaged speech means, and Lu Jiayan was a natural orator, so eloquent that he was a little off the mark.

It occurred to him that Lu Jiayan was a very eloquent debater.

When the dog man was at university, he was the first debater on the debating team at King's University and won the best debater in the international debating tournament on behalf of the university.

If there was some kind of debate competition for couples in the world, I'm sure he would be number one.

In this way, Sheng Mingzhi has the impression that there is nothing Lu Jiayan would not do.

He can even beat a jumper like a full blown human being.

Such a man seems to have been born to shine and stand on the altar of God.

It's hard for anyone not to notice him, isn't it?

"What's wrong."

Seeing Sheng Mingzhi in a daze, Lu Jiayan asked a question from the side of his head.

The sound is very soft.

Gives the illusion of gentleness.

Sheng Mingzhi returned to his senses and shook his head.

Then, as if remembering something, he said dryly, " Brother Jiayan, how do you know how to write a CV?"

He also thought that bullying preps like Lu Jiayan, who grew up in a family of bullying preps.

Just wait with a stern face every day to inherit the overbearing persona and family business as an adult.

Lu Jiayan says lazily, "I used to write when I had to find a job."

Sheng Mingzhi wondered, "Looking for a job?"

"Hmm." Lu Jiayan looked at him, his peach blossom eyes teasing, and said breezily, "When I was at university, I looked for work abroad."

Those were probably the hardest days of his life.

It is unlikely that anyone would have imagined that the second son of the Lu family would be forced by his brother to leave for a foreign country where he might not be able to eat at the most difficult times.

The Lu family used to have more infighting than they do now.

Lu Jiayan's wings were not yet full when he was at university, and Lu Xiao had to look over his shoulder, not to mention whether he could eat or not, and if he did not go abroad at that time, he probably would have lost his life.

Sheng Mingzhi was also only heard of.

Lu Xiao had a financial blockade against Lu Jiayan and no company in the country was willing to take him on.

If you think about it, Lu Jiayan's years abroad were pretty miserable.

Sheng Mingzhi subconsciously picks at a corner of the sofa, stifling his words.

His low mood was too obvious to hide.

Something is written in the corner of the eye.

Lu Jiayan's tone was impish when he saw this: "What are you thinking about? Do you feel sorry for me?"

He was purely tongue-tied and wanted to tease Sheng Mingzhi a little or two when he saw how wrinkled she looked.

But to his surprise, Sheng Mingzhi nodded obediently.

It was not expected.

Lu Jiayan has been alive for 28 years and for the first time in his life, he has noticed that his heart can miss a beat.

"Really heartbroken, huh?"

Without even realising it, the mouth reacts before the brain does.

Sheng Mingzhi said sullenly, "That's what it was. You're so miserable."

The mere thought of it is a little upsetting.

Lu Jiayan is such a heavenly figure.

Driven to the point of not even being able to eat.

Sheng Mingzhi is a little annoyed with himself.

At one moment, I feel like Lu Jiayan's brother is a real asshole, and at another moment, I feel like if I wasn't so young...

If only, if only he had been, at that time, a grown-up.


Lu Jiayan's soft laughter breaks through Sheng Mingzhi's rambling thoughts.

Before he could react, the other man reached out and scraped him on the tip of his nose.

It's the same as teasing a child.

Sheng Mingzhi frowned and covered her nose with her hand, "What are you doing?"

He's being very righteous and helping him out old man, can't you see!


Lu Jiayan couldn't resist rubbing Sheng Mingzhi's head like a puppy's.

There is a cute little Mr. Sheng.

Sheng Mingzhi The little flowered peacock was afraid of people messing up his precious hair and immediately struggled.

Lu Jiayan took advantage of the situation and suddenly wrapped his arms around his waist, just as he had done quite a few times in his mind, and took Sheng Mingzhi's entire body in his arms.

Sheng Mingzhi I've never sat on any man's lap in all my life.

The whole thing stiffened for a moment, especially since the man was Lu Jiayan - it wasn't quite dark yet.

Little Mr. Sheng is a little embarrassed!

Struggling to get up.

Lu Jiayan's hand was unfaithful and ran along Sheng Mingzhi's jacket, touching a smooth patch as if it were a handful of milk.

Sheng Mingzhi had a bad feeling about this.

Lu Jiayan's eyes meet his and there is a deep desire in the man's eyes.



Not so good, I guess.

Here's the living room sofa ......

It turns out that dog men are only decent for ten seconds.

The next moment he spoke carelessly, "Little Mr. Sheng if you really feel sorry for me, then why don't you just heart me in bed."

Sheng Mingzhi: ......

Fuck you.

Don't take the opportunity to sell yourself short.

But it's also true that it's been a while since I've done it.

Sheng Mingzhi was hinted at by Lu Jiayan and was a bit of a half-hearted effort to hold it together.

The clock on the wall ticked from seven o'clock to eleven.

Only then did Lu Jiayan carry Sheng Mingzhi upstairs to take a bath.

Lu Jiayan patiently changed his pyjamas, tucked him in and finally went downstairs to clean up the mess in the living room.

The laptop is still on the desktop.

Lu Jiayan threw the messy laundry into the laundry room, wiped the water stains that remained on the sofa and waited for the babysitter to clean the rest.

At midnight Lu Jiayan revised his CV for Sheng Mingzhi.

By the time he was completely satisfied, it was two o'clock in the morning.

Lu Jiayan is sleepless, his eyes falling blankly on the table.

For some reason, he suddenly remembered an old incident from three years ago.

The marriage with Sheng Mingzhi was not his idea in the first place.

The person who raised this issue was Sheng Xu.

Lu Jiayan remembers that his career had just taken off abroad, but when he returned to China he was still not as good as his brother Lu Xiao.

When Sheng Xu came to receive him, he mentioned, as if casually, "I say if you really can't do it, you should think of a way to get married."

There are a number of strong business alliances in business, and his parents are a very typical combination of business and government.

It just so happens that Sheng Xu and he are also working on a big case together, and the two men subconsciously thought of each other.

Lu Jiayan's peachy eyes were sardonic and mean, "It's hard not to get my mind off you proposing a marriage at a time when we're working together. But I'm sorry, I'm not interested in you at all."

Sheng Xu: "......"

You deserve to die alone with your fucking mouth shut.

"Don't be disgusting. I'm talking to you seriously. You need to realise that a guy like you can only get a wife through an arranged marriage or you'll be a bachelor for life, understand?" Sheng Xu nudged him, "Aren't you not interested in women? What do you think of our family?"

Then the next second, changed to a more serious expression.

"I said, my brother." Sheng Xu looked over at him, " Sheng Mingzhi Ah, you remember him, don't you? Although it's true that you are a bit high on my brother's list in terms of all your qualifications. But my brother is not one to resent the poor and the rich, I simply think that he is quite suitable for you."

Lu Jiayan's impression of Sheng Mingzhi at that time was still from his first year of high school.

When we meet again in the cold, the other person has grown up, shed the youthfulness of a teenager, and become more unstoppable.

He later decided that Sheng Mingzhi was a good fit for him and that he needed the help of the Sheng family.

Lu Jiayan was just trying it out, after all, why should Sheng Mingzhi, a young man who had no worries about food and clothing, be trapped by marriage?

But to my surprise, Sheng Mingzhi really said yes.

In retrospect, Lu Jiayan's heart was glad that he had said yes.

Lu Jiayan himself doesn't even realise that the smile has been on his face for a long time.

In a good mood, he fished out his phone's WeChat and found Sheng Xu's chat box.

Lu Jiayan: [in?

At 2.30am, Sheng Xu is still awake.

But seeing Lu Jiayan messaging him at this point again is already starting to get mental.

The sight of his message started to make me a little sick with nausea.

Sheng Xu: [......]

Sheng Xu: [Hurry up and say what's up.

Lu Jiayan slowly typed: [Nothing.

[Just suddenly.]

[Especially wanted to thank you.]

Sheng Xu: [?


Sheng Mingzhi The next day, I got my CV and read it from the beginning to the end, but there was really nothing I could change.

Before printing it out, Sheng Mingzhi changed the field of education Little Wang had compiled for him back to his real qualifications.

Normally, Little Wang would have made up anything for him.

But when I think of how shiny my mediocre CV was yesterday, Lu Jiayan has made it shine.

He then felt he had to write a degree worthy of this CV up.


Last night Lu Jiayan helped him change so late.

Sheng Mingzhi's heart wavered.

I thought I should buy him something to thank him, or else I would look like a white wolf?

As he struggled with how to thank Lu Jiayan.

The official recording of "I'm an Intern" has begun.

Yu Jie came over from work to record the pilot in the next crew, and when he passed by the milk tea shop, he asked his assistant to buy some milk tea to bring to the intern director's team.

His arrival was then warmly welcomed by the entire programme team.

Over milk tea, the directing team made small talk about the guest teacher's education.

I don't know who said, "Gee, I remember Sheng Mingzhi went to university with little Mr. Yu, right?"

The director was also surprised: "What a coincidence. What was Little Yu's university again?"

Yu Jie came back to her senses and hurriedly said, " YunJing University of the Arts."

At the same time, he was in shock.

Is Sheng Mingzhi a graduate of YunJing University of the Arts?


When he asked his agent to help him fake his education, he had already investigated the entering freshmen of these classes of Yun Yi and there was no Sheng Mingzhi.

Sheng Mingzhi also fakes degrees?

However, he is not afraid.

Yu Jie smiled faintly and said, "But I didn't go to school with Mr. Sheng, so I don't know which year he was in."

The assistant following him muttered disdainfully, " Sheng Mingzhi said yes is yes, who doesn't know that education can be faked, and his crotch-pulling acting skills really dare to boast that he graduated from Yun Yi."

The young assistant is new and did not know that Yu Jie's qualifications were also falsified.

True to form, Yu Jie is a real fighter.

This statement was made with the directors in mind.

Sheng Mingzhi's acting skills are obvious to all in the circle, and he really doesn't look like a graduate of a professional film school.

The director laughed and said, "Well. We'll leave it to our audience to judge after the show is broadcast anyway."

The planner who just said Sheng Mingzhi's education also smiled and said, "Yes, yes. I just heard Sheng Mingzhi's agent say something off the top of his head, or maybe I misheard."

There was some more small talk.

Yu Jie went to the lounge and told his agent about Sheng Mingzhi's academic qualifications.

The agent pondered, "Our side is fine, the degree we got you, as long as it is not checked by professionals, there is basically no problem. The Sheng Mingzhi one is even better, I know the professor at Yun Yi, so I can just buy some water forces to deny his admission."

Yu Jie: "So now we're going to buy the heat on his academic forgery?"

The agent smiled faintly, "No need. Since Sheng Mingzhi is so keen to let people know that he graduated from Cloud Arts, we'll give him a boost and build up some momentum. The higher you stand, the harder you'll be when the time comes to flip."

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