Chapter 27: "Don't I have your full attention?"

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Xi Gu's words are justified, and others feel that it is appropriate to give newcomers a chance.

"Xi Gu, you may not be aware of him." The assistant director recalled a few years ago, "Film academy has a presentation every year, both teachers and students, and it's one of the few opportunities they have to be exposed to the industry during their school years. That time I was invited by the principal to see if there were any good candidates, and I met this kid, who was chosen as the main actor, and guess what?"

Many staff members looked over, see everyone's attention over, the assistant director said: "He stood trembling for ten minutes, during which he could not say a single line, and all his co-stars played seriously under such circumstances, but he stood like a pole, and stood until the end, and ruined the whole show. The entire class was never seen by anyone in the business after that, and it was only in later years that the story faded into oblivion. Whatever his reasons, it doesn't change the fact that he screwed up half a year of someone else's hard work and disrespected the profession."

The deputy director was on top of things, and he didn't want to spend too much energy on this person.

The entertainment industry is changing so quickly, but not only a face can be mixed with the end of the world, every year, just the local selection of Chu to come, overseas training back to the country are as many as the crucian carp, look good again top what use.

Director Yu Liu does not know much about these thirty-eight line artists, and hearing the assistant director's words, he also frowned.

Xi Gu thought of the information he read on the forum, and knew that Jing Rong had a phobia of the camera, which is a psychological disorder, and it is hard to say whether he will get better or not. But this kind of thing is said here, but it makes people feel that he is biased.

Xi Gu : "This audition has three days, and there is no rush, since I signed up I still want to see if he will improve and impress you, the deputy director."

The screenwriter laughed and said, "When you make this kind of Flag, you usually get hit in the face."

Yu Liu also said, "They say Xi Gu you take care of your juniors, but you have to suffer when you are out."

Xi Gu is very respectful of several directors, for his sake, the deputy director did not say anything else, but pointed to several people with capital into the group, among them there are supporting characters and also the main character, the deputy director pointed to one of them: "This one later you can pay special attention to."

Xi Gu: "Whose play is he auditioning for?"

It is Jiarui Xun, because of the previous oops, and because of the close contact, Xi Gu does not want to comment on this person.

" Qianming Fu , with his curiosity, would not want to play anything else."

" Does Dao Liu think he can play the role of Qianming Fu? Qianming Fu is a very complex person, domineering, cunning, wise and almost demonic, but most importantly, stoic."

Dao Liu thought of Jiarui Xun's ranting acting skills, also a little headache: "He is in the younger generation, acting skills have been considered above the pass line. The main investor is also more optimistic about him, plus you just recently also have a scandal out, the Internet also appeared your cp fans, just save a publicity fee, the producer asked me to ask you what you want."

The more favorable means that the capital force behind this person is stronger, Xi Gu also has investment, although a small percentage, but he is one of the main actors Yu Liu imperial, he still has a veto if he is not willing, but this will undoubtedly offend the investors.

"Don't put too much pressure on it. I don't want to ruin my play either. The big deal is to break a penny into two, just like the last film." Director Yu Liu saw Xi Gu kept silent and reassured him.

In the end, Xi Gu didn't even ask for performance fees to finance the post-production period, but rather 1% of the film's box office share, which Xi Gu then invested in a new film, thus making profits.

Of course, it turns out that Xi Gu has a good eye.

Yu Liu turned to the staff and informed them that they could arrange to call the number.

The first few people who auditioned thought they wouldn't see Xi Gu today, and when they saw it, they almost lost their breath and didn't play very well.

Director Yu Liu joked, "I think they have enough trouble facing you, how can they act?"

Xi Gu fluttered her eyelashes, a little unimpressed.

Every now and then he glanced at his watch as if he was waiting for something.


Jing Rong and Wu Hanqi parted at the hotel entrance, and the driver glanced at the man in the back seat with his eyes closed.

"I still remember that several ladies and gentlemen from the Ji family wanted your business card before, and you didn't give it to them."

Wu Han Qi opened his eyes, his slender legs folded, his fingers on the seat: "You are wondering why I gave this child."

The driver has worked for the Wu family for many years and is a little closer to his employer's family than the regular employees.

The driver admitted with embarrassment, "Yes, a little."

Wu Hanqi thought about the meal, the boy was just as observant of his preferences, after the waiter added their coffee, he only took a sip and did not drink. The boy noticed and took the initiative to make him a cup of the original brand of beans.

Wu Han Qi does not mind if OCD is discovered, he appreciates this child's observant and unobtrusive, more than his family's brat has eyes. Jia Xie Even without Ling Xie, there is still this kid to hold on to.

Wu Hanqi smiled lightly, like nostalgia for something: "There are some places like when I was young."

Careful, bold, and a bit of an underlying outlaw factor.

Look at the silent, do not know when to do something amazing.

Jing Rong looked at the business card in his hand, which was designed with a very technological sense.

Yesterday at the banquet I heard someone say that the gold dust in this card is pure gold and that the number of people who can get it is within twenty people.

When Jing Rong was about to put it on his body, he touched it and noticed that the card seemed a little thicker than the usual business cards.

Jing Rong got into a cab, said the location of the audition, began to think about the novel this drama fire the whole summer, but no Xi Gu's participation, when Xi Gu was caught in the haze of the mall stampede, after the suicide attempt or into the crew, but because the victim's family again to the crew, and finally had to leave the crew, gradually fell into prison.

Jing Rong half thought, yesterday before falling asleep has been feeling as if they have forgotten something important.

Just then, seeing the yellow light ahead turn red, asked, "Master, the light ahead is red, right?"

Driver: "Yeah, why else would I stop."

Jing Rong nodded, why did he have a vision of the traffic light switching last night, just an accident?

There were a number of people holding signs in groups on the crosswalk ahead, and Jing Rong noticed the slogan above:

# Please give us room to live #

#Beta's life is also life

# Fair, just and open

"What are they going to do?" Jing Rong doesn't know much about this world yet.

"You line, young man, you did not see the news some time ago, an Alpha husband killed his Beta wife, but because the two still have a daughter, in order to keep the daughter without immediate family care, the husband was finally sentenced to only fifteen years, but also suspended." The driver spoke with righteous indignation.

Jing Rong sounds angry, not to mention the real people living in this world.

Probably thinking that Jing Rong, an Alpha, could not understand such inequality, the driver explained again, "If this wife was an Omega, even if she had a daughter, she could not have been sentenced so lightly!"

Jing Rong nodded, "It's time for a heavy sentence."

He vaguely remembered Ling Xie also very supportive of the actual promotion of affirmative action, for this reason donated many remote areas of elementary school to supply beta unable to go to school, but also free funding for unemployed Beta re-employment, etc., but the novel Jicheng Xie came to power, these things are all collected back, and even let these funded by the money back, this also became a social news, Jing Rong I didn't finish reading and didn't know how it would turn out.

The theme around which the novel revolves is the emotional line, which is less concerned with these livelihood issues.

The driver, who rarely sees an Alpha who discusses gender issues so calmly and can see things from their perspective, added: "Last night at midnight, a group of second-worlders gathered for a race and were reported by the public and then arrested and put in the station, but they won't stop. An Alpha inside even stabbed a Beta officer, but it is said that they seem to have a background, so it may not go away again."

Racing, how so familiar, this enthusiastic crowd will not be me, and then eat melon to eat their own head, right?

Jing Rong opened his phone to look at today's news, luckily found this news, in the corner of the photo saw a human face mosaic, from the media dare not report the view, Jing Rong guess is Jicheng Xie. The stabbing should be his companion, not bad for the lead attack, everywhere is the focus, no matter what can also make something happen.

Jing Rong was worried that Ling Xie would be soft-hearted, the original owner remembered that no matter how big a mess Jicheng Xie had made, as long as Jicheng Xie was pampered and sold out, Ling Xie would still think of his family and make things right. Jing Rong sent a message to Xiang Zhou, asking if his big brother had gone to fish for Jicheng Xie.

Soon get Xiang Zhou reply: fishing is impossible to fish, this life is impossible to fish [emmmmm].

Followed by another sentence: The above are the original words of the vice president this morning.

Jing Rong's mood brightened up, and it was good to not have a soft heart.

Jing Rong : GDPL

Xiang Zhou : ????

Jing Rong : Well done!

Xiang Zhou was suddenly enlightened and looked at Ling Xie, who was at work today as if she had stayed up all night without any effect.

Ling Xie noticed his gaze and looked over.

Xiang Zhou : " Zong Xie, you said before that there is always miscommunication with the young master, I found the reason!"

Ling Xie : "?"

Xiang Zhou : "You are older, there is a generation gap!" How can you think of such a critical issue only now?

Faced with Ling Xie's death stare, Xiang Zhou immediately made a mouth zipping motion and left the office.

Zong Xie can still afford to joke about it, Xiang Zhou thought of last night's shaky Ling Xie, or a little relieved, but now and the young master gradually removed the gap, more or less relieved Zong Xie, Xiang Zhou thought so, and went to work in high spirits.

When the people left, Ling Xie finally came back from the work that paralyzed her, I am older?

He silently took out a mirror from the drawer, looked at himself inside, no lines no crow's feet, wearing a casual dress is more than twenty, where old.

Open your phone again and type: How to get along with a brother who has a big age gap.

Jing Rong just arrived at the venue, he smelled a burst of fragrant and fragrant rose, much stronger than the Omega that sneaked up on him in the middle of the night.

As soon as he arrived in the lobby Jing Rong saw the exaggerated roses that filled the entire vestibule, and there were few people who were blinded like him, but when he arrived, there were already staff members handling the roses and moving them out in pots.

All the roses were potted because they had to be posed nicely. When someone asked the staff why they had to move the flowers, they said it was Xi Gu's idea.

Jing Rong found that when an auditioner came out of the room, he would get a pot of roses, and the extra ones would be put elsewhere for landscaping.

Xi Gu said that instead of leaving the flowers here to take up public resources, they should be put in a more meaningful place.

Even for those who were jealous and envious of Xi Gu, it was hard to feel bad for Xi Gu when they heard such a reply.

Xi Gu's emotional intelligence is not low, but the original story portrays him as the original sin.

It's not just because of the pheromones that they can be pursued by so many attacks.

Jing Rong just arrived at the venue and drew some attention for a while because of his tall stature and amazing aura.

Someone with a sharp eye spotted him and called out, "Here."

Jing Rong looked over and was actually an acquaintance, a classmate from Class B.

They were all present at Xi Gu's talk, and it was expected that they would actively register.

The students in Class B were basically sitting together, and they were a little embarrassed to see Jing Rong, not knowing how to greet him.

Most of them know the revelations are probably true because they have a special agent on the scene, than the school forum is full of different opinions.

Jing Rong walked over, Leping Ji saw that the greeting was an Alpha, immediately thought of his own mission and pushed the Alpha out of the way and sat beside Jing Rong.

"Le Ping, are you so far?" Some students thought he was trying to hug his leg.

"You guys don't get it." Leping Ji admits to hugging a thigh, but not this one, but the thicker and stronger one.

When Jing Rong arrived, the originally lively corner was also quiet.

One of the girls broke the silence and asked, " Jing Rong, what are you pretending to be poor for? I don't mean anything else, I'm just curious." Curious why you played so genuinely for four years, it was four years, more than 1460 days and nights.

Which one of them has not read the story of Jing Rong who ate white rice to save money, and sometimes the professor would use Jing Rong's example to motivate everyone to work hard.

It turns out that there are really rich boys in this world who go all out in order to experience the feeling of being a pauper.

Jing Rong thought of a bunch of reasons, the most real is that the original owner and the family fell out, cut off for several years, but and these students are a little shallow and deep. And now that we're talking about falling out with the family, Ling Xie can be the first to chop him up.

Other reasons are not very reliable, Jing Rong can only choose a random one among the unreliable ones: "To experience life.

I didn't expect this particularly bullshit reason to be widely accepted.

Next to other students heard their conversation and interjected: " Jing Rong, do not like class B, come to our class A, we have more Omega, special friendship, never isolated."

Now the people in Class B exploded, and someone immediately said, "What we do with Jing Rong is our business, so why should you outsiders interfere?"

"That's funny, Jing Rong has the word "B" on his brain? Do you think he cares about you guys, he's so full of himself!"

The class B crowd stopped talking and looked at Jing Rong, who did not say anything to ease the atmosphere.

Again, it seems to answer invisibly.

The student looked at the awkward class B with a joke on his face, and the scene was awkward for a while, no one spoke up again.

Jing Rong remembers that the three classes in the acting department were in competition with each other, and because of the original owner's relationship, the students in Class B were not less ridiculed by the other two classes over the years. The original owner once wanted to integrate into the family of Class B. This is a very rare class with a very good relationship, if the pure exchange of interests is impossible to have such a close relationship.

The original owner envied their relationship, but knew she would always be excluded.

The performance accident is the cause, and the cold violence suffered for more than three years is the effect; really, no one is completely right.

Jing Rong learned from memory that the original owner did not blame the class, he was very clear about his problems and wanted to change, but character determines fate, many things are not what he wanted to change can be changed.

Jing Rong could feel a little lighter when he reconciled with his elder brother Ling Xie, and a little lighter after reminding Ling Xie to avoid the deadly game, as if it was an illusion, but he could really feel the spiritual relief.

Jing Rong sighed soundlessly, it could not be the original owner's soul that pulled him over before he died, right? This kind of thing let other people solve what, do not you solve it yourself?

In his old world, he has a career that is as good as it gets, a family that loves and cares for him, and a big blind date that is about to take place.

Forget it, this is just a speculation without any basis, now can not find a way to go back, can only take one step.

The extraordinarily cold atmosphere of this corner was interrupted by the sound of the staff calling the number, and it was their turn as newcomers.

Jing Rong looked around, there were many familiar faces, some second and third tier stars, he even saw Jiarui Xun who spoke with Xi Gu, but Jiarui Xun left soon after.

Jing Rong Look at Jiarui Xun when leaving the spring, look at this look, has been decided?

This is a very common thing, often the audition will get so big, and to a certain extent for pre-publicity.

One of the students beside them stood up and the others gave encouragement.

But within a few minutes of entering, the student came out wiping her tears.

"Don't cry, just forget it, Dao Liu was strict in picking people."

"Yes, there are so many opportunities, we have just graduated now, it is most important to gain experience."

The student, a female Omega, had tears falling down her face.

"No, no, it's Xi Gu. I just saw that he was actually there, and I was too nervous to play well at once. He was so gentle, so kind, and he even accompanied me in the rival scene, comforting me not to be nervous." She touched her tears, cried up and down, raised her head, full of starry eyes, "He's not human, he must not be human. He is a god, right? How can mortals be qualified to look at him. Oooooo, why am I an O. I want to marry him, no no no, I want to marry him, I want to give him a bunch of little monkeys!"

Crowd: ......

Don't think about it, OO love is a waste of social resources.

It turns out not to play badly, is on the spot into the only powder.

When the students went in and out one by one, it was finally Jing Rong's turn.

Leping Ji tapped him on the shoulder: "Go for it."

Jing Rong nodded, and the other B classmates didn't leave right away, all looking at him in silence.

Jing Rong nodded slightly with them, still detached.

"Is he still blaming us."

"You're not to blame for the change?"

"Makes sense, if I were in your shoes I would be very cultured if I didn't fall on you."

"You guys are looking at him as a rich young man now..."

"To be honest, the first idea of knowing his identity, I was afraid of retaliation, but soon I denied it myself, if he really wants to retaliate, the four years when is not the opportunity, with the need to wait for now?"

"Yeah, if it wasn't for Lepine, he probably would have kept it under wraps."

"He's not hiding it, he's just not going to say it."

"In fact, there is no deep hatred, it is not Jin Lv, all day long to take the lead in isolating him, everyone is busy looking for a crew to intern, which has time to engage in this kind of small action."

"Speaking of which, what about Jin Lv?"

"Seems to be yesterday to help carry books to the library, twisted the back, in the hospital."

"He will go to help move the book, change sex, this world is so metaphysical ah!"

"So we have to wait for Jing Rong?"

"Wait a minute, what if it comes out crying too."

"What about that Ying Qi, I don't think he knows about it."

"I'm more curious to see what expression he makes, it would be interesting to record it."

When Jing Rong opened the door, there was a row of people sitting in front of him, the most eye-catching of which was Xi Gu, even though Xi Gu was dressed very inconspicuously.

Xi Gu's eyes collided with Jing Rong's for a moment, and there seemed to be a fire in the air.

Xi Gu seems to have forgotten that they had a meeting in Film academy before, but the original owner is a passerby in the text, so it is more normal not to remember.

Jing Rong thought of the original that several hundred words on the description of the appearance of Xi Gu, to know that this is a small Yellow text, the core is the scum attack cheap suffer, and then the sauce sauce brewed, five attack is indeed enough scum enough perverted, by cheap or cheap is open to question, at least he saw the part, Xi Gu in a series of blows, by several attack joint control, he resisted ineffective, while The first thing you need to do is to find a way to escape.

Regardless of how to evaluate this book, there is no doubt about one thing, for countless attacks do not hesitate to strong to love the protagonist subject, will certainly use a lot of ink to describe.

The author should also have tried his best to pile on this character with what he felt was the best rhetoric in the world.

For example, eyes as if the sky is full of stars gathered in it, can be his clear and cold look as if by the favor of heaven, he opened his mouth to speak let all the A want to kiss his lips.

He is the original sin that evokes the deepest desires of the human heart.

Both want to make his eyes stained with the temperature of love yu, but also want to tear his flesh 1 body completely sunk.

At that time, I could not feel it at all from the shallow words, but Jing Rong felt that the person in front of him was already very restored, fairy and pure.

If it is not the aura of the flower of the high mountains that makes people shy away, it may make more people crazy, remember the original text of this kind of people do not enter only Xi Gu outside the protective color, including the face of Hongyi Guan, are end of the line.

The Alpha gene in Jing Rong's body was involuntarily attracted, but only two words came to his mind: man.

Once you think of these two words, what excitement and excitement are snapped to fly away.

Jing Rong noticed that since he walked in, the judges, who had a casual posture, suddenly sat up straighter and seemed to take him a bit more seriously?

Jing Rong is self-aware that it doesn't make sense for him to be taken seriously as a marginal figure, so this kind of attention may be different from what he thinks.

Yu Liu asked him to make a brief introduction first.

Jing Rong had just opened his mouth and said the following basic information when he noticed the camera next to him.

When noticing the camera, the original expression of calm youth, the body suddenly shivered spasmodically.

Jing Rong found himself unable to restrain his fear, which was the original owner's conditioned reflex, even he couldn't control it.

The original owner wasn't afraid of the usual shots, the only time he needed to act was when he came raging out.

The crew handed him the footage to be performed, and Jing Rong was able to catch it.

Jing Rong covered the three-inch scar on his chest, images crossed his mind, the deepest fears of this body, the arguments, the beatings, the stabbings, the blood splatter and the broken footage stained with blood drops.

Jing Rong own mind is very good, but the body's muscle memory is too deep, if not so serious, the original owner could not have worked hard for four years still results are not great.

Just as he was fighting the memories, he suddenly heard the assistant director not far away say, " Xi Gu , it looks like you're going to lose, he hasn't changed a bit."

In fact, Jing Rong's situation is already much better than the original owner, at least he seems to be standing unusually, sweating and looking a bit tense, but generally quite normal.

Just at the moment, apparently not tuned to a state suitable for acting.

Xi Gu ignored the assistant director's flirtation and looked at Jing Rong, who had her head down: "Can you hold on?"

"I can." Jing Rong squeezed out a few words, and everyone around him could tell he was indeed in bad shape.

Just a good person, as soon as you see the camera sweating, this situation looks like the deputy director to brush off him is normal.

"Okay, I'll give you another fifteen minutes to adjust your state and call the next person first." Xi Gu said, gesturing to the staff to send Jing Rong down.

Before Jing Rong left, he could still hear the assistant director saying, " Xi Gu, you just don't admit defeat, this kid can't do it."

Jing Rong himself does not like to hear the word [no], how many times he has passed by the awards in the original world, he has not won a newcomer trophy, even if he later received multiple awards for the TV and film stars, but the newcomer award is forever lost.

At the beginning of his five-year granularity, he always heard those people say behind his back:

The Rong family is so good, only the youngest son is spoiled.

Jing Rong can't, not compared to his family.

All accompanying five years, right, his elder sister two sisters are a one-time take the award, this brother really only a face can look.

Jing Rong Ah, it's a bit of a shame that it's a little worse every time.

What was missing, he could have done with ten times a hundred times more effort.

Jing Rong is often very salty, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to do things properly.

His family has said that his talent is all in acting, so why doesn't he blossom into his own luster.

The students hadn't left yet, and looked at Jing Rong who came out soon and looked in bad shape, looking at each other.

"He still hasn't gotten over it, has he?"

"I've guessed it for a long time, he's worked hard these past few years, and I thought there was a miracle this time."

"I thought you all didn't pay attention to him, but actually one mouth is too much?"

"Nonsense, he just enrolled in the school caused a commotion, okay, the first microblogging followers to break 10,000 is he, who does not follow. After that incident, I had wanted to reconcile with him, but he thought I was playing him, that Ying Qi also scolded me, he actually did not help a word. I'm not going to put my hot face on a cold ass and be a bitch."

"You kept taunting him afterwards because the anger didn't come out?"


"Childish no."

"Heh, talk as if you guys aren't childish."

"But he was at least able to walk out on his own, not shaking like a sieve, better than he was."

"Definitely no way, unless his family is willing to smash ......"

"Impossible, Brother Xie said that he would not give Jing Rong a single cent of his investment."

Leping Ji interjected, and I still remember Ling Xie's decisive expression at that time.

"So miserable, I suddenly do not envy him, the gentry also have the difficulties of the gentry." The crowd thought of sibling rivalry.

"Going over there?"

"Looking for ignore ah, you think he will want to see us, maybe think we want to see his joke."

It made sense, and the crowd quieted down again.

Jing Rong thanked the staff's help, came to the bathroom alone to calm down a bit, to the washstand outside looking at the man with a lost face in the mirror, the more you live back, is not to start over.

Five years of running with have come over, still afraid of this district audition.

Turning on the faucet, Jing Rong splashed water on his face to calm himself down as quickly as possible.

Give him another chance, and this time he should give a new answer.

Somehow someone next to him came out of Men O and came to the sink next to him.

"Am I not enough to get your full attention?"

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